tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 11

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 11


Mandy had found over the past few weeks that things had gone rather quiet. She had managed to put Walter back in his place by threatening claims of sexual harassment, something that he couldn't understand as he had foolishly believed that she really wanted him.

Never far from his lustful thoughts he continued to fantasize about her, living in the deluded hope that she might weaken and fall for him again.

With regard to George, well he was held by the police over night before being charged the following day with breaking and entering. Having no money to pay the hefty bail fee he can only look forward to spending the next few months in custody.

With him comfortably out of the way and Walter put back in his place Mandy could now hopefully get a bit of a break from it all.

The story was not the same with Ted however. He still had her exploits on video and was making a little money on the side by selling copies through a local sex shop. She was unaware of just how many he had sold and who they had been sold to, choosing instead to adopt the 'ignore it and hope it all goes away' attitude.

Anyway for a few weeks that seemed to be exactly what was happening until, that is, the day Ted caught her out in the street one morning as she made her way to work. He told her that he wanted to catch her as today was Bernards 85th birthday and the care home was having a small party for him that evening. He went on to explain that he couldn't go but had promised Bernard that he would send her along instead.

After much deliberation she realised that she had no choice other than to go, after all he still had his copies of the infamous tapes and she couldn't risk them getting into the wrong hands, like her parents for instance. Her hope was that as it was a party there would be other people there and so the probability was that it would be quite safe.

"It's fancy dress," he told her as he looked her up and down.

"W..what...fancy dress? But I don't have a costume," she replied.

"Yes you do, your old college uniform."

"Oh I....I don't think so," she said nervously.

He grabbed the pretty 20 year old by the arm and, with a look of anger in his eyes, informed her that he had been very kind in leaving her alone when he could have been using the power he had over her to make her do all sorts of things.

She knew he was right and so reluctantly agreed, she couldn't afford to anger him and she knew that things hadn't been as bad as they maybe could have been.

As he held her arm he started to get that hungry look as his eyes seemed to fix on her huge tits. Over the last month or so she found they had suffered another growth spurt and were now an incredible 34FF. She truly loved having such big tits and enjoyed the attention they drew, most of the time. The down side was that nice quality bras were not cheap and she only liked to wear ones that fitted perfectly. She replied with a quick, "ok," as she walked away appearing to be in something of a hurry. The reality was she recognised that look in his eye, the look she had seen so many times before.

Her day at work went as any other, the usual constant looks from all the guys, including Walter. She didn't mind as long as they kept their distance, in fact she enjoyed the tease, it somehow lifted her day thinking of the affect she had on them all.

The end of the day soon came and Mandy went straight home and changed into her college uniform as instructed. The charcoal grey skirt still fitted perfectly, although she had forgotten just how short it was, she spun around and looked at her ass, "sexy....very sexy," she muttered to herself.

The crisp white blouse was always a little tight, but now her breasts had gone from a 34EE to a 34FF the buttons really had their work cut out. Around her neck she loosely tied the college tie which went some way to hiding the tremendous strain the blouse buttons were under.

She pulled her white knitted stockings over her feet and up her legs as far as they would go, just above her knees and a good few inches below her skirt.

As she pulled her blazer on, which she was never able to button up anyway, she looked at herself in the mirror and was reminded of the time that she first met George when she wore exactly the came clothes.

She tied her blonde hair back into a pony tail and set off for the care home.

Her beautiful fresh young face had a youthful innocence about it making her college girl look appear perfectly normal, after all it was only less than a year ago that she used to wear it for real. Her very well endowed body however and the confident sexy way she walked seemed to suggest that the innocent look was possibly the mask of a real cock teaser.

On her arrival at the home she could see in the common room that there were some old folks sitting around looking thoroughly depressed. A table was laid out at one end with some drinks and snacks on it. They had set up a small stereo in the corner playing dreadful party music.

"Some party!" thought Mandy as she stood in the doorway gazing around the room. As she looked she soon realised that Bernard was nowhere to be seen. She also noticed that it wasn't a fancy dress party at all, obviously Teds idea of a joke!

Turning back out into the hallway she stopped a passing nurse to ask if this was Bernards party and if so where he was?

She explained that it was Bernards party but he had been taken ill earlier that day and was in hospital. The nurse told her it was nothing to worry about as she ushered her back into the room telling her to help herself to a drink or whatever she wanted as Bernard apparently insisted that the party still go ahead.

As she crossed the empty floor to the table Mandy looked at all the old folks sitting around the room. There were seven people in all, five women and two men, it felt like a morgue not one of them could have been under eighty years of age.

She helped herself to a drink and took a seat on her own near the table, she had already decided she would only stay a short while before heading off home, at least then she would have done what had been asked of her.

As she sat there one of the care workers came in and asked if she would mind just lending a hand in keeping everyones drinks topped up and generally making sure that the old folks were all ok as they were a little short on staff that night.

Mandy wondered if she was confused and thought that she was there as a helper rather than being a guest. But ever the polite and helpful girl Mandy said of course she wouldn't mind, in fact it would give her something to do. Now feeling quite at ease, due to the fact that thankfully Bernard wasn't there, she removed her blazer and hung it over the back of her chair.

"These old folks homes are always so hot," she thought to herself as she pulled the knot of her college tie down to the middle of her chest and undid a further button on her blouse.

As the care worker left the room Mandy went over and checked with the old ladies that everything was ok and told them if they needed anything to give her a shout.

They all sat there in silence seemingly half asleep, "oh well I tried," thought Mandy somewhat put out by their apparent ignorance.

Next she turned to the two old men sat together on a long sofa the opposite side of the room, they appeared a little the worse for wear. One was hanging off the other talking in his ear the way she had seen old drunks in the park do. As she approached the one talking stopped and they both watched the gorgeous young girl walk towards them, they suddenly seemed to be almost hypnotized by her appearance.

"Are you two ok?" asked Mandy.

They were both easily in their eighties if not older and the one that had been doing the talking had obviously had too much to drink. His face was an unhealthy red colour and he had a huge gnarled purple nose. His grey beard seemed to contain traces of every meal he had eaten over the past week and you could smell the alcohol on his breath from ten feet away.

He wore a suite that must have been thirty years old and was bought when he was a good few sizes smaller. His shirt looked as old and it stretched tight around his pot belly. It had become untucked from his trousers, which were stained with stale piss that he had obviously splashed down the front many times. A truly disgusting and filthy old drunk.

The other man appeared to have some sort of an illness, he looked as if he may have had a stroke at some point. He too was very old and seemed to shake and tremble constantly. He didn't seem to be able to talk and his mouth hung open all the time causing saliva to pool in his bottom lip and then dribble down his front. She felt instantly sorry for him, not disgusted, he was obviously unable to help the way he was and she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him.

The drunk offered her his empty beer can and asked her in a slurred voice to get him another. She noticed that his gaze was fixed on her body and never once even glanced at her face. He drew the back of his hand across his mouth and a smile came across his face as she took the can, he let out a deep low groan, obviously pleased with what he saw.

As she turned and went to get him another beer he pulled a whiskey flask from his jacket pocket and took a swig. As she walked back to the table his eyes were glued to her beautiful ass cheeks fighting against the straining material of her short skirt.

She returned to him with the fresh can and as he took it he grabbed her arm and pulled her down close to his face, the smell of alcohol almost knocking her out.

"I know who you are," he whispered to her, taking the opportunity to have a good look down her cleavage at her huge firm young breasts.

"What do you mean?" she asked as she pulled herself away.

He simply pointed his finger at her and said in a knowing way, "you naughty girl."

Her instant thought was that he must recognise her, he must have a copy of that blasted tape. What could she do, she had to be careful, she didn't want to upset him but then she didn't want to entertain any of his obvious filthy thoughts either.

The truth was somewhat different however. He hadn't got a copy of the tape, in fact he had never even seen it, he simply had been told by Bernard about this mysterious sexy young girl who seemed to have an appetite for old men.

As she went back to her seat she noticed the old drunk whispering into the other mans ear and then laughing as he looked back at her.

Mindful of just how she was dressed Mandy knew this was a bad situation and wasn't sure how she was going to get herself out of it.

After a few minutes the old man struggled to his feet and weaved his way across the floor towards her, tugging his trousers up and trying to tuck his shirt in as he went.

Standing in front of her and swaying from side to side he put his hand out and asked her for a dance. She tried to decline but he simply reached down for her hand and pulled her to her feet.

"Oh I...I don't think so," she said, looking disgustedly at his filthy shirt with beer spilt down the front and his trousers with stale piss stains all down them.

"Nonsense!" he slurred and dragged her out into the middle of the room. The gorgeous blonde 20 year old felt embarrassed and followed reluctantly.

She looked over her shoulder to see the old ladies all getting to their feet and leave the room, it was now just her and the two old men, not a good situation.

He put his arm around her narrow waist and pulled her close to him, this was a chance to be siezed, loving the sight and feel of having such a beautiful and unbelievably sexy young girl so close.

"My God you're a well endowed young thing," he said with the overconfidence that too much alcohol brings as he stared down at her magnificently huge tits.

She tried to push him away but he was having none of it. The filthy smelly old drunk held her tight and started to shuffle his feet in an attempt to try and dance with her.

"Mmmmm, nice....very nice," he said still looking down her cleavage. That was when she felt it, the unmistakeable presence of an erection in his trousers. At the same time the dirty old drunk couldn't help himself and took the opportunity to have a grope of her ass, after all this was indeed an opportunity not to be missed.

He let out a groan of pleasure as he gripped a firm round cheek in each hand and started to rub himself up against her.

At that moment Mandy pulled herself away and told him to stop being a dirty old man and behave himself. He simply laughed and staggered backwards into his seat saying, "don't give me all that! I know who you are, Bernard told us you were coming, we've been looking forward to it all day."

Now she was starting to get worried, she wondered if this was some elaborate plan by Bernard...or even Ted! With that in mind she couldn't run the risk of upsetting these two old fools.

"L....let me get you another drink," she nervously said, "w...what about your friend?"

With that the other old boy spoke for the first time, "n...n...n...no," he stuttered, it was obviously some effort for him to talk.

As she went to get another can the old drunk whispered to his friend, "fuckin' look at that, what a cock teaser, d'you see the size of her fuckin' tits? and as for the fuckin' ass on it...jeez!"

The other old guy sniggered and started rocking back and forth excitedly in his seat clutching his groin.

As she returned with the can of beer the old drunk had moved along the sofa leaving a space between him and his friend. She knew it was for her and didn't know quite what to do. She handed him the can and he placed it on the table to the side, then he patted the seat and told her to sit down.

With no real choice in the matter she turned and sat herself down. She felt extremely uncomfortable as she squeezed herself into the tight gap between these two filthy old men.

The trembling old man seemed to be rather thrilled at having her sit so close and started to shake even more. He tried to speak but whatever he was trying to say couldn't be understood as he looked down at her lap, the shortness of her skirt obviously the source of some excitement for him.

The drunk turned to face her, the stench of his boozey breath and his general body odour were extremely unpleasant for her.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned as he looked down her body, "my my you are a pleasant surprise, we don't ever get any visitors in here," he told her as he raised his hand to scratch at his filthy grey beard.

She already knew where this was all leading, and convinced that it had all been planned by Ted, she was too afraid to risk upsetting either of them, if only she knew the truth....

The old drunk was unsure how far she was going to allow him to go, but it wasn't every day that he found himself sat next to an incredible looking big titted blonde college girl and so he had to try his luck.

With one hand along the back of the sofa behind her he whispered in her ear, "I only want to have a little touch, I'm not going to do anything bad, I just want a feel, y'know?"

Mandy said nothing, she just closed her eyes as she chewed nervously on her bottom lip. He took this as a green light and, quite unable to believe what he was about to do, he slowly raised his other hand and gently placed it on her tit then gave it a firm squeeze through her blouse.

"Oh my God!" he whispered amazed by its fantastic size and weight, it was pure heaven. His excitement grew as he squeezed and groped the both of them, his cock was as hard as a rock and bells seemed to ring loudly in his ears as his blood pressure went off the scale.

He started to lose all self control and, no longer willing or able to wait and see if it was ok with her, he desperately undid the buttons of her blouse and pulled it open. There was a jaw dropping silence from the two old perverts as they stared in awe at her magnificent tits perfectly encased in a half cup bra. The pretty lace detail and the pure virgin white of the garment was so sexy that the old drunk explored it all over with his finger tips before slipping his dirty caloused old hand inside.

"Oh fuck!" he called out as he fondled her naked flesh, soon finding a surprisingly erect nipple.

"Ooh you dirty little bitch," he said to her as he began to lick and slobber up and down her neck like an over excited dog, his coarse beard scratching her smooth and delicate skin.

Suddenly she felt a trembling hand moving along her inner thigh, it was the other old boy obviously wanting some of the same. As the drunk saw what he was doing he released her tit and lifted her leg across his lap, he then reached over and lifted the other leg onto his friends lap. She now sat there between the two dirty old men with her legs laying wide open, one across each of them, her tiny skirt only just covering her panties.

The unwell old man started to feel around the top of her thigh with both of his shaking hands, loving the feel of her tight silky smooth skin. Saliva seemed to now dribble constantly from his bottom lip and down his shirt.

The drunk was somewhat more brave as he ran his dirty smelly old hand along the inside of her thigh and under her tiny skirt. When he came to the top he pressed his fingers against the crotch of her white lace panties and let out a long sigh. He still couldn't believe what this gorgeous young woman was letting him do as he started to rub his fingers up and down her slit through the thin white fabric.

He noticed her panties were slightly moist and seemed to be getting more so. "Ooh you're loving this you dirty little bitch," he muttered as his fingers crept under the edge of her panty crotch and felt their way up and down her protruding pussy lips. Unable to resist the temptation he pushed two fingers into her, they easily slipped deep into the wetness of her tight cunt.

The other old man also eased his bony trembling old fingers under the other edge of her panty crotch and pushed them into her too.

With the both of them feeling around inside her pussy Mandy couldn't help but let out a quiet moan as she found herself yet again reluctantly starting to enjoy being used in this way. Her head fell back coming to rest on the back of the sofa, with her eyes still closed as she faced the ceiling, she arched her back thrusting her tits out even further.

She reached for the front clasp of her bra and released it, her bra fell away to her sides and her gorgeous tits sprang into view. The two old boys eyes nearly popped out of their heads at the incredible sight before them. The greedy old drunk got in first and began slobbering and sucking them all over while the other guy just sat there and watched in amazement.

Mandy was truly enjoying the sensation of being used in this way, she was getting so turned on she couldn't help herself. When the old drunk took her hand and thrust it into his lap she knew exactly what to do, unzipping his trousers she reached inside.

As her delicate soft fingers gently wrapped around his dirty smelly old cock he let out a loud gasp of sheer ecstasy.

"Ooh God wank me off, ooh yeah go on more, more!" he cried as she pulled his hard cock from his trousers and slowly started pumping it up and down. Instictively she reached out her other hand and, much to the other old mans delight, she started to fumble around in his trousers for his cock too.

As she found it he too let out a deep sigh, the sensation of having his frustrated old cock felt by this gorgeous young creature was almost too much to take.

Soon she was sat there with her legs wide open being felt, groped, squeezed licked and sucked all over by two of the dirtiest old men imaginable, and she was loving it. With a huge hard cock in each hand she was wanking them off for all she was worth.

With Mandy being just the most beautiful and incredibly sexy girl that the two old men had encountered in many a long year they were more turned on than they had ever been.

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