tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 24

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 24


Ever since Mandy started developing into a young woman her Mother feared she would encounter the problems that she has. To be honest it came as no surprise to Alison, in fact she almost expected it, after it wasn't hard to see where she inherited her stunning looks from.

You see Mandy has grown into the image of Alison in her younger days, to see a picture of the two of them at the same age you would be forgiven for thinking it was the same person. Almost identical in every way, from the gorgeous blond hair and oh so pretty face, to the phenomenally voluptuous figure, and it seemed that Alison too had paid the heavy price of such stunning looks just like her daughter. This is why she understood how Mandy's situation with these old men had so easily come about, and why she was trying to help her in any way she can.

For over 20 years, and even up to this very day Alison had suffered the almost constant problem of unwanted attention from men of all ages. She had long since lost count of the amount of times she had put up with being groped and grabbed at, or ogled and leered at by all kinds of men from rampant young studs to dirty old perverts. For some reason just because a girl is pretty with blond hair and great big tits some men find it either impossible to control themselves, or just think that a girl must look this way for one reason and one reason only.

So Alison had a real understanding of her daughters situation because she, more than most, understood from her own bitter experiences how the mind of a man worked. Never a day would go by without Alison having to be subjected to some sort of sexual advance, whether it be something subtle like a sneaky second glance or something as blatantly rude as being openly propositioned, which seemed to happen a lot!

She had always known the affect she had on men, so many times she had heard how a girl with such attributes as she had only ever comes along once in a mans life, which is apparently why every man would want to take the chance and make the most of it.....

More often than not it was guys of her own age that tried it on, but the one's that stuck in her mind were the others, the dirty old men that occasionally tried it on too. She remembered them because at the time she was so appalled and disgusted by the cheek of them that it left her rather stunned that they thought she would be even remotely interested.

The more she thought about it the more she realised just how often it had happened, it sickened her to think of the many times she had put up with such unpleasant and at times very serious sexual harassment..........................

...........................At the age of just 18 Alison was already drawing a lot of attention to herself. She had long wavy natural blond hair that she flicked out at the sides and a fresh innocent pretty young face with large deep blue eyes and lovely full red lips that pouted as if asking to be kissed. These features alone were enough to melt the heart of any man who saw her, but the real reason for all of the unwelcome attention was her astounding figure. She had the most amazing pair of tits, her bra size was a mind blowing 32GG, although at her tender age she didn't need to wear one as they were so firm that they could stand out in front of her completely unsupported, something that was a truly mouth watering spectacle. Along with this she had an ass that teased mercilessly with its proud outward thrust and cheeky wiggle, no wonder every man she met could only ever think of one thing.

As she was now 18 and seemed quite responsible her parents decided that they would go off on holiday for the first time on their own, leaving Alison home alone. Before they left they gave her the usual talk about no loud music, parties, or boys. They wanted her to show them how she could be trusted and if she let them down then she would be in serious trouble.

Alison couldn't wait to have the house to herself but wasn't happy that her father had gone and asked their next door neighbour to keep an eye on things while they were away, leaving him a contact number in case there was any trouble.

The neighbour was an old guy named Mr Cramp, a bit of a creepy looking man, but to be fair he always seemed friendly enough. He was married but his wife had some illness that meant she had recently had to go to live in a home for the elderly as the old man wasn't able to look after her. It was at this time that he moved into the house next to Alison and quickly befriended her Father with the odd chat over the fence while out tending to his garden. On hearing the story of the old mans wife her Father felt sorry for him and always made a point of stopping for a quick chat. To be honest there was no need for sympathy as the situation suited the old man just fine.

His wife was something of an old dragon and after so many years in a loveless and sexless marriage he was at last able to enjoy some freedom from being constantly nagged and hen-pecked. It all came a little late as the old boy was now in his seventies, but he was glad to at last be able to please himself and do as he liked.

To look at him you could see he was a classic example of a down-trodden husband, very short and thin with a balding head and glasses, he looked quite the weakling. Insignificant in every way he had never had the confidence to talk to women although he loved and admired them very much. If he was ever caught looking at one he would soon get a slap around the head and be reminded that no girl would ever be interested in a stupid old fool like him, which of course was very true.

It was true because along with his age and stature he also had a creepy look about him. He had a long hooked nose, a long pointed chin and big bulging eyes, his face was very thin and his cheeks were bony and withdrawn. He lived in the same clothes all the time, an old grey cardigan, a grubby old beige shirt and a pair of dirty brown trousers with a few suspicious looking stains down the front of them.

It was a few weeks after he had moved into his house that Mr Cramp first noticed Alison, she had just turned 18 and he saw her heading off to college one morning wearing her uniform. He was completely blown away, he couldn't remember ever seeing a more beautiful and incredibly sexy girl in his entire life. He couldn't believe his luck, this was all of his dreams come true, to have such a gorgeous girl living right next door gave him plenty of opportunity to spy on her unseen from behind his curtains.

He soon got into the habit of watching and waiting at the same time every day for her to head off to college in the morning and then return home in the afternoon. The creepy old pervert would drool over her cheeky fit young ass in her regulation short pleated skirt. If it was warm she would occasionally carry her blazer over her shoulder treating him to a wonderfully cock hardening look at her crisp white blouse straining to contain her unbelievable 32GG's.

"Ooh yes yes yes, ooh yes lovely," he would mutter under his breath as he slipped his bony old hand down inside the front of his grubby underpants and wrapped his nicotine stained fingers around his smelly old cock. The sight of her excited him so much that more often than not he would come in his underpants before she was even out of sight.

So being given the task of keeping an eye on her while her parents were away was something he was going to find easy, in fact he was looking forward to it.

No sooner had they left Alison had invited her current boyfriend around, the prospect of having the house to themselves was something they both had been looking forward to.

Mr Cramp however had other ideas, on seeing the young man turn up at the house he felt he should do something but wasn't sure what. It was a hot sunny day and the old boy went up to his back bedroom window to see if they were in the garden.

Peering out from behind his curtains trying not to be seen he saw the young man out there striped to his waist enjoying the sunshine. As he still wondered what he should do he was suddenly presented with the breath taking sight of Alison coming out from the house and laying out a blanket on the lawn. She positioned it in the dappled shade of a tree so as not to be in the full glare of the hot sun.

The creepy old pervert thought he might have a heart attack at the sight of what she was wearing. On top she wore a skimpy white cotton vest top that was cut off just below her boobs leaving her firm toned stomach fully exposed. It cascaded over her huge firm bust and hung loosely away from her body. It was clear to see that she wasn't wearing a bra from the way those gravity defying 32GG's seemed to sway and bounce freely underneath the teasingly small garment, not to mention the fact that her nipples too were poking out for all to see.

As if that wasn't enough to drive anyone to near insanity unbelievably she seemed to be wearing just a pair of white cotton panties down below, they weren't bikini bottoms, most definitely not, they were definitely panties, this was too much. Her ass looked simply spectacular thrusting out behind her stretching the white cotton tightly across her gorgeous round cheeks. This was so much more than the old boy could have ever hoped for and settled down to enjoy the most amazing wank, probably the wank of a lifetime.

Just then the young guy she was with went back into the house and moments later headed off out the front door.

The old man went to his front bedroom and watched him walk off down the road holding what looked like a wallet in his hand. He was obviously going to the shop for something, a walk that he knew would take at least a good half hour.

The old man couldn't resist it, he saw an opportunity to get a closer look at Alison, and so decided to go and have a word with her. He was understandably nervous at the prospect of talking to her, he had never really spoken to her before, but all he wanted was a closer look at her voluptuous young curves so he could fuel his lustful imagination. Afraid that she might get an idea what was on his mind he knew he had to act as normal as possible and not creep her out. His excuse would be that he wanted to remind her that her father had entrusted him with keeping an eye on her, and one of the things he didn't want was any boys around the house.

Excitedly he went around the front of the house and up the driveway. Even though it was a lovely sunny day old Mr Cramp still wore his usual moth-eaten old grey cardigan, grubby beige shirt and tatty old brown trousers. The scrawny little old man looked like a tramp and the drawn pale features of his creepy thin old face only made it worse.

As he turned the corner into the garden he was about to announce his arrival with a polite cough, however as soon as he saw Alison he found his throat suddenly incapable of such a simple task.

He was presented with the sight of this gorgeous blond 18 year old laid out on her stomach, her eyes closed and her head to one side resting on her folded arms. He gulped back the saliva that was forming a pool in his bottom lip as he admired the sheer perfection of her. The skimpy vest top was gathered around the middle of her back leaving her shoulders and lower back completely bare, her tight skin was so flawless and covered in a rich golden tan. Through the arm holes he could see the edge of her tits bulging out from underneath her at the sides.

His attention was soon drawn to the brief white cotton panties that clung beautifully to the lovely shape of her cock hardening cheeks. The dirty withered old creep had never seen such a sexy ass so closely, with her eyes still closed he could feel the bulge in his trousers grow as he took the opportunity to have a nice long free look at her. He knew that he would soon have to speak or risk being caught out and screamed at for being a pervert, which is exactly what he was of course.

Just then his shadow passed over her face, and without opening her eyes Alison spoke.

"I thought you had gone," she said in a soft sleepy voice. "Before you go could you put some lotion on me."

The old boy didn't know what to do, he could see she obviously thought he was her boyfriend, he was confused yet excited, and as he was thinking she again spoke. "It's just down by my feet."

His mind was in a whirl all of a sudden, what should he do? He couldn't, could he? He had to speak and let her know that it was him, if he didn't she would probably scream "pervert" at him and he would be embarrassed beyond belief.

Just as he was thinking she turned her head to the other side and pulled her lovely soft blond hair to one side exposing her shoulders completely. With her eyes still closed she let out a long lazy sigh as if half asleep.

With his mouth drooling and his stinking old cock growing ever harder his trousers he reached down and took the bottle. He knew he shouldn't do it, God knows what the consequences could be. But as he looked along her gorgeous young body laid out in front of him he could see this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, if he lived another hundred years he would never get another chance like this. It was wrong, so wrong, but surely it had to be worth the risk, he couldn't help himself as without thinking he squirted some of the cream into his bony frail old hand.

He knelt down at her blind side, voices in his head were screaming, "what are you doing? Are you mad?" He had to be, he would never get away with it, but the temptation was just too much. He tried to convince himself that it was only her fault, after all she shouldn't be such a cruel cock teaser, he had to do it, he just had to!

He smeared the suntan lotion in his palms and slowly reached for her shoulders trembling like a leaf. As his hands touched her soft young skin he had to stifle a groan of pleasure by biting down on his lip. Alison seemed half asleep and unconcerned as he spread his hands and started smearing the cream across her back.

He had never felt such perfectly smooth tight skin, and the thrill from just touching her was such that he forgot any worries over being caught and started to become lost in the whole overwhelming experience. He started to gently massage her, if his thin bony old hands felt different to her boyfriends then she didn't seem to notice it. Instead she just let out a long sleepy sigh giving the dirty old neighbour the confidence he needed to carry on.

As he applied more lotion to his hands he looked down at the giant tent pole sticking out in his trousers, his cock was harder than it had been for more years than he could remember.

He licked his trembling lips as he placed his hands on her lower back and started to feel his way around her, she had such a slender waist that he was able to press his thumbs into her spine and at the same time allow his fingertips to feel her tight flat stomach underneath.

His attention was never off the ultimate prize, he couldn't resist moving down for a closer look at her ass, he wanted it so badly and had to fight every lust fuelled urge in his body. Her two lovely firm round cheeks stretched the white cotton panties tightly across the crevice between them. Such a beautiful sight, and to see it so closely was more than he could have ever dared dream of.

The pool of saliva in his bottom lip overflowed as he moved his face even closer, a drop ran down his chin and landed straight on her panties. He quickly gulped down to prevent more, luckily she hadn't noticed.

He slowly moved his hands lower into the dip of her back until his dirty nicotine stained old fingers reached the steep upward swell of her ass. He had to go on, the temptation was so intense.

Still she had no idea it was him, his dirty old hands crept upwards until he was fingering the top edge of her fresh white panties. He paused a moment and, sensing no objection, he guessed it safe to continue. Never had he been more excited as his bony old fingers now crept under the soft tight cotton slowly climbing her cheeks. His raging hard on was throbbing, screaming out for satisfaction, he was growing more and more desperate. He could feel his heart racing faster and faster as he moved his hands slowly down. This was pure heaven, her cheeks felt so firm and tight, he moved his hands further inside her panties until, without a care for the possible consequences, he had a cheek in each palm and was able to give each one a gentle massage.

This was simply unbelievable for the disgusting sex starved old pervert, he was seriously close to just holding her down and fucking her brains out right there and then, it would be so easy, and was so very tempting.

Suddenly Alison groaned quietly, "mmmmmmmmmm." Old Mr Cramp pulled his hands away and froze, had he been busted? Was this it?..... No, she was still half asleep, if anything the slight smile on her pretty young face led him to believe she was actually enjoying it.

His eyes bulged and he nervously licked his lips as he turned back to her ass. With more lotion on his hands he started to rub it into the backs of her luscious young thighs, more confident now he wasted no time in slipping his hands to the inside of them.

As if in a dream Alison parted her legs slightly. His jaw almost hit the floor as he found himself looking straight between her legs at the thin white strip of cotton that covered her lovely sweet 18 year old pussy.

Tentatively he worked his hands higher up between her legs until his fingers came into contact with the edge of her pantie crotch. She gave no objection and so he lightly brushed his fingertips over soft white cotton. He waited a moment before taking the chance and following along the crease of her cunt. Still she did nothing so he gently pressed the material into the folds of her lips, he knew it was wrong but there was no way he could stop. Bravely he teased his fingers under the edge until he could feel the moist warmth within.

"Mmmmmm naughty boy," she whispered in her still sleepy state, then she parted her legs even further giving him what he saw as the green light to continue.

"Oh God," he whispered quietly under his breath as he carefully teased the crotch of her panties to one side. The creepy old fossil thought he could have a heart attack at any moment as the incredible sight of her lovely tight pink pussy came into view. He had never seen anything more beautiful in his entire life, her lovely delicate young lips glistened with her juices. His cock was so hard and pulsated in his underpants which were now sticky and wet with pre-cum. As he started to worm his dirty nicotine stained old finger between her moist lips he knew he needed to get his cock in there, it was becoming too much to resist.

He needed relief from his desperate state, he was desperate, and with his fingers now worming their way deeper into her gorgeous tight wet hole he knew he couldn't wait a moment longer.

But just before he could unzip his dirty old trousers he suddenly felt himself grabbed from behind and thrown back across the lawn.

It was her boyfriend, old Mr Cramp had forgotten all about him. What followed was a few minutes of pure mayhem, with Alison confused and disgusted by what she quickly realised had happened but at the same time trying to stop her boyfriend from battering the old boy to a pulp. He on the other hand was trying to defend himself the only way he could against someone twice his size and a good 50 years younger, and that was by blaming Alison and telling what was actually the truth, which was that he was only doing what she had asked him to.

With all the shouting and confusion Mr Cramp managed to somehow free himself from this angry young mans grip and quickly scurried off down the drive like a whipped dog and back to his own house.

Once inside the sneaky frightened old creep waited a few minutes feeling shaken and scared to see if anyone was going to come banging on his door. Nobody did and after a couple more minutes he went up to have a look out of his bedroom window to see if he could see what was happening.

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