tagLoving WivesAn Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 01

An Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 01


In and out, in and out, in and out of Marylou's pussy, her husband's cock was pumping as hard and as fast as he could go. Jeff was fucking her hard just like she liked it. He knew that and was working very hard to please Marylou today better than he had for a long time.

Jeff was breathing fast and hard already and as she lifted her legs up higher to feel him penetrate her hole deeper, she was concerned he was going to cum too soon again. And in a matter of minutes she felt him thicken and harden and thrust his cock into her one last time and as he held it in her pussy he began to pump his load. She cried out, "No! NO not yet! No Jef! Not yet!! Ohhh no!!!!"

She screamed to herself, "Oh no! NO! Not again! I'm not ready! Ohhh shit! No!!"

Jeff had done everything she had asked him to do today. He had licked and sucked her nipples and played with her breasts for a long time before moving to her pussy. He took his time and licked and sucked her pussy until he got her off twice with his mouth tongue and fingers. He had even licked her beautiful ass hole like she asked. In fact he licked her between her legs so long she had to pull his head out from between her legs. Jeff had lifted her legs high up over her head at just the right time when she told him to do it and he pushed her knees into her breasts so he would feel deeper inside her.

Marylou had even begun to ram her pussy up into his cock. Unfortunately, that was all Jeff could take, and he moaned very loudly as she felt him pumping his cum into her. In her brain she was saying, "Oh God it was fast and so soon. Oh please baby! Fuck me to orgasm tonight! Please!"

But it wasn't to be. He had released his sperm and was now slowly pumping her pussy but he was beginning to soften. When he was finished he released her legs and felt her still pumping her pelvis into him almost begging for him to stay hard and fuck her more. But as usual, she felt him begin to shrink and he was completely soft in just a few seconds.

They still held each other and he felt and heard her cry. Marylou cried as he held her husband as he was telling her again how sorry he was for cumming so soon and so fast. She looked into his eyes and saw the pain there on his face. She kissed him and told him to roll over. He did and she immediately moved down and without cleaning his cock off this time she began to suck and work on it. She could taste both of them and she didn't care. If she didn't climax from a dick in her, her husband's dick in her, she didn't know what she would do. She sucked and sucked and sucked and soon Jeff was hard again. She straddled him immediately and pushed her pussy down on his cock. They worked together and she was jus about there in the throws of orgasm when she felt his cock spew his cum again. She had a small orgasm but nothing like she was hoping for. Jeff pulled her down on top of him and held her as she rocked her body on his shrinking cock. When it finally fell out of her hole she moaned and just lay there. She was tired and so frustrated. He was satisfied completely from two great orgasms.

Marylou could feel Jeff's cum leaking out of her and she struggled with what had happened again. She was at her wit's end and to make matters worse, she loved Jeff more than anything else in her life. That was the real problem. If she didn't love him as much as she did she would have found someone to fuck her before now. This was the tenth month of their marriage and she had not had what she would call a real orgasm from Jeff's cock. Oh he had eaten her and she had literally screamed with pleasure from his tongue and lips as they licked and sucked her clit. And she had orgasms from his long wonderful fingers as he did her almost every night even when he was so tired from work he couldn't get hard. Between the two methods she had many orgasms. But she didn't have the one she felt she would have with his cock.

Now Jeff wasn't a foot long but he was over 7 inches long and that should be long enough. And he was thick enough that he stretched her pussy lips wide as he entered her. His problem was endurance, he didn't last long once he was inside her pussy tunnel. He told her she excited him so much and she was so beautiful he felt like he was going to cum just looking at her. It had always been that way, even when they were dating, he would sometimes cum in his slacks as they made out. He use to get embarrassed and she would hold him and tell him it was OK and it was normal.

While they had what she called a lot of foreplay sex including oral almost every night there was on intercourse. So many nights Jeff shot his load in her mouth or over her hand as she jerked him off. It became a normal ending to their night. He would eat her pussy make her cum a few times and then she would get him off.

She had her own place and he had his but they spent many nights together especially the weekends. They would have oral sex and then spoon each other and playing and sleep. But there was never any real fucking. It was frustrating to both of them but especially to Jeff. He wanted to fuck her so badly he hurt. He had licked her pussy and fingered her to orgasm after orgasm for 12 of the 15 months they had been together before they married.

Marylou was an old fashioned type of woman and therefore, she didn't let Jeff have her body completely until the night before they were married. It was so exciting to finally have his cock between her wide open beautiful shapely thighs Jeff shot his load in a matter of seconds once he was pumping in and out of her very tight pussy. Marylou just figured it was due to their first time together with him inside her.

But, now it was now very apparent that she should have let him have her before she married him and they had worked on fucking. If she had known this was going to happen she may not have married him unless the problem could be fixed. But she was married now and she was a woman who had great faith and determination. Yes, she was very determined to correct this one problem they had. They had a good marriage except for his quick release.

Marylou loved her husband very much and she knew he loved her. Jeff was dedicated to her completely. He had told her many times that he loved her more than life itself. She told him she loved him that much too and they would work out this situation. He had told her a million times he was the luckiest gut on earth to have a wife as beautiful and smart as she was. He told her over and over again that she was everything to him and he didn't know what he would do if she ever left him. She felt very much in loved with Jeff and told him that they would resolve this issue. But in was very frustrating to her.

While she told him they would resolve it, she was really wondering more with every time they did it and it happened if there was a real solution. They had talked and talked and tried different methods and things they had read. It was now down to finding new things to correct Jeff's premature ejaculation problem. It had been over the ten months now and Marylou wasn't sure she still believed that they were going to fix this problem. Jeff had even gone to trying things like a big dildo and vibrator and eating her both before and after he had cum in her pussy. While they all got her off she still didn't get an orgasm from Jeff's cock. And this was what she really wanted in her marriage.

They began to fight a little more each month that went by and they both knew it was eating them up and hurting their marriage. She had talked with her mother and sister and the doctors both his and hers and nothing they suggested helped at all. Then one day she read in the scandal paper at the super market that there was a man you could hire to train the husband to last longer and stop pre mature ejaculation. She didn't believe it since it was the smut paper the grocery stories all have, but she didn't trash the paper.

Later that week after another disappointing session she decided to call the number in the ad. The phone rang three times and then a deep man's voice said, "Carson's Labs. May I help you?"

Marylou said, "Yes, hello I saw your ad in the paper and was wondering if..."

The voice said, "Help you? Or, help your husband? Or both?"

She said, "My.....my husband."

The man said, 'May I ask you what the problem is?"

Marylou said, "Well it's.....it's my husband and his pre mature ejaculations. He doesn't last very long. Your ad said you could fix that?"

He said, "Well sometimes we can and sometimes we can't. Would you like to make an appointment and we can discuss it?"

She hesitated and the man said, "If not thank you for calling. I can't begin to help you unless you can talk with me and give me more information. Would you like to make an appointment."

She asked where he was located and when he could see her? The response was immediate. He said, "I'm on Oakdale and my next available time would be Wednesday at 3PM. Would that work?"

She hesitated again and he said, "This was a cancellation and you happen to be the next caller so you can take this date and time or wait until the next availability. If that doesn't work I'm afraid the next availability would be three weeks away."

She said she would take the Wednesday one and see him at 3 PM. He told her how to get to his facility and thanked her. She hung up wondering what was going to happen.

The next two days passed slowly and finally it was 1 PM and she almost canceled. Then on Tuesday night Jeff made an attempt to have sex with her again and they were in the mitts of fucking when he climaxed and shot his load into her before she was ready. He quickly went down on her licking and eating his own sperm and she held his head and pumped his face with her pussy crying out with another oral orgasm. She sucked his cock but he was done.

"That did it", she said to herself, and the next afternoon she got into her car and drove to the office of Doctor Carson. His office was a town house end of group. His door was locked and she rang the bell. When he opened the door he said in the same very deep voice she remembered from the phone conversation, "You must be Marylou? Come in please."

She told him she was and they introduced themselves to each other as she stepped bast him and walked into the house. It didn't look like any doctor's office she had ever seen before. He told her that his line of medical practice was exceptional and that there were only a few professionals like him in the country. He had a limited number of patients since many hours would be needed with her and her husband to try and resolve his problem. He had only one assistant and she was off today.

As they talked over coffee she felt very at ease with Doctor Carson. He told her to call him Steve, that Doctor was so formal and since they would be discussion some very personal tings he felt they should be on a first name basis. She agreed and began to tell the doctor what had been going on with her marriage, husband, their sex life and his premature ejaculation problems.

He asked her if she knew a lot about the male sex organ? Marylou told him she felt she knew enough to know what was happening. But Steve told her he want to talk about it in more depth and that she was sure to learn more about it. The more she knew the more she might understand and be able to help her husband and him get Jeff passed the problem. She agreed and he began to tell her things he felt would be of interest and help to her.

She agreed and he began by saying, "In terms of actual erection duration during the actual intercourse there was a study which found that for about three-quarters of all males' orgasm was reached within two minutes from the start of the intercourse. But a more recent study found that the average duration of the male erection during intercourse has increased dramatically, to 10 to 14 minutes. But this dramatic change in the societal norm for duration of intercourse has increased the distress of men who suffer from premature ejaculation"

Marylou listened intensely as Steve continued. "However, many of these men had no history of successful sexual relationships as a basis for their sexual self-esteem, self-blame and self-labeling as dysfunctional often occur. With continued sexual experience, most men spontaneously get over their initial premature ejaculation problem. Along with the effects of more experience, as a normal physiological change in aging the time required for a man to reach orgasm increases. But this is a slow change occurring over many years. A young man whose premature ejaculation is not resolved with greater sexual experience would have to wait 20 or 30 years for normal aging processes to solve his problem. Do you understand what I have told you so far?"

She shook her head and he asked if she had any questions? She told him no so Steve said, "Premature ejaculation does not seem to be caused by any physiological factors or medical conditions. While some doctors have said they believe some diseases or medications could cause premature ejaculation, there have been no studies that found this was true or not true.

Marylou told him that her husband Jeff was in good shape and healthy. He had a complete physical and many tests already to see if they could find something medical for his problem.

Steve said that it was good to know they have been working on the problem and have eliminated many reasons for Jeff cumming to quickly. She blushed at his words and he told her they would be using the street words for many things during this discussion and others. She told him she would be OK with that and she just didn't expect him to use the word cumming. He laughed and asked her what she would have called it? She blushed again and told him she would have called it cumming too. They laughed a little.

Then Steve said, "Men who have sex only infrequently are also prone to ejaculate prematurely. In deed the primary cause of premature ejaculation was a low frequency of sexual activity. Do you and Jeff have sex a lot or infrequently?"

She said they try to have it two or three times a week but at least once every week."

He said, "Well Marylou, research has indicated that sensory thresholds in the penis are lowered by infrequent sexual activity and that premature ejaculation patients have a low rate of sexual activity. However, it may well be that premature ejaculation makes sex an unpleasant failure experience, which is therefore avoided by one or both parties, rather than that low frequency of sexual activity causes premature ejaculation."

She shook her head like she understood what he was saying. So Steve went on, "The treatment of premature ejaculation can usually be resolved by either the "pause" or "squeeze" methods developed by Semans and Masters and Johnson found it to be highly effective also."

She asked what the two methods were and how they worked. He took her to the next room where he had a slid presentation ready. Steve said, "Research has demonstrated that such procedures work well in group as well as in individual treatment, and in self-help programs. They can be practiced in individual masturbation with relatively good transfer of the gains there to sex with a partner when it is resumed again. The success rates is near 90 percent or at least that's what was reported."

Marylou then asked him how they worked and what she had to do. Steve told her that the first one, the one called "pause" was more of a self-induced practice. He explained, "In the stop-start or "pause" procedure, the penis is manually stimulated until the man is fairly highly aroused. He can do this alone or you can help him. The couple then pauses until his arousal subsides. Then the stimulation is resumed. This technique is repeated several times before stimulation is carried through to ejaculation. So the man ultimately experiences much more total time of stimulation of his erection than he ever has before. By doing this "pause" method he learns to have a higher threshold for ejaculation thus prolongs it.

She smiled at that last comment and then asked about the other method. Steve smiled back at her as he told her, "In the stimulation and pause procedure, it is typically repeated by the patient several times per week, thus raising the frequency of sex and raising the sensory threshold of the penis too."

He said, "There are some variations on the pause and squeeze procedures. One variation involves stopping or reversing one of the physical changes that occurs during high arousal in a male. During high arousal, the scrotum contracts and elevates the testes or his balls close to the body."

She blushed again but not as much this time as Steve said, "As well as having the patient cease stimulation and squeezing his cock Marylou, the patient may also be instructed to stretch out the scrotum and reverse this testicular elevation. However, be aware that during very high arousal, any additional stimulation of the man's balls or cock may trigger his ejaculation. So it can make the pause and squeeze procedure ineffectual.

She was smiling and when he asked her what was so funny she said, "well I was just wondering about size and things like that? I mean Jeff is about 6 –7 inches long but I don't know for sure how........thick? Is that the right word?"

He smiled back at her and then told her that the size of the erection may be relatively unrelated to the size of the non-erect or soft penis. You know, when he's not excited and doesn't have a hard-on."

Again she blushed by his straightforward talk. She didn't really care about the talk or words only that he was, well a new unknown man to her, but he was talking to her like he knew her well enough to say cock, balls, cum and hard on to her!

She blushed again thinking about the words and their meaning as he continued telling her, "Typically, those men with smaller penises tend to enlarge to a greater degree when fully hard and erect. So the differences in the size of the erect penis may not be that great. According to the book called "Man's Body" the average soft cock is about 3 3/4 inches long with most falling in the range of 3 1/4 and 4 1/4 inches. There are some, which are larger and smaller that fall outside this range. The average cock when fully hard measures 6 1/4 inches, with most between 5 and 7 inches long. Again some fall outside this range and are smaller and larger.

An article in a leading Men's magazine indicates that these data are overly optimistic, and that the average erect penis length is now widely accepted by doctors at 5.1 inches."

Marylou hesitated and he asked her what she was thinking. She said, "Well I'm no expert Steve but that seems a bit short for an average."

He was blunt and asked her how many cocks she had seen in her life? She blushed and said that she had seen a few in porno movies she watched sometimes with her husband. He told her they were indeed the exception and in fact the men were hired only because they had big cocks. He then asked her, "Would you be comfortable enough to tell me how many lovers you have had in your life besides your husband?"

She turned very red with that question and said she had four. But I didn't think any of them were very large until you told me about the average size. I'm a little surprised. He smiled at her again and thanked her for her honesty. He told her he wouldn't say anything to her husband about her prior sex life. She tanked him and then listened as Steve said, " Erect penis length varies with the degree of erection. When a male is past puberty say in his teen years, and perhaps during his twenties, it is possible to get a full hard-on without any manual stimulation at all. As men age beyond the 20s, this occurs less and less frequently and increasingly some manual manipulation of the penis is needed. How old is your husband?"

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