tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 28

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 28


Being a gorgeous blond 20 year old with a body to die for means that attention is attracted from all directions, and along with her continuing problems with Ted and his videos occasionally Mandy will undoubtedly encounter other unwelcome situations.

Obviously A girl like Mandy has many admirers, it has to be expected and in the main she deals with it very well. Some are obvious with their lustful stares crude comments and occasional attempts at grabbing a quick feel. But in reality by far the majority are not so obvious, instead keeping their thoughts and fantasies a well hidden secret never having the nerve to say or demonstrate their true feelings and desires.

One that fell into the latter category was her great Uncle Mike. He was a relatively new addition into the family having married Mandys great Aunt Margaret just a few years previously. They had met and married all within the space of a year. It was second time around for both of them and both being in their late seventies meant it was clear to all that it was more about companionship than anything else.

The whole family never gave him much thought either way. He was one of those characters that went pretty much unnoticed by everyone, saying and doing nothing of any real interest, he just always seemed to be in the background. He was clearly a little shy, particularly around women, and seemed to find it difficult to look them in the eye when they would ever speak to him.

So he was your typical boring old man, reasonably pleasant and seemingly very genuine. Noticeably very short, barely 5 feet tall, skinny and weak looking but with a tiny pot belly, balding head and a slightly scruffy dress sense he certainly looked nothing special. But Mandys elderly Aunt seemed to enjoy his company and that was all that mattered.

His appearance and confidence were not helped by two separate factors. Firstly, as we've said he was short, very short, not a dwarf or midget, but at just 5 feet he wasn't far from it. Couple that with a tiny and pathetic looking frame he was not what you might call a "catch".

Secondly he had suffered some illness early in his life that he never spoke of but had left his face partially disfigured. The left hand side of it drooped causing his left eye to sag exposing a huge area of red flesh just under the eyeball. If you saw it you couldn't help your own eyes from watering, it looked so uncomfortable. Along with this the left side of his mouth hung open constantly causing him to dribble from the corner. He would have to permanently carry a tissue to mop it every minute or two. Of course it couldn't be helped and people understood completely so no attention was ever drawn to it.

It made life difficult because the assumption of everyone when first meeting him was that he must be retarded, he wasn't, but at first glance he certainly looked it.

But as Mandys Aunt was an old and lonely woman with very poor eyesight these things were of no importance, at her age it was the company she wanted and nothing else. Of course she thought him to be a very nice and kind old man, just as everyone else did. Nobody would ever think he might have improper thoughts about anyone, but then nobody really knows what goes on in someone's mind.

The first time he saw Mandy was on her 18th birthday. It was a family gathering and old Mike was clearly nervous, although he had met some of the family and everyone was aware of him, it was his first time meeting just about all of them.

When the birthday girl was pointed out to him from across the room he couldn't help but notice what a stunning beauty she was, young and fresh with beautiful blond hair and with a body that almost defied belief.

She wore a figure hugging strapless blue satin dress, short but definitely not tarty, despite the fact that it clung to her phenomenal ass and showed off a good amount of her huge cleavage.

Being the sort of man he was he simply glanced across the room giving away no sign of how stunned and impressed he was by what he saw. The thing with this old man was that to be honest he was the same as most men in keeping his true thoughts a closely guarded secret. He would never dream of letting anybody know of the dirty thoughts that so often went through his mind. Like most men he would simply take an almost unnoticed second glance at a pretty girl and nothing more. He would never want anyone to think badly of him, especially an attractive young woman, and so he had gone through life as the sort of descent likeable kind of guy that nobody ever really took any notice of.

As he was taken to be introduced to Mandy he could see the what an absolute stunner she was. Being quite shy he was slightly embarrassed when he quickly glanced down at her her firm young breasts and saw just how big they were. Pretending not to notice he looked down at the floor when a voice said.

"Mike this is Mandy, Mandy this is Mike, Auntie Margarets husband."

"Oh hi! So pleased to meet you," she said in a chirpy sweet voice.

His reply stuck in his throat as he was momentarily taken aback by the most incredibly beautiful smile he could ever remember seeing. She was clearly not shocked by his unusual appearance, whether she had been told what to expect or not he would never know, but her reaction to him seemed genuine enough.

As he coughed awkwardly in an attempt to regain the power of speech she leaned forward to give him a kiss on the cheek and a generous hug. Mandy wasn't tall herself but even she had to bend at the knees slightly to avoid suffocating him with her ample chest.

He could feel himself go red in the face as he felt the silky smooth softness of her cheek against his. God she was so gorgeous, he couldn't believe it, it was just an innocent friendly hug but in that moment the old man took in everything. Her lovely scent, the feel of her hair as it brushed the side of his face and most of all the firmness of her huge breasts as they pressed against his chest.

That was it, from that moment on poor old Mike was infatuated, he couldn't believe that a girl like this was related to his new wife and in so being related to him. That hopefully meant he would get to see her fairly often, a thought that filled him with such delight, not to mention excitement.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful and Mike appeared to be bored, and so eventually his wife asked him if he wanted to leave. He shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't mind either way. This wasn't strictly true, the old boy was quite happy sitting there looking at Mandy on the dance floor, wishing he was up there with her. Of course that was never going to happen, there was always a queue for that pleasure.

So they got up to leave and his wife went over to say goodbye to Mandy. Like an embarrassed schoolboy old Mike remained where he was hoping to maybe get a smile smile and a wave from the gorgeous birthday girl.

But instead she came over to say goodbye in person again with that beautiful big smile that just melted his heart, and as she did she again leaned in to give Mike a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Lovely to have met you Uncle Mike," Mandy said, "hopefully we'll see you again soon."

Her words were more than the old man could have hoped for, calling him Uncle Mike sounded affectionate and gave him a sense of closeness to her. He smiled, conscious of his lop-sided mouth, but before he could speak someone had called her over back to the dance floor and she turned and bounded away with all the excitement typical of an 18 year old.

When they arrived home that night old Mike could see his elderly wife was exhausted and so he told her to go up to bed as he was going to watch some TV before coming up.

Now alone he slouched back into the sofa and closed his eyes as he thought of Mandy. Before he knew it he had started to do something that had become a regular habit for the pathetic old boy. He unzipped his trousers and released his cock. He couldn't resist taking it in his rough old hand and start to slowly masturbate himself. His breathing grew heavy and his hand quickened as thoughts of her raced through his mind. The dirty little old pervert couldn't help but wonder what underwear she must have been wearing as he imagined her slipping that dress off and offering herself to him. In no time at all he started to come as he tried to imagine what it would be like if she allowed him to feel her lovely huge breasts and grope her fit young ass. All too soon he had shot a huge load of his dirty old spunk all over himself, he was in a mess but didn't care, she was definitely worth it............................

.......................Since that first meeting old Mike came to see Mandy on a fairly regular basis. She was quite close to her Aunt and that gave the old boy plenty of opportunity to get to know her and spend some time with her, something he was obviously keen to do.

She quickly became the source of all of his sexual fantasies, nobody else could come even close. Given the choice of all the celebrities and all the models in the world he would still pick her. She would have no idea of the thoughts going through his mind every time they saw each other. All she saw was a shy and bumbling little old man, very friendly and very polite, and that was how old Mike wanted it to stay. He was happy just seeing her and gaining her trust and friendship, that way he would only get to see her more and more.

He was under no illusion that his fantasies would only ever be in his head and knew that he would never get to act them out, he would never dare. But his obsession with her just grew and grew the more he saw her.

He would have crafty admiring looks at her beautiful ass whenever she would have her back to him and nobody else was around. In his mind he could almost picture his hands roaming all over it. He could see her cheeks were firm and the way they thrust out so perfectly rounded would have his mouth watering at just the thought of it.

Then there were her massive breasts, so big and firm he couldn't resist taking quick sneaky glances every chance he got. He was so subtle that again nobody, especially Mandy herself, would even notice. He had never seen a more spectacular pair, and again if she had her back to him he could see himself slipping his hands through under her arms and reaching around her front. He could only imagine how it would be to take them in his hands and squeeze them.

Whenever she wore a clingy top he could see how slender toned and narrow her waist was which only served to confirm, if confirmation were needed, just what a truly phenomenal pair of tits they were.

As the months went on, the unfortunate looking old man spent more and more time thinking off Mandy. It was getting to the point that she was in his head so much that he was having to secretly masturbate over the thought of her every single day. It was even worse when he saw her. For the next few days his mind would be full of fresh images of her giving him the urge to do it two, three, or even four times in a day!

About seven or eight months after old Mike had met Mandy both he and his wife were invited over for a family barbecue. The thought of spending a whole afternoon in the company of his number one fantasy brought such a smile to the tiny old mans disfigured face that it was hard to hide his excitement.

But hide it he did and when they arrived he made gave no indication of how thrilled he was to see Mandy. She was outside in the garden with everyone else and looked absolutely stunning and, as always, just so unbelievably sexy.

The old man didn't go over to say hello straight away, instead he got himself a drink and made polite conversation with other family members. All the time though he can't help glancing over at Mandy. She was wearing a short cotton summer dress that, when the sun shone on it, was almost see-through. It was cream with a tiny red floral print and fitted her voluptuous young body like a dream, almost fluid-like the way it cascaded down over her gorgeous curves. The loose and flowing material seemed to cling where it touched and allowed her lovely big boobs to bounce freely and her ass to jiggle almost uncontrollably, a truly cock hardening sight.

Every now and then she would have to pull the dress out from where it would keep creeping up between her ass cheeks. Old Mike couldn't stop himself from looking at her and imagining himself running his hands all over her, feeling her curves through the fine cotton material. As with the many other times he had now seen her all he could do was keep stealing glances at her lovely big tits and her shapely fit young ass and wish he could just touch them, if only for a moment. He had to pull a tissue from his pocket to mop up the saliva that was running from the side of his disfigured mouth.

Throughout the early part of the evening Mandy spoke to him a few times which would leave him, as always, tongue tied and slightly embarrassed.

At one stage she sat on a garden chair opposite him and as she spoke she crossed her legs giving him a view of almost the full length of her silky smooth tanned thigh. As she continued to speak all he could think of was kissing those beautiful full pouting lips and running his hand along her firm young thigh and under her dress, it was pure torture.

The longer he was in her company the more vivid his imagination would get. Nobody would ever guess his thoughts from his look and apparent politeness, but in his mind he was thinking all sorts. From simply touching and feeling her all the way to picturing her slipping those lovely lips over the end of his swollen cock or spreading her legs and offering him her sweet young pussy........ If only she knew....

At about 9 o'clock he noticed she had vanished and after a few minutes innocently enquired as to where she was. He was told that she had gone out having arranged to go to a friends party that same night. Of course old Mike was gutted at the news and so now all he wanted was to go home. He told his wife he was tired and went to use the bathroom before they set off.

Alone in the house he had to walk by Mandys bedroom and as he did he noticed the door was slightly open. Knowing there was nobody around he couldn't resist pausing to have a quick peak inside. He was nervous and wasn't going to go in, he just couldn't help his curiosity and wanted to see where she slept.

As he pushed the door slightly he straight away noticed her clothes screwed up on the bed, she must have changed before she went out. It was then he felt a sudden rush of blood when he saw on top of the clothes was what looked like a pair of her panties. Nervously he glanced left and right to make sure there was nobody around, he didn't know what to do, this was a once in a lifetime chance, he had to take it. He had never done anything like this before, he knew it was dirty and wrong, but something inside him was pushing him on.

He paused a few moments until he was absolutely sure that the coast was clear before he took the two steps into her room that brought him within reach of the clothes. He was terrified of being caught but knew that if he didn't at least touch them he would regret it forever. So, with beads of sweat forming on his forehead, he reached forward and picked them up. Trembling all over he held them up, eyes wide and bulging he gasped as he found himself looking at the prettiest pair of white silk and lace panties he had ever seen. He knew they had to be the pair that she would have been wearing that evening before she went out.

He knew he had to put them back before anyone came. But just before he did he couldn't resist bringing them to his face and sniffing the crotch. As soon as he caught the unmistakable scent of Mandys pussy he had to grab his now erect cock through his trousers and give it a desperately needed rub. This was just the most excited he had been for many years, he couldn't believe his luck.

Just then he heard voices and realized that someone was coming. Without thinking he quickly stuffed them in his pocket and left the room. Just in time as it turned out as his wife was now coming to use the bathroom also before they left.

He didn't know why he had taken them, surely she would notice they were missing. But the more he thought about it the more he realized the advantage to being perceived as a kind and polite old man. If she did notice they were gone there would be a lot more people in the frame for it before him, so with that thought he decided not to worry.

When he got home old Mike again told his wife to go to bed as there was something he was wanting to watch on the TV. As soon as he was sure she was upstairs and in bed he closed the lounge door and made himself comfortable on his sofa.

He pulled the panties out of his pocket and held them up for a proper look. They were so pretty and feminine, white silk crotch and rear with a white lace triangle at the front.

"Oh my God......Oh Mandy Mandy," he whispered as he tried to picture her wearing them. He could only imagine how sexy she would look in such things, but the real thrill was knowing that she actually was wearing them only a few hours earlier. He could feel his cock throbbing and straining to be released as he brought them close to his face.

He could smell the sweet scent of her pussy as he sniffed the crotch, his mouth trembled and saliva ran down his chin as he poked his tongue out and ran it over the fine silk and lace.

This was completely unreal, the old man never in his wildest dreams thought that he would ever get to smell and taste Mandys most sweetest and intimate area. What he held in his hand was something that was so private and personal to Mandy that maybe only a few, if any, had ever been in such a position before. It was dirty and so wrong, but so exciting to think how Mandy would never know the deep dark secret of just how much pleasure her pussy was giving him.

"Mmmmmm ooh yes you sweet sweet baby," he whispered excitedly. He was picking up the taste of her juices as he licked the piece of silk that would have spent most of the day pressed against her lovely fresh young cunt.

He couldn't believe he was actually sniffing and tasting Mandys pussy, (well as good as). He knew he had to release his desperately throbbing cock before he had an accident in his underpants. He pulled it out and had never seen it so hard in all his life, it was twitching and pulsating as if about to blow all on its own.

He knew this would be over in a flash and as he wrapped his hand around it he buried his face into the crotch. Excitedly he licked sucked and sniffed them, with such a vivid imagination he could easily imagine Mandy was still wearing them. In his mind she was sitting on his face grinding her pussy against him and calling out his name.

That was it, the dirty old pervert suddenly felt a massive amount of spunk power its way up through his smelly old cock and in an instant launch itself high into the air. Over and over he pounded his hand up and down the hugest hardest erection he had ever enjoyed. Load after load of hot thick spunk now covered him, it was the most amazing experience he could ever remember having.

After that he used the panties many more times, every one as good as the last. Always worried that they might be discovered however he knew he couldn't keep them forever. So the dirty old man decided for the last time to wrap them around his cock. The feel of the silk brushing over his swollen purple helmet was just incredible and in no time at all he had filled them with his filthy spunk. The thought of his juices mixing with hers was too much and he actually managed to go a second time without a moments pause, God she turned him on so much! After that they were unfortunately pretty useless and so had to be discarded.

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