tagInterracial LoveAn Intro To A Glory Hole

An Intro To A Glory Hole


To spice up their marriage, she had decided to go along with whatever her husband decided.

Imagine her surprise, when he suggested they go to a seedy adult book store, to watch some movies.

She thought that as long as it would mean they were doing things together, she would go along with it.

So now they were in a cramped little cubical, with a seat barely wide enough for both of them to sit on.

He kept flipping through the channels, looking for something that would excite them, she guessed.

All of a sudden he stopped at a movie that showed a white woman being fucked by a black man. My God, why did he want to watch that, she thought.

He must have been getting excited, cause he was starting to feel up her breast with one hand, and his other was trying to get between her legs.

She sighed, and opened her knees to let him have access to her. She figured it was dark, and no one could see what they were doing, so she might as well let him have his fun.

After a few minutes, she started feeling flustered, and when he took her hand and put it on his bare cock, she went with the flow and started jacking him off. This wasn't so bad, she was thinking, as her husband was starting to nuzzle her neck. Then she noticed that he was sucking on her neck. WTF? Was he trying to give her a hickey?

She was loosing all control of herself, and wondered how they would get any relief in this cramped little cubical.

After he had sucked on her neck for a few minutes, she was sopping wet between her legs. His fingers had long ago already invaded her cunt, and she was now past caring where this was going. When he put his hand behind her neck, and started pulling her head down to his lap, she knew exactly what it was he wanted.

Well, she didn't care anymore. In fact, it had been a long time since she had given him a blow job... so why not?

As she was sucking on his cock, she could feel him move around, and then he was putting more money in the machine, but what happened next totally freaked her out.

He gently pulled her off of his cock, and pointed at the wall next to her face. There she saw a big black cock, that was coming through a hole in the wall. OH FUCK.... it was huge, and what's more, he was directing her head towards the cock.

She rolled her eyes up into her head, as she opened her mouth and took in the smelly black cock. It had a cheesy taste, like maybe the guy hadn't washed in a long time. But the steady pressure on the back of her head, would not let her retreat. Finally she gave up resisting, and took as much of the black cock into her mouth as she could handle, without gagging.

She could sense that her husband was breathing real hard, and his cock was poking her in her breasts, as she kept sucking on the black guy.

All of a sudden, she sensed that the black guy was going to cum. His frantic fucking of her mouth had stopped, and she felt his cock pulse, as it started to shoot his cum into her mouth.

Her husband had a firm grip on her head, so she could not pull back. To keep from having the cum go up her nasal passages, she started to swallow the cum. It had a tangy taste to it, and there was a lot of it, but she kept on swallowing. Finally, the black guy stopped cumming, and he pulled out of her mouth, and pulled back through what she would find out later on, was the glory hole in the wall.

Her husband let go of her head, and she sat up abruptly, to catch her breath. She could see there was perspiration on his forehead. Well.... there was on hers too.

Just as she figured it was all over, there was a knock on the wall, and she looked down, and saw another black cock come through the hole.

She looked at her husband, who just smiled, as she lowered her head down. She knew she was now a black cock sucking wife. And you know what? She thought that this might be fun, after all!

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by AnnetteBishop12/12/17

Glory holes are great fun

Love glory holes and bib black cock xoxoxoxox Annette

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