tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Interlude with Matt

An Interlude with Matt


The next day I went to classes as usual and was late again – as usual. After my first class, I happened to run into Matt outside. You remember Matt, right? The guy who Betty was so hot on? He's tall and slender and has dark blond hair in a ponytail?

I thanked him very much for helping Betty and he told me if I really wanted to thank him I could invite him to our next party. Well, we didn't get to talk for very long because the bell rang for the my next class. It turned out that Matt had nothing scheduled for the rest of the morning so it was decided that he would accompany me to my class. He said that he happened to know my instructor very well and that he was positive the she wouldn't mind him sitting in.

Matt and I sat in the very back row in the room. Half of the class was missing due to sickness. The closer it became to Christmas, the more people said they were sick. I guess they weren't worried whether Santa brought them anything or not. Haha!

There was no one sitting within four or five desks in either direction because of this. I was sitting in the next to last desk in the first row and Matt had taken the desk behind me. The handsome young man was wearing a long raincoat still because it had been drizzling early in the morning.

After the instructor had called the roll, she began the usual boring lecture when suddenly one of those runners from the Dean's office showed up and she stepped out into hall. A few minutes, she stepped back in the room and explained she had to travel down to the Dean's office for a minute.

Matt suddenly began to massage my shoulders gently. I felt all my tension melt away at his sensual touch. "Oh," I exclaimed softly, "that feels so good. Don't stop."

As Matt continued to gently massage me, I pushed my desk back flush with his in order to allow him maximum room and access. Matt responded by slowly pulling my blouse out of my short skirt until it was completely in the open.

The young man began to massage my back near my waist. God, it felt so good and I moaned softly. Matt then placed his hands higher on my back and then moved them around front to my breasts, pausing one in a while to rub my nipples. I began to squirm in my desk seat.

"Oh Matt," I whispered.

Matt quietly slipped out of his desk and dropped to one knee beside my desk. He reached out with the touch of a surgeon and unsnapped my skirt and then pulled it down to the class room floor, leaving me sitting there half nude in the middle of class! God, I was already sopping wet.

The tall, young man stood up beside me and pulled me up into his arms, while slipping his open long raincoat completely around me. I reached down and unbuckled Matt's belt, unsnapped his light brown trousers and pushed them and his red bikini briefs down to his knees, completely freeing his new totally rigid penis.

Matt leaned down kissing me passionately and then lowered his body by bending his knees, while I groped his thick erection, finally culminating with me standing on my tip toes while helping to guide his penis into my engorged labia.

"Oh God," I moaned as Matt began to rock inside of me.

It was so incredibly sexy to be standing there in the middle of a populated college classroom making love. I managed to turn my head just enough to use my peripheral vision to observe the entire class was silently watching our every move, except for one guy who was sound asleep with his head on his desk. I bet when he woke up later and discovered what he'd missed he'd be pissed. Haha!

Matt was indeed a wonderful lover in the best sense of the word. He continued to make slow deep thrusts into me, taking his time as though he had all the time in the world. The feelings I was experiencing were exquisite as the extremely confident young man never varied his pace. Don't get me wrong. Matt wasn't being gentle in any stretch of the imagination but was pounding into me with each and every thrust – whap, whap, whap. It was so silent in the classroom otherwise that the sound from each thrust sounded like a bullet exploding. Just knowing the other students were hearing that was turning me on even more.

With each one of his savage thrusts into me I felt so God damn good that I was teetering right on the edge of orgasm the entire time. I wanted to feel his entire naked body against mine and I reached up to his top button and pulled his shirt completely open and then pulled him closely to me. Jesus! Naked skin to naked skin always feels so wonderful to me. I bet I wasn't ever held when I was a baby. That would fit my parents perfectly too.

Once I did that, Matt began to really pound into me at a much faster rate. It must have turned him on too. He was now wildly plunging his steel hard penis into me at an incredible rate and I could tell he was just on the verge of his orgasm. I think he was trying to hold himself back until I cummed which was sweet but basically stupid because I can cum just by looking at someone.

I figured I had one ploy up my lack of sleeves which would turn the trick immediately; besides I wanted to see his nude body. I reached up and totally surprised him, to say the least, by sliding his coat and shirt off his body leaving him standing there wearing nothing but me!

His bikini briefs and trousers had long since fallen to his ankles leaving him standing in class basically totally nude. I took a quick glance around the room while continuing to twitch my hips in time with his continued pounding into my cunt with his prodigious penis and I noticed all of the young women who were all watching Matt's love making appeared completely enthralled and intrigued.

'And that's what wrong with America today,' I thought. 'There's no virgins left.'

Sure enough as soon as I had denuded him, Matt shot off like a rocket to the moon – blast off! I pulled him even closer to me as he twitched over and over in his cum spasms. Boy, I was surprised to see he had so much cum in him. I figured a good looking guy like him would be getting some hot sex action every night of the week, but he probably was one of those nice guys who didn't assert himself enough with women.

Seemingly out of the blue my orgasm started to bubble out of me. It felt as though it started at the soles of my feet and worked its way up – it felt that good. I'm sure the reason it was so great was because I was really getting off on the fact that we were fucking in front of the entire class!

"Oh God!" I cried out. "You're so fucking good!"

I didn't have to cry out. In fact, it would have been prudent on my part to have remained silent, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to help Matt by advertising what a great lover he was and I also couldn't help but screw with my classmates' minds a little more. You know me!

In fact it immediately became apparent that it was totally imprudent of me as just at the second that I shouted out at my moment of climax, our instructor, Miss Collins stepped back into the classroom. Naturally her attention was immediately drawn to us because of my indiscreet screaming.

By the way, I just referred to her as Miss Collins rather than the more politically correct Ms. or even, God forbid, Mrs. for a reason. I really didn't know how old she was at the time, but she always looked to me to be about twelve years old. From certain things she had said concerning herself during the teaching of the class, I was led to believe that she had done incredibly well in school and in fact had been allowed to skip grades several times.

Consequently Miss Collins could have been as young as seventeen or eighteen years of age when she began her first year of instructing the year before. On top of that, she wore a pair of huge round unattractive glasses, Godawful plaid knee skirts with some kind of old ruffled colored blouses and had her hair in pigtails!

I kid you not. She wore pigtails. What I'm attempting to communicate here is I think the area that Miss Collins was mature in was her education. I had always felt she was a stone cold virgin and probably never had even been out on a date. What happened next proved my point.

As Matt had his back to the doorway, I certainly didn't want him to turn around and wave his still hard prick at Miss Collins. She might have had a psychotic break. Mwahaha! I quickly whispered to him that our instructor was standing in the doorway and he best get dressed as quickly as possible.

I had locked eye contact with her and you can best believe she was blushing as bright red as a fire truck. The average professor who walked in on such a situation in their classroom would have been screaming holy hell, but Miss Collins just stood there completely nonplussed. I do think it was probably a miracle that she didn't faint.

As soon as Matt had pulled his clothes up and on including his long raincoat, I used him as a shield to pull on the paltry amount of clothes I usually wear. Of course the minute the young instructor had returned to the classroom, the rest of the class had swung around to eyes forward, not wanting to become involved in our sexual shenanigans in any way. This turned out to work in our best interest as it allowed Miss Collins once she could finally move again to just return to her desk at the front of the room and ignore the entire thing.

As she lectured for the last few minutes of the class which were all that were left to her, Miss Collins remained extremely flushed appearing. I bet she had areas in her body tingling she hadn't even been aware of. I sat there barely listening as I was experiencing the highly desired afterglow of good sex and I wasn't going to let anything as mundane as education to interrupt that.

Finally the bell rang to signal the end of the hour. It so happened I didn't have another class for an hour so I was looking forward to maybe pulling Matt along with me somewhere – like maybe the library, haha.

I noticed when everyone exited the classroom they were cutting sly glances at us and some of the guys still were sporting obvious erections beneath their tight jeans. That didn't necessarily connote anything though. In my experience guys can get hard just watching paint dry.

Matt and I were standing in the very back of the line exiting the classroom and just before we left Miss Collins discovered her voice and asked me to remain. I'm thinking naturally why just me, that Matt was involved too, although I already knew the answer to it. She really liked Matt from the year before when she had taught him..

I'll say this for Matt. Unlike most other guys that I know he didn't cut and run, he stood right there beside me waiting.

"You can go, Matthew. I need to speak with Sara alone."


"Please, Matthew," Miss Collins entreated. She certainly was a shy thing. I think I might have felt sorry for her in ordinary circumstances but since I was certain she was about to take me down to the Dean's office and have me expelled I was a little light in the sympathy department.

Matt offered one 'Well, I tried' glance at me and then had to leave. I understood. It wouldn't have helped me any if he got into trouble too. The instructor walked him out into the hall and then came back into the classroom, closed the door and locked it. I must admit I was very surprised that Miss Collins didn't just dump me off at the Dean of Student's office and I looked in askance at her when she returned to me.

Of course none of this stopped her from saying that tired old hackneyed, "Sara! What exactly were you doing when I came back into the room?"

I think all teachers take a special class in education entitled 'Useless Inanities and Other Foolish Ways to Confront Your Students.' I suddenly had this gut feeling that nothing bad was going to come out of this.

One reason was I think Miss Collins was far too shy to talk to the Dean about two students having...you know...uh...sex together. Haha! And the other reason was how badly it would reflect on her teaching skills for something to happen like that in her classroom. Instructors are attempting to someday be accepted as professors and something like public shagging going on when you're supposed to be teaching college algebra just doesn't help your case for long term employment.

I decided that I wasn't going to pretend to be led around by the nose by this young virgin, so when she said, "Sara! What exactly were you doing when I came back into the room?" I responded with "We were fucking our brains out!"

"Sara!" she complained, flushing bright crimson. "There's no need to be vulgar."

"I agree, I just enjoy it."

"Sara, I'm going to ask you again," Miss Collins began to say.

"No," I interrupted. "I want to ask you some questions first. What's your first name?"

The young instructor stood slightly stunned, not quite certain how the reversal in interrogation had occurred but she apparently found the question to not be considered too personal to answer.

"Dorothy," she replied.

"Do you like to be called Dot, Dottie, what?"

"I prefer to be called Dorothy," Miss Collins said formally.

"Okay, Dorothy it is. Now how old were you when you graduated from college?"

She hesitated but finally answered because I had her completely off balance. This was not the way she had intended this interview to proceed but the young woman now appeared powerless to stop it.

"I was seventeen when I obtained my M.A.," Dorothy explained shyly.

"Seventeen, Gawd! You must be a damn genius," I exclaimed.

"Sara," she said primly, "I wish you wouldn't curse."

"Well, you know what they say, you can wish in one hand and – oh, never mind. So you still live at home with your parents?" I asked.

Lowering her head until she was no longer looking at me, she murmured, "Uh huh."

That certainly let me know she was embarrassed about not living on her own, but for God's sake she was only nineteen and actually emotionally she was probably about twelve. So moving on to the more pertinent information, I asked, "Have you ever been on a date?"

Dorothy quickly raised her head to glare at me. "I don't see where that is any of your business," she snapped.

I giggled at her. "Well, that answers that question. You haven't, have you?"

The young instructor's entire expression softened from anger to sadness. "No, not really. I've gone out with groups of people in college thanks to roommates who always felt so sorry for me being so young and socially out of place; but to answer your question no, no one has ever asked me out on a date."

While Dorothy was speaking I had reached over and gently removed her glasses and placed them on her desk. Before she could complain, I queried, "Do you actually need those to see?"

"Well," she equivocated, "I need them some for reading."

"Ok, use them just for reading and do yourself a favor, get contacts or better still get that laser surgery done. You're just hiding behind these. Now what's with this hair?" I asked while moving behind and starting to take it apart.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Dorothy demanded.

"Take the other side and unravel it," I directed. "What'd you do – wear your hair like this when you were twelve?"

"Yes," she responded in a small voice.

"Well, it's time you grew up," I suggested.

Once we had her hair untangled, I asked her if she had a brush. After she silently handed it to me, I spent the next five minutes brushing her hair out until it looked great. She had dark black hair that brushed out to hanging halfway down her back.

I wouldn't say she was beautiful by any means, but she was certainly damn attractive now that she wasn't wearing those horrid appearing glasses and her pigtails.

"You know," I said, "you're really very pretty and no one would ever know it."

Miss Collins blushed and lowered her head. "No, I'm not," she murmured.

'So it's gonna be like that, is it? That's okay I love a good challenge,' I thought. Mwahaha!

Next I leaned over and unsnapped her skirt in preparation of pulling it down. "Stop!" she demanded in a panicked voice. "What are you doing?"

"I want to see what your body looks like underneath all this crap you wear."

"No," she insisted, struggling with me.

I paid her no mind at all and pulled her skirt off. I wasn't even surprised when I discovered she was wearing a full slip beneath her skirt and red blouse. That meant the blouse had to go too.

"Take your blouse off," I said.

"I will not!" Dorothy exclaimed, attempting to reach her skirt I was still holding in my hand.

I was discovering this to be extremely tiresome. "Look, take the damn blouse off!" I exclaimed. "I want to see how good a body you have beneath all these poofed out clothes. Or would you rather I ripped it off you?"

Still greatly blushing Dorothy finally obeyed me unbuttoning and removing her red blouse. She stood attired in a full slip.

"There, that's wasn't so bad was it?" I asked the trembling young woman. "I 'am' a woman you know. You certainly don't have anything I haven't seen before."

"But we're in public," she protested in a half whine.

"And the door is locked and there's no class expected for another hour," I answered her.

I reached up and pulled her slip down off her shoulders and then all the way down her body and ordered her to lift her feet. When she complied, I placed her slip over with her skirt and blouse. Holy shit, Batman! You wouldn't have believed it! It looked as if she were wearing an industrial bra and panties with reinforced steel. I'm surprised she wasn't wearing a chastity belt.

"Sara, don't look," Dorothy complained, attempting to cover herself with her hands.

"Haha! I can see why you wouldn't want me to look. Where do you buy that hideous underwear from? The Sears mail catalogue?"

"Why, yes, I do," she answered a bit nonplussed. "What's wrong with that?"

"I'll tell you what's wrong with it, men like sexy underclothing on a young woman – not that stuff."

"Men!" she squealed. I swear to God she was blushing again.

"Yeah, men," I repeated. "You know what men are right? They look alot like us but they don't have big breasts and they have penises."

"Sara. please!" Dorothy protested.

"Oh, okay," I replied. "I wasn't planning on it, but if you're gonna raise a fuss then I'll have to." And I proceeded to pull her panties down to her feet. She had the prettiest black pubic hair.

Of course she dropped her hands to cover her pubic area and I used the opportunity to pull off her bra. Oh, it was just all so predictable. Haha! Just another stripping of a college instructor in her classroom in the middle of the school day.

After removing her bra I discovered she had the prettiest breasts with gorgeous nipples. I reached out and pulled her hands down from where she was attempting to cover her pussy, and wasn't surprised at all to observe that she had a real right tight body.

"You are so pretty," I gushed. "Why do you hide yourself behind such horrible clothes?"

"I'm frightened," the young teacher spoke barely audible.

"You're frightened of men?" I asked.

"No," Dorothy answered shaking her head. "I'm frightened of being rejected, of no one finding me attractive so it's easier if I reject myself before someone else can."

Well, at least she had some insight into herself – it was a crock of shit, but it was insight. I had a dual fold plan in mind for this young woman. The young instructor of course had continued to blush furiously at me staring at her naked body.

"There's no need to be so embarrassed," I smiled at her. "I've seen all this equipment before.

When Dorothy offered me a tentative shy smile I knew I was home free. I quickly pulled her to me in a loving embrace. I don't think anyone had ever done that for her before as she began to embrace me in earnest in return. It would have of course felt much better to me if I were nude too and it was also quite a switch that I was fully dressed and my lover was naked.

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