tagGay MaleAn Old Friend Ch. 03

An Old Friend Ch. 03


Chapter 03: The last time together

Once back from dinner, I had Joe strip and bend over the back of his couch. I carefully removed the large butt plug from his ass, his hole remained gaping open. I quickly dropped my shorts, coated my cock in baby oil and slide it into his wide open ass. His anal walls adjusted to my cock and he groaned as I slide deeply into him. I began to pull slowly out, and then I would drive my cock back into him as hard as I could.

With each thrust, I would lift him off the ground, pounding him harder and harder. With each thrust, he would groan loudly, and would moan deeply as I very slowly pulled my cock back out. With each outward slide of my cock, I would stop short of pulling the head past his anal ring, wait a second or two, and then slam hard and fast back inside, my hips rubbing against his, my pubic bone pushing against his smooth, white ass.

"Reach behind you and spread your ass wider!" I instructed.

He reached behind him and pulled his ass cheeks apart, stretching them as wide as he could.

"You like this?" I asked.

"OH yea! I can't believe how good it feels," he groaned, my cock sliding backwards.

"You like this?" I asked, slamming my cock back inside him, his ass lifting off the couch.

"OHHHHHH YESSSS!" he screamed.

"You like my cock don't you?"

"Yes!" he grunted his reply.

I continued to pound him for another several minutes, then felt my cock beginning to swell, knowing that I'd cum soon. I slowed my pace, sliding in and out of his ass much more slowly.

"Oh, Oh!" he said, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!" with that his cock erupted all over the back of his couch. I reached under him and smeared the cum around his cock and balls, scooping it up from the couch.

I then realized I couldn't hold back any longer so I picked up the speed, slamming in and pulling quickly back and after just another few seconds, my cock began to explode, blowing my cum deep inside his bowels. He was groaning and moaning as he felt the hot cum pouring into his tight butt.

I continued to pound him until my cock began to deflate. I pulled my cock from his ass and watched my cum dribble from his hole, running down both legs, slowly dripping towards the floor.

Exhausted, Joe slumped over the back of his couch, cum dripping from his cock and from his ass. I walked around to the front of the couch and pulled his face up. He smiled and said, "That was awesome! I never knew I'd like that."

"I thought you might, now why don't you hit the shower, and then cut the bottom out of the pantyhose I bought you, slip on a pair, and get ready for another round." I said, walking to the other bathroom to shower.

He pulled himself off the couch and headed to the shower. He came out of the bathroom about ten minutes later. I'd mixed us a couple of margaritas by then and was sitting in a large chair, naked, stroking my still soft cock. As he came in, he dropped his towel and showed me that he'd shaved his cock and balls, turning to show me that he was completely shaven on his ass too.

He picked up the silver hose, and showed me that the crotch and back had been removed far enough to expose his asshole. He then sat down on the bed and began to slide them on. After they were on, he stood up and walked over to me, turning this way and that. The hose shimmered as he strutted around the bedroom. I lifted the camera and began to snap pictures of him in various poses.

"Do you have any other women's clothes?" I asked.

"Nope, just hose, I don't really want to cross-dress, I just want to wear hose," he replied, rubbing his hands up and down his hips and thighs.

"I want to feel," I said, and he walked towards me.

I ran my hands up his hose clad legs, stroking his ass and hips. I then rubbed my hands across the front, feeling his cock harden. I continued to feel his legs, ass and cock until my own cock was hard and dripping precum

"Lay down on the bed," I instruct, which he did. I then had him lift his butt so that I could slide two pillows under him. In this position, his hardening cock was pointed directly as his face.

I then slid between his legs, my hands sliding down his pantyhose clad thighs. I lifted his legs so that his calves rested on my shoulders. I then took a small amount of the anal lube, dropped a couple of drops on his exposed anus and then coated my cock in it.

I placed the head of my dick at slightly opened hole and began to slide forward. As I did this, his stocking clad legs slid against my shoulders and neck. Once my cock was two inches deep in his ass, I lifted his legs and pressed forward until every inch was buried deep inside him and my balls were resting against his white, shiny, butt.

I held myself there deeply inside him and ran my legs up and down his legs, from his calves to his thighs. I couldn't believe how much harder my cock got feeling his stockings. I then begin to pull out and then jabbed my cock back in him again. Soon, my pace picked up and I was sliding out to the tip of my cock and slamming back against his so hard that the headboard was banging the wall.

He was moaning, and groaning, every once in a while, I could here him say, "Fuck me harder!" and "Oh yes, oh yes." Each stroke of my cock I was filling him completely, and then retreating to just the tip of my cock.

I continued this pace for about ten minutes, then I could no longer hold back. I began to pound him even harder as I felt my balls swelling and the first shot blasted deep inside his ass on a downward stroke, the next one shot deep inside as I was pulling outwards. Shot after shot of my cum soaked the inside of his tight butt.

I continued to fuck his tight ass, pounding in and out fully with each thrust until my cock finally stopped shooting cum and began to shrink. As it did, I lowered his legs and just ran my hands up and down his silky legs. I felt my cock slip from his ass, followed by a river of cum. I reached my hand between his legs and slid two fingers in his ass to slow the flow of cum. I then leaned forward and took his still hard cock in my mouth.

I began to lightly lick the tip of his cock. My hand between his legs fingering the cum filled butthole and tickling the bottom of his balls. I slid my mouth down his cock again and created a tight vacuum. I then began to bob up and down, sucking hard, my fingers sliding back and forth in the thick cum that was still seeping from his butt.

Within a minute or two, I heard him yell, "Oh Shit! I'm cumming! I'm cumming again!!" then, he began to shoot his load into my hot mouth. I sucked and sucked, swallowing a few spurts of his thick cum, while storing several shots in my mouth. Once he stopped shooting, I pulled my mouth from his cock and my fingers from his ass. I moved up on top of him and kissed him. He opened his mouth and allowed his cum to flow from mine to his.

We continued to kiss, swapping and swallowing his load. Soon, we broke the kiss and I rolled off of him. "Wow! It gets better each time!" he said, "But my ass is going to be sore for a week!" We both laughed, and then we both got up and headed to the same shower, where we carefully cleaned each other from head to toe with soap, water and our mouths.

While in the shower, I could still see my cum leaking from his butt hole, which was open about as wide as pencil tip. I would slide my finger in and watch as a small river of cum would run down his thighs.

After the shower, we lay down in his bed and drifted off to sleep. The next morning, I had an early flight, so we got into a sixty nine and sucked each other off one last time before I had to head out.

Since then, we've had a chance to fuck only three other times. Each time is more exciting and erotic than the last. He now buys only thigh high stockings to wear when we fuck, which is even more erotic than the hose cut out.

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Hot story! I love the part about slipping the butt plug back in after being fucked My Buddy has been doing me bareback for about three years and I often wear a plug for a while so his cock slips rightmore...

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