tagRomanceAn Ordinary Man's Life Ch. 08

An Ordinary Man's Life Ch. 08



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Tuesday morning they woke up early to execute their plan to spend a day at the beach. In order to avoid the rush hour traffic common in Pacific Ocean beach locations, they knew it was necessary to leave early. Regarding the cleaning crew today is was a good thing to be out of their way.

There was still time for fun in the shower to get rid of their usual morning horniness. It was a repetition to Monday morning. Todd only needed half an hour to haul two nice orgasms out of his sex-crazed lovelies before they opted again for a pre-breakfast protein shake.

Andromeda and Samantha modeled the bikinis they intended to wear at their usual beach spot. Their destination was designated as a family beach the bikinis had to be decent enough for children and young teens. There was no rule that they couldn't be cut in a way one could only picture as indescribably sexy. The tops covered their breasts decently but somehow drew the eyes to the sensuous curves of their firm globes, revealing the fact they didn't need any artificial support. The side-tied bikini bottoms cloaked everything accurately but with as little fabric as possible.

Two of their bikinis were yellow, nicely patterned with small flowers, and the other two were white, nicely patterned with pink ornament stripes. Todd thought about the confusion at the beach with his lovelies exchanging their bikini style two or three times a day. For modesty during the drive, each wore a lightweight cotton cover-up, similar as a light dress, until they reached their beach moorage. Todd had only to wear a matching t-shirt with his nice swim-shorts. Dad's Mercedes gave them a comfortable ride.

After a short discussion, they decided to go to their favorite beach despite the fact they would certainly meet people they knew, mostly friends and former schoolmates.

Andromeda laughed and said it could be a lot of fun to show off Todd's gorgeous girlfriends to everyone, especially Samantha with her new more mature looks. Yes, it was true; with the new hairdo on which Andromeda insisted, the little make-up she used now, and the confidence in her appearance, Samantha was a perfect match to Andromeda and would also be a sensation at the beach. The three of them making love at every possible moment had positive effects to each of them.

Half past 10am they arrived at the municipal parking lot where Todd paid the parking fee. There were already a lot of cars parked but the lot was much less crowded than it would be a few hours later. Therefore the empty space they found wasn't too far away from the beach entrance. It was a favor to them carrying the usual beach equipment.

They found a nice place a fair distance from the waterline. There were two families with young children to their right and other people to their left a bit further away. The moment his girls dropped their cover-ups, four adults stared at them. The men were so obvious, each of them got a nudge from their wives. Todd was sure all the men at the beach would react like these married guys. The girls were a vision from some wild wet dream.

Andromeda and Samantha spread out the blankets on the sand, turning a few times around; nonchalantly showing off their perfect fronts and rears in a natural way to everyone in visible distance. They didn't really pose in every sense of the word and exerted no move that could be seen as provocative, but it was inevitable sometimes their hard nipples poked through the tops and it was equally inevitable that the fabric of the bikini bottoms sometimes delineated a tad ass cleavage too. Their shoulder-length full, wavy hairstyles framed two extremely beautiful faces. Todd knew it would be a hard day for all the men around, but there was nothing the girls could do to avoid being admired by them.

Todd could tell the married men never stopped secretly checking out his girlfriends. He was sure they wondered what this young man was like to have these two knock-outs with him. The way they acted made it obvious to everyone they belonged together. Kissing was not desirable on a family beach but there were other ways to show their affections.

At a quarter to noon four of Todd's former schoolmates arrived as expected. Celia and Roger, he had heard they were a couple now, and Jessica and Kyle, a couple for years. He'd often played volleyball with Kyle. The beach was now more crowded but there was still empty space around them. Roger recognized Todd as he fetched a soda from the ice box.

Roger said something to the other three and all walked toward him. Todd stepped in their direction while his girlfriends put on their sunglasses and laid down to tan. They dropped their beach equipment to the sand and Todd greeted the girls with a welcoming handshake and the guys with a knock on their fists.

ʺThere is still space for you if you don't mind having my girlfriends and me close by.ʺ

This was the moment Andromeda and Samantha registered something was going on. They stood up in all their gorgeous splendor, still wearing the big shades. They wanted to know whether the arrivals would recognize Samantha but it was immediately clear they couldn't. Todd saw it too but he wasn't surprised. It was not only her new hairdo combined with her new self assurance that made her a new person, but also her body and face. The sex marathons they conducted almost every day had made her body precisely defined and her face even more beautiful. She had become a woman in appearance and actions over the last months.

And the same applied to Todd as well. With every passing day his features seemed to become more masculine attractive while still maintaining his boyish charm.

Fortunately, the guys didn't lose their eyeballs as they stared at these heavenly creatures. Roger was the nosy person as always. ʺWhat about Samantha, we thought you were an item? And please don't joke with us pretending these goddesses there are your girlfriends.ʺ

That raised a loud laugher from his women causing some looks from the people around. Samantha took the mirrored sunglasses from her face and said, ʺI AM Samantha and I assure you, my friend Andromeda and I are really Todd's girlfriends.ʺ

She shared a welcoming hug with Celia and Jessica and a handshake with the guys. Andromeda dropped her sunglasses as well and joined Samantha in her greetings. She sensed that the girls were a little awed by the sheer presence of Samantha and her, so she greeted them warmly.

ʺI'm happy to meet you. Todd told me a lot about his former schoolmates and you two have been always on his want list. You are beautiful and really sexy in your bikinis. Samantha was very lucky that none of you other girls ever approached him before, and I'm lucky she didn't mind sharing him with me.ʺ She even made the guys feel good saying they were good looking. She didn't mention their visible hard-ons. They would get used to their presence.

Todd saw that his schoolmates, especially the girls, were eager to ask some questions but didn't know how they should do it. He decided to kill the gossip before it started, openly and honestly.

ʺLet's sit together and we will bring you up-to-date. It's in our own interest to clear the air. What we'll tell you don't hesitate to spread it around. I assume we all will attend the school leavers' ball next Saturday.ʺ He got a nod from all of them.

After all were seated on the large blankets Todd said, ʺYou know what happened between Samantha and I and how we handled our relationship. But, after Samantha cancelled that Friday date and went with Jacob to this infamous party, I asked Andromeda to accompany me that evening. She is a friend of my parents and works at my father's company. We had a lot of fun together and over the weekend we became such good friends that we ended in the sack, but I couldn't let Samantha go. I had feelings for her too. You know how we handled the deadlock to our happiness. Yeah, that's the situation at the moment. Every day with my lovers around I'm the happiest man alive.ʺ

His speech broke the ice and Jessica asked, ʺIf I understand you correctly, you three are lovers together, all at once? ʺ

Samantha answered, ʺYes, every day at every possible moment we are constantly together and before you may ask, we make love together and we sleep together.ʺ

ʺWow, wow, ʺ said Celia. ʺAren't you jealous or embarrassed having sex together with Todd.ʺ

ʺNo, not at all, ʺ answered Andromeda. ʺHe loves both of us and we both love him dearly, and in addition, we women are in love with each other too.ʺ She exchanged an affectionate look with Samantha.

Now it was Roger again who couldn't hold back any longer. ʺDoes that mean you two are sexually involved with each other.ʺ He made a face like something was bugging him.

Andromeda laughed and answered, ʺIt's impossible to be sexually together with an unique man like Todd without establishing lesbian feelings as well. I leave it to your own imagination what a man and two bisexual women can do to induce fireworks in the sack.ʺ

Kyle brought it to the point, ʺMate, you're a damn lucky guy and I have the distinct perception the way your lovers look at you, you don't need any help with them.ʺ

Of course, that earned him a nudge in his rips from Jessica, but not very hard.

Andromeda finished this conversation with the remark; ʺTodd is more than able to satisfy us repeatedly. In case you haven't figured it out I'm a lot older than my lovers and I know what I'm talking about.ʺ Later she answered their questions truthfully that she was twenty-eight years old. At first they didn't believe her but she assured them it was true.

After this conversation the girls looked at Todd and wondered about his sexual capabilities. The guys envied him but everything happened in a respectable manner. Later, three other schoolmates, two guys and a girl, came around to say hello. And when his friend Morgan Dexter saw him while walking on the waterline with his girlfriend Todd jumped at the chance to make an appointment with him on Tuesday next week. He needed a little help for the finishing touches on his software projects.

All in all, it was already a splendid day at the beach and his goddesses got all the attention they deserved. Every time they came out of the water with their wet bikinis clinging to their breasts and hips knocked-out all the men around. Every move they made, whether stretching their bodies, bending down to catch something or strolling to the shower stalls, Todd expected to hear a collective sigh from all their admirers. He was sure the women around had other thoughts despite the fact Andromeda and Samantha did nothing on purpose to arouse the guys. And nobody could blame them that their moderate though sexy bikinis covered such gorgeous bodies.

All the men had another hard time when Todd twice applied waterproof sun lotion on their bodies. He undid the knots on their tops, letting the silky material fall to the sides to have better access to their flawless skin. His hands deliberately moved very slowly over their shoulders and outer contours of their breasts but in a way that it was not clearly visible. He couldn't resist sliding his fingers under the waistline of their bikini bottoms. He heard masculine groans from all around and saw men turning on their stomach to hide their boners.

Sure, before the girls turned over, Todd tied the knots carefully, knowing their bare centerfold breasts would cause a ruckus around. Working on their fronts with the lotion caused an even harder moment for all the secret spectators. The moderate yet sexy style of their bikinis made it inevitable to reach some strategic places with his hands where several of the men around would have been pleased to help out though he didn't dare to shove his fingers under their bikini tops. Only Todd saw the small wet spot in the gussets of their bikini bottoms before they tightened their legs.

Not long afterwards they went for another swim. When the distance to the waterline was far enough they kissed passionately and the girls chastised him to make them intentionally wet with his sensitive hands. He laughed and slipped his hands under their tops, and twirled their hard nipples. They still stretched the thin fabric as they came out of the water but that was just a natural reaction because of the not too warm ocean. Todd hoped no man would lose his eyeballs.

The temperature dropped a few degrees by mid afternoon and the guys joined a volleyball match at a nearby court. It was in view of their place, so Todd could see the parade of men talking with his lovelies. Celia and Jessica seemed to be interested spectators. Though he wasn't concerned in the least and concentrated his efforts to the game. One set his team won and one set his team lost but it was great fun and everybody was happy. Afterwards everybody jumped into the ocean and after a refreshing swim they went to their own places.

Todd got a lot of envious looks from guys he passed as he walked back to their spot. He spotted former schoolmates Donald Turner and Harry Palmer, both now sophomores in college. They were both handsome men, Donald, white and Harry, black, but they both avoided Todd's eyes, as they walked away.

ʺWhat happened, ʺ Todd asked his devilishly grinning women but it was Jessica who answered.

ʺTodd, you wouldn't believe what your girlfriends did with those macho hunks.ʺ

ʺOhhh, I believe a lot because I know what they are able to do. Please tell me.ʺ

ʺDonald and Harry came along and said hello, presenting their trained football bodies like it was an event of the century. They recognized Celia and me but not Samantha. You may imagine that they directed all their charm to your girlfriends but we could immediately tell they weren't interested in the least. However, I have to inform you that your girlfriends are the greatest teasers in the world. The guys invited them to a party tomorrow evening and they said they had already an appointment with their boyfriend. Harry was the one to register the word boyfriend in the singular and asked who the boyfriend was for two such gorgeous women. They told him your name and they busted a gut like it was the greatest joke on earth. That was when Celia and I interfered and told them it was true. We learned of it this day and that Todd was playing Volleyball at the moment. They looked at the court but they didn't seem to spot you. Then, they did something really stupid and Andromeda became the pure devil. They insisted your girlfriends should leave this pootbutt behind and go with real men.ʺ

Todd looked at his innocent smiling women who just put a good face on the matter.

Jessica continued, ʺAndromeda lowered her voice and asked them with a dramatic tone I've never heard before, 'Why do you call Todd a pootbutt?' They made a great mistake looking down at the bulge in their swim trunks. Andromeda saw what was in their minds and acted immediately. She boldly told them to drop their trunks and reveal their twelve inch thick dicks, because they were used it from their boyfriend. Furthermore she asked them how often they could come during an evening and night. Eight times was the absolute minimum they would accept considering what their boyfriend was capable to do. Yeah, that was the end of the drama. They didn't drop their trunks nor did they answer her question. I couldn't tell what they thought about Andromeda's boldness but with an odd expression in their faces they just turned and strolled away. All the other men tried to hit on your girlfriends and just got a polite rejection.ʺ

Samantha added, ʺWe couldn't let the opportunity slip away to teach them a lesson. Nobody calls our gorgeous boyfriend a pootbutt.ʺ

Todd broke the beach rules for two short kisses with his girlfriend while he was aware that Celia and Jessica looked at his crotch, obviously estimating how big he really was. Andromeda saw it too and rubbed some more salt into the sore, ʺI exaggerated his size and staying power a bit, sorry.ʺ

Off course, Roger and Kyle witnessed everything. They didn't mind their girlfriend's reaction because everybody saw that Todd and his lovers lived on another planet. Actually Celia and Jessica were a little bit heated-up but Todd was unavailable so their boyfriends would reap the fruit that evening with a special good fuck. The same time the girls felt a little sadness that such a perfect threesome had to split in less than two months because of the reality of life. All of themselves were scheduled to visit the local community college for an advanced two years education so the two couples didn't have to split because of life circumstances. They weren't good students like Samantha and Todd who were sure to earn a scholarship and their parents didn't have the money for an expensive college education as well.

Todd and his girls paid no attention to the fact the atmosphere around them changed gradually over the afternoon. The males were still looking at the flawless natural centerfold beauties, though the goal turned more and more into admiration than pure sexual interest. There was no doubt that no one could break through the love barrier these young people had put around them. Every move, every touch, every glance between them spoke volumes.

The purposes of the females around became quite different too. It changed from looking at the girls as pure rivals to looking at Todd as a sex object. They followed almost every move of his chiseled features. The marathon sex with two hot, insatiable women had defined his body. His face had a more manly touch with the strong jaw-line. There were enough women around with the sensitivity to understand that these young people were passionate lovers, probably every day. However their faculty of imagination was miles away from the plain truth. Some women became unexpectedly wet looking at Todd's crotch where undoubtedly a lively thing was hidden but the lose beach shorts didn't reveal much. The specially designed strong mesh inner lining helped a lot. Some of the bolder women actually imagined his cock size near his actual endowment.

One thing nobody around detected was that his beauties became more and more horny with elapsing hours. Todd sure was aware of and he did everything to prevent himself getting a huge boner. Preferably he would have liked to fuck them on the spot. 'My God, what a turmoil that would cause,' he thought lecherously.

To his luck Kyle and Roger helped him often involving him in actions and conversations with them. Kyle, more a friend than Roger, asked him cautiously while playing with a ball in the shallow waters how often his girlfriend liked to have sex with him. Todd didn't want to go into details about their sprawling sex life and just said almost every day. Kyle sensed that was not the whole truth but he didn't intrude further. Jessica and he were fortunate that her single mom worked long hours, so he could make love with her as often as she wanted it, normally every other day. Both were more than satisfied with this frequency and he erroneously assumed that would be accurate for Todd and his girls as well.

Half past 5pm the threesome packed their equipment and said good bye to the two couples, saying they would be back at the beach on Thursday. Wednesday there were some errands to run for all three of them.

On the way home forty minutes were enough time for his witches to suck him off twice, each swallowing a nice pent up load. Todd had to make every effort not to swerve about. At home, it was clear he had to reciprocate the wicked action because as they entered the spic and span living room, the women dropped their clothes quicker than a wink, fell back onto the couch and pulled their legs almost behind their heads as limber as they were presenting him their delicious orifices in an untold licentious behavior. He dropped his clothes as well looking at their soaking wet pussies and inviting slow-twitching assholes.

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