tagMind ControlAn Innocent Hypnotic Fantasy

An Innocent Hypnotic Fantasy


Jason found himself surfing the web for female hypnotists. He had seen it in the movies when a female vampire would charm her pray, a villainess would trance the hero, or a deadly femme fatale would lull her victim into trance with her feminine wiles and every time he found the thought of the woman winning the struggle a huge turn on. Unfortunately for Jason in the movies the hero always seemed to come out on top and spoil it for him. So here he was searching for some way to indulge in his fantasy for a brief time.

There were many websites to choose from once you knew where to look. The majority of the websites seemed to concentrate on financial domination through hypnosis, which he shied away from. He had heard no one could be forced to do anything they did not want to but he was looking for something different than some woman trying to trance him and then command him to open up his wallet to her.

Finally he found a page where a woman advertised sensual hypnosis. He looked through her site and found some pictures of her. Nothing lewd, merely photos of her sitting in a chair wearing a skirt with her legs crossed in a lady-like fashion. She had auburn hair that hung down past her shoulders. Her face was handsome showing her age to likely be in her mid-forties and the gaze from her blue eyes was one of confidence, which made her appear very sexy to Jason. Her bright red lipstick matched her red nail polish and she was dressed in a blue skirt suit over a white blouse that showed a barely noticeable sign of cleavage that his eyes were drawn to by the shiny gold pendant, which rested just above.

She had many different Mp3 audio files for sale, which addressed many different fetishes. She offered phone and even in person sessions to her good clients. He read through her FAQ section and was delighted to find that she provided a free recording so that prospective clients could experience her technique. He grew excited as he downloaded the file. While he waited he read the suggestions for experiencing a good trance and prepared to be relaxed and resting back in the chair at his computer desk whiling listening to the file through headphones. She also provided a spiral on her website to aid in falling into trance. He clicked on the section and brought up the black and white spiral image. It seemed to have several different spirals, which overlapped and thought the constant flickering in them might be subliminal messaging but he could not quite make out the words.

When the file was downloaded he laid his head back, headphones comfortably in place, eyes on the spiral and pressed play. The voice on the recording was deep and velvety," Please get comfortable and prepare to experience a deep and relaxing trance. By continuing to listen you are agreeing to fall deeply into trance letting your subconscious absorb the suggestions I make." As her voice spoke to him he watched the spiral and thought he heard whispers on the recording but as with the flickering words in the spiral he could not quite make them out.

He followed the instructions and felt more relaxed and began to wonder if he was falling into trance. His thoughts drifted to some of the movie scenes of woman hypnotizing men and he found his cock begin to stiffen in his pants. Her voice droned on and his thoughts drifted more and more. Jason was enjoying the relaxation he was experiencing and found he wished he could just sleep. It was then he heard fingers snapping and a strong wave of tingles ran through his body. He felt the warmth coursing through him and just enjoyed the relaxation more and more. Time seemed to lose meaning as he drifted.

"And four becoming aware of your surroundings, now five eyes opening coming fully awake. I hope you have enjoyed this relaxing trance. Remember that all things are possible through hypnosis. Until next time remember to enjoy sleeping deeply."

The recording ended and Jason felt his body tingling all over. He smiled to himself quite satisfied with the experience and also noticing his cock was still hard decided to go and satisfy himself in the bathroom before heading off to sleep.

Jason found himself listening to the recording almost daily for the next couple of weeks and his feeling of satisfaction at listening to it grew and each time he went to masturbate after listening he found himself wishing he could orgasm while in trance instead of after. This desire led him back to the website and he looked through the Mp3 files and found one titled "Hypnotic Orgasm". He read the brief description and found that the soul purpose was the recording was to bring about climax while in trance. "How perfect" he thought to himself. I was if it was made specifically to meet his desire. The price was $50, which gave him pause. Jason was not one to spend his money frivolously but his desire won out over his miserly tendencies and he clicked on the "Buy now" button.

It took him a few minutes to enter his name, address, phone number, email and credit card information before the purchase was approved. Once complete he logged into his email account and found a new message with his download instructions. It took a couple of minutes for the files to download and Jason felt the excitement as he waited eagerly for the process to be completed. The anticipation of what was in store for him was a very intense feeling. He almost felt feverish at the prospect of cumming while in trance.

The file download was complete. Jason got into his favorite position in his chair with headphone in place, and in his overly stimulated state pressed play.

"Thank you for purchasing "Hypnotic Orgasm", " the familiar velvety voice greeted him and immediately he felt his body start to bleed out tension. "The purpose of this recording is to help you achieve orgasm while in a state of trance. In order for this to occur you must agree to obey my commands for only by doing as I instruct you may you achieve an orgasm while in trance." Jason listened to her pleasant voice and began to think about how it seemed to just make it so much easier for him to relax, "Your mind will try resist my commands but the more they resist the easier it will be for you to listen and obey. Your mind resists and as it resists you find yourself giving in more and more to my voice. You need to let everything go in order for you to achieve the orgasm you so deeply crave," Jason felt his cock growing harder by the minute. The sensations of it rubbing against his underwear straining to break free coupled with the relaxing waves of pleasure that passed through his body as the woman's voice spoke made his desire to cum, " so much stronger. Your are so very relaxed but in order to fully release the pressure you feel building in your groin you need to relax even deeper. Relax and go deeper now, " a loud snap of her fingers and Jason felt the waves of pleasure washing over him intensify.

"You are going so deep. You want to cum so badly but you need to fully surrender to me, " the thought of surrendering scared Jason. To give up control was a terrifying prospect but he felt the need to cum growing stronger, " and soon your need to cum will overpower your will and you will give in completely. Feel the helplessness washing over you now, " another loud snap of her fingers and Jason felt as if his body was electrified. "Soon it will be all too easy for you to just let go and give over complete control to me. Your will is slowly fading away. The need to cum has taken over everything. My voice is taking control of your subconscious as your conscious mind only thinks of your desire for release. So weak now, so helpless to resist my control," Jason felt the pressure building," that moment just before release where your balls contract as they surrender your cum has arrived," Jason's legs tightened and the world seemed to fall away, " now just give in to your desires and give up your will to your new Mistress."

Jason cried out in his trance state as wave after wave of pleasure seemed to blind his thoughts. He could think of nothing but the pleasure. His cries turned to whimpers as the last tremors washed over him. "Now go deeper for me my pet," her fingers snapped again and Jason found himself awake in the chair in front of his computer with his underwear and pants covered in his own semen. As he shook himself back to alertness he almost could not wait to listen to the recording again. For a moment he worried that he could not remember parts of the recording no matter how hard he tried. It seemed the moment he tried to concentrate on something other than his unbelievable orgasm the memory slipped out of his grasp. Maybe his price for the ultimate orgasm was too high? Was this whole hypnosis fantasy something that should better be left to just fantasy?

For the next couple of days Jason decided not to listen to the new recording again. He began to worry about why he wanted to listen to it so badly. Was it just because it felt so good? Had this woman made some suggestion to him that made him want to listen to it again? He just got an uneasy feeling about it and every time he went on his computer found himself fighting more and more not to listen to it again.

It had been three days and Jason was reading through his email when he saw his inbox light up with a new email. It was from the website where he had purchased the Mp3. Reluctantly he opened it up and found it was a brief message about giving feedback with a hyperlink at the bottom. Without really thinking about it Jason clicked on the link. The recording did produce as advertised so a little positive feedback would not hurt.

The page popped up with an area to type in feedback with a "send" button just below it. Underneath there was a similar spiral to the one Jason had used with the free recording and he glanced at it briefly before beginning to type. He put in a few sentences how well done the recording was and that it really lived up to its title and clicked send. The page changed and a large spiral appeared with "feedback received" flashing in the middle of it. After staring for a couple of seconds Jason closed out the window and went back to his other email. As he read his mind drifted back to the orgasm recording and as much as part of him dreaded it he thought it might not hurt just to hear her voice for a couple of seconds. He found himself getting horny at the thought of hearing her voice. His had masturbated a couple of times of the last couple of days but it had been nothing like it had while he was in trance.

He decided it would be okay to just listen for a minute without headphones. He would not even lean back and get comfortable. He brought up his media player and found the recording and pressed play. Her voice started again and Jason listened as her words just sent relaxing shivers through his body. He thought it was pretty unbelievable that someone's voice could sound so soothing and be so stimulating at the same time. He thought about her pictures on the website and remembered that confident, sexy look she had. Her legs incased in dark panty hose looked amazing. Her bright red lipstick and her shiny red nails unbelievably appealing. Sexual fantasies lingered just at the back of his thoughts about her. Not your normal fantasies. Fantasies about masturbating on the floor in front of her as she gazed down at him from her chair, waiting for her to tell him to cum, "now just give in to your desires and give up your will to your new Mistress," Jason felt his cock erupt as he cried out over and over. Cries that lost their normal deepness at times. "Now go deeper for me my pet, "then her fingers snapped again.

Jason woke with a start and saw the recording had played all the way through and the cum that drenched his crotch was all the proof he needed that the orgasm he just had was not just his imagination.

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