tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 08

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 08


Mandy awoke the following morning having had almost no sleep at all. On seeing the tape of her and Bernard and hearing what Ted and George had to say she felt physically sick and had run from the house. Upset and very angry she came straight home, turned her phone off and went straight to bed unable to believe how her situation seemed to keep on getting worse.

As she showered herself she felt the knot of worry in her stomach, she shouldn't have run out like that, making them angry was not a good idea and she hoped she hadn't given them reason to carry out their threat.

She had always wondered if they would really hand over the tapes to anyone as that would mean bringing their fun to an end, but now with this new tape it was far too risky to call their bluff.

"Perhaps they would tell the police and just move on to someone else," she thought to herself. She didn't know it but she was giving them too much credit, not realising that it all came about in the first place by a chance encounter and nothing had been planned.

Knowing full well that she was bound to hear from them today and so worried was she that they might be angry with her that she thought she had better dress for work in a way that they might approve of if they saw her.

Having been told by George to wear stockings before she decided it would be a good idea to wear them again, just to be on the safe side.

Being a girl that doesn't like to wear the same thing two days running the stockings she chose were a champagne colour, far more suited to the white underwear she had picked out for that day.

She admired herself in the mirror, her white lace half cup bra held her huge tits high and seemed to hold them out as an offering. Making up the set were the matching lace panties and suspender belt that fastened onto the lace trimmed tops of her stockings with shiny metal clips.

She knew how sexy she looked as she brushed her hair back into a pony tail and couldn't help feeling a little smug at the thought of how men found her completely irresistible.

She finished the look off with a short beige skirt that fitted perfectly, tight but not uncomfortable. On top she wore a simple plain white cotton t-shirt that clung as tightly to her narrow waist as it did to her 34F tits. She knew if George or Ted saw her looking like this there was no way they would even consider letting her go.

Just as she was about to leave she turned her phone back on, she had two messages just as she suspected. The first was a simple message from George telling her to call him as he had something he wanted to discuss, the second of course was Ted.

His contained more detailed instructions of what he wanted her to do. He was on an early shift and so was already at work but she was to go to his back door and inside a plastic bag she would find his video camera. He wanted her to take it to work and make a recording of her and this Walter the weasel character that George had told him about. He warned her of the consequences if she didn't make it look good and finished with a simple order, "I want to watch you giving him the time of his life!"

She was shocked, the whole point of pretending to be asleep yesterday was so Walter wouldn't get the wrong idea and think she wanted him. Now however with this new tape they had she had no choice but to do as she was told no matter what Walter might think.

As she walked to work oblivious to all the usual ogling looks she got from almost every man she walked past she couldn't believe that the two dirty old men would soon have yet another video recording, only this time she was going to actually make it herself!

That morning at work Mandy kept herself busy while all the time wondering how she was going to carry out Teds instructions. Walter was such a creepy little weasel and the thought of letting him get his dirty old hands on her filled her with disgust. She knew it would have to happen at lunchtime when everone went out for an hour and Walter went to the tea room alone as always.

As lunchtime drew closer Mandy became more and more nervous, she so desperately did not want to do this. Every time she glanced across at Walter he would look away obviously feeling worried over what he had done yesterday and wondering if she had any idea what happened.

The skinny nervous little 58 year old was experiencing a mixture of feelings. Firstly he was indeed worried that she may have some idea of what he had done, but as the morning went on and nothing was said this seemed to fade. Secondly he couldn't help sneaking glances at her, she turned him on so much that he had a constant erection in his grubby underpants. He couldn't stop thinking about what had happened and found it hard to believe that he had actually fucked her, him little old Walter, and her the incredibly gorgeous and sexy young Mandy, who would have ever thought it! He wished he could stand on the table and tell everyone, especially all the guys, just imagine how jealous they would be.

Lunchtime came and everyone except Walter left the office to make their way to the local bar where they spent every lunch break.

Mandy hung back until everyone was gone, she then turned on the video camera that was in her bag and pointed the lens out through the zip opening.

"I can't believe I'm actually going to do this," she thought.

"Oh I can't be bothered with going for a drink today," Mandy said to Walter as she entered the tea room.

Walter looked up surprised, was she talking to him? She never spoke to him other than for work. He was both pleased and disappointed to see her, pleased for the obvious reasons but disappointed because he had been waiting for this hour to enjoy a nice private wank.

She placed her bag on a chair next to the door so the camera would catch everything that happened in the room. She then slowly walked across the room to the counter the other side to put the kettle on.

Walter watched her over the top of his newspaper, her proud outward thrusting ass looked fantastic in the little beige skirt. Again he could make out the outline of her suspenders through the tightness of the material as it stretched around her upper thigh.

She knew he was watching her, "yeah you wish you dirty old pervert," the gorgeous 20 year old thought to her self knowing full well that she was of course going to have to grant that wish.

He couldn't take his eyes of her and thought how it would be to just reach out and run his hands over that incredible young body.

"Y....you feeling b...better today?" he nervously asked.

"Oh yes thanks, oh and thank you for taking me home," she politely answered. As she turned to look at him she caught his eyes on her ass for a second before he quickly looked up to her face. Even then she noticed he couldn't stop glancing down at her tits as he spoke.

"Oh no problem, a....any time, i...if you feel that way again j...just let me know," he stammered.

"Thank you," she said with a smile as she turned back to making her cup of tea.

"Hope we've got some milk," she said as she went to open the fridge. It was under the counter and, knowing full well what was on his mind, she bent at the waist, keeping her legs straight as she peered inside it.

Walter reached under the table and grabbed his aching cock through his trousers to give it a much needed squeeze. The sight of her ass as she bent over was incredible, the hem of her little tight skirt raised just enough to give him a glimpse of her lace stocking tops. The sight was a dream come true and was driving the dirty little weasel crazy.

As she straightened up she knew she had to get a move on or there wouldn't be time to carry out Teds order. In a flash an idea came into her head how she could do it, she had to just bite the bullet and get on with it, she knew she had no choice.

"The other girls have said you're going to fire me for all the time I've had off lately," she blurted out. It was all lies of course but she had to have a reason if she was going to have sex with him, she couldn't have him thinking she wanted it.

"W....what?" he asked her somewhat surprised.

"Please don't," she begged him, "I can't afford to lose this job."

"B....but I'm n....." he started.

"Please!" she again said, cutting in on him.

He turned on his chair to face her and looked into her beautiful eyes completely puzzled not knowing what to say.

Being painfully shy she knew he wasn't about to seize the opportunity like the others would. "Please, I'll do anything, just don't fire me," she pleaded as she crossed the room towards him.

His eyes moved from her face down to those gorgeous huge tits stretching the white cotton t-shirt to the limit as they gently bounced with each step. As she got closer he looked lower at the sexy little beige skirt stretched tight across the front of her firm thighs, its length only just covering the lace tops of her champagne coloured stockings.

The pathetic little weasel grew both nervous and excited as she approached, her body was just so incredible he desperately wanted more than anything to get his grubby little hands on it.

"I....I'm not going to fire you," he said with a nervous gulp.

"You're not?" she cried knowing she had to do something now or it wasn't going to happen. So, unable to quite believe what she was about to do, she made her move.

"Oh thank you, thank you," she said pretending to be so pleased. In an instant she sat herself down on his lap, crossed one leg over the other, threw her arms around his neck and with one more "thank you," she gave him a huge hug.

His excitement grew and grew as he felt her gorgeous ass instantly pressing down on his painfully hard cock. As she held him tightly, his face buried in her neck, she knew the disgusting little old creep would be getting turned on, but that was the plan and she had no choice other than to continue.

"I've been so worried," she went on, "how can I ever thank you enough?"

Still holding him tight she felt his cock sticking into her ass and so she rotated her hips ever so slightly, the movement causing her ass to grind against it. The dirty little pervert was completely overcome with lust and couldn't resist opening his mouth against her sweetly perfumed neck and giving it a kiss. He placed one hand around her slim waste and pulled her tight to him, the other he placed on her smooth stocking clad knee.

She moved her head back and looked him in the eyes, "you're so kind, I could kiss you," she said, "w....would you mind?"

He just shook his head, mind? of course he didn't mind he wanted it more than he had ever wanted anything in his life.

She brought her face to his closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly as she placed her soft sweet lips over his. Completely inexperienced he was surprised how instinct seemed to take over as he kissed her back.

All of his senses went into overdrive as he felt her tits squashing against his chest and her lips on his. With one hand around her narrow waste and the other feeling her nylon clad knee he realised that maybe she wasn't going to object if he had a crafty feel.

His nerves seemed to fade as he became more excited by what was happening. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and let out a groan of pleasure as she did the same back. He felt his way up and down her thigh, the nylon stockings driving him crazy. When he reached the hem of her skirt he worked his fingers under the edge and, unable to resist the temptation, pushed his hand further.

He was so excited as she seemed oblivious to where his hand was going as it crept higher under her skirt. He was shaking with desire as he had now gone beyond the lace band at the top of her stockings and felt his way over her bare skin and along the lace strap of her suspender.

It was all too much for the little weasel, he knew he would soon shoot his load as she continued to rotate her ass against his stiff little cock. He moved his other hand from her waste and reached around under her arm, through her t-shirt he felt the lace detail of the side of her bra. Again she seemed to take no notice and so with the excitement reaching boiling point he knew he was free to continue.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," he moaned as he reached further until her huge young tit was in his hand. He squeezed and felt it all over, it was so firm and magnificent and he could hold out no longer.

"AAAAAARGH!" he cried as he lost all self control and without any warning instantly came in his trousers. The relief for Walter was out of this world as he felt load after load of spunk pumping from his cock filling his underpants.

It was only a moment until Mandy realised what had happened as she felt the wet patch that was forming seep through his trousers and soak into her skirt.

"Oh!" she cried as she lept to her feet and looked down to see what had happened. He sat there with his mouth open gasping for breath, saliva appearing at the corner of his mouth about to dribble down his chin. He looked so disgusting with the huge wet patch soaking through the crotch of his trousers, he must have needed it so badly, it looked like he'd wet himself.

Mindful of what had to be done she continued with the act. "Oh!.....Oh you poor thing, I'm so sorry that was my fault," she said, "what can I do?" She paused a moment before saying, "here better get those soiled things off."

As Walter came back to reality he suddenly felt embarrassed, but she was so sympathetic and understanding that he soon felt more at ease and found himself relishing the moment.

He rose to his feet undid his belt and his damp soiled trousers fell to the floor followed by his spunk sodden underpants. Mandy crouched down to gather them up for him, as she straightened back up she noticed his tiny dick was pointing straight out from under the bottom of his shirt.

"Oh you really do have a problem don't you," she said to him, "I didn't realise I had that affect on you, I feel terrible for getting you into this state......... i...is there anything I can do to help you?"

The courage he never thought he had seemed to come from within, he looked her up and down and simply said, "oh God yes." He turned his back to the table, placed his hands on it and lifted himself on. Now sitting on the edge of the table he parted his legs and waited to see what she would do.

She dropped his clothes to the floor and moved forward until she was standing between his open legs. With his mouth still hanging open he drew in a deep breath as she took the bottom of her t-shirt in her hands and pealed it from her body and off over her head. As she dropped it to the floor she looked him in the eyes, he was completely mesmerized by her overwhelming beauty.

She pouted her full lips in a teasing manner as she placed her soft hands on top of his scrawny white thighs, her touch sending a tingle through his entire body. The words she uttered next were words he thought he would never hear.

"Y...you can touch my tits if you like, I know you want to," she whispered in a seductive tone. She ran her finger tips up his thighs and arched her back which thrust her tits and ass out even more.

"Oh God...." he whispered as he placed his grubby trembling hands over her white lace bra and began to squeeze. As he groped and mauled the wonderously huge mounds she reached behind unhooked the back and let the shoulder straps slip down her arms as the bra fell away.

There they were naked before him, firm proud and incredibly huge. He lost all of his inhibitions as he grabbed her around the waste pulled her even closer and dived into them. He licked sucked and chewed them all over, his head darting from one to the other squashing them against his face.

"You poor man," she again said to him, "I feel so sorry for you, I'm just glad I can help."

Her patronising sympathy fell on deaf ears as he continued his assault. As he devoured her gorgeous tits his hands went down and onto her beautiful cheeky ass. Squeezing and grabbing at it with one hand the other unhooked the clip on her waistband and ran the zip of her skirt down as far as it would go. It was so tight that it didn't fall to the floor, but his hand was soon inside feeling her firm cheeks through the white lace panties stretched across her ass.

He was becoming more and more desperate as he begged her, "please touch my cock, pleeeeease!"

She ignored his plea and was starting to enjoy the affect she had on him, she found herself wanting to tease the dirty little creep for a while first. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her little skirt and pushed it down, with a little wiggle from her it was soon on the floor.

Now the real Walter began to surface just as he did yesterday when he thought she was asleep.

"Oh God look at you, let me touch your cunt, oooh please I bet it's wet, oooh I bet it's so fuckin' wet!" With that he thrust his hand down the front of her panties and grabbed her mound in his palm, it was indeed wet down there and he thrust his middle finger straight between her pussy lips and deep into her cunt. Instantly he started ramming it in and out of her causing her juices to start pouring from within.

She was now getting so turned on that she knew she needed satisfaction. Aware that the clock was ticking she wasted no time and pushed him back so he was laying on the table with his legs dangling off the edge and his cock standing up like a flagpole.

Her panties were soon around her ankles and she kicked them off to one side. She closed his legs together and climbed onto the table positioning her knees either side of him. She took his scrawny wrists in her hands and pinned him down tight.

He was in heaven as he looked at her huge tits swaying from side to side inches from his face. She began to lower herself onto him pausing for a moment to rub her wet cunt lips along the tip of his dirty smelly cock. Then without warning she dropped herself onto him, his cock plunged straight into her soaking wet hole.

"OOOOOOOH FUCK!!!" he cried out as at long last he was getting what he had been waiting for. He instantly started pumping into her for all he was worth, every thrust causing her tits to bounce and jump around. She saw his look of desperation and teased him some more.

"Oooh you like my tits?"

"Yeah yeah yeah," he answered excitedly.

She stuck her bottom lip out as if to sulk, "don't you think they're too big?"

He looked shocked, "no no, they're lovely, i...incredible!"

"Are you sure?" she teased.

He just nodded his head violently.

"Do you want them?"

"Oh God yes please!"

"Are you sure?" she again asked as she started lowering them towards him.

Again he nodded his head.

"Oh ok then you naughty boy," she said in a playful manner, and, swaying them from side to side she dangled her nipples over his mouth.

He instantly raised his head and bit down hard on one, refusing to let it go he chewed and sucked on it like a starving man on a juicy steak. At that she lowered herself all the way and started squashing and rubbing them all over his face.

He moaned and groaned with the the unbelievable experience he was enjoying.

Mandy however was finding his tiny dick frustrating and knew she was never going to reach an orgasm. Despite this she started to grind her cunt hard against him in an attempt to try and climax.

"OH FUCK I'M COMING!" Walter suddenly cried, "OH YES YES FUCK YES!" He struggled his wrists free and grabbed her tits in his hands as he started slamming into her as hard as he could. "God I love your fuckin' tits, ooh yes they're so fuckin' big!" He kept on pounding into her, "I knew you were a dirty bitch....ooh you dirty sexy slut your cunt's so fuckin' wet aaaargh!"

With that his cock burst open spewing load after load of his dirty smelly spunk into her. Over and over he pumped more and more of it up her throbbing cunt shouting and crying out as he did, "YES OH YES FUCKIN' HELLLLLLLL!!!"

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