tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 26

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 26


It had been several months since Alison had left her job at the small shop and everything in her life seemed to be going well. The pretty blonde 18 year old had made the decision to not be quite so naive with regard to men. She would still dress as she liked and look at her absolute best all the time but she would try not to tease and flirt as much as she used to. She had learned a hard lesson with Brian, one that she didn't want to experience again.

Sometimes however things would happen that were completely beyond her control, things that she could have done nothing to prevent...

...Some people have nothing but bad luck and life seems to constantly deal them a crappy hand. Of course we all make our own luck to a certain degree, but when you get so low that you can't see any way back up it's hard not to be angry and blame the rest of the world for the route your life has taken.

One such person was John, an old homeless guy without a friend in the world. All of his belongings fitted in an old plastic bag that he carried with him everywhere he went. He lived on handouts from charities and whatever he could get from begging on street corners. It had been so long since anyone had offered him a kind word that he couldn't even remember the sound of his own name. He wasn't even sure how old he was, he knew he was in his fifties but as he didn't even know what year it was then he couldn't be sure.

Having lived a hard and lonely life he looked much older. His old face was craggy and haggard and blackened with dirt. His hair was so thin that he had just a few long greasy strands hanging from his head, unlike his grey and black beard, that was so thick and badly matted together that it was almost impossible to separate.

Poor health through years of malnutrition meant that he had lost all but a few of his teeth. Along with this his pale white skin hung loose on his thin skeletal frame making him look even worse.

Over the past few months John had convinced himself that he was a dying man, he had been coughing up blood in the mornings and, although he obviously hadn't been to a doctor, he knew it wasn't good.

Things just don't get any worse and he felt angry at the world for his life and resented everyone. It seemed to him that all he saw were other people with everything while he had nothing, not even a place to call his own. He would spend his days sitting in a huddled mess on a street corner watching the world go by hoping that somebody might show some meagre kindness by throwing him a few pennies. The trouble is when you're as dirty and unpleasant looking as he then few people seem to have much sympathy. Any money he did get he would use to go and buy himself some extra strength beer, one of his very few pleasures in life. It was all he ever consumed, food served no purpose, but if he could spend his day in a slightly drunken haze then life seemed a little more bearable..........

This day would start like any other, he would try to find himself a place to sit where he might be comfortable. He had managed to steal a couple of cans of beer from the back of a delivery lorry and so had no desire to spend his day begging for what little he could get. Instead he sat himself on a bench in the centre of town opened one of his cans and took a swig.

As he sat there his mind started to wander. He watched all the people walking by, especially the women. He loved watching the women, so many of them, all so beautiful, he longed for one, any one, but of course he knew every one of them was further beyond his reach than the stars themselves. Even the most ugly fat and old were unobtainable to someone like him. That wouldn't stop him looking though, and look he did, often to the absolute disgust and annoyance of many of the passing public.

He had to be careful though, it wouldn't be the first time he had been in trouble with the police for his behaviour. The problem was sometimes the frustration and desperation got too much for the sex starved old tramp. Like the time he got arrested for hiding in the bushes and watching a very attractive young lady doing nothing more than sitting on a park bench reading a book. To be fair her top was rather low cut and she did have an amazing huge pair of tits, so in a way you couldn't altogether blame him. Unfortunately though a passer by saw him and more importantly saw what he was doing to himself while watching her. He got arrested for lewd conduct and held overnight before being released the following day.

That was just one incident, this had happened a number of times, he just couldn't help himself. Temptation was everywhere, the poor old man was only human and he would get an erection at the slightest thing. He only had to see an attractive girl and that would be it, in fact they didn't even need to be that attractive, his standards were so low that he could get excited over almost any half descent looking female. The one thing that always got him going without fail though were big boobs, he loved them and didn't care how fat or ugly a woman was, it didn't matter, if she had big tits then that was enough for him.

The times he had gotten himself into trouble with the law was on the odd occasion when he was presented with a girl who had everything, a young beautiful face, a fit body, AND big boobs, now that was pure torture!

Some guys might have gotten away with leering at these girls but not a dirty creepy old homeless guy like John, strangely enough for some reason they didn't appreciate it one bit. So he had gotten arrested a number of times over the years and the police knew him well. He never got into serious trouble as they didn't consider him to be a real danger. He was just, as they saw it, a bit of a dirty old man but harmless enough.

After a few hours of sitting in the town drinking his beer the police eventually came and moved him on. He wasn't happy about it as he couldn't see what the problem was, but he finished his last can and ambled off.

He cut an insignificant figure as he shuffled off down the road in the dirty old blue anorak that he had found on a rubbish tip some months earlier. The rest of his clothes weren't any better, filthy ripped old trousers that he had been wearing for more years than he cared to remember, old boots he had found by the roadside, and a holey old shirt and sweater that really should have been incinerated long ago!

He had managed to find himself a disused old hut that he had been using as "home" for the last few weeks, he felt safe there as he had never been disturbed in all that time. It was a run down rotten old wooden thing that he had made as comfortable as possible with a couple of stolen hay bales covered in old blankets for a bed and nothing much else. It was tucked away in the woods just on the outskirts of town and he was heading off back there to sleep the rest of the day away.

As he made his way there in his slightly drunken state he stumbled into the path of a passing car. Luckily the car swerved and just clipped him with it's mirror. However it did cause him to spin around and land in a heap on the floor. He wasn't hurt in the slightest just momentarily dazed.

The car was being driven by Alison. She had been having driving lessons but hadn't yet passed her test. The problem was she had an interview for another part time job only this time at a very fashionable clothes store, it was a job she really really wanted, the only trouble was she was late!

Her fathers car was sitting on the driveway while he was at work, she knew she shouldn't have taken it but it seemed like a perfect solution at the time, and she would easily get it back before he could ever find out. She had no way of knowing something like this would happen, and now she was in real trouble.

She froze for a moment and even thought about driving off before anyone came by and saw what had happened, of course it wasn't in her to do that and she got out and walked around the car to see if the old man was okay.

As she was going to a job interview she was obviously dressed to impress. She had on a fitted cerise pink blouse that she filled out to perfection. It stretched nicely across her huge firm round boobs leaving no question as to their incredible size and shape, and yet somehow it also managed to cling to her midriff and show of how slender her waist was. She wore this blouse with just the top three buttons undone, this was a deliberate ply in case the interviewer was a man. To complete the look and give herself every possible advantage she had on flesh coloured stockings and a teasingly short black skirt that hugged her shapely ass and hips so well that it was almost obscene.

The old tramp rubbed his head and started shouting at her calling her all the names under the sun. His voice was loud and menacing and he was clearly unhappy at what had happened. He looked quite scary and Alison could see he had been drinking, a combination that made her nervous, even frightened.

The thing was old John knew people were wary of him and he used the bad tempered shouting as a kind of defence mechanism to deliberately frighten people.

It worked well, Alison was worried that he might turn violent, he certainly looked unpredictable. Added to this was the extra worry that she shouldn't have even been driving the car in the first place, what a mess!

He stood up and leaned on the side of her car ranting and swearing all the time. The pretty 18 year old wasn't sure what to do, she tried to calm him by saying how sorry she was. She even reached out to place a friendly hand on his arm but stopped herself just before she touched him. This was partly because he may not like being touched and who knows he could lash out at her, and also because she could see how disgustingly filthy he was and she didn't want to catch anything.

It was only then that the dirty old tramp looked up at her, instantly his eyes widened at what he saw. The most beautiful blue eyed blond he had ever seen, her face a picture of pure youthful innocence. But her lovely face wasn't the main thing about her that grabbed his attention. He quickly guessed she was only about 18 or so, yet she had the most amazing pair of tits he had ever seen. He had never seen anything like it, so big firm and round thrusting out invitingly towards him like two huge melons almost begging to be fondled and squeezed. With Alison so frightened by him she hadn't noticed the way he was ogling her chest, all she could do was look sheepishly at the floor and keep apologising while he continued his foul mouthed rant. He could see she was scared and unable to look him in the eye, this gave him the opportunity to also admire the rest of her.

Her short tight skirt fitted her to perfection showing off almost the full length of her gorgeous legs coated in the silky smooth flesh coloured nylon. He could feel himself start to salivate at the way it stretched so tightly across her curvaceous hips and firm thighs.

As he calmed his rage he began to cough rather violently, the sound was disgusting and made Alison feel sick. She was wondering whether she should offer to run him to hospital or not, the problem was if they started asking questions then it would come out that she shouldn't have been driving, and that was something she didn't want.

As she wondered what to do the old tramp started spitting blood out on the footpath, this was something he had been doing for some time due to his illness. Unfortunately Alison didn't know that and instantly panicked, thoughts of this old man having some sort of internal injuries raced through her mind.

Before she could speak however old John had opened the car door as if to get in. Alison then reluctantly asked if she could maybe run him home, anything rather than the possibility of having to face the police. He just grumbled some incoherent words at her before climbing into the passenger seat, as he sat down he began to get excited and his mind started working overtime as she turned and ran around the front of the car to get in the driver seat. The crafty old man couldn't help noticing her ass as she went. It was the first time he had seen it and was instantly blown away, she really was the full package. He loved a shapely ass and hers was more shapely than most. The outward curve from the small of her back caused it to thrust right out and was truly a sight to behold, a sight made ever more spectacular by the snug fit of her skirt.

As she got into the car he just couldn't believe how things kept on getting better and better. Along with all this as he watched her sit down her skirt, being so tight, rode up a little and gave him a quick flash of stocking top. He was now getting such a hard-on, and as she lifted her ass off the seat she gave a sexy little wiggle as she pulled the hem of her skirt down. If that wasn't enough he then spotted what had to be the faint outline of suspenders under the tightness of her skirt.

All Alison could think, along with getting him back to wherever it was he lived, was how filthy and smelly he was and hoped that he didn't make the seats or anything else in the car dirty. She knew after she dropped him off she would have to drive home with the windows open in the hope that the terrible smell coming from him would blow away.

As he mumbled directions at her she started to realise how lucky she was and how things could have been much worse. Thankfully he certainly didn't look like the sort of person who would try and claim damages from the insurance that she, of course, didn't have. In fact he was probably not even smart enough to know he could. This was a lucky break and Alison could see if she dropped him where he wanted to go and then just left everything should be okay.

They pulled off the road into a dirt track that took them into a wooded area. Alison was hoping they were nearly there as the smell filling the car was getting too much, even with her window open it was growing unbearable. He smelt like an old blanket that had been soaked in piss, it was vile. She was growing more and more concerned for the state of her fathers upholstery, how would she explain the dirt and smell that this filthy old man would almost certainly leave behind.

He, on the other hand, was having the time of his life. He didn't want her to know what was really on his mind and disguised the fact by constantly grumbling at her in an angry drunken slur. This was something that he had learned a long time ago made people uneasy and nervous of him, which usually worked in his favour.

He would keep sneaking glances at her from the corner of his eye, he had never been so close to someone so absolutely gorgeous. Her legs looked so lovely and smooth and he could only imagine the thrill of his hand feeling up the inside of her stocking clad thigh and under her short little skirt. He was so turned on by her, more than he had ever been before.

But that didn't have as much affect as the sight of her incredible 32GG boobs stretching the front of her blouse to its limit. The buttons were pulling so much that they looked like they could pop at any minute. Every time she went over a bump they gave a lovely little jiggle, he could clearly see how firm they were, the mere thought of taking this pretty teenagers huge tits in his hands was enough to get his smelly old cock throbbing as it swelled in his filthy piss stained old trousers.

He directed her down a track that took them to where his run down old hut was. As they pulled up to stop Alison asked him if he would be okay from here on his own.

As he went to speak he coughed violently. Alisons heart sank as he threw open the door and coughed up a load of bloody phlegm and spat it out on the floor. Instinctively she jumped out of the car and ran around to see if he was alright, on the way she almost twisted her ankle as one of her 4 inch stiletto caught the edge of a large stone.

"Just get me in!" He barked angrily. He made her jump, she found him very intimidating so there was no way she was going to argue with him.

She went back to the drivers side and switched the engine off. She took her keys and locked the door. As she looked up she could see the old man was leaning on the roof of the car waiting for her. She could see she was going to have to help him inside, that meant touching him, something she really wasn't keen to do.

As he watched her walking back towards him he could feel his now full on erection pulsate at the incredible sight. Her big tits bounced and jiggled as she walked on the uneven surface in such high heels, she was concentrating so much on not falling over that she hadn't noticed her tiny black skirt had ridden up and was showing a little more stocking top than it should. A sexier girl simply could not exist, with all the wishes in the world he couldn't create a better image than this, her curves were so incredible she looked almost unreal.

Until that moment all he had been thinking about was getting back so he could use her image while it was fresh in his mind for a nice afternoon wank. She had him so turned on that he knew he was in for a very special time, he couldn't wait to to be alone so he could empty his swollen old balls.

That's when it hit him, they were alone and nobody knew where they were, she was clearly scared of him, so why settle for a wank? There would be nothing she could do so why not take her and use her? Use that gorgeous mouth watering body of hers to relieve his unbearable frustration.

As the realization of what he could do dawned on him he found himself starting to salivate and tremble with excitement.

He couldn't do it...could he? Surely he would never get away with it? So what if he didn't, he was convinced he was dying anyway. These were the thoughts racing through his mind, but all this didn't matter as his old eyes drank in the beauty before him, he had never wanted anything more in his entire life, this was an opportunity that he simply couldn't let pass. Just the very real thought that he could possibly get his hands on this gorgeous girl was enough to make his decision for him, the temptation was too much.

As Alison came along beside him she was relieved when he just put out his arm for her to hold steady. Even then she tried to just hold him with her fingertips to avoid any more contact with this disgusting filthy old man than necessary.

He could see she was reluctant but didn't want to frighten her off before he had got her inside his wooden hut, so he allowed to do whatever she felt most comfortable with.

She had no idea of the thoughts going through his mind, she was just glad to finally get him where he wanted to be. As they stepped inside there was a terrible smell, like rotten wood, the place was damp and probably crawling with insects. The timber floor seemed sound enough unlike the roof, there was only half of it left and the place filled with sunlight, she couldn't believe that someone could possibly sleep in a place like this.

All there was inside was a couple of old hay bales that he had fashioned into a sort of makeshift bed with a dirty old blanket thrown over them.

She released his arm she turned to face him to tell him that, if he was okay now, then she was going to go. As she spoke she noticed the whole time he was just staring wide eyed at her chest. Any thoughts he was having along those lines he had better forget, she thought to herself. He gave her the creeps and she decided she had better get out of there, it hadn't crossed her mind that this dirty homeless old drunk might have thoughts along those lines.

Just as she thought that he raised a hand as if in a trance and went to touch one of her tits. Quickly she swiped it away, she was shocked at his brazen cheek, how dare he!

This broke his trance-like stare and he looked her in the eye with annoyance all over his disgustingly dirty face, she instantly became very frightened and wondered if maybe that wasn't such a wise thing to do.

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