An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 15


Below she wore a pair of dark blue pinstripe trousers, although they flared outwards from the knee down so they all but covered her feet, they fitted unbelievably tight around the tops of her shapely thighs, the material pulling slightly where they hugged into her crotch. Then there was her perfect and beautiful ass, the trousers looked like they had been painted onto it. He could see no visible panty line, and the way her firm round cheeks seemed to be nicely independant of each other told him that she had to be wearing a thong.

He moved around the table towards her, she put a hand out to stop him getting any closer, but he seemed different, more confident, she had to admit she found it a little worrying.

"Y...your mothers just upstairs," she reminded him.

He just smiled an arrogant smile, "oh she's taking a shower, we both know she'll be at least ten to fifteen minutes." As he spoke his eyes were roaming all over her body, he made no attempt to hide the fact as he just stared at her tits. She stood there frozen, unsure what to do as he moved around her and licked his lips as he looked at her incredible ass sticking out behind her.

"L...listen, I...I want that tape back now!" Mandy said as sternly as she could.

The ugly little nerd just smiled and said, "no I don't think's my tape now, and if you don't want me to show it to anyone else then you had better be nice to me."

Now Mandy knew she was in trouble, yesterday she felt she was in control, doing whatever she thought necessary to get the tape back from the disgusting little nerd. But now he obviously realised how important it was to her and she began to feel worried at what this sex-starved little creep might want from her.

As he stood behind her she could feel his horrible breath on the back of her neck, then all of a sudden, "SLAP!" He smacked her across the ass, "oh sorry, let me rub it better," he whispered as he gently stroked his hand down from the top of her hip across her gorgeous firm cheeks.

Having his hand on her ass was an amazing sensation for Peter, her trousers fitted like a second skin, they were as smooth as silk clinging to the shapely outward curve of the two most perfect ass he had ever seen. He could feel his hard cock twitch and jerk as it began to leak pre-cum against the inside of his dressing gown.

He needed a closer look and so crouched down behind her as he placed his other hand on it too. As his hands roamed over her ass he became more and more excited.

"Ooh that's lovely, oh God it's so beautiful," he whispered.

Mandy just stood there, her eyes looking up towards the ceiling as she allowed the repulsive spotty little geek to fondle her ass all over with his slimy hands. The more he felt it the more enthusiastic and rougher he became. Soon he was kneading her cheeks hard with his ever growing excitement.

The temptation was just too great for him and suddenly Mandy yelped as he took a cheek into his mouth and bit down quite hard on it. "Mmmmmmmmm," he groaned as he licked and sucked on it through her tight trousers.

After a minute or two he stopped and stood back up, undid his dressing gown exposing his pathetic naked body. He held her hips as he pressed his erect cock against the groove between her cheeks.

"Ooooh," he groaned, "feel that...? mmm...? see what you do to me?" Before she could even think of anything to say he slipped his hands under her arms and started to feel his way along the side of her enormous tits. She felt something wet and disgusting on her neck, it was his tongue. He licked all over the side of her neck and around her ear as he reached further until he was cupping her heavy tits in his grubby little hands.

"Oh fuckin' hell yes," he groaned as he sunk his fingers into the firm flesh, squeezing them as hard as he could. He knew he wouldn't be able to last for long as he rubbed his cock up and down against her ass.

"Show them to me," he ordered.

With that Mandy knew she had to get this over with quick before Mary emerged from her shower. She reached down and took the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up until it was under her chin. Next she heaved each gigantic breast out from the white lace cups of her bra.

Peter quickly twisted her around to face him, his jaw almost hit the floor at the sight of her huge tits thrusting out between the white t-shirt bunched up above them and the white bra pulled down beneath them.

"Oh God yes," he sighed as he grabbed them with both hands and locked his mouth over one of her swollen nipples. Moaning and groaning like a starving man he sucked chewed and licked it all over, cramming as much into his mouth as he could.

Just then they both heard his mother turn off the shower, they both knew they only had a couple of minutes at best. Peter rested his bony ass against the kitchen worktop and pushed her down to her knees.

She looked up at him disgusted by the smug grin on his stupid face.

"Ooh come on, do to me what you did to some of them old men," he said to her as he positioned her until his cock was touching the side of her nose, almost poking her in the eye.

"Ooh yeah, fuckin' hell you're so fuckin' beautiful, ooooooh," he moaned as he slid his dribbling cock across her pretty face until the purple head was pressing against her lovely sweet lips.

She knew what he wanted and really had no choice other than to give it to him, if his mother found them in this position God only knows what would happen.

"Ooh come on, quick, I can't wait," he begged her knowing that at any minute he could blow his load.

Mandy hated the spotty little nerd with his ridiculous ears and his goofy teeth, but she knew this had to be gotten over with. So she took the base of his cock in her hand and started to pump it up and down. At the same time she opened her mouth and licked the underside of it, flicking her tongue rapidly across the over sensitive tip. With her other hand she cupped his balls, her fingertips just tickling behind them.

He could stand it no more and pushed forward forcing his cock deep into her mouth. With her tongue pressed against it and holding it back so he could only push it halfway in she sucked as hard as she could.

"Aaaaah yes yes yesssss!" He cried as Mandy felt his cock pump in her hand. At the same moment her mouth filled with his hot sticky spunk, his elation was beyond compare as he thrust his hips back and forth as quickly as he could. So much spunk kept on spewing from his cock that Mandy had to pull it from her mouth and, with her tongue out still pressed against the underside of it, she finish him by hand.

He looked down unable to believe the incredible sight before him. His cock was still pumping out spunk and it was now all over Mandys face, running all over her tongue and out from the sides of her mouth.

"Oh yes.....!" He sighed as his eyes closed and he pushed his cock back into her mouth to offload the final drops.

Knowing they only had a matter of seconds Mandy quickly got to her feet and grabbed a cloth to wipe her face. Next she hurriedly forced her swollen tits back into her bra and pulled her t-shirt back down.

All the time she was doing this, Peter simply pulled his dressing gown closed and sat back down to finish his cereal.

All Mandy could think was what an arrogant pig he was with that cocky expression all over his ugly spotty face.

Just as Mary was coming down the stairs Mandy flew by her on the way up. She needed to get into the bathroom to wash her face and rinse the vile taste from her mouth.

After a few minutes to clean herself up, Mandy left the bathroom and went back downstairs, safe in the knowledge that Mary would be there. However when she got to the kitchen she found Peter still sat at the table but no sign of his mother.

"It's ok, she's gone to work," he said with an irritating arrogance, "so it looks like we've got a bit more time together, which is just as well." As he got to his feet he allowed his dressing gown to fall open displaying once again his rock hard erection. It seemed there was no satisfying his endless craving for sex.

Mandy couldn't believe it, she was trapped alone on the house with him now, she was entirely at his mercy. She could tell from his manner that there would be no chance of talking her way out of the situation, and so she had to accept whatever he wanted she would have to do.

"God, I just can't get enough of you," he told her as he walked up to her, put his arms around her and, without waiting to see if it was ok with her, put his mouth over hers and started to kiss her passionately on the lips.

Mandy had no choice other than to kiss him back as she felt his tongue worm it's way into her mouth. He started to moan with pleasure as, trembling from the excitement, his hands started to wander all over her body, groping and squeezing as they went.

He released her mouth so he could speak. "Oh God your fuckin' ass, ooh I fuckin' love it, it's so fuckin' gorgeous." As he was saying it his hands were feeling it all over, taking each outward thrusting cheek in his hands and squeezing hard. He went back to kissing her as he allowed himself the pleasure of fondling her ass for another few minutes.

He then looked down at her tits pushing out against the tight white t-shirt and, enjoying being able at last to say exactly what he wanted to her, he went on.

"Ooh fuck, your tit's are so fuckin' big, mmmm oooh yes," he moaned as he released her ass and slipped his hands under the bottom of her t-shirt. As he moved higher he soon had a firm hold of them, "mmmmmm, yeah, I bet every man you meet wishes he could get his hands on these fuckers."

He smiled as he looked at the outline of his hands through her t-shirt massaging and kneading the pair of them.

Suddenly he released them and pulled his hands out. "Quick, upstairs now!" With that he turned her towards the stairs and chased her up, loving the sight of her ass stretching the tight trousers further as she ran up the stairs in front of him. Pushing her into his room he threw his dressing gown off and told her to strip, he needed her and he needed her now!

Standing naked with his erection bobbing around in front of him, he watched in awe as she peeled off her trousers and t-shirt. She paused for a second, unsure if she should carry on. Peter just licked his lips as he admired her incredible body in her matching white lace thong and bra.

He stepped up to her and pushed her onto the bed. As she lay there on her back Peter grabbed the sides of her thong and pulled it down her legs and off, pausing a second to sniff the crotch before tossing it aside.

Mandy hated the dirty little creep, with his ugly face and his scrawny lilly white body, who did he think he was? But he didn't care, all he wanted was her, this was every dream he had ever had come true.

He clambered onto the bed and grabbed her legs at the back of her knees. He then lifted them up and spread them apart until her knees were up by her shoulders.

"Hold them there," he ordered her.

As she held them in place she felt so disgusted at having to display herself to him in this way. Peter licked his drooling lips as he positioned his head between her opened legs just inches from her fully exposed pussy.

"Ooh fuck," he whispered, "that's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." He lowered his head and placed his mouth over it and kissed it with the same passion that he had kissed her mouth with earlier. "Mmmmmmmm yes mmmmmmmmm, ooh fuck that's lovely," he groaned as he started to eagerly devour it. This was his first taste of pussy and he was amazed at how good it was, it seemed to satisfy the constant drooling in his mouth. He placed his hands either side of it and pulled it open pushing his tongue in as deep as it would go.

Moaning uncontrollably he couldn't resist pushing two fingers deep inside and wiggling them around as he sucked and chewed on her lips and exposed clit.

Mandy couldn't help it, she let out a sigh as her juices started to flow, she didn't want it but couldn't deny she was now enjoying it.

Peter then crawled up her body and Mandy looked at him with her juices smeared all over his face and mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm I love your wet cunt," he said as he licked his lips. He seemed to enjoy saying these disgusting things to the gorgeous 20 year old. He then lowered his face to hers and gave her a slobbering great kiss. As he did he kept on mumbling at the same time, "mmmm such a lovely cunt, mmm can you taste it?"

He was now positioned with his cock just inches from her entrance. He locked his arms straight to raise himself up so he could look down at it. Then he looked back into her eyes, Mandy still had her knees held up near her shoulders as he instantly plunged it staight into her soaking wet hole.

"Aaaaaaaah yes!" he cried as he buried it into her as deep as it would go. Mandy couldn't help experiencing an instant orgasm as he did. Without a moment to lose he rammed himself in and out of her as fast as he could, his endless energy meant that he used the full length of his cock, withdrawing until it was almost out and then slamming into her every time.

Mandy was soon in the throws of another orgasm as his balls hammered against her ass with every thrust. Faster and faster he went until, as she looked down to see his cock fucking into her cunt, it seemed to be almost a blur.

With the squelching sound of her juices getting louder and louder she knew it wasn't going to be long. Then all of a sudden he pulled one of her bra cups down and sunk his face into her huge firm tit. Sucking and chewing on her nipple he seemed to get even faster, even more excited.

"Uuuuuuuuuuh!" came the muffled cry as his face was buried in her ample tit. He raised himself up and looked down at her beneath him as he cried out again. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuh! yes...yes...YES!!!!"

At that moment Mandy felt his cock explode inside her, over and over he pounded her emptying load after load of his thick creamy spunk into her cunt. She couldn't help it as she felt another orgasm surge through her body causing her to release her legs and wrap them around his back. Pulling him into her she ground her cunt hard against him milking every last drop of spunk from him that she could.

Unbelievably, as he pumped her full of the thick white stuff, he seemed to just keep on going. Even when she thought he had completely emptied himself his cock remained hard and he continued driving it into her.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her and manhandled her over onto her stomach. With her face now buried in the pillow he hooked his hands under her hips and lifted her ass into the air. Now on her knees with her ass up she waited for what she knew was about to come.

"Oh look at that fuckin' ass," he cried as he slapped it hard. "Oh God I don't believe it," he sighed as he grabbed a cheek in each hand and lifted them up and apart. Then she felt it, he pushed his cock against her cunt and it slid straight in all the way to his balls.

Taken over by the excitement he instantly started slamming into her, sinking his fingers deep into the flesh of her rounded cheeks. Harder and harder he pounded her, groping her ass like it was his to do with as he pleased.

After a few minutes he slowed to a stop, but only so he could grind his cock around inside her as deep as it would go. As he rotated his hips he reached forward and undid the clasp on her bra. Mandy raised herself up onto her hands causing her bra to fall away and her massive tits to tumble free.

He reached under with both hands and pinched her swollen nipples. This caused her to groan and arch her back, pushing her ass hard against him.

That was it for Peter, he spread his hands over her tits and took up their incredible weight. Squeezing them hard his excitement got the better of him and he instantly started ramming his cock into her as fast as he could.

"Oooooh fuck..fuck...FUCK!" His cries echoed around the room as his balls tightened. He released her tits and straightened himself back up, taking her ass once again in his eager hands. As he slammed into her he could see her tits swaying and bouncing around beneath her. It was more than he could stand and he let out another cry as his balls powered another load of spunk up through his cock and out into Mandys gorgeous wet cunt.

Mandy couldn't help herself and she cried out as she experienced yet another orgasm. "Oh yes, fuckin' hell yes, fill me with your dirty spunk, oh yes!"

Peter did as he was told and kept on pumping his filthy seed into her over and over. All too soon he was coming to the end and he lay along her back once more so he could have a feel of her beautiful big tits while he emptied his final drops into her.

Before long they both collapsed on the bed. Mandy looked over at him, still with a feeling of hate, yet an undeniable feeling of satisfaction at the same time.

She lay there wondering where this was all going to end, if indeed it would ever end...

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