tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 22

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 22


It had been over two weeks now since Mandy had successfully got Billy sent back to prison, and Mr Roberts still to this day had no idea who she was. She had left him that afternoon thinking that she would be returning the following day, but of course she never did.

She was trying to get back to living her life how she wanted to and without any interference from George or Ted. She knew deep down that she hadn't seen the last of them but for now she was enjoying being in control and doing the things that she wanted to.

Ted was of course still being kept occupied by Alison and so he wasn't any threat for now. George however was just waiting to be clear of his parole period, and as soon as he was he would be wasting no time in getting back to grips with her. So it seemed that, for the time being at least, Mandy was indeed free of their demands.

Of course when you're 20 years old and blessed with such a pretty young face and the sort of body that makes just about every man stare at you then you're always going to receive a fair amount of unwanted attention. Attention comes at someone like Mandy from all directions and so there is always going to be somebody never too far away looking for a chance. But this was something that she had grown used to, she knew how sad men were and the affect she had on them and yet still she never really saw it as a problem.

Despite everything that had happened to her she still liked to dress in a way that best displayed her curvaceous figure, she felt that she was incredibly lucky to have such assets and never tired of seeing how men reacted to her. However she was still a little naive as to the workings of the male mind, she knew they obviously liked the way she looked and she even knew that most of them would probably give anything to have sex with her. But remarkably she still didn't really think much beyond that, if she knew what most of them were really thinking and wishing they could do to her then she would probably be horrified.

But she didn't and so she continued to naively lay temptation in their path, something that would surely keep on leading her into trouble.......

One of the things she had decided it was time to tackle was learning to drive. She felt it was about time she did something about it and the freedom that being able to drive would bring may be just what she needed. Luckily for her she had a father who spoiled her and had always said that whenever she was ready then he would pay for the lessons.

She felt that the time had arrived as things were changing around her to remind her that she wasn't a kid anymore. In particular her cousin had announced she was getting married in a couple of months and had asked Mandy to be her chief bridesmaid. Of course she was thrilled and honoured to be asked and was very much looking forward to it. So with people around her moving on in life she made the decision to move on herself in some way, hence the decision to learn to drive.

Now luckily for Mandy her father was acquainted with a man in the next street that had recently retired and had taken his driving instructors course so he could keep busy and earn a bit of extra cash teaching people part time.

He was an old Indian guy called Mr Nasim, until recently he used to run the corner shop at the end of his road. He was 67 years old and had been married to the same woman for over 45 years. They were a typical old married couple, seemingly descent people, nice and friendly with a polite nod or smile for everyone they passed in the street.

They had lived in the same house for their entire marriage, things were a little stale and boring between them but they accepted that that was just how it was at their time of life. For the past few years they had even taken to sleeping in single beds as getting a good nights sleep was far more important these days than anything else. Mrs Nasim had long since been through the change of life and so any action in the bedroom department was now a dim and distant memory for her poor old husband.

Now Mandy's Father approached Mr Nasim about driving lessons for Mandy and soon had struck a fairly good deal. His client list was very short, in fact he only had two other pupils so he was delighted to be of help. He of course knew exactly who Mandy was, as did most people in the neighbourhood, and he couldn't help feeling he had scored a bit of a jackpot. Firstly he was glad to be handed a client on a plate in this way, and secondly he was just a little excited at the prospect of teaching that gorgeous blond girl with the huge tits that he had seen and often chatted to in his store.

He went back to tell his wife the good news about having another client, when he told her it was Mandy she too knew exactly who she was.

"Well you just behave yourself," she told him rolling her eyes back. She had seen the way he often looked at attractive young western girls in the street but knew there was no chance of him ever being unfaithful with one. The reason was fairly obvious, he was a short slightly overweight lazy old Indian man with bad breath and body odor and the sort of girls she would catch him eyeing up were, to say the least, a million miles out of his league. Also because she knew a lovely pretty young thing like her must have the pick of any guy she wanted and would never give a silly old fool like him a second look.

She knew he liked the look of these girls, who wouldn't? But deep down she had always assumed her husband to be as uninterested in sex as she now was, particularly since it had been so long for either of them and he never really seemed to raise the subject. What she didn't know however was that that wasn't strictly true, he was still a man with urges and would often masturbate alone in his bed when she was asleep. This was his only constant source of release, and as time went on he found that far from being less interested as he grew older the opposite seemed to be the case. Being of the older generation he would have been embarrassed if his wife ever knew and so it was something he kept to himself.

Now obviously when old Mr Nasim would lay in his bed fantasising the one person he never thought of was his wife. She was just a typically plain frumpy old Indian lady, and certainly not the stuff of fantasies.

Now Mandy had always been a regular in his shop and he had to admit he had always enjoyed looking her over and allowing his imagination to wander whenever she came in. She had everything he ever longed for and she would more often than not be the source of his quiet bedtime fantasies.

The arrangements were made and Mandy was due to have her first lesson the following evening. She was nervous but excited at the prospect of getting behind the wheel of a car and couldn't wait to get started.

She knew the old Indian guy from his days running the store and although he was always polite and friendly there was always something she didn't much care for about him. She often thought she was being unfair in her opinion of him because he had done nothing to ever upset her. It was just that she always thought him to be a bit dirty and smelly, and although he would greet her with a big smile she often thought she caught him looking her up and down in a way that made her feel a little uncomfortable. She wasn't sure though, perhaps he looked at everyone in that way, or perhaps she was just being paranoid.

However she trusted her Fathers judgement and as he had arranged everything she felt sure it would be perfectly safe and she had nothing to worry about.

Of course what people saw on the outside with Mr Nasim, a polite and friendly old man, wasn't always an indication of what he was thinking and feeling on the inside. The truth is that ever since he could remember he had always had a "thing" for white western girls, they excited him, he found them just so incredibly tempting, especially the pretty blond ones.

He of course knew that they didn't find men like him even remotely attractive, he would have more luck winning the lottery than ever getting close to one. Even when he was younger they showed no interest in him at all, so at his age now he knew the only way he would ever get one would be in his dreams...........

.......The following evening came and Mr Nasim pulled up outside of her house as arranged and beeped his horn. The front door opened and Mandy came bounding out all excited.

"Oh my God," he whispered under his breath as he watched her coming towards him. He couldn't believe it, she was just so gorgeous, perfection was the only word for it. "Oh my...just look at that," he muttered to himself as he revelled in the sight of what had to probably be the sexiest young girl he had ever seen heading towards him.

Her tits looked so big and firm under her tight white t-shirt, her fit slender waist giving extra emphasis to their generous rounded shape. Her hips and ass looked just amazing encased in a pair of the skimpiest tight white denim shorts you ever saw. These in turn showed off her firm tanned thighs beautifully.

As she got to the car he was going to get out to greet her, the only thing was he realized that he suddenly had a slight problem. Without realizing it his cock had swollen at the sight of her, he couldn't help it, so he simply asked her to get into the passenger seat so he could take her somewhere quiet for her first lesson.

As she got into the car she gave him the most beautiful smile, Mr Nasim was momentarily struck dumb by her lovely sweet face, the pretty blond 20 year old had, for a few seconds, reduced him to a gibbering idiot. After an awkward moment or two he asked her to put on her seat belt and they headed off.

The short journey proved to be rather awkward for the old Indian guy as he was torn between the urge to keep sneaking quick glances at the unbelievable body on this gorgeous girl sat next to him, and the fear of getting caught and the embarrassing consequences.

Soon they arrived at a spot on a quiet country lane and old Mr Nasim asked Mandy to jump out so he could shuffle over into the passenger seat.

He couldn't help having a crafty look at her ass in the tight white shorts as she got out from the car, such a beautiful sight, what a cheeky thing. As he clambered across into the seat she had been in he could feel her warmth as he settled into it, it made him feel good, almost as if she was somehow hugging him. While he's doing this he's watching her walk around the front of the car, her blond flowing hair in the sunlight and her gorgeous tits straining the tight cotton vest top looked just incredible.

"Ooh you lovely little cock teaser," he whispered under his breath. He was starting to feel like a dirty old man as he ogled her, but he didn't care, in fact he was loving it.

For Mandy however she was just glad to get out of the car and into the fresh air for a few seconds. There was a pungent smell coming from the old man, she didn't know if it was his breath or a body odor problem but it was clear that he wasn't aware of it. Whatever it was it confirmed her original thoughts about the old Indian guy, and that was that he was not the cleanest of people you could hope to meet.

When she got back in the car she was again hit by the what seemed like the smell of stale sweat and curry, it was bad enough for her to have to open her window halfway before the lesson began. Mr Nasim now had a good reason to turn and face her as he started to give her instructions. It wasn't easy for him to concentrate as he couldn't stop looking at her smooth tanned young thighs, her big firm boobs and her amazingly pretty sweet face.

It was both thrilling and frustrating for him, thrilling for the obvious reasons, but frustrating because he knew that there was no way this unbelievably gorgeous young blond girl would ever allow an old guy like him the unimaginable pleasure of touching her.

However the smelly old Indian enjoyed every second of the one hour lesson and was disappointed when it came to an end. The only comfort was that he would be seeing her again in two days time for her second lesson....

...For the second lesson he collected her straight from work, again she looked stunning, crisp white blouse, short black skirt and tan stockings. He had never wanted anything more in his life as he watched her climb into the car and make herself comfortable. He knew how lucky he was just having her to himself, he also knew that a weaker man would take full advantage of the situation and drive her somewhere remote and just have his way with her regardless of the consequences. He had to admit that it had crossed his mind, he knew that if he really wanted to he was in a position where he could do anything he wanted with her and to be honest there would be no way she could stop him. But he also knew that he would never get away with it and so it would stay his dirty little fantasy.

As the second lesson came to a close he realized that he wouldn't be seeing her for almost a week, that was when he came up with an idea. He explained to her that he had plenty of free time and as she was doing so well then he wouldn't mind giving her some extra lessons at no extra cost.

Of course Mandy agreed and thanked him for his kindness, it didn't cross her innocent mind that he could be offering to do this for any reason other than wanting to help her.

Mr Nasim had figured that he had plenty of spare time and nothing to do, the only cost to him would be the fuel, a small price to pay. When the choice was spending time at home with his frumpy boring old wife or spending time alone with a gorgeous girl like Mandy, then there was no choice.

Over the next week and a half the old boy managed to see Mandy for a free lesson every day, and as each day passed he found himself becoming more and more relaxed in her company and able to more enjoy looking lusting and fantasizing over her.

Mandy however had started to notice his ever roaming eyes, she knew it was probably to be expected as he was only human, but despite that she trusted her Fathers judgement in arranging these lessons and still felt safe with him. She did notice one thing, it seemed she was right with regard to his cleanliness as he almost always wore the same clothes, an old sleeveless patterned sweater, an old white shirt and tie and a grubby old pair of brown trousers.

She was glad though of the extra lessons and could see herself being ready for her test in no time at all, and she had to admit it was all thanks to Mr Nasim.

By the end of the second week he was starting to get incredibly frustrated, being so close to her all the time but never being able to touch her was becoming torture. Since the lessons began he had spent every night in his bed thinking of her, waiting for his wife to fall asleep so he could relieve his aching erection. Every single day she just looked so gorgeous, he had never been more turned on by someone. Everything about her oozed sex appeal, her lovely face, her amazing body, the way she spoke, and if that wasn't enough there was the constantly teasing way she dressed.

He took her out on the Sunday afternoon for a longer lesson, Mandy as ever was grateful for his generosity. It was a warm breezy day and she looked stunning in a thin white cotton vest top and a very short pleated skirt in a red tartan design. The old boy noticed as she sat down in the car that the skirt was so short that it couldn't fully tuck underneath her, meaning her panties were in direct contact with the seat.

He could feel his mouth start to water and his cock began to swell as he started to imagine what it would be like if his face was the seat. Not only was the length of her skirt driving him mad he had to suffer the cock hardening sight of her skimpy little top showing off a fair amount of her ample cleavage, he could even see the white lace edge of her bra. As she began to drive off he couldn't help himself from constantly glancing down her top, he would have given anything to reach inside it and feel those incredible tits. Every time she hit a bump in the road they would gently bounce, they just looked so big and heavy with a real solid looking firmness to them.

It was agony for him, he wanted her so badly, he had never wanted anything more his entire life. He wrestled with his overwhelming urges, she must know the affect she was having on him, was she doing this on purpose? Was she sending out some sort of message that he was too thick to understand? Was she deliberately tempting him in the hope that he would make a move on her?

These were the questions that constantly raced through his mind, he was in turmoil, he knew some men would just say hang the consequences and go for it, take that gorgeous body for their own pleasure. He so wished he was that sort of person, he knew he could and there would be nobody to stop him, this was such a once in a lifetime opportunity.............. Despite all this when it came to it he wasn't that sort of person and he knew these dreams and fantasies would stay in his mind.

All he could do was look and store the images of her for his later lonely bouts of solitary masturbation. So as the lesson progressed he came up with an idea that would maybe allow him a better opportunity to have a good ogle of her. He first asked her to pull over into a quiet country lane and stop.

He then explained how he thought it was a good idea for her to know a few basics other than just driving, and one of these was changing the spare wheel. Luckily for him Mandy agreed as she couldn't imagine how scary it would be to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre.

With nobody for miles around they both got out of the car and went around to the back where Mr Nasim opened up and instructed Mandy on how to first take the spare wheel out.

"You try on your own," he told her as he stepped back, "there's no point in me doing it for you as I will not be here if it happens for real."

He watched her as she started to lean into the back of the car with her blond hair lightly blowing in the soft warm breeze. He took another step back so he was behind her and out of her field of vision, he could now enjoy a long lingering look up and down her curvaceous fit young body. He was even able to slip a hand inside his trouser pocket in order to give his ever growing erection a sneaky squeeze.

His mouth began to water as he watched the tantalising way her little pleated skirt rose up at the back as she leaned in to try and lift the heavy wheel out. In order to be able to lift it she found she had to spread her feet apart for maximum balance. Her luscious thighs now opened looked so pure and smooth and the tiny skirt was only just able to cover her gorgeous shapely cheeks.

The old boy just stared as she struggled to lift it out, all he could think was what a perfect position she was in, he could imagine himself stepping up behind her and, stood like that, it would be so easy to drive his cock straight up her lovely tight pussy. Or he could drop to his knees lift the back of her skirt and bury his face into the crotch of her panties.

Then as she was halfway through lifting the wheel out the most amazing thing happened, the old boy couldn't believe his eyes.

A sudden strong breeze blew instantly lifting the back of her skirt flipping it over onto her back. Mandy was aware of what had happened and couldn't decide if she should drop the wheel or continue. While she was deciding old Mr Nasim just stared awestruck with his jaw almost on the floor, this was more than he could have ever prayed for. What a sight!!! She wore the purest white lace panties that clung beautifully to the two most perfectly shaped cheeks he had ever seen. He gulped and his eyes bulged as he looked between her legs, from the way she was standing he had a clear view of the thin white cotton strip that covered her pussy. It was pressed so tightly against it that he could easily make out the crease of her cunt, this was becoming too much. He wanted her so badly, suddenly at that moment he didn't care what she thought, he couldn't resist stepping closer, it was as if a dark force had taken control of him, he was unable to control himself as he reached out and grabbed her ass, one cheek in each hand.

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