tagErotic CouplingsAn Online Lover Met

An Online Lover Met


She was nervous. For the last year, she had been talking with him, exchanging erotic e-mails and intimate instant messages. Time and distance kept them from meeting; he being on the other side of the state. Also, it doesn't help that he is in law enforcement, his time to play is very limited. And now, now that he finally has a night and day to play, they are going to meet.

She felt like a school girl all over again, nervous and yet very excited. The butterflies appeared five days ago, never leaving her stomach. She loved that nervous anticipation feeling, like she did when she was 16 or so. She smiled greatly as she thought of him.

Patricia Allison was a divorced mother of two girls. She has a very nice job - a manager in a retail store - and never thought she could have found a man that shared the same interests as hers. Hell, when she first went online, she never knew anyone that could have the same drive for sex, but she did find one.

They first met in a big and beautiful woman chat room, he loving women of size, she being such. Their online relationship began innocently as they traded pictures and began to chat about the state of Florida and their children. It took them two weeks of daily conversations before they began to talk sexually. And from then on, their relationship turned intense.

Now here she stood, outside the hotel, her heart pounding. Her palms were sweaty, she could feel her suitcases begin to slip. She didn't know if it was the hot Florida sun or the thought of what lay away was making her sweat. But as she finally began to take the last few steps into the hotel, she was not thinking of her sweating, she was thinking of what was inside.

She knew the room number, she needed not check into the hotel. Straight to the elevators she went, passing by the front desk and concierge she walked. She put down her suitcases and pushed the bottom of the fifth floor.

It felt as if her heart was in her throat as the elevator doors opened. She quickly grabbed her luggage and stepped out. She turned to face the direction where he was, and breathed heavily. She was ready, ready to meet him, finally.

The walk was short, only a few moments. But as she put down the suitcases, the sweats came back. Her breathing was short and labored. She was feeling like a little girl again, about to meet her first boyfriend at his house. She raised her hand to knock when the door flew open.

"Darling," he said as she stood in front of her, his naked body glistening. "I knew it was you," he added as he reached out to bring in her bags. Her eyes looked at him, up and down his body. A pool of drool collected at the corner of her mouth as she watched him bend over then turn around. She was aroused, to say the least. She followed him in and closed the door. He smiled at her as she stood, her eyes aglow with passion.

"God, hello baby," she whispered as she felt herself getting weak in the knees. She still walked to him so she could give him a proper hello. She reached up to him, took her arm and placed it around his neck. She pulled him to her lips and kissed, passionately.

For five minutes, they stood there, their lips intertwined, their tongues dancing. For five minutes, all the days and months of e-mails and instant messages came out. For five minutes, they were as one.

"My God, baby," he said as their lips parted.

"There's more where that came from," she whispered. She giggled with an evil intention as she pushed him towards the bed. She placed him softly onto the bed, letting his legs drape over the side of the bed. She smiled and slowly dropped to her knees. He moaned in anticipation.

"I've waited for this," she said as she slowly, teasingly slowly, kissed her way down his thigh. She placed her soft hand onto his hardening manhood, causing him to lean his head back. He moaned heavily as she approached his cock, her hot breath rushing over his flesh.

"Oh god," he said as he anticipated her actions. She slipped her soft hand on his hot, hard cock and stroked it ever so slowly, teasing him. She let out a small giggle as she watched him squirm under her touch.

She wanted to put his cock into her mouth, she wanted to taste his flesh, his body. But she also wanted to tease him, to show him who actually was the dominant one. She knew he loved oral, she knew it would make him crazier for her. She just had to show him who was the boss.

"Don't get too far ahead of yourself, Steven," she said in her domme voice. Although she was wearing a spaghetti string top as he requested that barely held in beautiful and large breasts, although she wore the short leather mini skirt without panties as he requested, she was still in charge. "You might be in charge out on the streets. But in here, I rule." She took his cock and squeezed. He received the message.

Patricia stood back for a moment and let him take in her beautiful. She smiled as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, taking pleasure in the torment she was inflicting. She knew he wanted that blouse off, she was not going to let him see her so quickly.

"Like what you see, baby?" she asked as she left a button fastened, keeping him from seeing her breasts. She did not wait for his answer, she turned around and lifted her skirt, showing him her nice, round ass. "I bet you want this, don't you?"

He could not answer, he could only moan as he looked at her body. She was teasing him, he knew that. But he knew she would give him pleasure. He knew it was worth the wait.

"What's my big boy want?" she teasingly asked as she let her blouse come undone, and let her breasts fall out. She grabbed them, held them tight, and pull them up toward her face. She so loved her body, she so loved to tease her man.

"God, I want it," he whispered as she began to walk toward him, seductively, her hands holding her breasts. He wanted to reach up and take them, pull them into his face. But he knew that would not be acceptable. He knew she was in charge.

"You will when I let you," she said, ordering him back down onto his back. She slid her body down on top of him and laughed. "Now how does this feel?"

"God, you feel so hot," he moaned as she allowed her breasts to fall onto his body. "God, I've waited so long for this."

"There's more, lover," she added as she slid down, down toward his crotch. She smiled evilly as her mouth reached his hardness. Not wanting to tease him any more, Patricia took his cock into her hand and began to stroke him, gently at first. He wanted to reach down to her hair and run his fingers through it, but he knew that action was not allowed. He was not in charge.

She stroked him, making his cock harder and hotter. She reached out with her mouth and took his engorged head into her mouth. She moaned as she finally touched his cock. She slowly allowed his cock to enter her mouth, letting the shaft enter, letting it hit the back of her throat. With suction, she pulled her head back up. She left the head in her mouth before returning down his shaft.

All he could do was moan. He was under her control, she was in charge, it was her show. He raised his hands to place on her head, but she quickly forced them back down.

Slowly, Patricia raised her skirt with her free hand. Exposing herself to him, she knew it would drive him over the edge. She attacked his cock now, with more vigor. Her head bobbed faster and faster, her suction more intense. She knew he was close, and wanted to taste his juices.

"Oh God, Patricia," he started to scream as his orgasm started. He tried once more to place his hands on her head, but she sent them down. She felt his cock throb as she sucked more and more on his manhood. She could feel him getting close; she began to bob followed by her hand stroking him.

"Yes, yes," he said as he began to shoot his love juice into her mouth. She began to suck harder as the hot, white liquid hit the back of her throat. She swallowed as her mind raced to the first time they talked about meeting. She was happy they agreed to this.

She was hot, she was wet, and she needed to feel his touch. She let loose his now receding cock and crawled over him. She got on the bed and pulled him to her. Patricia kissed him lightly on the check before turning and climbing on top of him. She place her wetness a few inches from his face, hoping Steven would know what she wanted. And he did.

Placing his hands around her hips, he pulled her down, down to his eager mouth and tongue. As he reached out with his mouth, she flinched, the excitement of his lips causing her to think of all that passed between them. She wanted to do all, taste all, be his all.

"Oh God, yes," she said as he plunged his tongue deep inside. She ground her hips, her clit rubbing against his chin. She wanted to scream her enjoyment as his talented tongue flickered in and out of her wet pussy, licking up all her juices. She ground faster as an unexpectedly quick orgasm began. She clamped her legs tight against his body as she let herself enjoy the feeling.

"God, you're good," she moaned as she slipped off of him and onto the bed. For a moment, she tried to catch her breath. She looked at him and smiled before she got off the bed. He was confused as to her actions before she removed all her clothing. His cock began to grow as he looked at her, finally, totally naked.

"Wait," she said as she leaned down and opened a piece of luggage. She looked back at him and gave him an evil, lusty smile. "You're going to love this."

"Oh God," he whispered to himself, "I can only imagine." His eyes grew wide as she fished out of her bag a new play toy, all pink and curved at the end.

"This is my new best friend," she giggled. "It does the job when I have no man around." She lifted it up and kissed the curved head. "I love my new BOB."

"Oh God," he said as he rolled off the bed and walked to her. He knew he was not allowed to do so, but he was more than willing to take that chance. "Let me see," he said as he hugged her.

"In due time," she said as she reached down again. She took out something small, compact, and purple. She held it up and smiled. "Where do you think this goes?" she asked playfully.

"I hope not up my ass," he said, nervous that she might invade his anus.

"No, silly," she laughed. "It's for me." She shook her head as she stood. Patricia wrapped her arms around him. "I promised you an enjoyable day and night. And that is what we are going to do."

The broad smile on his face became wider as he lead her back to the bed. "I am going to use those on you," he said, his bravery intensified by the sight of her smile, the lust in her eyes, and the smile of her sex that was permeating the hotel room's air. He knew he was in for the most sexual time of his life.

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