tagLoving WivesAn Open Minded Girl Ch. 02

An Open Minded Girl Ch. 02


By Dan57 and Ria

Dan checked closely the flight schedule of the plane they had taken. They had boarded it at Mumbai busy airport. They would fly directly to their destination with just a stop at New Delhi but he had frequently used this airport, as it was his normal point of entry to India. He had never flown so far to the north as Cashmere? Ria didn't care ; She just cuddled in his arms, enjoying the aftermath of several tempestuous nights with Dan. He had fucked her in all the positions of the Kama Sutra and she had appreciated Dan's stamina a lot. He had been tireless and she had been pushed to her limits and she now tried to recover just in case she had another opportunity of playing with her new lover.

On his side, Dan was determined to test if Ria had been really obedient : he had given her rather strict orders but she was like an unruly horse. He had not given her any reason to follow his orders and he surmised she had bucked immediately when she had received these orders. He had told her to buy a saree or at least a salwar kameez (tunic with slim trousers) that he would pay for but she had openly not obeyed : she was still wearing her usual Jeans and tee shirt : she looked like a student and clearly not the type to catch easily Kyrhan's eye. She would learn that for Dan, No was not an accepted answer! She would need to be seriously broken in. It was Ria who had contacted him first hand but he didn't want to be publicly ashamed by such a pretty girl! Dan would see during the flight if she had at least chosen undies according to his wishes : no knickers but he had given her no instruction about her other undies. As soon as they had reached the cruising altitude, Dan whispered to Ria's ear :

-Lift your hips off your seat; baby; I want to know whether you have declined to obey ALL my instructions!

Dan put a comforter on Ria's knees and he used it to hide his hands from view. Dan started immediately to fumble on her waistband. Ria allowed him to investigate without any interference. Dan opened the button at her waist and quietly undid it and plunged his hand swiftly into the opening. He found immediately her shaven pussy? His fingers felt even that her slit was drenched : Ria didn't try to hamper his examination. She was clearly enjoying to be exposed to his inspection . At least, she had a grin of triumph when Dan pulled his fingers out of her twat : she had followed his instructions to the letter. He commented to her :

- Congratulations, pussy! At least, you have obeyed me on this part but you are not off the hook! I will buy you a saree in the first town for the return trip and beware : if you disobey me again, it will be the strap on your bottom and I can be harsh! You have to have a good presentation to enter Kyrhan's harem!

-I know that you want me to obey you to the letter, Dan, and that is for my benefit! Leave me some time to adjust! I will be an honour and a pleasure to meet your demands then even if it is completely opposite to my own views! But, for clearly disobeying your instructions and not putting on a saree, you deserve a treat to forgive me : I know I have been a naughty girl! Come here, please!

Ria took Dan in her arms and pressed him to her and she gave him an open mouth kiss! Dan reciprocated immediately with a brazen kiss that Ria seemed to appreciate as she breathed deeper after that and she made no moves to push him away! She just commented :

- It may be difficult later as I may feel cold if we make some trekking in the mountains!

- Don't think I am completely dumb, Ria? You will be allowed to wear warmer clothes if we go in the mountains, of course : it was just a test for you while you were in the plane or in the airport warmth.

Ria smiled to him in apology. She looked now more relaxed. She even sent him a kiss with her fingers.

- In that case, I should apologize, dear!

Ria seemed really tamed and suddenly relaxed at this moment. She may have really thought he wanted to expose her to the freezing cold! Ria should have known him better ; he wanted her no harm but she would learn! Dan took the direction and helped her completely out of her jeans. Ria let him proceed with a provocative smile : she was his pupil and she wanted him utterly satisfied! He then started playing with her pussy lips. Ria soon had three fingers moving briskly into her twat with still no resistance from her! Ria in no time started to moan desperately and she planted a torrid kiss on Dan's mouth...

-Please make me cum, Daniel. I need it desperately

-You may trust me, baby, on this subject! You will have plenty of opportunity for release, I promise!

-I've understood it! I'll try to be more obedient in the future, luv!

Dan continued frigging Ria's pussy and she cummed several times during their travel. She was not used being fondled in public as Indian people are rather prudish in sexual matters but she gathered that Kyrhan loved to have his way with girls in a public place with the risk of being found : it just thrilled him! At a moment, she couldn't stand it any more and she was ready to voice her pleasure loud! The other passengers would certainly dislike it but Dan was continuing to fondle her pussy. She was about to explode... Dan saw her predicament and offered his hand as a gag for her ; she bit into it and she profusely thanked Dan later for his much needed help. She appreciated he kept a protective eye on her! She could get used to having such a tutelary protection : any woman would love to feel totally protected and cared for by such a man in so unusual circumstances.

Ria had thought she would be more independent minded but she decided to rely completely into Dan's care! She just closed her eyes while thinking to how Kyrhan would look like and to what he would do to her. He would certainly fuck her as she had never been owned but strangely, the prospect seemed appealing; Dan had told her about an adventure of Kira when she had been abducted by Brazilian thugs. The head of the group had led her to his hideout in the jungle but Kyrhan had found their trace. He had just a few weapons with him and no help but he had methodically eliminated his opponents one after the other. Kyrhan had been an officer in the Indian commando troops and continued his training since he had left the army. She had better not to try taking him by surprise!

Dan made her cum deliciously a good half of a dozen times during the flight. She had never been fondled for so long. When the plane started his descent on New Delhi, Dan handed her back her trousers : the stopover would last one hour and a half and she would like to wear a normal outfit there. Ria surprised Dan when she told him :

-Is your offer to pay me a saree still valid? I know you really attach importance to it and I want you to know I really care for your opinion!

-I don't remember if they have sufficiently beautiful sarees at the airport. You look like a princess and you should wear clothes according to your rank of the future mate of the vice president of the Indian federation!

-Just a putative mate as Kyrhan has not put his eyes on me! He might not accept meeting me!

-I doubt it as I forwarded him a couple of the pictures you sent me! He seemed to like them a lot!

-Don't tell me you sent him the picture of me in my bathroom!

-I'm afraid I did just that : it has been the very first picture of you he received from me! He wanted to fly to Mumbai to see you in detail! I told him it was finder's luck : for this occasion, I would have first pick on you! It's usually his privilege!

Ria laughed out loud Dan was clearly having a contest with Kyrhan.

-God : have you already decided together even the day of my official entry in his harem?

-Certainly not ; you have first to meet Kira and obtain her approval!

-Hasn't Kyrhan the final decision in such matters? Knowing who will warm his bed seems to me quite important for any man!

-Indeed but Kira is the Rani. No one enters the harem without her permission. You will have to ask her when I will visit you

-Great! You really intend to pay visits to me after I have entered Kyrhan's harem! You know that in the previous centuries, entering the harem would make you entail the death penalty by having your head crushed by an elephant!

-I know it but Kyrhan may be lenient : everything considered he is fucking my wife and nearly all his "wives" are already married and they are all horny sluts! Besides, he invited me to share all his wives at one moment or another and a few years ago, I thwarted an assassination attempt on his person : the criminal is now a member of his harem! Kyrhan is a very practical man and he uses all the talents that are available! That is why he had been so much successful!

-Just a question : what kind of ceremony are you intending for my admission into his harem. If I am not completely stupid, you must have organized something kinky if not utterly pervert!

-Don't worry : the details of your instalment have been discussed before you arrived in New Delhi. Kyrhan was aware that you were very horny all the time. It is not completely decided but we think you would like to be double teamed by the Prince and me but you will have to agree to it! It would be a pleasure for both of us but we don't want to force you against your will!

-The two of you? You bet I would agree! Nothing would please me more! I want to be fucked long and hard. Pay no mercy to me!

-We are not planning to be lenient and overly gentle, I may assure you!

After landing, Dan and Ria hastened to find a suitable saree : they found a marvellous embroidered silk one that Ria didn't want to buy : it was extremely thin and delicate and she feared damaging it. Don't worry : Kira will show you the shops to visit. This one will be just for dirty chores and not for parade! Ria put it on just for presentation to Dan she thought but he told her to keep it for the flight.

-You are to be officially presented to the Rani. You must look staggering for the occasion!

-I told you I would be obedient, Dan. You are my mentor and I won't oppose any of your wishes from now on!

-I take due notice of this sound decision! Your bottom may get very sore if you fail to keep it in mind!

-You may use the strap on my ass cheek whenever you think I am a naughty girl!

The flight to their final destination was rather short but they could see the mountains getting steadily higher under the wings of the plane. Dan showed her the town of Shimla to the south where he had a close friend. He had visited it several times. Dan told Ria that his friend was married to one of Kira's "sisters". She expressed her surprise :

-Don't all the girls belonging to the harem live there?

- Certainly not : Kyrhan's harem is far from being a prison : girls get out freely without any need for permission, some live permanently outside or abroad with their official mates. Jodhaa is just special : she is also officially married to Dinu, a rather old retired Dalit, to Mark an American engineer but her sons are all grown up and she is also the girlfriend of an awfully selfish Bollywood star named Kumar. Pray you won't ever interest him : he might be a pain in the ass! She has given Dinu recently a son. I wonder how she can find the time to attend her duties toward Kyrhan with whom she has had three babies and to make errands with Kira! Ok she dropped her babies to the palace nursery held by another of her sisters and several Dalit nurses and it helped as the nursery was open 24/7. All Kira's sisters had one or several babies there. Kyrhan was rather prolific and the husbands took over when one of them had not been knocked up again three months after delivery of her previous baby.

To Ria's dismay, Dan didn't try to continue his sexual assaults on her. Ria was craving to be really fucked by her lover but the customers were regularly using the toilets and they would have had just limited privacy! She just shamelessly pressed her tits against his arms. She had a true man beside her and everything was preposterous... When they exited the airport, Ria looked anxiously to the other women waiting for the passengers' arrival. She immediately noticed two women who started to wave to attract Dan's attention. They were clad in pretty kameez with wide dupattas (scarves) on their necks. They had just one man beside them, clearly a bodyguard that Dan hadn't mentioned. He had a larger chest than even Dan. He had an impressive well-trimmed short beard. His physical appearance made Ria immediately think to the famous Gupta warriors as he had the piercing eyes of professional troopers, probably a former paratrooper. He immediately relaxed and smiled when he saw Dan who greeted him with a wave of the hand. Both men seemed to know each other rather well. They went to the parking lot to shake hands discreetly? The two women kissed Dan on the lips and Ria felt a bit jealous ; she considered that Dan belonged to her. He made the presentations :

-Princess Kira, May I present you Lady Ria, a new friend I met in Mumbai? This is Lady Jodhaa, another member of Kyrhan's household and Rajeev, his jack-of-all-trades. You may trust them completely! They are all fully devoted to Prince Kyrhan!

Ria felt immediately at ease with these two women and even more so when Kira spoke so amiably to her as if they were close friends of old :

-Hello, Ria, nice to meet new faces here. The Prince is always looking for new beauties to add to his harem and you seem to fit perfectly in his plans! I am Kira, Kyrhan's Rani and eldest wife. Welcome among us : I would propose we let aside the rank designation and consider us as your sisters. You will discover progressively the etiquette in our harem but it is very lax : you may, for example, receive visitors in private as often as you want at any hour Just Kyrhan may claim us as often as he wants, that implies sexual services of any kind but you may offer the same services to other men... or women if you feel like it. I am quite sure you could find your place among us...Kyrhan is not with us for the moment and Mark, Jodhaa's husband, stayed in the palace as well : therefore I asked for some protection here and Kyrhan sent me Rajeev. Since his arrival, I keep company to Jodhaa one another with just occasional trysts with Rajeev. He has been my trainer when I was an apprentice for Kyrhan's harem and we have kept in touch since then. He has slept on a cot blocking the door of our bedroom just to prevent intrusions.

Ria had gathered she was accepted but this harem seemed quite strange : most men would want perpetual faithfulness from their mates and total control on them but it seemed that extreme jealousy was scorned there. Kira had sat on Dan's lap without a sideways glance and Jodhaa had knelt at Dan's feet as if it had been as normal as everything and she was shamelessly fondling Dan's cock . Kira added discreetly for Dan's ears : we are on an undercover appointment for Kyrhan : we had had several strange terrific floods hereby with dramatic casualties we are to investigate but the director of the company has chosen to block my investigation and that seems highly suspect to me. I wanted to have your point of view before I call for Kyrhan. If it's just bad luck, we don't need a formal enquiry but the director could try to cover his tracks,. if he has done something wrong. That is why I asked to have Rajeev with us!

When they reached the intimacy of the car, Dan asked several questions to find any clues. Kira explained she had officially asked to meet the people in charge of the project but when the director learned she was the wife of Kyrhan, he ordered all his staff not to tell anything to her and she couldn't make any more progress in her inquiry. Dan made several suggestions : Jodhaa could inquire about the project on her own or try to seduce one of the engineers without telling them she was associated with Kyrhan or with Kira. She was an American citizen and had still her old ID that wouldn't reveal her connection with Kyrhan. Ria entered the discussion as she mentioned she would be ready to seduce one of the engineers and she had all the talents needed for such a job. Dan suggested to make a double attack : Ria on the outside and Jodhaa on the inside. By comparing the results, they could get an overview of the situation. People in some BRIC country disliked being on scrutiny but an attack by two buxom women was less likely to attract attention... Kira laughed discreetly as they agreed to Dan's plan :

- A success in this scam would help you to be in high esteem from Kyrhan and would ensure your entry in the harem : a good gamble for you, Ria! You have already obtained the full support of Dan and of me and this scheme will allow you to pretend that he was your boyfriend: It's a win/win endeavour!

Kira told them they could rest now and would go in separate cars to the region of the company headquarters, Kira with Rajeev in the first car, Ria with Jodhaa in the second car. Ria was deeply excited being used as a spy. She joked that no man could resist her! The boast was not far from reality... Kira returned to her hotel with Jodhaa while Dan went to another hotel nearby with Ria. She was happy with this new development : she would have as much sex with Dan as she wanted and no one would object. Moreover, she would have to be wantonly seductive, a role she really loved and in which she excelled! Her target was a male secretary of the boss who had opposed to Kira's enquiries. She told him she had seen a documentary about the development of electrical generation in Jammu and Cashmere and the floods there. Ria had chosen a shirt for this occasion and she had left the top one undone : the poor secretary had his eyes glued to her cleavage. She had thought not to put on a bra and she rocked her shoulders around? Her tits giggled happily and the secretary perpetually lost the trend of his thoughts when she made her udders dance under his nose. Ria could quietly take photographs of the documents each time he excused himself to get into the toilets and probably wank himself. Ria just thought it was a waste as she would have accepted to go with him in the toilets and let him have his way with her. She knew from experience that she would recover much faster than any man but he had made no attempt on her. If she was not to his taste, she could just disdain him. The maps were clear even for a non-specialist like Ria ; the company had built new canals but she had found no traces of levees or dams in case of floods. It may have been overlooked in Britain but not in a country receiving heavy monsoon rains : no wonder they had had big floods just to save money by making under size pipes but billed pretty high : a classical swindle but this one had caused the death of dozens of villagers and a few workers. Ria was quite proud when she exposed her findings to Dan who congratulated her :

-A good job Ria! Now the director of the company will rot in prison for some years he neglected all safety rules and probably bribed the inspectors to prevent them from alerting the authorities! Dan phoned to Kira. On her side, Jodhaa had made some progress watching the costs of the work sites ; the costs had been twice smaller than scheduled and billed to the state about twice it had cost Jodhaa had known there was a trick but had no ideas about what it was. Kira phoned to Kyrhan and explained it what the problem was. The prince told them to pull out immediately and return into the valley to avoid possible retaliations while he gathered a task force to investigate officially. Kira should fax him immediately all her findings. She did it and left but a group of guards from the building company suddenly appeared from nowhere and forced them to climb out of their cars. Apparently someone at the hotel was on the pay roll of the company. Kira and Dan feared they would be killed on the spot but they were ferried to the company headquarters. The boss told her he had blocked their fax emission and nobody would come to their rescue. He wanted to kill as many Indian people as possible and the wife of the vice president of the Indian federation would make a nice addition to his success.

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