tagLoving WivesAn Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 04

An Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 04


Warning this story contains a wife cheating. A young woman who cuckolds her husband for the first time. She does it with an older man with a huge cock, it's her doctor.

Steve had set the next meeting with both Marylou and her husband Jeff for the following Wednesday. That would be 5 days from the day he had last been with them. He also told them that their individual meetings would be first with Jeff. It would be on Thursday afternoon when Jeff got off from work around 4:45 PM. He told Jeff it would take about an hour or a little more but he should be home for dinner. Steve told him that he had some questions he wanted Jeff to answer and write down. He would then talk with him about his answers as well as the week with Marylou and how he felt he was progressing with his ability to hold off from cumming too soon. He then asked Jeff to put Marylou on the line.

Jeff handed her the phone and she said, "Hi Steve. How are you? Jeff's on the extension phone."

He told her he was good. Then Steve told Marylou she would be meeting with him on Wednesday with Jeff and that her individual meeting would be on Friday and might run a little longer than an hour. He told her he couldn't meet with her until at least 7 PM. Steve told her to be there by 7PM but it might be 7:30PM or perhaps 8 PM before he could see her since there was another couple before her.

When Jeff asked why Steve told her he had another couple he was meeting with for the first time and sometimes the first meeting might run over. He told them he wanted to meet with them individually as soon as possible after they had their joint meeting on Wednesday. He said if she couldn't meet with him on Friday, they would have to push it back to the following week.

Marylou told him she was available all evening. Steve told her, "Good then I'll see you on Friday and Jeff I'll see you Thursday. Thanks for understanding.

When he hung up the phone he felt this was working out very nicely. He would see her on Friday and knew they would have 2 full hours. And he knew what was going to happen when they met. He knew how he felt about Marylou and he knew she liked him sexually too. He was sure she wanted his cock as badly as he wanted her body. It might be just this once but he felt deep inside that she would work with him to convince her husband to continue the therapy for a long time.

Steve could almost smell her pussy as he closed his eyes and reached for the oil to cover his hard cock. As he stroked it he could imaging Marylou standing in his bedroom wearing only her small silky bikini panties. Steve saw the wet spot in the front showing him her excitement. He saw himself sitting in his huge bed stroking his big cock as she looked at it throbbing in his hand. He hear himself asking her why she came to his home alone? Was it to talk about her husband or to see his cock?

She told him he held the reason why she came to his home tonight in his hand. He saw her crawling onto the bed like the sexual animal that she really was. Moving up over him now, Marylou knelt as she straddled his head with her knees on both sides of his ears. Steve could see her wetness growing as the spot on her panties grew. He could also see the small budge in the panties as her pussy lips were swollen with her desire. Her sexual musk filled his nostrils. The full cut of her tiny sheer panties rode high on her thighs showing him her young body's beauty. There was just a hint of pubic hair peeking out the tops of the panties. He already new she had a landing strip about her snatch. Over all she had a light patch of hair around her sex and Steve felt if he asked she would shave it off for him. He would do that but later. He didn't want the time he had with her to be spent on shaving her pussy. She could do that at home with her husband.

Steve saw himself reaching for her and cupping her ass cheeks with both hands as she lowered her crotch down on to his waiting mouth. She moaned loudly as Steve kissed her wet mark before using his hands to stroke over it. Yes, she was very wet. As he moved his hands between her legs he had one hand behind her under her ass and another hand in the front puling the panties out of the way. They met at her hole. He heard her moan.

He could feel it as his fingers touched it again she was leaking her juice with anticipation. She wanted this as much as he did. And then she smiled down into his eyes as she helped him and slowly pulled the material of the panties to the side offering her sex to his mouth! He placed his tongue into the folds of the wetness as she moved further come until she was actually sitting on his face with only his nose sowing. His mouth was fully over her cunt. She felt his tongue move deep into her open and very needy pussy and he heard her moan again. It was louder this time.

Steve heard himself moan as he saw the image very clearly in his brain and jerked his cock fast and hard as he began to spew his sperm high into the air. He climaxed from the idea of her sitting on his face fucking his mouth and tongue. God how he wanted this woman. His lust for her was so high and so strong that he knew he would have to masturbate again.

So Steve then pressed the remote and the video started to play of Marylou and her husband fucking. He didn't know how many times he had watched her getting fucked but it had been almost every night since he taped it. He worked his cock again until a second load of cum pumped out of it and coated his stomach and upper thighs again. Then Steve went into the bathroom and showered.

On Wednesday he again arrived at their home with three more bottles of wine. After discussing their problem and working on all the things he had taught them, Steve watched as Jeff mounted Marylou again and as he filmed it again they began to fuck.

Steve watched with his cock hard as Jeff pumped in and out of Marylou's pussy giving her his very best. No longer did either of them have a problem that Steve was right there watching them. Right there sitting and watching so close he could hear her small sighs. In fact, now it seemed to excite Marylou knowing he was there.

As Jeff moved into his wife now pumping and pumping and pumping using the methods Steve taught them, both men hear Marylou moan and say, "Oh Yes Jeff it's so good baby! You're so much better now. Oh God baby! Fuck meee! Fuck mee Jeffery! Ahhhhhh yes."

Steve watched as Marylou's body began to take over now and the movements were now driving her into an orgasm, which he knew she was enjoying. Jeff had become much better at controlling his body. He moved in and out, in and out of her and she was thrusting up now into his body telling him to fuck her over and over again. Steve said, "Now Jeff. Lift her legs!"

Jeff moved his arms under her thighs and lifted. He held her under the knees and rammed into her. She cried out with pleasure, as he felt deeper with her legs up this way. She yelled suck my nipples Jeff! Suck them baby!"

Jeff bent and took a hard long red nipple into his mouth! Steve almost moaned as he watched. How he wanted to be the one sucking her tits and fucking her pussy. God how badly he wanted her.

As Jeff continued to fuck his wife Steve gave him some small suggestions like use different angles and as he moved in and out she should rub her clit.

Marylou's hand went between them and found her hard round center of sex. She moved her finger over it faster and faster and then Steve watched as she arched up and screamed with another orgasm. When that happened Jeff arched his back and Steve saw Jeff's ass squeeze and he knew Jeff was filling her.

It was over in maybe 20 minutes but both people had climaxed. Jeff release her legs and she immediately wrapped them around his back. She held him and kissed him over and over again. Steve told them both they had really improved and he was sure if they continued to work on it each day like they had been for months now, they could both receive a great deal more pleasure from their love making.

When it was over Jeff rolled off of his wife and looked at Steve. He said, 'I guess you need to be jerked off now as usual Steve?"

He hated this part but he couldn't refuse him his release. Steve had helped him so much to control his orgasms and he knew he was satisfying his wife much better now. He said, "Marylou I think Steve needs your help against."

Marylou looked over at Steve and smiled. She patted the bed next to her. She said, "Take of your slacks baby! Let me help to relieve that big hardon."

Then Steve stood up and went into the bathroom. As Jeff showered Steve lay on the bed and Marylou bent over him and sucked his cock. She worked hard and fast and soon Steve moaned and began to pump his cock in her moth! Jeff new Steve was cumming he heard him but Jeff believed his wife was jerking him off. Jeff had no idea that Marylou was shucking the cum out of Steve's cock.

She had begun by jerking Steve off while Jeff watched. But when Jeff started to leave the room while she did it, Steve had taken advantage and asked her to use her mouth. She hesitated at first and then Steve told her he would teach her trick to please her husband. So Marylou began to suck his cock. Now she could get him off in 10 or 12 minutes and did so while her husband was in the shower. As Marylou worked her mouth on his cock like a well-trained cocksucker now. Steve played with her body. The body he hurt for. His fingers were covered with Jeff's cum as he worked on her hole and clit. Marylou loved this because when Steve left she fucked her husband again after sucking his cock back to being hard again.

Steve loved it because it seemed to him that Marylou loved seeing his big cock and now she couldn't wait to not only stroke it but suck it until he filled her mouth with his warm seed. Again at first she didn't swallowed but spit it out on the bed. But now Steve held the paper towel and when she was done she drank it down. It usually took her two swallows to drink it all. There was always so much of Steve's cum. Steve would the make Jeff believe she had jerked Steve off and the cum was in the towel. Once Jeff left the bathroom, Steve would go in and flush the towel down the drain after he took piss. They would say goodbye and then Marylou would tell her husband to come back to bed. Steve knew she was going to fuck her lucky husband again.

Steve left and couldn't wait until his one on one with Marylou Friday.

When Steve had his one on one with Jeff he talked about doing new and different things. He suggested they try swinging and things like that. He told Jeff, "I'm sure that would get you much more practice too Jeff. Having new partners would give you a chance to learn new techniques and you'll learn new things from the other men and women you'll meet. Think about it. I'll also talk with your wife on Friday when we meet. Both of you must feel completely comfortable about it before you try it."

Jeff said, "Well doc, I'm not real sure I want to share my wife with anyone. It's something I don't think I could handle."

As they chatted about it Steve moved to conversation of trying it first as a test. He told Jeff that perhaps he could help them."

Jeff asked what he was talking about?"

Jeff wondered if Steve was going to offer to be the man to fuck his wife and he wasn't going to agree with that. After all Steve was their doctor, their coach, and he didn't like that at all."

But Steve told him he knew many couples like Jeff and Marylou and there were a few in the same stage as they were. Perhaps with his help he could set up a meeting, maybe a dinner at his home where all four people could talk and chat and perhaps change partners for some kissing and light petting. He would watch each couple and then they could meet with him again and discuss how they felt about it. If it was OK with both partners he could set up another meet where they would exchange of an evening of sex. If that went OK perhaps they could exchange again for the entire evening."

Jeff said he would think about it and then when his wife met with Steve they could all talk during their couples meeting with him. And with that an hour flew by and Steve thanked Jeff of his openness and accepting his suggestions. Jeff told him he knew Steve had helped him very much and that most everything Steve had taught him had helped his marriage a great deal. Jeff said, "My wife is much more happy with me doctor and because of that I know we have a much better marriage. I will consider your idea about swung too and look forward to talking more with you next time. Thanks see you in a week."

Jef left and Steve said, "Yep, on Friday I'll talk with Marylou and I'm pretty sure she will jump at the idea of fucking another man. This is going very well."

Then on Friday Marylou was there at 10 of 7 PM and Steve was waiting dressed in only a pair of work out shorts and a tee shirt. He opened the door and she walked in kissed his cheek and wiggling past him as he watched her hips sway and her ass shake. She knew he was looking at her sweet ass in those tight slacks. She looked nice. Not overly sexual since she just left her home and her husband. "She would look good in a sack. Damn what a beautiful woman Marylou was and even dressed conservatively, he could see the well toned body under her clothing", Steve was thinking!

As she sat down on the sofa she was just looking at him waiting. He smiled and offered her something to drink. She took an ice tea. He had nothing stronger and even if he did he wouldn't offer it o Marylou today. He wanted her stone sober so she would understand exactly what he was going to talk with her about.

He sat next to her and put his hand on her shapely leg. It was about 4 inches above her knee. She looked down at it and then back up into his eyes. She said, "So, alone at last.....doctor."

He laughed it was the first time she had called him doctor in months. He said, "We have a lot to do today Mary so I think we should begin. I want you to come with me."

They stood and walked down the steps into the basement. Neither she nor her husband had ever been down there. As she stepped off the last step she saw a dimly lit room filled with a great many things and one being a bed as large as Steve's bed in his bedroom. He said, "This is the fun room Marylou. In here every fantasy you can think of can be fulfilled for you."

He took her hand and walked with her to the bed. He said, "Before you sit I want to ask you something. Something that might shock you at first but after we chat about it you may feel that it would be the greatest change and improvement in your life."

She looked at him and knew he was completely serious. She touched his hand and said, "What.....what is it Steve you look so serious."

He said , "Well this is serious because both you and Jeff have to agree to it."

She said, "Well tell me. You know you can tell me anything, or show me anything too."

She smiled like the sexy devil she really was. Her hand slowly moved up his leg and he let her. He said, "You know how I feel about you Marylou. I mean you know I want to have sex with you and I hope today before you go home to Jeff we'll have it more than once. Now saying that I also want to know how you feel about swinging and a little light S&M?"

She said, "S&M I never............I mean I haven't ever Steve. And I haven't done any swing either. Just Jeff. Why?:"

He said, "I know I'm your doctor I know everything you and Jeff have done remember. But I guess I was wondering if you would like to learn about it. The things I could teach you and you could teach Jeff could improve your sex 10 fold."

She smiled and said, "Well I'm all for that sweetie. Tell me more."

She was now rubbing her hand over his cock still in his slacks. She wanted it as bad as he did. He smiled at her and said, "Take it out."

She got a huge smile on her face and she turned more to him and Steve lifted up as she slide his gym shorts off his hips and pulled then down his legs. His long hard cock jumped out making her squeal like a teenager. She took it in her hand immediately and started to stroke it. Steve said, "Slow down there's no rush tonight Jeff isn't here with us."

She said, "I want to suck it!"

She bent her head and took the big swollen cock head into her mouth."

Steve touched her head and moved the long hair out of the way so he could see her mouth and lips with his cock in it."

She sucked him while he explained what he had told Jeff about the swing and that the swinging would be first. If she was comfortable with that they could move to bondage and some soft punishment and pleasure as she moved further along the road of S&M

She was looking up at him and took his cock out of her mouth once in a while to ask a question or two. But then always put it back in ands sucked as he answered the questions. She was now taking about four inches and the head into her mouth sucking just like Steve had taught her to do. He said, "By the way, how does Jeff like the blow jobs now?"

She took his cock out of her mouth and laughed saying he can't hold off for more than 3 or 4 minutes when I really get going on Steve. You have taught me very well how to suck him off. The good thing is he can get hard again very quickly as long as I keep sucking him after he cums. So then he lasts much longer fucking me before he cums again."

Steve touched her cheek as she put her mouth back over his cock head again and sucked. He could see her cheeks caved in she was sucking that hard.

He said, "Now use one of your hands to cup and rub my nuts while your other hand continues to jerk me off."

She followed his orders exactly and right away. She had learned that very well now. He said, "Good baby! Very, very Good! You have learned well Mary and you follow my direction quickly and properly. That's all part of the training in S&M my pet."

She smiled up hearing him call her his pet. She loved the feel of his big cock in her hand and even better on her lips and in her mouth. She sucked him harder and jerked his cock faster as she felt him thicken in her mouth. From her training she knew when a man thicken and got harder he was close to cumming. Steve said, "Feel how my ball sack has tighten Mary. Feel how it lifts my balls as I get closer. When I start to cum I want you to hold them in your hand like this."

He showed her and she used her hand to cup his nuts and hold the gently but tight! He moaned as she sucked just the big cock head and ran her tongue over the top tickling the hole. He moaned again and arched his back a little. She looked up into his eyes like he had taught her. He said, :Feel them get even tighter? That's because.....Oh God Mary you can really suck!! Oh yes, here....it...comes....Mary!"

She held her mouth tight over the head forming a vacuum and as he bean to shoot load after load of his warm thick seed into her mouth. Mary moved her mouth over more and more of his long shaft. She took the head down her throat and buried her face in his cock hair. She had achieved her goal of taking all of his cock in her mouth and down her throat. She moved her mouth now fucking him with her throat as his cock moved in and out of her throat.

Finally she felt him soften a little and she realized he was done cumming for now. She slowly licked and cleaned him completely and then wiped her mouth with her hand. There was two drops on her fingers and she cleaned them off and then sat up smiling. She said, "Good?"

He said, "Fantastic Mary. You are really good at this now. Tell me have you deep throated Jeff yet?"

She said, "Well, I took him as far as his smaller cock would go. But yes I have taken all of his cock and pushed my face into his cock hair too Steve but you're much harder to do since you're 4 inches longer than Jeff is."

He patted her cheek and pulled her to him. he kissed her and said, Now strip for me."

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