tagBDSMAn Unexpected Trip Ch. 01

An Unexpected Trip Ch. 01


Barbara had been single for a few years now. Since the divorce, she hadn't dated very often and she really wasn't looking when Bruce first appeared. The two met by chance and what had started off as a fine friendship was beginning to blossom into something more. He seemed to know her, perhaps even more so than she knew herself. He knew when she was hungry, when she was tired, when she needed to talk and when she needed to be held. He had made her very happy in the short time since they'd met, but for some reason, there was one thing they hadn't shared, they had not been intimate. Barbara was determined to remedy that tonight, after dinner.

She had dressed in one of her sexiest outfit. A white silk blouse that revealed the lace of her bustier beneath, a tight black mini that just barely covered the tops of her black stockings, and her favorite pair of stilettos. She had considered whether she was being too obvious, but then again, that was somewhat the point.

Dinner was wonderful. The restaurant was dark and very romantic and the food was delicious. They sat and talked afterwards, but Barbara wasn't really listening to Bruce tonight, and he knew why. He abruptly ended the conversation by dropping a large bill on the table and rising out of his seat. "Time to go" was all he said.

And then they were in the car, driving back down an old country road. It was chilly that night and Barbara was becoming aware that, too her embarrassment, her nipples were becoming hard and sensitive against the silk of her bustier. She tried to cover them by placing her arms around her when Bruce suddenly stated, "Don't do that, don't hide them, I know that you're becoming excited." And without another word, he pulled the car over to the side of the road.

He looked at her with a gaze that she could feel penetrating her flesh and the spirit housed within. She felt as though he was looking at her soul laid bare. "Oh god" she thought, "he's going to take me right here in the car" and she smiled slightly, trying to appear coy. "There's no need for that either," he said. "There's no need for us to wait any longer, I think we're finally ready. Do you agree?" Barbara nodded. She was trembling now.

"Do you trust me?" She again nodded her head, trying to think of something clever to say, but something inside told her that now was not the time to be clever. Bruce knew what was going to happen, and that was enough for her.

"Good" he replied, I give you my word to honor your trust, and I have a gift for you. Open the glove compartment."

She lunged at it, and caught herself as she opened it. Her eyes found a small, white box inside, wrapped with a black satin ribbon. "Open it" he said. Barbara fumbled with the ribbon, her hands trembling slightly now. She slid the lid off and was caught completely off guard when she saw just what was inside. A pair of steel handcuffs resting atop a layer of black satin.

Barbara had always, always wanted to try this. She'd heard of other couples using handcuffs and ropes and scarves and whatnot in their sexplay, but she'd never met a man who showed any interest, or initiative. Bruce was that man she'd been waiting for. She picked up the cuffs. They were heavy. Not at all like the toy handcuffs her friends had played with when she was a child. These were solid, and they were real, and this was happening.

"Do you like them?" Bruce questioned, his tone level. Barbara replied "I've never... yes, I do." "I'm glad" Bruce replied, "we're going to play a little game now, a game of trust. I'm going to ask you to trust me. Do you agree?" Barbara nodded the affirmative. Her head bowed slightly. She was incapable of saying anything else, and she would not speak for the rest of the evening.

"Here's what I want you to do," Bruce said. "First, remove your blouse. It's very beautiful, but I would like to see what's beneath it." She did as he asked, placing the blouse in the seat behind her. "And now your skirt, I want you to slide out of it and place it in the back seat." Barbara fumbled with the button, and then the zipper, then began to yank the skirt down. "Slowly," Bruce commanded, his voice still level and very controlled. She complied with his instruction and slowly slid the skirt down her thighs, over her knees and down to the floor. She suddenly became aware of the smell of the leather, and the softness of it as it slid down over her silk stockings. She kicked off her left heel when Bruce interrupted "No, no. I want you to leave your heels on. I like the way you look in them." Again, Barbara complied. She slid her foot back into the shoe, slid off the skirt and placed it in the back seat. She sat there, in her heels, stockings and lingerie, with the small box sitting in her lap.

"That was very good." The compliment made her feel warm all over. "Now then, you are going to take that satin out of the box, and tie it around your head, covering your eyes." A blindfold! That was the material the cuffs were resting on. Barbara took the scarf and folded it over, then she raised the cloth to the level of her eyes and took one last glance at him, before she tied it snugly behind her head. With her sight cut off, she began to realize that not only was she trembling and erect, but she was also very wet.

"That was also well done. Now, take the handcuffs and place one on your right wrist, slowly. Click the cuff into place a total of five clicks." She did so and on the fifth click of the cuff, she realized that she would not be able to slip her hand free. "Now place your hands behind your back and lock on the other cuff." Barbara hesitated, but only for a moment. She placed her hands behind her and was surprised by their warmth. Her whole form was trembling now, but her hands felt very warm. She took a quick breath and then, snapped the cuff on and around her wrist. She didn't count how many times the lock snapped, but there was no point in worrying about that now, she couldn't pull her hands free. She was bound, blind, chilled and yet warm. Afraid, but not. This was the most erotic experience she had ever dared imagine, and it was happening.

Barbara could feel Bruce's gaze on her, all over her. She hoped that he was pleased. She hoped that he would mount her right there in the passenger seat, that he would kiss her neck, fondle her breasts, touch her thighs, her belly, kiss her lips. "Oh God," she thought to herself "I hope he..."

Just then, the car's engine roared to life and the car eased back onto the road. Minutes that seemed like hours passed by. Thoughts exploded through Barbara's brain like fireworks. "Where is he taking me? He wouldn't take me home like this, anyone could see, the kids would see, and the baby-sitter, and what if we pass the hospital, if he's driving though the city, anyone could see, anyone at all."

Just then she heard the sound of the car turning onto a gravel drive, and then, it came to a stop. She wanted to ask him "Where are we?" but she dared not speak. Instead, she listened as Bruce opened his door, closed it and then she heard the sound of his footsteps and he walked around to the passenger door. As it opened he whispered in her ear, "we're here now, I'm going to carry you inside." She didn't respond, not in words, but as she turned her head to kiss him, he knew that she understood what he had asked of her, and that she had agreed.

He picked her up and carried her up the steps to the cabin's front door.

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