tagLoving WivesAn Invitataion for a Drink

An Invitataion for a Drink


The summer after my first year at college I worked at a gym in a ritzy hotel in New York. I had the evening shift behind the desk, checking guests in and then closing the gym at midnight. After a few weeks I came to know some of the regulars. Daniel was one of them. He arrived at the gym late on Thursday night and was usually the last guest to leave before I closed up. On a couple of occasions we had chatted as he finished working out. He told me he lived in Miami and came to the city one day each week to meet with his New York clients.

I was chatting to him one Thursday night as he ran on the treadmill.

"How about coming up to my room for a drink after you've closed up?" he asked.

He wasn't the first guy to ask me up to his room. It happened quite often and I had a pat answer. "Thanks, but no," I said, "I have to be up early tomorrow."

He smiled at me. "You probably get asked that a lot," he said.

I smiled too. "Yes," I said.

"And most times what they really mean is sex, not a drink."

"I guess," I said.

"I should have been more honest," he said. "What if I asked you to come up to my room for sex? Would your answer be the same?"

I laughed. "Yes," I said, "but I appreciate your honesty." He laughed too.


Next Thursday Daniel smiled at me as I checked him in. He asked me how my week had been; I asked him about his. Later, I stood talking to him when he was running on the treadmill.

"How about that drink?" he asked.

I laughed. "Got to get up early again."

"Pity," said. "I think we could have fun together."

"But I'm not gay," I said.

"Nor am I," he said. "But maybe we should make an exception for each other."

I was a little confused. "You're not gay?"

"No," said. "I love women. I mean, I've had sex with guys on a few occasions, but I don't think of myself as gay."

"What then? Bisexual?"

"Discerning. I like to have sex with pleasant attractive people. Like you."

"Flattery will get you nowhere," I said.

"It was worth a shot," he said, laughing again. "You don't mind if I keep asking, do you?"

"No," I said, "as long as you don't mind if I keep saying I've got to get up early."

"We've got a deal," he said.


Next morning I managed to get a Skype connection with my girlfriend. The trouble is, Sharon isn't much of a girlfriend at the moment because she's spending the summer studying in Spain and Spain has a serious problem with internet connectivity. But today we got through and spent an hour or so chatting about what we were up to.

"So how's the gym going?" she asked. "Still getting hit on by creepy old guys?"

"Yep, still the same," I said. "But they're not all creepy. There's one guy who is trying to get me to come up to his room who is good-looking and seems nice."

"So what happened?"

"Each time he comes to the gym he asks me to come up to his room to have sex with him."

"So have you?"

"No! Of course not!" I exclaimed.

"Why not?" she asked. "If he's good-looking and nice . . ."

"Well, maybe the little fact that I'm not gay has something to do with it," I said.

"Having sex with him wouldn't make you gay, would it?" she asked. "Unless it was really really good and made you stop liking girls."

"And there's also the further fact that I'm going out with you," I said. "I'm not going to cheat on you."

"But it wouldn't be cheating if I said you could, would it?" she said. "And I give you permission to have sex with Mr. Good-Looking Nice Guy."

"His name is Daniel," I said, and immediately regretted it.

"So you're on first name terms," she said. "It's almost as though you're lovers already!"

"Stop teasing me!" I pleaded.

"Ok, ok!" she said. "Don't be so sensitive."

"I'm not being sensitive!" I said.

"Yes, you are," she said, "but I'll stop teasing you. And I would love to see you with another guy."

"What! Why?" was all I could say.

"Why does anything turn anyone on? But as you've been telling me about Daniel hitting on you, I've been getting very horny thinking about you and him together. So if you do it, make a video!"

I was silent.

"Dave?" she asked. "Are you still there?"

"Yes," I said.

"Did I shock you?" she asked.

"Maybe. A little," I said.

"You are so cute," she said. "And so shockable. You're adorable."

To my relief she then changed the subject. She told me she was going to the beach with some friends at the weekend, and how her roommate had persuaded her to buy a new bikini, and that she would send me some pictures, and how she missed me. Then she had to go to class and we hung up.


Next Thursday evening I walked over to the treadmill where Daniel was running.

"So," he said, smiling at me.

"Go ahead," I said, "ask me."

"Would you like to come up to my room to have sex with me?"

"No," I said.

"Just no?" he asked. "Not, 'No, I have to get up early tomorrow'? I don't even get that excuse now?"

"No. I don't have to get up early tomorrow. And I would like to come up to your room. But for a drink, not sex."

"Really?" he asked. "That's great! Well, not as great as sex. But maybe when you get there you'll change your mind?"

"No," I said. "A drink. No sex."


I closed up the gym and took the hotel elevator to the seventh floor. I knocked on Daniel's door and he answered wearing one of the white fluffy dressing gowns that the hotel provides for its guests.

He poured me some white wine, and I sat on the armchair across from the bed where he was reclining.

"So welcome to my lair, young man," he said. "Tell me why you changed your mind and came up for a drink."

"Well, I didn't see why I shouldn't come for a drink. You're a nice guy and I didn't see why I shouldn't. I thought I was being a bit stupid saying no."

"No, not stupid," he said. "But I'm glad you changed your mind."

And then I started telling him about my conversation with Sharon. Not the details of course, but just how she made me think I was being a bit boring and silly in saying no, and that she said that he sounded like a nice guy and why wouldn't I want to have a drink with him.

"She sounds like a very clever girl," he said. "How long have you been going out?"

I told him about Sharon and how we had met and how much fun she was.

"She sounds great," he said, and he told me about his wife and how he was crazy about her. And so I asked him whether he had told her about his thing for guys.

"Of course," he said. "She loves hearing about it. It turns her on."

"That's what Sharon said!" I exclaimed, then regretted it.

"What did she say?" Daniel asked.

"Well, nothing really. Just that she would get turned on by seeing me with a guy."

"So you discussed being with another guy? Anybody in particular?" he asked.

"No, no," I stammered, "we were just talking in the abstract."

He laughed again. "Sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"That's ok," I said, then made a big show of looking at my watch. "I better go," I said, and stood up.

Daniel got up from the bed and walked to the door. As he held the door open for me, the bulge in his dressing gown revealed that his cock was hard.


"So how big was it?" Sharon asked a few days later when I managed to reach her when she got back from the beach.

"I don't know. I didn't see it," I said.

"Was it a big bulge, a small bulge?"

"It seemed fairly big, but I don't know."

"Details. In the future, get the details!" she said.

"There won't be any more details. Not about his cock, anyway," I said.

"Boring," she replied. "So tell me about Daniel. Is he nice?"

"Yes, he's nice."

"Describe him. What does he look like?"

"Why do you need to know?" I said. "He's just someone I had a drink with."

"David, stop being so dense! I want to know. Isn't that enough?"

So I told her. He's in his early forties; slim; his hair starting to show some grey; clean shaven; a handsome face; he has a nice laugh.

"Does he have a nice body?" she asked.

"I haven't seen it!" I said.

"Well maybe next time you have a drink you'll get a better idea," she said.

I changed the subject. "Talking of nice bodies, when am I going to get the pics of you in your new bikini?"

"Ah," she said. "I was waiting 'til we spoke so I could hear your reaction in real time. I'm sending them right now. Tell me when you get them."

They were amazing. The top of the bikini barely covered her nipples, and the panties were cut high on her hips.

"Beautiful," I said.

"You like then?" she asked.

"Very very exciting," I said, my cock hardening as I looked at her body.

"It's as small as you can get away with on the beaches around here. I got lots of attention."

"I bet," I said, then realized that I had sounded too jealous.

"Hey," she said, "you think you're the only one who can make guys get hard?"

"Ok, ok, fair enough," I said, laughing. "It's just that they got to see your body for real and I'm having to make do with the picture."

"But the pictures are pretty good, aren't they? Don't they make you hard?"

"Yes, very."

"So move the camera so I can see you play with yourself."

I did, and masturbated as she watched.


Sharon emailed me next Friday morning. "So?" she wrote.

"So what?" I answered.

"So details," she replied.

"Oh details," I answered.

"Don't be a tease," she replied.

"Ok, details then," I said, and wrote the following:

Daniel asked me up for a drink and I said yes. He answered the door dressed just as he was the week before, and he poured me some wine. I sat down opposite the bed, just like last week. We started talking about our respective weeks. Just chit chat. He asked if I had heard from you, and I told him we had managed to Skype. He asked if I had told you that I had come up for a drink. I said I had told you, and he asked what you had said. I said you had asked for details.

He laughed and asked what details I had told you. I said I had told you what we had talked about, and that you had asked me to describe him. "What did you tell her?" he asked. I told him what I had told you. "I'm glad to be described as good looking!" he said. "What else did you say about me?" I guess the wine had kicked in a little at this point because I told him that I had told you that his cock was hard when he held the door open for me when I left.

Daniel laughed again. "You noticed!" he said. "How couldn't I?" I replied. He said he was sorry; I said there was nothing to be sorry about.

He asked me what else I had talked about with you. I told him you had been to the beach and got lots of attention in your new bikini, and that you had sent me pictures. He asked whether I could see, so I showed him the pictures on my cell phone.

"You showed him!" Sharon interjected at this point.

Yes. Pictures of you taken on the beach. Nothing that hundreds of horny Spanish guys haven't already seen, remember?

"Oh yes, ok, then," she replied. "Did he like?"

Very much

"Then what?" she asked.

He asked me if I had masturbated while looking at them.

"And you said . . .?" she wrote.

I said that I had. That I had masturbated as you watched, and had masturbated a couple of other times later looking at the pictures.

"Baby!" she wrote. "What happened then?"

He was silent for a moment. Then he said that the thought of me masturbating for you was incredibly exciting to him. It was obvious: his cock was hard again and visible through the dressing gown. At that moment I had a strong urge to see it. So I told him that you had asked me to describe his cock; that you wanted details. "Do you really want to see it?" he asked. "Yes," I said. "Really."

So he undid the gown and pulled it back to show me his body. I stared at his cock. For the first time since I met him he seemed a little embarrassed. "You like it?" he asked eventually. "Yes," I said. "So how will you describe it to Sharon?" he asked. "Big," I said. "Very hard." I thought some more. "Very pretty," I said. He laughed. "I like the idea of having a pretty cock," he said. "And what about the rest of my body?" I took my eyes away from his cock and looked along the length of his body. His chest and shoulders were slim and defined, his stomach and groin were clean shaven, and his legs were long and muscled.

We didn't speak for a while, my eyes on his body, his on me, trying to read my thoughts. Then, as I watched, his hand moved to his cock, and he held the shaft. Slowly he started to caress it. "Do you mind?" he asked. "No," I said. He masturbated, slowly at first, then faster as his excitement grew. Then, suddenly, he said "I'm going to cum," and as he uttered the words, long spurts of semen gushed from his cock over his stomach and chest.

I finished typing.

"More, more, more!" Sharon wrote.

"No more to tell," I replied, "I left a few minutes later."

"That's SO exciting!" she wrote. "Did you enjoy watching him?"

"Yes," I replied. "It was very interesting."

"Interesting!" she replied. "You know what I meant David! Did it turn you on?"

I knew what she had meant, but was trying to delay the moment of my admission. "Yes," I replied.

"Did you get hard?' she asked.

"Yes," I confessed.

"Good," she said. "I would have been disappointed if you hadn't."


Daniel had asked if he could text me. I said yes. I got a text from him the next day.

"Did you tell Sharon?"

"Yes," I answered. Then, as an afterthought, I added, "Did you tell your wife?"

"Of course," he replied.

"What did she say?" I asked.

"Ricki said you sounded very cute. She wants to see a picture of you."

I didn't respond. He texted me again Thursday morning. "Drink tonight?"

"Of course," I responded.


Daniel poured me some wine. "Ricki wants you to see this," he said, and handed me his iPad. There was a picture on the screen of a couple naked on a bed. "You and Ricki?" I asked. "Yep," he said. Daniel was on his back, his cock hard. Ricki was next to him, her hand on his cock, her mouth on his nipple.

"She is very pretty," I said, admiring the curve of her slim body and her little breasts.

"Isn't she?" he asked. "I was telling her how excited I had been masturbating in front of you last week, and she was stroking my cock. We were both so turned on."

"I'm happy to contribute to your marital happiness," I said.

"So how are you going to contribute tonight?" he asked laughing.

"I don't know," I said. "Maybe I better drink my wine in order to get some good ideas."

"If nothing occurs to you, Ricki had one," Daniel said.

"Oh oh!" I said. "From what you've told me about her, I imagine she isn't short of ideas."

He laughed again. "You're right," he said. "But this one wasn't so very kinky."

"Ok. Tell me," I said.

"It's nothing much," he said. "She just suggested that I ask you to undress for me."


"Yes, you know, just get naked. No touching or anything. Just naked in the same room together."

"No touching? Just looking?"

"Yes, I promise!" He smiled at me. "At least, no touching you. I will definitely be touching myself."

"I don't know," I said. "Maybe."

"Oh please," he said. "It will turn Ricki on so much and she and I will have such great sex. Would you really deny me that? And wouldn't Sharon like to hear about it?"

I laughed. "Ok," I said.

I put down the wine glass and stood up. "What first?" I asked, looking at him sprawled on the bed,

"Your shirt," he said.

I was wearing a blue gym-issue polo shirt. I pulled it over my head and dropped it on the floor, and stood at the foot of the bed while Daniel looked at me. "Very pretty," he said. "As pretty as I imagined you would be."

"Now your sneakers and socks." I took them off. "Now your pants."

I undid my belt and the button at the top of my jeans and lowered the zip. Then, as he watched, I lowered my jeans and my underwear and stepped out of them. I stood naked in front of him.

"So beautiful," he said. I moved towards the chair to sit down again. "Please, before you sit, just do one thing. Turn around for me. I want to see your cute little ass," he said.

I turned around and felt his eyes on my ass. "Delicious," he said. "A lot of women would kill to have an ass like that."

I sat down on the chair facing the bed, trying to disguise my nervousness.

"Thank you for undressing David," he said, suddenly serious. "But if you're uncomfortable, please get dressed again. I don't mean to embarrass you."

"I'm ok," I said. "It's just odd to have another guy look at me when I'm naked. Especially when the other guy's cock is as hard as yours."

He laughed, looking down at the bulge in his dressing gown. "Do you mind if I take it out?" he asked.

I shook my head and he undid his dressing gown and took his cock in his hand. "Did you describe it to Sharon?" he asked.

"Yes," I said. "I told her it was amazingly big."

"Huh" he said. "I'm not sure I believe you."

"Ok," I said. "I told her it was big and very pretty and shot out lots and lots of cum. And I told her you were completely shaved. She liked that a lot. She told me I should shave too."

"Maybe," he said, "but I like the blond hair you have around your cock. It looks good on you."

I squirmed a little in the chair now the subject had turned to my cock. Daniel smiled his sweet smile at me. "Did Sharon ask you if you enjoyed watching me masturbate?"

I nodded.

"What did you say?"

"That I did."

Daniel's hand started moving on his cock, masturbating himself slowly.

"Did you say anything else?" he asked.

"Yes," I said. "I told her I got hard watching you."

Confessing that to Daniel was like crossing a threshold. I had wanted to undress for him, but I feared what might follow, and I had been willing my cock to not give me away. But now, having told him, I stop trying to suppress it. As I watched his hand caress his erection, my cock began to stir and grow. Daniel said nothing, but watched as my cock grew until it was sticking up straight and hard. My legs had been clenched together in a vain attempt to hide my nakedness, but now I spread my legs and leaned back in the chair, exposing myself to him.

"David, you are so beautiful," he said. "Will you play with your cock for me?"

I needed no further invitation, and my hand went to my cock. I watched Daniel masturbate as he watched my hand caress my cock. He came first, cum splashing over his stomach and chest. That sight brought my orgasm crashing through my body, and my semen shot out over my hand.

When my orgasm subsided, I found myself laughing. "What's so funny?" Daniel asked.

"Just that I've never been naked with a guy before, and certainly never masturbated in front of a guy before, and thought that it should feel bizarre and perverted and weird. But it doesn't at all. That's what seems funny."

"So how does it feel?" he asked.

I thought for a moment. "It feels natural that I should be doing this with you. It feels wonderful."

"Not even a little kinky?" he asked. "Am I getting so boring?"

"Ok, Ok," I laughed, "yes kinky. But not unnatural. Is that better."

"It's because we like each other. Sex with someone you like or love always feels natural."

And sitting opposite him with both our cocks still dripping with cum did feel natural. I did like him, very much.

I looked at my watch. "I better be going," I said. Daniel watched me dress, then opened the door for me. "Next week?" he asked. "Of course," I answered. "Thanks for such a nice night," he said.


"So how was your date, baby?" Sharon asked when we Skyped at the weekend.

I was about to protest that it wasn't a date, but then it struck that maybe she was right and it was a date. "It was nice," I said.

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