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An Evening With Rachael


Mac’s is the best pub in New England, hands down, if you ask me. I go there every summer, when I’m borrowing my sister’s time-share in Nantucket. It’s the kind of bar where you visit once, and you feel at home for life. It’s been around for generations, and some of the patrons there now are there because their fathers brought them to Mac’s to have their first beer, because their fathers had done the same for them. There are pictures on the walls ranging from frequent patrons to celebrities to sports stars. There’s a small TV on the wall behind the bar, and a pool table in the adjacent room.

It was a perfect coastal New England summer day. There was very little wind coming from the water, and the sun had warmed the coast. I had driven to Mac’s to have a beer, and watch the Red Sox game, starting early that Saturday afternoon. I was greeted by a few friends, and made my way to the bar. Donnie, the bartender greeted me, and poured my favorite draft. I had just started watching the game when she sat down in the seat next to mine. I didn’t see her at first, as my attention was focused on the game. I did hear her order a gin and tonic.

I turned to look, and saw her. It was Rachael Ray, host of her own cooking show and a travel show. I’d always been strangely fascinated by her, both professionally and sexually, but I tried to downplay the “celebrity attraction” thing. I smiled at her, and she politely returned the smile. I turned my attention back to the game, but couldn’t get the fact that a woman who I’d fantasized about many times was sitting next to me.

“What’s the score?” she asked me.

“No score. They just started. Are you a fan?”

“Not really. I watch when I can, but I don’t have much time for sports.”

“I can imagine.”

“So, you know who I am, I guess?” She smiled at me, kind of nervously.

“I do. I didn’t want to be rude. I do like your shows, though.”

“Thank you. I appreciate that. What’s your name?”

I introduced myself, and shook her hand. I loved the feel of her skin. “What brings you to New England?”

“We’re filming near here tomorrow for Forty Dollars A Day. I actually have the night off, because my producer needs to hammer out a few details.”

“I’m guessing that’s something that’s rare. A night off, I mean.”

“Very. So much so, I don’t know what to do with myself.” She took a drink from her glass. “You don’t sound like you’re from here.”

“I’m not,” I said. “I’m from the South. My sister has a time-share on the beach here. I love coming here to get away. I’d even consider moving here permanently, if it weren’t for the cold weather. I’ve never been a fan of snow.”

“I hear ya.”

She smelled as good as she looked. Rachael and I continued our conversation as the afternoon unfolded. We talked about sports, New England, classic movies, and the fast-paced life of the 21st Century. I’d had Rachael Ray in countless fantasies before this. Add to that the fact that she’s actually a really nice woman to talk to, and how could I not want her even more? I’ve always been one to believe that an opportunity only presents itself once. I wasn’t going to let this one slip away.

“Listen, Rachael, I know you don’t know me from Adam, but if you have the rest of the day off, and if you don’t have plans, I’d love to cook for you tonight. I mean, I’m no Rachael Ray or anything, but maybe I can impress you just a little.” I smiled in an attempt to mask my nervousness.

She looked at me, as if she were studying my eyes or my face, looking for my sincerity. “Why not?”

“Great. I’ll swing by the market on the way home, and get some things, and we’ll say…7:30?”

“Sounds good. Thanks for the offer.” She flashed that smile that had won me over the first time I saw it on TV.

I pulled out my business card, and wrote the timeshare address on the back, as well as my phone number. “Call me if you get lost.” I checked my watch. “I should run. If I’m going to prepare a feast fit for a queen, I might need a little more than thirty minutes.” She smiled at me.

“See you tonight,” she said, still smiling. Her perfume made me want to take her in the bar.

I swung by the market, and picked up some vegetables, a whole chicken, red wine, and ice cream. Chicken Cacciatore sounded like a meal that might impress a woman who’s known for her cooking. I went home, and began to prepare the meal. I had never even attempted something as elaborate as this before. I’m the farthest thing from a cook that you can imagine, and at some point, I almost regretted offering to cook, versus offering to take her out somewhere. A chance to spend an evening with Rachael Ray, however, not to mention the possibility of waking up next to her, was worth the gamble.

I lit some candles throughout the house to eliminate the garlic smell, and put some music on my sister’s stereo. It was such a gorgeous night, that I decided to set the large table on the outside patio for us to dine. The ocean breeze was pretty calm, and you can never breathe too much salt air, in my opinion. If you only get to experience it once a year, or less, then you develop a true appreciation for it. I had just finished setting the table when she knocked, promptly at 7:30.

I adjusted the heat on the stove, and ran to the door.

“Hi. Come on in.”

“Hi. Mmm. I smell garlic. What are we having?”

Here we go, I thought. “Chicken Cacciatore, with cherries jubilee for dessert.”

“Now THAT sounds good.”

“Let me get you some wine.” She followed me into the kitchen, and I poured us both a glass.

“Can I help?” she offered.

“Absolutely not. You have a day off; you should be pampered. Just stay here and talk to me.”

Rachael stayed in the kitchen with me as I put the finishing touches on our meal. We eventually carried the last things out to the patio table.

“Oh my God…this is beautiful,” she said. She was looking out over the magnificent ocean view available from the patio. She took another sip of her wine, and moved to sit down. I served her meal to her, then made a helping for myself, and sat down.

We both began to dig into our food. Rachael bit into her first piece. “Mmm. OK, this is really good.”

“Are you kidding? This is my first attempt at this.”

She laughed and showed off that famous smile, accentuated by her dimples. “Really? Well, maybe you should stop now, because if you get much better, I’m gonna have competition.” She winked as she said her last line.

The evening continued, and we enjoyed an evening of light discussion and laughter. At all costs, I avoided the topics of food or television. For someone who made their living in those two fields, I can only imagine that she grew tired of discussing the subjects. We spoke of pets, traveling, human behavior, and music. I stood up, and gathered our dirty dishes, and told her, “Wait here”. I returned with two party glasses filled with cherry jubilee, each with a little extra ice cream. I set Rachael’s glass in front of her. “Again, my first shot at this,” I said.

It had turned to dusk over the course of our meal. The waves were lapping the shore. Rachael stared over the deck to the ocean. “This is amazing. It’s so peaceful. It’s almost perfect.”

“Can I get you more wine?”

“No, I’m fine now. I just want to enjoy this for a moment. There are certain things you start to miss after a while.”

“Like what, Rachael?”

“Like time to relax. Like being appreciated for who you are, not what you are.” She turned her eyes from the ocean to me when she said, “Like good company”. She paused, then said, “Do you know why I chose to see you tonight?”


“Because you’re the first man who has propositioned me in a long time, and not expected me to cook for him. You actually offered to cook for me, and only wanted my company in return. You might not understand this, but that means a lot to me.”

“It was my pleasure, Rachael. The only thing I’ve enjoyed more than making a meal for you was talking to you while we ate it.”

Rachael looked at me with a sultry smirk on her face. “Do you know what else happens when you travel a lot?”


“You get lonely. Sometimes, it’s really lonely. Sometimes, you just want to be touched by someone.”

I wanted to fuck Rachael before I ever met her. Now, having met her and spent an evening with her only increased my lust for her. I also sensed sincerity in her words; this beautiful woman really was lonely.

“You don’t have to be lonely. Not here, not tonight, and especially not with me,” I said. “Come here.”

Rachael stood up, and walked towards me. She knelt down between my open legs, as I sat. I leaned forward to kiss her, and her lips met me halfway. I held her face in my hand as my tongue probed her mouth, while I was already fantasizing of my tongue probing other parts of her body. Her skin was as soft as her scent was sweet. Her hands rested on my inner thighs, and I was almost certain she could tell I was getting hard for her. Her fingers began to slowly caress my thighs, as mine began to move down her body. She was wearing a light sweater, khaki pants that hugged her hips magnificently, and flats. I felt her hands move to my belt buckle, and begin to unfasten it.

She broke our kiss, and looked into my eyes. “Is this more what you had in mind?”

“This is a good start to the next portion of the evening,” I responded.

Quickly, she unfastened my belt, and unzipped my zipper. I sat up enough so that she could remove my pants, and see my cock for the first time. She quickly took into her hands, and gasped “Oh God” just before she took it into her mouth. I laid back to enjoy her work. She was nothing short of incredible. Her mouth moved in even strokes up and down my shaft, while her hands massaged my balls. I stroked her hair while she pleasured me. I loved the feeling of my cock hardening inside of her mouth, and wanted her more with each passing moment.

She stopped long enough to ask, “Should we continue inside?”

“I think not.” I sat up, and pulled her shirt from her body. She was reaching behind herself to remove her bra, which I gave her a little assistance with. I loved her breasts. My hands immediately gravitated to them, and began to massage them, while Rachael began stroking my cock with her hands. Her nipples firmed up nicely in my palms.

“Stand up,” I told her. As soon as she did, I picked her up, and placed her on the dinner table.

“Out here?” she said.

“Why not? It’s a perfect night, and I don’t want to waste time by going to the bedroom. I want you right now.”

Rachael began unbuttoning her pants, but I stopped her, and finished the job for her. She’d worn black lace panties that evening that were already moist to the touch. I hooked my hand inside of them, and ripped them off in one swift motion. I tossed them onto the deck. With Rachael’s naked body on the table before me, I reached for the wine bottle next to her.

I brought the bottle to her lips, and ordered her to drink it. She took a drink, and I followed suit. I then began to pour the remaining wine all over her body. I started at her neck, worked down towards and past her breasts, to her stomach, all over her pussy, and poured the rest out all over her legs and feet, which were dangling from the edge of the table. I then took the mouth of the empty bottle, and teased her pussy with it, making her believe I just might slide it inside of her. Rachael arched her back, and began to pinch her nipples in anticipation of it with one hand, while grabbing my cock with her other. I lifted the bottle to my mouth, tasting her juices for the first time. I then lowered the bottle to her mouth, and watched her take it and begin to suck it.


Slowly pulling it away from her, I tossed the bottle over the side of the deck as I watched Rachael rub the wine into her pores. I climbed up on the table, and began licking it off her body, again starting at her neck. The combination of her skin, along with the wine tasted better than anything I’d had that night, or any other that I could remember. I licked toward her breasts, and took her right nipple into my mouth. The sounds of the waves crashing the shore were mixed with Rachael’s moans of passion. My hand slid down her stomach, toward her pussy. I allowed my fingers to crawl between her legs, touching her labia for the first time. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. While still sucking her breasts, I slid a finger inside of her.

It was easy to slide in, given how wet she was. It also felt amazing to be finger-fucking Rachael Ray, after dreaming of having my way with her since I first saw her. Her pussy was very tight, and I loved listening to her moans while she began to grind on my hand. She did it so well, in fact, I decided to slide a second finger in, and began to thrust even harder.

The quivering of her body told me that I was doing everything right. I moved my lips past her breasts, slowly licking my way down her stomach. I traced her navel with my tongue, and then continued down toward her waiting, wet slit. Removing my hand from inside of her, I positioned myself between her legs, and quickly drove my tongue inside of her. I wanted to make her come all over my face, using only my tongue. I sped up my movements rapidly, wanting to pleasure this beautiful woman.

“Mmm…mmm…mmm, yeah, just like that…”

I wanted to listen to her all night, particularly in light of the fact that I was the one delivering her happiness. The waves continued to crash in as I slid my middle finger inside of her ass, my tongue still whipping over her hardened clit. She tightened up as my finger went in, but the sounds she made were not those of a woman who wasn’t happy. In and out I thrust my finger, each thrust seeming to go a little deeper. I loved tasting her juices flow all over my face, combined with the wine her skin was bathed in.

It didn’t take long for her to come. “Oh God…Oh yeah…OH YEAH!!! UNGH! UNGH!!!” she shouted out at top volume. I braced her body against my face, as she came all over it. Rachael then took a moment to collect herself, then sat up and said, “My turn. Get up here.”

She slid off of the table, then grabbed the two party glasses with cherries jubilee still in them, now slightly melted. I whipped off my shirt, and tossed it to the floor. Now completely naked, I lay on the table before her. She took her hand, and began to smear the ice cream all over my body. She paid particular attention to my chest, stomach, and cock. She took the rest, and smeared it on herself, mixing it in with the wine. I was already hard as a rock, but watching this particular woman smear this food all over our bodies was enough to make me burst. She climbed on the table, then on top of me, and began to lick her way down my chest.

I could feel her legs brush against my cock, which couldn’t have been any harder. I thought about grabbing her, shoving my cock inside of her, and just fucking her while she was on top of me, but I wanted to feel all the things she would do to me first. Particularly in light of the fact that she had smeared the ice cream all over me. She continued to lick her way down towards my waiting cock.

Rachael licked my body thoroughly as she arrived at my cock. She wasted no time in grabbing my shaft, taking it into her mouth, and beginning to suck me furiously. She massaged my balls as she sucked me, followed by a finger in my ass. I reached above my head, grabbing the top of the table as if I was holding on for dear life. Finally, I couldn’t take anymore.

I leapt off the table, and landed behind Rachael. Helping her to her feet, I turned her to face the ocean. She grabbed onto the deck’s railing as I guided my hardened cock inside of her wet pussy. I loved hearing her as I entered her, then grabbed her hips, and began to thrust. I loved looking down at her round ass bouncing off of my body, over and over. Rachael was grasping the railing in an almost-desperate fashion. She lifted her left leg, and placed it along the railing, pulling herself closer to the side. I reached around to massage her clit while I continued to pump away. I loved feeling her hair against my face, and listening to her breathing while my cock slammed away inside of her. After several minutes, I pulled out, and stepped toward the table. I then climbed up on it.

“Get over here,” I ordered her. I pulled her on the table, on top of me, with her back to me. “Sit on my dick,” I ordered her. She sat on it, taking it inside of her again, then leaned back, supporting herself on the table. I grabbed her sides, and began pumping away, as Rachael’s body dangled above me. Her head leaned back, with her black hair just out of my face. I could see her hand slide down in between her legs to play with her clit while she bounced. My hands reached up to pinch her hardened nipples.

“Ugh…ugh...ugh...” Her voice pierced the otherwise docile night, and along with the ocean made for a great soundtrack to our show. Just as quickly as I’d put her on top of me, I stopped and guided her to the floor. I got off the table, and pulled her to the floor with me. I crawled on top of her, and began to fuck Rachael on the deck floor, with our clothes beneath her.

I felt an eruption brewing inside of me. I grabbed her hips, and pulled her as close against my cock as I could. I exploded inside of her, pushing myself deeper in her pussy, allowing every drop to fill her up. I stayed inside of her as long as I could, until I was completely flaccid.

“That was amazing,” Rachael said, gasping for air. “Oh my God…That was just what I needed.”

“I hope you need more of it,” I replied. “I’m not even close to being done with you.”

With that, we left the remains of our dessert for the seagulls, and went to the bedroom, where we started all over again.. We then fucked in the shower, in the living room, back on the patio, and in the bedroom again. We finally collapsed from sheer exhaustion, and fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke up the next day, Rachael was gone. She hadn’t left a note, a business card…anything. I threw on some clothes, and ran outside. Her car was gone. I didn’t even know what she’d driven there, so I had no clue where to begin looking for her. I returned to Mac’s twice before I left New England, but she never showed up.

My night with Rachael was nothing less than mind boggling, and even better than I could have fantasized it being. I thought about our night together for months after I got home, but I’d basically lost hope of hearing from her again.

One day at work, a number I didn’t recognize appeared on my office phone.


A familiar voice was on the other end of the line. “Get a pen, write these directions down.” It was Rachael. She gave me directions to the hotel where she was staying in town. I had completely forgotten about giving her my business card to write down directions for my sister’s place, and that’s how she was able to call me.

“I’m sorry about having to leave so quickly before. I overslept, and was late for taping. You looked so beautiful and peaceful while you slept, I didn’t want to wake you. Besides, I knew I was going to be in your town soon, so I wanted to surprise you. Let me make it up to you.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I thought I’d make you a special meal tonight, and dessert will be on me. Quite literally.”

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