tagBDSMAn Evening With My Pet

An Evening With My Pet


I came home late after work last night and my kitten was ready for me. She sat kneeling on the floor by the door completely nude. She sat tall and straight waiting for my permission to move and my approval. I walked in and stood beside her. I patted her head and let her snuggle for just a moment. I walked down to the bedroom and dropped all my clothes and put on my bathrobe and a pair of boxers. I know that it is not glamorous, but it works to check the mail in when I need.

I walked beck into the living room and sat down on the couch to watch TV. She looked saddened by my lack of attention. I slapped the inside of my thigh twice quickly and she dropped onto all fours and crawled across the room to me. She has nice curves and she is a pleasure to watch slink across a floor. She seemed to look much happier as she approached my lap. I spread my legs and my robe fell open. My dick hard hardened up nicely from watching her breast sway ever so slightly as she approached. She brought her head up between my legs and nosed my crotch until I pulled my dick out for her to enjoy.

She started to lap it up, licking around the head again and again. She kissed the length of my shaft the best she could, but she seemed to want more. I let her crawl up onto the couch. From there she could go all the way down on me and I could pet her soft tight pussy and play with her nipples. I turned on the TV and began to watch. This distracted me from her actions a bit but it let me do two things at one time. I could get the news and enjoy an hour long blow.

She took me in and out of her mouth, going deep and deeper. She played with my balls, taking them into her mouth as well, until finally the news was over. I turned the TV off and was ready for more. I slapped her ass with a nice crisp smack, telling her to get off the couch. She did. Her ass nicely in the air as she kneeled in front of me I dropped to the floor. I surprised her when I grabbed her from behind and shoved my rod into her small tight channel.

She let out a loud moan of total pleasure as I pushed deeper and deeper into her. I began to pump, knowing I would not last long. Three pumps later and I was surprised that she was orgasming. But I was not ready, and I continued to pump harder and faster. Her ass bucked against me as I pounded her from behind. I reached around her and grabbed both of her titts firmly squeezing them as I pounded in for my last few times. She had a second orgasm. Her entire body tightened making her let out an almost primal howl.

I sat back after my load was expired and she turned around knowing the routine, and licked me clean. I patted her on the head, letting her know that she had done well, before she finally stood, walked to the kitchen and made my dinner.

My dinner ready and the table set for one, I sat down and enjoyed a really good dinner. She was kneeling down again on all fours by my chair. She waited for me to set a plate on the floor for her. After I did, she ate quietly and nuzzled against my leg often while she ate.

Watching her was enough to make me hard again, and with the glass table, I was able to watch well. When she had finished and cleaned her hands and face like a kitten might, I backed my chair up. I called her up to my lap. As she started to climb me, I turned her around, spread her leg and let her startle mine.

I took her hands in mine and directed them to what I wanted them to do next. Watching the reflection in the dinning room window, I guided one of her hands to her breast and the other to her clitoris. She understood instantly and began to play with herself. Her pussy was hot and wet. She began to squirm on my lap as she was pleasing herself and getting closer and closer to another orgasm.

My pet is amazing to watch. Her body dances when she puts her hands on herself. Finally, I was ready for the next step. I slipped my rod out of the fly in my shorts and let it move up between her legs. I spread my legs pushing her backwards some and spreading hers even farther apart. She cued knowing what was coming next and wanting it badly. My dick hit her burning box and slid in without needing any guidance.

She began to ride my rod pleasing herself with every movement. I watch her in the reflection. She moved up and down on me, and was loosing all control. I watched and felt each tight burning orgasm as it hit. I felt my load shifting inside of me and filling my cannon. She was crying out sounds of ecstasy as I fired straight up into her. She kept riding me until I shrank down and she could get no more from me.

When her head was her own again, she climbed off my lap and knelt back down beside me again. She looked at me with extreme guilt in her eyes. I caressed her hair and told her how wonderful she was. She purred with gratification. I stood, turning directly in front of her and brought her head up to my dripping crotch. She licked me clean.

This night was a wonderful night. I lead my pet to the bedroom. The dishes would wait. I would now take the time to show my pet how much I really loved her.

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