tagLoving WivesAn Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 05

An Older Man Teaches Them Ch. 05


Steve the sex therapy doctor, Marylou wife if Jeff who are involved in this story.

I apologize to everyone for taking so long for this next chapter of my story. The summer is the busiest time for our business and we have little time for anything else.

After the night that Steve first took Mary with his big cock he knew she had gone crazy and fucked herself on it like she was possessed. He closed his eyes and saw her humping her beautiful round ass and shapely hips up into him crying out for him to fuck her harder and faster. When she climaxed that fist time, Steve felt he had died and gone to heaven. God he wanted this young woman for so long. He had a smile on his lips as his hand pumped his hardon now. Lying in the bed he had fucked this young woman and smelling her musk and perfume as he remembered how she looked when she climaxed was too much for him. His cock exploded for the fourth time that night.

Steve had talked to Marylou's husband about the possibility of them exchanging partners in order to learn new things from other people as well as assisting Jeff's problem of his premature orgasms. Jeff told him he would seriously think about it. Steve also told Jeff he would talk to Marylou about the same thing when he met with her during their pone on one meeting.

When Steve met with Mary they only had one ting on both of their brains and that was to get Steve's much bigger cock into Marylou's young sweet tight pussy. It was only after they had satisfied their lust for each other did Steve chat with Marylou about swinging and also how she should approach her husband about it.

Marylou was in complete agreement with the idea of changing partners and she listened and agreed to work on her husband to get him to cooperate. Marylou wanted Steve but she would do whatever he told her to do since she was so submissive when it came to sex. Steve had known that since the first meeting he had with her and Jeff. He was going to take full advantage of it and fuck her as often and as much as he could do it. She wanted it too. She didn't love Steve she only wanted his big cock.

The party he was planning was more of a smoke screen than anything else was. Oh he wanted Jeff to have sex with other women that part was true. He felt Jeff would learn and reap the rewards with Marylou. But His main goal was to seduce Marylou right under her husband's nose.

So with that background we continue.

The week that followed found Steve making plans for the party. He ordered the best food and drink and rented a huge home out of town next to a National Forest. It was far away from everything for 20 miles and was used from time to time for just such an occasion as the one he was planning. It had 8 bedrooms and a large hall for dancing and dinning. Then he sat down and reviewed the list of couples he planned to invite. He had just the right group to complete the night he knew would be full of sex and fucking.

As he looked down the list he saw the names of those who he felt would respond best to this type of an affair. In total there would be 6 couples including Jeff and Marylou, and himself and his date. He had planned to bring a woman who he had diagnosed as a nymphomaniac. She could never get enough sex. Her name was Amy and Steve's plan was to hook Amy up with Jeff. She would take up a great deal of his time and energy.

With the invitations completed he mailed them. Then he waited for the RSVPs from the various couples.

When Marylou got home she came to her husband and kissed him and held him and felt his cock rise as his hands went down her spine and over the round firm shapely cheeks of her lovely rear end. She felt him pull her tightly into him and she relaxed in his arms. He bent her back and kissed her neck and licked over the tops of her large beautiful breasts.

Marylou was tired and really didn't want to have sex with her husband tonight. But she would never refuse him. She dropped to her knees and slowly pulled his athletic shorts down. He wore no underwear and as the top of Steve's shorts came down his cock popped out over the top of them. She took her hand and squeezed the shaft. As she put her mouth over the growing cock head she compared his cock with that of Steve's. She knew Steve was at least 4 inches longer and about twice as thick as her husband's cock.

As she began to suck on it she felt his hands on the back of her head and pushing for her to take more of it into her mouth. She sucked and used her hand to jerk him off. She heard him moan with his pleasure. As she worked Steve's legs gave out and they moved to the sofa. As he sat Marylou knelt between his open legs and in front of him. She smiled into his eyes as she took the head back into her mouth and sucked hard and just like Steve had taught her. It took only minutes to get him to begin to gush his cum into her mouth. She drank like she was dying of thirst. When she had drained him she popped her mouth off of his shrinking cock and smiled as she wiped her lips. He had his head back on the top of their sofa and his eyes were closed. She moved up over him and wrapped her body around his. She kissed his neck and chest as his arm came around her shoulder. She came into him and kissed his lips. She shoved his tongue deep into his mouth letting him taste his own cum. He didn't object. He held her and they kissed and made slow love. She had his cock in her hand and with her two fingers she stroked it gently.

She came up to his ear and whispered, "Did you enjoy that my loving husband?"

He smiled at her and said, "What do you think?"

She smiled back and said, "I'll take that as a yes. You have become much better at that Mary. You're mouth is fantastic."

She kissed him again and again until she felt his hands move to her top and squeeze her perfect tits. She moved back and took it off then she removed the bra letting her breasts fall free into his waiting hands. Now topless she moved back into his embrace. She kissed and licked his cheek and neck. As her mouth came to his ear she whispered, "Would you like to talk about what Steve to you and me this week?"

He pulled back a little and looked at her hand slowly working on his soft deflated cock.

He said, "If you would like baby."

She said, "I don't know how to start Jeff. Do you think you would like to try what Steve told us we should think about?"

He said, 'It's called swinging Mary and I'm not sure I want some other man having sex with you. I mean I am sure I don'' want it. But then Steve has given us a lot of help. And well maybe we should talk about this and make sure we are both OK with it. I mean do you want some other woman having sex with me?"

She looked at him and said, "God no baby! But you're right Steve has taught us so much and helped us so much maybe we should chat about it. You know if we're both there together that we can always decline if it gets too crazy or we don't like what we see.

Jeff loved her hand playing with his cock and he felt his soft shaft now beginning to feel harder. She was slowly, very slowly stroking it with two fingers and her thumb. She ran her hands over his balls and under them cupping and lifting them. Then she would go back to the shaft and begin to stroke t again. Yes Jeff was getting herder again. "Good he's getting harder. He'll be thinking with his little head soon and agree that we should go to Steve's party", she said herself and hoping she was right.

As she continued she said, "What do you think? Should we go?"

He said, "I think we need to make some ground rules if we do decide to go."

She said, "Like what baby?"

He said, "Well if we find out that one of us doesn't like what's going on we should leave. Let's say if we begin to have sex with someone and the other person doesn't feel right about it we should leave. In other words if we feel uncomfortable at any time we should leave."

She said, "OK. That would work. Except...........what if?"

She stopped and he looked at her. His cock was now 6 inches long and hard as a rock. Her hand was pumping his cock now. He was hard and she felt his balls tight in their sack. She knew he was feeling really good now. He said, "What? Tell me what you're thinking Marylou."

She didn't answer him right away she just kept playing with his cock and he said, "Umm that feels so good. Stroke it baby! Stroke my cock baby. Suck it some more. God your hands are magical."

She kissed him and squeezed his dick at the same time. She heard him moan in her mouth. When their lips parted she looked him in the eye and aid, "What if the other person is to far involved in the act of sex when the other one feels it's wrong? I mean I don't want to see you fucking someone and then feel like I don't want to do it. And what if I have some other man's cock inside me. I can't just stop. I mean it wouldn't be fair to him or me for that matter."

He said, "Well.............oh God Mary! Stroke me faster. Stroke me faster."

But Marylou did something better. She moved down on the sofa and took his cock back in her mouth again. She felt his hand reach and begin to rub over her round ass. She felt his fingers move down the crack and under it. Then she felt his fingers move between her legs and rub her pussy. His arm was over her rear and his hand under it playing with her pussy as she sucked him hard.

His hand was down over her ass and between her legs. She moaned as she felt his fingers pulling the thong to the side and entered her wet warm pussy hole. She knew he could put three fingers in her tonight and she would take them with no trouble. She sucked on the hot cock as her hand stroked it fast. She wanted her husband to cum again. She worked hard to get him to this point. As he moaned again she popped her mouth off of his cock and said, "So let's agree to this. If we are asked to go with someone you with another woman or me with another man, the other person has to wait. Once we leave with that person we can't stop the sex. If it goes that far we won't interfere with it. How does that sound."

Jeff was halfway in heaven from her sucking his cock. When she pulled her mouth off of it he moaned because he didn't want her to stop. He reached for her head and but she stopped him from pushing it down over his dick again. She was ready to tell him her idea now. "Oh shit! Come on Mary suck it!"

She said, "What do you think of my idea Jeff?"

"OK!! OK!!! Anything! If that's how you want it Marylou I agree. Now please suck me off."

She had already put her mouth back over the swollen cock head and sucked on it. When she heard her husband agree to her plan she took the shaft all the way down he throat. She sucked and sucked and jerked his shaft making Jeff arched his back and began to cum. She held her mouth over the head and sucked as her hand stroked his cock as fast as she could get it to go. He held her head with one hand and fingered her pussy as fast as he could go. She felt her stomach doing flips as she heard her husband agreed to her idea and from what his fingers were doing to her clot and pussy. She moaned as her hips began to rock and as Jeff emptied his balls of his cum, Marylou began to orgasm on his fingers.

They both moaned and humped and climaxed almost together. When it was over she took he mouth of his now completely deflated soft cock and licked her lips as she looked at Jeff lovingly. She fingers slowly came out of her pussy and she felt the wetness on them run over her rear as he took them out. She reached for his hand and smiled as she licked each finger independently. She sucked on his index finger first. After she had licked off the cum and juices she said, "So you agree with that Jeff. Once we leave each other with someone, neither you nor me can stop what will happen. That is unless the person having the sex wants it to stop. I mean that sounds fair doesn't it? We will have lots of time to stop it before it gets that far and the actual sex starts. Right?"

Jeff watched as she took his middle finger and licked and sucked on it as she cleaned her own cum and she was sure some of Steve's too. Jeff said, "Well I guess so Mary. I mean if we go...."

She said, 'You mean you don't?"

He said, "No I didn't say that Mary. But we should consider it. I mean what happens when we get the invite? We'll have to chat again about all of this. It's far too important to just say we'll go. Right?""

She said, "Well Jeff I mean Steve has gone a long way to helping us and I don't think we should insult him by not going. What we do when we get there is up to us. But we should go. I mean don't you want to see what will go on there? I do! And once we do, I was only guessing we should at least know what the other person wants. I mean if I don't want you to go with someone I'll just tell you no. And vise versa."

She took his ring finger now and sucked on it clean. Then she said, "You know I wouldn't even know how to stop you once you had your cock in some other woman's pussy without being unfair and mean and nasty to you and her. So I think we both should understand that we would have stop it before it got that far with some other person. "

She still held his hand and now took all three of his fingers and put them into her mouth, He felt her suck on them again. He just looked at her beautiful body as her mouth sucked on his fingers. Finally she said, " So are you OK with that? I mean doesn't that sound OK to you?"

He said, "Yes I guess so but right now I don't want you to fuck anyone but me. And I think I will feel the same way when we go."

She said, "Well you have to at least give it a chance Jeff. I mean I don't want you there with you mine already made up baby. You have to give it a chance at least."

He said, "Well I will but I don't think I'll change my opinion Marylou."

But she had moved over the sofa and was lying on her back and as Jeff looked she opened her legs wide showing him her pussy. He smiled and said; "OK! You win! Now no more talk."

She smiled up into his eyes and began to rub her hand over her slit and around her pussy. Jeff could see how wet it was. He didn't suspect that some of her wetness was the remains of Steve's cum. She said, "Jeffery. I need to cum from all that sucking. Eat my pussy baby please. Eat me baby."

He moved over her and used his hands to spread her thighs wider. She held his head gently as she he moved down her stomach and around her inner thighs. Then he moved his mouth back up and covered her cunt with his mouth! "Oh yes Jeff! Yes baby! Oh God suck my pussy," she moaned out.

As her husband's mouth covered her vagina lips completely she felt his tongue enter her well-fucked pussy hole. Immediately her hips began to rock and her ass lifted up off the sofa pushing her pussy into his face. "Oh yes baby! That's it! Oh Jeff you do that so well now", Mary almost moaned the words as she watched her husband licking her pussy and eating her cum and again some of Steve's too.

She held his head and rocked her pussy in his mouth as he pleased her. "We'll go and eat and have a drink and then if we want to leave we'll just tell Steve thanks but no thanks. That will be it baby! No pressure at all we'll just watch and decide if we want to join in."

He mumbled telling her, "OK", and that sounded right to him. But she could hardly understand what he was saying since she pushed his head back into her pussy telling him, "Talk later lick now bay! I'm almost there!"

Marylou continued to talk to him as he ate her pussy. You know Steve has really helped you Jeff you are so much better at eating my pussy and fucking me. I mean you do hold back more and you are better at doing it. You have become a very good lover Jeff. And we know w have Steve to thank for it. So I don't think he would do anything to hurt us. I mean all he has done is assist us baby! I mean don't you think so too."

He shook his head moving his tongue up and down her open pussy. She moaned and told him, "The clit baby! Suck it now! Suck my clit Jeff."

He did and she cried out and began to cum. She held his head with both hands and lifted her pussy up into his face. He slipped his hand around her ass and held it up giving him better access to her cunt. Yes! Oh yes baby! That's it I'm cumming so ...........hard!"

he felt her shaking and shaking and Jeff knew she was cumming hard. He licked faster and sucked her clit more and more ands she exploded cumming in his mouth and Jeff drank from the fountain of lust which was dripping into his mouth! He knew he done her good, very good and he did have Steve to thank him for teaching him how to make better love to his wife. Maybe he would go and have an open mind about swing. At least he felt he would give it a try.

Meanwhile Steve was meeting with the all of other couples to discuss the party. Each had been involved in some sort of swinging or open relationship and knew what he wanted them to do. They were to welcome Jeff and Marylou who were brand new to this type of marriage. He wanted them to feel like each couple was a friend and answer any questions they may have about it. They all agreed to welcome the new couple with open arms, so to speak.

Then Steve met with Amy the woman who would be his date for the evening. He talked to her about seducing Jeff and keeping him busy. She knew what he wanted and told him as long as she had his cock for the rest of the weekend after the others left she would agree to take Jeff and screw his brains out. Steve told her he would do better than that, he would take her away for a week in the island where she could fuck him and anyone else she felt she would like. So it was set and Jeff waited to get the RSVPs.

It didn't take long. He had everyone's reply by Thursday afternoon including Jeff and Marylou. She called him and told him they were coming and she felt Jeff was ready for the net step. He told Mary that she would be in his bed and they would have 6 other people watching them fuck. That excited Marylou tremendously and she fingered her pussy as they talk. He finally told her he had to go back to work. She hung up and couldn't wait until Saturday night.

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