tagErotic PoetryAn Innocent Orgasmic Awakening!

An Innocent Orgasmic Awakening!

byUncle Pervey©

I fell in love with "Patty the Innocent,"
A pretty girl just twenty-five years old.
She was a petite and tender sweet young Blond,
With beautiful eyes shining Hazel Gold!

I saw her for the first time in her back yard,
And I was stunned at her activity.
She looked like she was in a sandbox playing,
And was having a good time, I could see!

I was "Mezmerized" with the picture she made,
Squatting there so innocent in her play.
The sundress she had on was hiked to her waist,
With her round silk covered bottom displayed!

Her orange colored panties emphasized the shape,
Of her succulent bottom formed just right!
When she leaned forward to reach out for more sand,
Her outlined pussy was a "Pure Delight!"

As I stood and watched her my brain caught on fire,
I KNEW she wasn't quite right in her head.
But my lust and desire kept growing hotter,
And I KNEW I'd get her into my bed!

When Patty glanced my way and caught me watching,
She giggled then gave me a friendly wave.
She was a pretty Blond with ALL I wanted,
And IF I could I'd make her my "Sex Slave!"

Patty had a prepubescent girl's body,
So enticingly willowy slender.
She seldom thought about things of importance,
But SHE knew she was a different "gender!"

I smiled and asked her where everyone had gone,
She answered with a giggle "Gone to town."
I grinned "Would you like to come for some ice-cream?"
She climbed the fence and I lifted her down!

When we entered my kitchen she took a seat,
And asked "What kind a ice-cream do you got?"
I looked into the box and said "Strawberry,"
She laughed and clapped her hands "I wanna lot!"

I smiled and got her a BIG bowl of ice-cream,
And sat it down so she could startg to eat.
As she ate her ice-cream I suggested,
"You know Patty, you can GIVE ME a TREAT!"

She giggled at me and asked "What do you want?"
And I said "I want to make love to you!"
Patty smiled in puzzlement and kept eating,
And then she grinned and giggled "When I'm through!"

When Patty finished eating she looked at me,
And with a shy smile asked "What do we do?"
I took her by her hand and said "Come this way,"
And I KNEW Patty didn't HAVE a CLUE!

I led her through the door to my bed and sat,
And got Patty to stand between my knees.
I told her "I can make you feel REAL happy,"
And my excitement made me start to wheeze!

She smiled and asked "What do you want me to do?"
I moaned breathing hard "Just stand where you're at."
I grabbed her waist and pulled her crotch to my face,
And inhaled her sweet delicious mat!

As my breath heated her crotch Patty giggled,
And said "Your hot breath tickles me down there!"
I slid both of my hands around to her cheeks,
And I whispered to her, "I want you bare!

Patty giggled and called me a silly man,
Just take my clothes off if you want to see."
I lifted her dress up and off her body,
And she was wearing just her thin panties!

Patty giggled when I stared at her in awe,
She could tell she'd gotten me excited.
Then I reached and slowly pulled down her panties,
And the fever in my brain "Ignited!"

I cupped her cheeks and pulled her against my face,
And explored her pussy hair with my lips.
Patty giggled some more when she felt my breath,
I licked her pussy and caressed her hips!

Patty gasped and giggled "That feels so funny,
Your tongue is making me "Tickle" inside!"
Patty started wiggling, and moaning,
I sat her on the bed's edge by my side!

I rolled off the bed and got between her legs,
Then I gave her pussy a GOOD licking.
Patty raised her legs and wrapped them round my neck,
And I teased her "clit" with my tongue's flicking!

Patty began humping in wild abandon,
And I kept sucking her clit hard but slow.
Then Patty started gasping "Mommie Mommie!"
As I slurped and swallowed her pussy's flow!

Patty's pussy OVERFLOWED with sweet nectar,
And what she gave WASN'T ENOUGH for me.
I swallowed every drop of her sweet love juice,
And DIDN'T STOP until I heard her plea!

I stood up on shakey legs and got undressed,
While Patty watched me with her half-glazed eyes.
She gasped when she saw what my pants were hiding,
And I whispered "Here's ANOTHER surprise!"

Patty wasn't shy when it came to touching,
She reached out and grabbed me with her hot hand.
I moaned out loud as I felt her squeezing,
Her hand felt like a burning red hot band!

Patty squeezed and ooed "You feel so BIG and HOT!
Your "thing" feels hard and hot like it's on fire!"
I groaned to her "You don't know what you're doing,
But you're lighting my brain with pure desire!

I stood and let Patty play with me awhile,
Then I moved my throbbing cock to her hole.
I had noticed Patty's hymen was broken,
So I shoved my cock into Patty's soul!

Patty's hips began jerking when I slid in,
Her pussy felt like sliding in hot fire!
Patty's sweet hips started rolling with rhythm,
And my cock spurted out my hot desire!

My Patty began cumming at the same time,
And she cried out with joy "That feels SO good!"
My hot cum squirted deep inside her pussy,
I filled her up with all my cum I could!

We both felt tired but Patty was exhausted,
After all she'd NEVER had sex before.
I whispered "Let me turn you on your belly,
What I'm going to do next you'll just "adore!"

Patty's naked bottom was "Pure" perfection,
Her cheeks were perfect half moons smooth and plump.
As she lay there gasping I started licking,
When I kissed her hole my heart lept and jumped!

I licked around and over her tight anus,
And I sucked it and plunged my tongue inside.
I sucked it til it pooched out red and puffy,
Then I slid up on her to take my ride!

My hard cock pressed against her swollen asshole,
When I pushed it popped inside all the way.
As I fucked Patty's asshole it kept squeezing,
And my mind fractured with my cum's first spray!

As my cum filled her asshole, I moaned "Baby,
I'm filling you with my hot creamy cum!"
Patty moaned and cried out loud, "Mommie Mommie,
It feels to me like you just tore my "Bum!"

I stayed inside and just laid there on her back,
Her squeezing asshole kept milking me dry!
Her hot asshole squeezed and sucked out all my cum
And we did it ALL again, by and by!!

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