tagNonHumanAn Immortal Slave Ch. 02

An Immortal Slave Ch. 02


***Hello readers, this is Part Two of the Immortality series and seeing as I’ll be starting where I left off, it would be wise to read part one first. Sorry if it takes a while between stories, my life is a bit of a mess with college, however, I greatly appreciate comments and will be glad to hear how you feel about my work. ALSO, PLEASE NOTE! I had made a minor mistake in the previous part involving what race of demon Rurita is. She is, in fact, NOT a lust demon, and nor is she a succubus. She is a SEX demon. Please do not refer to her as anything else. Thank you!***

I looked at the marble like walls around me, trying to memorize the corridors and workings of the place. I freaked when someone walked up behind me and I assume blindfolded me after finding out what I was up to. Shortly after my blindfolding I heard Rurita (I refuse to call her my mistress!) talking to someone with a rough, almost wolf like, voice, her son Sekka. Taking a step away from his footsteps as he approached, I found myself sprawled out on the ground, my jaw aching. Struggling to get up he once more proved to be stronger as I was lifted off the ground by the chain, my air cut off. I kicked out and smiled when I was dropped and heard him whimper. And we started moving again, Rurita spoke up.

“We’ll have to break your spirit it would seem, you’re just too violent. Attacking my own son like that.”

I tensed, what did she plan on doing? I knew demons could steal souls of prisoners, but I got a bad feeling this was more than that… Something I would greatly regret, something VERY unpleasant. I was hardly ever wrong either so it made me groan.

I had a right to do so too, we shortly entered a room that smelt of her, another demon, sex, and blood. My neck chain was removed, the collar stayed, and my wrists were shackled above my head to the point I was on my tip-toes. I heard the scrape of a stool and then my blindfold was removed. I blinked from the sudden light, and chuckled when I saw she had to use a stool to reach that high. I regretted that as I felt her sink her claws of one hand into my chest, causing me to flinch from pain. I shook from a mix of fear and pain as she sunk her claws about half an inch into me.

“Stop… Please…”

I whispered it, finding it hard to breath. She shoved into my chest and snapped several ribs, before backing away and watching my bones reset and heal. I struggled with my restraints as she started to take my pants and boxers off, however I was out of breath and couldn’t fight back much. It was moments before she had me hanging there, stark naked, and showing off my muscles. Her attention seemed focused on one particular part though, and it made me squirm. I let out a gasp when I felt her long tongue coil around my member, her lips closing around the head, the tongue retreating into her mouth to swirl around it and make me groan. Suddenly I screamed as her teeth sank into the tender flesh before her tongue started to play with my soon hard groin again. My body stiff and rigid from the pain, I tried to shy away from her very eager mouth but could find no purchase to do so. I was terrified, it’s no wonder everyone was so scared of her.

She sucked and stroked until I was moments away from my climax, then I felt her mouth leave my cock. I wasn’t sure if I should be irritated or glad. I looked at her, my arms starting to hurt from hanging there. I looked at her in hope as she got up on the stool; it looked like she was going to unchain me. When her hands around my neck and she started kissing me I knew it wasn’t over. I sighed and she bit my lip rather hard, it didn’t take me long to realized that meant she wanted me to kiss her back. I refused for a while, but the longer I held back the worse she got, until I finally gave up and started to return her kisses.

Sometimes I can never tell what will please a woman, and she was the worst. Her tongue swiftly slid into my mouth and wrapped around my tongue, wanting to play. I was not too keen on making out with someone who was such a… A bitch I guess. She does strike me as the type. Her serpent like forked tongue slid farther into my mouth and a thought crossed my mind,

~How fucking long is that thing?!~

I found out moments later as I started to choke, it was sliding down my windpipe! I found it hard to breathe around it, and she knew it. Her eyes glimmered with malice and I pathetically struggled against the chains, but it still slid farther and farther. I felt her tongue slide into my lungs and I was struggling for every breath. Her lips still mashed against mine, moving with a sadistic passion. My whole body went rigid; it was the moment her tongue coiled around my heart.

One, two, three, FUCK! Four times! My breathing was uneven and my heart was having trouble beating. She didn’t like that I had stopped kissing her, and her tongue tightened, making me exhale, and I struggled to regain the lost air. Again it tightened, and black spots started to dance in my vision. Another warning and my heart was barely beating, I was getting lightheaded and I struggled with my rapidly fading strength. Once more and my heart stopped trying, my world went black, and my body went limp.
Thump. Thump. Thump. Gasp. My eyes shot open and darted around. I was still in her room, still hanging by my wrists, and my lungs still burn from the torture I received. I heard water running and I looked around, and cursed myself. That was a big mistake. She was in the shower, with the door open, and I could see every single thing as she washed off. Now, she was rather sexy looking and I can’t say I didn’t find her attractive, because I did, but I still didn’t like her.

She saw me and made a show of washing off, well, actually it looked more like she was feeling herself up, but still. I wanted to turn away but found it hard. Finally I shifted my gaze to the floor and she giggled, turning the water off and strutting over to me. She walked over to a closet and pulled some things out before walking back over to me. She held a metal bar with a few things attached to it, leather and chains. She took the chain holding me up off and told me to kneel. I shook my head. She slipped the bar around me and it rested behind my knees. She attached it to my legs via some leather cuffs or something, keeping my legs slightly apart. Then she went behind me, stomping on the bar and knocking me to my knees. Then she tied my hands behind me and attached them to my ankles, forcing me to lean back and stay that way.

“Now will you be a good little pet?”

I growled and struggled, trying to pull away from her. She ran her nails down my chest; leaving four trails of crimson red welling up, and then stopped. She smiled and smeared the blood across me chest.

“Fuck you bitch, I’d rather die than- Mmf!”

My rant was cut off as she slipped a bit in my mouth and hooked it around my head, then forces my head back into a painfully uncomfortable position and attached it with a chain to my wrists. I soon found that my struggles hurt more than I would like. I glared at her, and she laughed, sending shivers down my side as she started to lick the smeared blood off my chest.

“You look so cute and tasty like this. You’re just too irresistible! I can’t take my eyes off you.”

She was purring, and finally licked all the blood off me. I groaned and looked at her with a frustrated look while I chewed on the bit. She giggled and stroked my cheek, causing me to flinch away from her. She slapped me and drew blood once more. Dropping the towel she straddled my chest, and I felt her warm and wet pussy on my chest. I randomly wondered if that was still from the shower or if she was horny again.

She giggled and slid up and down my chest, causing me to squirm. She got off and took me into her mouth again, once more scraping her teeth across my shaft and causing me to make a muffled scream. She stopped then sucked and licked until I was hard. Then she stopped and slid me into her, and I went stiff. I struggled to see and the bit dug into my mouth, sighing and giving up. She rode me, her hands on my chest and moaning. I shifted as much as I could, even if it wasn’t much, but that seemed to make her even more excited. I closed my eyes and when she sank her claws into me, her tail coiling around my neck I began to thrust, afraid of what she would do if I didn’t. She purred and let me do most of the work, however, like the confusing bitch she is, as she got closer to her orgasm, her tail started to tighten around my neck, crying out in her ecstasy.

I longed to pull her tail off me, but once I stopped thrusting she tightened it. I had to make her cum, and fast, before she killed me again. As stars started to dance before my eyes, my cock started to throb and my finish was coming. I let out a muffled whine as I shot my load of cum into her. She cried out happily, but kept going due to me still being hard. Just as I was about to pass out I came a second time, finally causing her to cum, but by then I couldn’t breathe at all and went limp. When I wake up, I would find myself in a whole new kind of hell.

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