tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 14

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 14


Monday came and Mandy had packed her cases with enough to last her for a couple of weeks away from home. She put them in the back of her mothers car and went to work as normal. The plan was for her mother to pick her up after work and take her straight over to her friend Marys house where she would be safe for the time being.

Mandy had been told by her mother what Mary was like, how she was a God fearing christian woman in her mid fifties who definitely would not understand what Mandy and the old men had been up to, and so she must under no circumstances find out.

Mary had spent the Sunday preparing the spare room for her forthcoming guest and found she was rather looking forward to the company. Although her 18 year old son lived with her she found getting a conversation out of him somewhat like getting blood from a stone. Even that day, when he arose from his pit around noon and she tried to tell him they were having someone to stay for a few weeks, all she got was a grunt as he shuffled off downstairs to get some breakfast. She had grown used to his behaviour and put it down to his years of being bullied at school, something that carried on to this day.

His name was Peter and never seemed to mix well with others, he was a pathetic geeky sort of kid with a spotty face and greasy hair. Not blessed in the looks department he had suffered years of teasing for the ridiculous way his huge ears stuck out like the open doors of a car, and his goofy front teeth that rested permanently in front of his bottom lip making him altogether rather unattractive. He had a small circle of equally nerdy and immature friends whose company he felt safe in, and so never really bothered trying to mix with others.

Being of a very slight build and with looks that were the constant butt of jokes he never had the confidence to even talk to girls, let alone ask one out on a date. Even if he did none would want to go, not only was he a total nerd, but he also had some filthy habits, like picking his nose and constantly fiddling with his crotch oblivious to the fact that people might be watching.

His mother and everyone else always assumed he hadn't yet developed any interest in girls, they just put it down to the fact that, although he was 18, he was just a bit slow on that front.

How wrong they all were, that was all he spent every waking moment thinking about, he may have been too scared and shy to talk to girls but he certainly had a very keen interest. The sneaky little creep constantly fantasized and daydreamed over just about every hot girl he saw. Too embarrassed to ever share his thoughts with anyone else in case they thought he was just a dirty little pervert, he had mastered the art of keeping his urges and thoughts a very well hidden secret.....

He would wake for college every day at 7:55am and put on the TV in his bedroom just in time for the weather girl to come on. In the space of the two minutes it took for her to stand there and read the weather Peter would have imagined himself standing up against her feeling her up and shot his load all over the sheets. This was just the first of many frustrating fantasies he would have through the course of an average day.

Other examples would be, spying on the lady that walks by his house on her way to work at 8:15 every morning, her ass had such a cheeky wiggle that he would have to give himself a dirty little rub while he tried to imagine what it would be like to grope it with his grubby little hands. Then there was the woman on the bus taking her kids to school as she did every morning, she had such big tits that he found it hard to not get himself caught looking at them, he was fascinated by them and so wished he could just reach out and give them a squeeze. Of course then there would be various girls and female teachers at college, all of whom kept his dick rock hard forcing him to visit the toilets for a quick one off the wrist, and all this was before lunch!!!

Occasionally he would find he couldn't get to the toilets quick enough, like the time he was so engrossed in watching his English teachers sexy ass in a pair of skin-tight black trousers as she wrote on the board at the front of the class. The drooling little geek was imagining his hands roaming all over it, he got so excited that he actually came in his underpants sat at his desk in the middle of the class. Thankfully nobody noticed, even though he had to carry his books in front of himself to hide the wet patch when he left the class.

His obsession with the opposite sex meant that he found himself with the frustration of an almost permanent erection. Whether it was a girl at college, on television or in a magazine the source for inspiration was endless, all he dreamt of was that one day he might actually finally get to touch a pair of tits or a beautifully rounded ass. Until that day however, if indeed it would ever come, he would make do with his vivid imagination and, of course, his trusty right hand.....

Monday evening came and Mandy's mother collected her from work and took her across town to Marys as planned. When they arrived Peter was out doing some homework at the home of one of his nerdy friends. Alison introduced her daughter to Mary and after a quick cup of tea decided to leave the two of them to get acquainted and to enable Mandy to settle in properly.

After taking her cases up to her new room Mandy came back down to the kitchen to have another cup of tea and a chat. She had decided not to get changed from her work clothes just yet as her things may need a quick rub with the iron before she could wear them.

As usual she looked stunning in a tight blue knee length pencil skirt and crisp white blouse that fitted nicely across her impressively large bust. Even Mary noticed what a beautiful girl she was, and so smart too in her work clothes. She, like most other women, couldn't help but feel a little inadequate and drab in her presence.

As they stood talking, each one nursing a hot cup of tea, the back door opened and in shuffled Peter. With Mandy standing with her back to him as he came in he was instantly surprised to see someone there, they hardly ever had visitors. In a split second he felt his heart miss a beat and his senses go into overload as the first thing his eyes settled on was her incredible shapely ass in the tight fitting skirt.

What happened over the next two or three seconds seemed to almost happen in slow motion to the hormonal 18 year old. As Mandy turned to greet him he noticed the tightness of her skirt around her womanly hips and the narrowness of her waist. Her lovely blonde hair seemed to fly out as if in a shampoo commercial, and as she turned and he saw her beautiful face for the first time he couldn't believe what he was seeing. His attention was on her face however for just a split second, because as she turned towards him all of his attention instantly shifted to her chest. As he stared he could just hear his mothers voice as if in the distance.

"This is Mandy and she'll be staying with us for a few weeks."

His mouth dried and he felt himself go bright red as she extended her hand to say hello. As he tried to say hello back the words seemed to lodge in his throat, he was completely dumbfounded by the incredible size and shape of her big round tits, he had never been in the presence of such unbelievable beauty.

He seemed frozen to the spot for a second or two before he left the kitchen in a state of total embarrassment. His mother turned to Mandy and said, "oh just ignore him, he's a bit awkward around people he doesn't know, especially girls."

Mandy just smiled politely and they carried on with their conversation.

Peter took up his usual seat in the front room and flicked the TV on. His head was spinning with a thousand thoughts, he couldn't believe what he had just seen, what a body! She was perfection, the stuff of all his wildest dreams and fantasies, if he had one wish for anything he wanted she was exactly it, he wouldn't change a thing, and she was going to be staying in his house for the next few weeks....unbelievable!

As he sat there nursing his ever growing erection Mandy came into the room and gave him a smile. She thought how he looked just like a kid, a shy geeky kid with no idea of fashion or style, had she not known any different she would have never guessed him to be 18 years old. He looked harmless enough though and she felt comfortable in his presence, she thought that he probably hadn't even started thinking about girls yet and so she wouldn't have to worry about him getting any ideas.

She could sense his awkwardness and didn't want to embarrass him further so she turned her back to him and stood there for a minute or two to see what he was watching on TV.

With his mother still out in the kitchen this gave him the chance to have another sneaky look at her. He could feel the excitement building in his frustrated cock as his eyes drank in the vision of her perfectly formed ass in the tightly fitted skirt. The way her lower back arched inwards seemed almost a deliberate attempt to tease by causing her shapely ass cheeks to thrust outwards even more.

He could feel the unmistakable seepage of pre-cum oozing from his cock into his underpants as he looked up at her tits. From the angle she was standing at he could clearly see one of them from the side, it looked beautiful, so fucking huge, her white blouse seemed to be molded to its perfectly rounded shape. He had always had a thing for women with big tits, the bigger the better. He had always longed to take a pair in his hands and give them a squeeze, something sadly he had never yet done. He could only try to imagine how it would feel to reach around and cup hers from underneath taking their full weight in his clammy little hands.

Suddenly she turned and went back out into the kitchen, he couldn't take his eyes off her huge bouncing tits as she went, and, as she walked out through the door, the way her cheeky ass jiggled under the tight skirt.

Instantly he left the room and went straight up to his bedroom, his mind full of images of what he had just seen. He closed the door and pulled his trousers and underpants off as he quickly lay out on his bed. He flopped one arm across his face and started kissing it muttering Mandy's name over and over. With his other hand he grabbed his desperate erection and started to wank himself off constantly kissing and licking his arm as he muttered her name over and over imagining it was her.

Within a matter of seconds he let out a groan as spunk shot from his cock like a bullet from a gun flying over his head and hitting the wall behind him. As he pounded on his cock more and more of the stuff flew through the air landing all over the place. He let out a long sigh, he had wanked himself off before more times than he cared to remember but, for one so quick, that was a good one, there was spunk everywhere.

As he lay there with is mind still full of thoughts of the incredible Mandy just downstairs he knew he had to go again. He rolled over to his side and drew his knees up as he furiously rubbed his cock again. He imagined himself slipping his hand inside her blouse and feeling her tits while his other hand squeezed her ass in that tight skirt. Within less than a minute spunk flew from its tip once more and he again experienced the most amazing feelings surge through his body as he dumped loads of the thick smelly stuff all over his sheets.

After laying there and dozing off for a short while he woke put on a change of clothes and went back downstairs. He came into the kitchen where Mandy was stood ironing some of her clothes that had got crumpled in her case. She had changed into a tight pair of faded denims that fitted perfectly to her peachy ass and a pink t-shirt that fitted as all her t-shirts did, as if it had been sprayed on.

As she tried to speak to him she noticed his gaze seemed to be more concentrated on her body. She thought that maybe he was just getting curious about woman and their bodies and so rather than embarrass him she pretended not to notice.

While she continued with her ironing he couldn't stop looking at her tits held firmly in the snug fitting t-shirt. He so would so desperately have loved to touch them, feel them, squeeze them, he would have given anything to place his hands on them for just one second. He could feel his bottom lip start to tremble as it always did when he got excited, at the same time his cock again began to stiffen in his trousers. She was just so incredible, how was he going to manage the torture of seeing her but not being able to touch her every day for the next few weeks.

Every time she rubbed the iron over her clothes her huge tits rocked from side to side, he was sure he could just make out her nipples poking out against the thin pink fabric. The sex starved little pervert could stand it no more and had to leave the room and go back upstairs. As soon as he entered his bedroom he reached into his trousers and pulled out his desperately hard cock, he started to pump it in his hand and within a few seconds ropes of spunk flew across the room all over the carpet. As he rid himself of the thick sticky goo he fell to his knees and realised that this was how it was going to be for the whole time she was here.

He knew it was going to be hard for him but, of course, there was no way he would want her to leave, how could he she was just every sexual fantasy he had ever had all rolled into one. She was going to be the source of many great wanks over the next few weeks. A wank was one thing, but oh to fuck her...just imagine...oh my God!!!

He knew it would never happen but he could dream, and dream he did. The next few days were much the same as that first night, a combination of sneakily looking at her without drawing attention to the fact, and then running off to his room for some much needed relief. The nights were just as torturous knowing that she was asleep in the very next room, possibly wearing some sexy lingerie or possibly naked, just the thought of it sent the spotty nerd into a whirl of endless masturbation.

Friday evening came and Peter arrived home from college as always to find his mother preparing the evening meal. He went through to the front room and dumped himself on the sofa in front of the tv waiting for a look at Mandy when she arrived home from work. As he heard the back door open and the sound of her unmistakable voice talking to his mother his heart seemed to accelerate and his throat instantly dried as he waited excitedly to see her.

"Hi Peter!" she said cheerily as she came into the front room, "what you watching?"

"Er...m...monster trucks.." he answered in a nervous squeaky voice.

He quickly glanced at her several times, each time taking a sneaky look at her incredible figure. She wore a short tight red skirt with a tight black ribbed sweater, her legs were encased in black nylon, she looked as always just so fucking sexy, if only she knew what she was doing to him.

She sat herself down on the sofa next to him watching the TV as she did. Perched on the very edge to indicate she was only sitting down temporarily she leaned forward, and with her elbows on her knees she rested her chin in her hands.

With Peter slouched back in the sofa he couldn't resist looking her over, he loved everything about her, her blonde hair, her scent, her beautiful face, but most of all her lovely shapely body. As he looked at her he could feel his cock swell from its pathetically flaccid two inches to its rock hard seven inches of blood fuelled gristle. Again he looked under her arm at the massive tit thrusting out against her tightly stretched sweater, he had to constantly wrestle the overwhelming urge to reach under her arm and just grab it.

As he continued staring at it he reached into his pocket in the hope that he would be able to give his frustrated cock a little rub without being noticed. He wondered if she had any idea how much it would mean to him to have a feel of her tits, if only she would let him, why not? after all it wouldn't hurt her or even inconvenience her in the slightest, but it would be a dream come true for him and make him the happiest person in the whole world. These were the thoughts that constantly raced through his mind as he leered at her.

Then there was her short tight skirt and her legs encased in the sexiest silky black nylon. He imagined his hand running along the inside of her thigh and under her skirt, he imagined her to wear stockings. His mouth started to water as he pictured his fingers teasing her panties aside and slipping inside her wet pussy. That was it, it was all too much for the frustrated little creep and as he grabbed his cock from inside his trouser pocket he suddenly felt himself ejaculate into his underpants. He bit down hard on his lip as he froze to the spot terrified that she would know what had just happened, it took all his will power to hold himself still.

At that moment she stood up, straightened her skirt and went back through to the kitchen. He couldn't believe how lucky he was as he watched her leave the room. As soon as she was out of site he pumped his cock hard to finish himself off.

The mess that it caused in his trousers meant that he had to quickly leave the room and go up to his bedroom to change. As he did he heard her come up the stairs, she went into her room and shut the door, two or three minutes later she came back out and went into the bathroom. After another two or three minutes she left the bathroom and went back down stairs.

Peter went to the top of the stairs and shouted down to his mother that he was going to have a quick shower, something he needed to do in order to clean all the stale spunk from himself. He got to the top of the stairs just in time to see Mandy vanish into the front room, she had changed into her t-shirt and denims.

He went into the bathroom and locked the door, as he was just about to turn the shower on he saw the linen basket in the corner with the lid half off. Realising that Mandy had just changed he quickly put two and two together.

He checked again that the door was locked and went over to the basket and removed the lid, his eyes almost popped out of his head at what he saw as he peered inside. There on top of all the dirty washing was a bundle of black lace underwear, he trembled with uncontrollable excitement as he reached in and lifted out the first item, it was Mandy's bra and it was still warm, it must have been what she had just been wearing under her work clothes.

"Oh God," he whispered with a tremble in his voice as he held it open, the cups were huge, he saw the label had the size on it, 34FF, his bottom jaw fell open. He noticed it had no additional padding and realised that her tits were indeed as big as they appeared.

He couldn't resist putting his hands inside the cups and pressing it into his face, he could smell her scent all over it as he imagined her tits being in it just a few minutes earlier, this was surely as close he would ever get to having them in his face for real.

After a few cock hardening minutes he put it down and took all his clothes off. Next he reached in and pulled out the next garment. "Oh yes! I knew it," he whispered to himself as he found himself holding a matching suspender belt.

"Fucking hell!" was all he could say. He had always thought that women only wore stockings and suspenders in magazines, he couldn't believe it, the thought of it was driving him crazy as he imagined how incredible she must look in such sexy underwear.

Then he peered back into the basket and saw one final item, he knew what it was as he reached in and took it out....her black lace panties!

His excitement was beyond control as he brought them to his face and sniffed in deeply, he knew what he was smelling was the scent of her cunt, he had never smelt one before but he instinctively knew. He held them open with both hands and dragged his tongue along the silk crotch that would have just moments ago been pressed tightly against her cunt.

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