tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 13

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 13


Hank arrived home that Friday evening in a very good mood. A good sized sale had put him within hailing distance of his quarterly quota. He could tell Caroline, in complete confidence, of course, that she would not have to be concerned about being this quarter's "prize". As a result, she just might, with the help of a generous application of alcohol, be interested in sex tonight.

Sex had been pretty good before they got married, but in the past several years she seemed to become less interested. Even when he could get her tacit consent, she tended to not participate with the enthusiasm she had before. She acted more the inanimate toy, than a vibrant partner. It was what it was, he acknowledged. She was beautiful with a great body and that wasn't bad.

On the road, he satisfied himself with porn and masturbation. He didn't want to be carrying the guilt, and possibly disease from some liaison begun at a bar, and he didn't want to get involved with any of the women who worked for his customers.

He brightened again. Tonight would be good. She might just lie there, but she was still a voluptuous woman lying naked, willing in his bed. That couldn't be bad.

He parked in the garage and headed straight for the pool still carrying his case. As he expected he found her in a chaise reading a romance novel. To her right on a small deck table rested a glass of wine.

"Hi, babe!," he cried as he walked quickly up to her. "I sure hope you haven't planned dinner because you and I are going out!"

She looked up smiling brightly. "Ah, my prince returns bringing what sounds like celebratory news." She stood and closed the short distance between them. Instead of a kiss, she allowed a curtsy, bowing her head at its nadir. This provided an interesting view given her dress of the moment and probably not unplanned. She could be quite a tease.

He smiled looking down as the loose top fell away from her otherwise unrestrained breasts. The view this afforded always made him hard. She stood and wrapped her arms around his neck giving a wine-flavored kiss.

"What news, sweet prince," she continued in flowery romance novel instigated grandiloquence.

Trying to stay with her, but with no alcohol in his system, he released her and taking half a step back, bowed and said, "I bring news of money and even good news of quotas."

She continued in her current vein of princess and danced around him. Returning to face him she grabbed his shirt pulling him to her. "You mean I don't have to worry about the next meeting?"

"Now you know these are things that I'm not supposed to share with you, but you should put any untoward events at the next meeting out of your mind. Though, of course, I didn't say that and you certainly don't know that," he said smiling.

"That is good news," she said dropping the romance novel speech and behavior. "Sit and I'll get you a beer, or do you want a scotch?"

"How about you following me to the bedroom with a scotch while I change my clothes. Then we can come back here and talk about dinner."

"Meet you in the bedroom," she said with a smile that he thought just might be an invitation, if not for now, possibly for later.

Leaving his case in the home office he'd fashioned, he returned to the car and got out his overnight case which he brought with him to the bedroom. Caroline joined him shortly with two fingers of scotch neat.

"Only one of these," he observed. "I want my wits about me when I'm with my princess."

He began to change, then as he stood in his underwear said, "How about a swim before we invade some restaurant for dinner."

"Perfect," she responded. "But let me help you, sire into your bathing costume." She found his bathing suit in a bureau. Throwing it on the bed as he watched she pulled his boxers off. His cock reacted instantly to this unexpected behavior. She knelt in front of him bathing suit in hand. "Lift foot," she commanded in a stern voice. A foot went up sufficient to have a leg of his suit pulled on. "Other foot," she commanded. The other foot allowed the other leg of the suit. She began to pull the suit up and, at the sight of his expanding cock said dramatically, "Forsooth, I do believe I see a hardening prick. I shall verify that it is what is claims to be."

With one hand she took firm hold of his cock and plunged it into her mouth. She held it there for a few moments as Henry was scarcely able to restrain himself, let alone believe what was happening. Pulling her head back she allowed his cock to drop from her mouth. "Ah, it is what it appears to be; the prick of a prince! We shall have to further investigate this appendage later this evening. But first we swim."

She pulled the suit up quickly, but when she encountered his swollen cock she held it for a moment, gently gave the tip a last lick of her tongue, then tucked in inside the suit where it bulged showing no evidence of returning to its flaccid state.

She retrieved her own suit and handed it to Henry. "I am tired from my efforts to properly attire my prince. Perhaps he would assist me in preparing for the swim." She looked at him wantonly handing him her bathing suit. She raised her arms.

No map was needed. He took the hem of her shirt and pulled it off over her head. Tossing it to the bed he kissed each nipple then removed her shorts and panties. From his kneeling position he held her hips, pulled her toward his face, and give her clit a quick lick.

"Oh, forsooth, (I think that's the right word), my prince," she said wriggling in his grasp, "what fun we shall have this evening. He actually managed to get the bottoms of her swim suit in place without following through on his burning desire to throw her on the floor and fuck her.

She was being more like she had been before they were married, sexy, wanton, ready for a tumble in any available haystack. He thought he'd just play along and see where this evening might lead.

The swim was delightful. The water and the air temperature seemed made for this time in the pool. She enjoyed being with him, but gave him no overt opening for sex in the pool. After spending less than an hour swimming and floating in the pool, she got out.

"It'll take me longer than you to get ready, so why don't you stay in for a few minutes longer," she said. As he looked over at her from the pool in the space of that short sentence she had removed her suit. She stood on the pool apron naked for only a second or two smiling at him, then turned and walked into the house. He remembered how he loved to watch that lovely ass sway as she walked.

She stopped at the door and turned back. "Make a reservation somewhere. Surprise me," she said.

He nodded looking at her nakedness. Tonight was going to be really nice, he thought.

He swam for a few more minutes and got out. He was thinking of a casual, but intimate Italian restaurant. A bottle of Chianti would be nice. He dried himself, found the phone number and made the reservations. A quiet table, he'd requested, perhaps on the patio. They'd see what they could do.

He went to put on something casual and called to Caroline telling her where her had made reservations. She applauded his choice over the sound of the hair dryer. "My prince doth make good choices," she called back in her continuing her romance novel mood. "Could my prince find me a glass of that white wine in the fridge?"

He brought it to her as she was applying makeup and set it alongside her. "Thanks, prince," she said and went back to her makeup. "Ready in a minute."

True to her word she took little time in finishing the makeup routine, and the wine.

"Let's go," she said taking hold of his arm. The smile had not faded. It was, indeed, going to be a fine night.

She had dressed in a kind of peasant fashion. A loosely fitting white cotton blouse and a short, but full red print skirt. She was definitely wearing a bra, but it served to push her up and reveal the tops of her breasts. How could such a peasant blouse look so sexy he wondered. "Wow," was what he said. She smiled as he put her in the car.

They chatted on the way to the restaurant and during a quiet, intimate dinner. True to his request, they had been seated on the patio where the warm, sweet air had added to the elegance of the evening. She found his hands and held them for long moments during the meal. They finished the bottle of wine, but avoided dessert.

Suddenly she said, squeezing his hand, "Take me up to Sullivan's Point."

Not far away, not far from home, a nice view, a place where lovers went. "Yeah," he breathed.

He paid the bill, then escorted her to the car. She put her hand on his leg as they made the short trip up to the parking area at Sullivan's Point. There were two other cars, both parked to afford maximum privacy while still having a view. Henry found a spot that would not deny privacy to any of them and parked. "Kind of hard to make out now that cars don't have bench seats anymore," he said now thinking this wasn't such a good idea.

"It may be difficult to make out in the car, but there's a park bench over there," she pointed to a secluded bench and got out. "Come on," she said as he hesitated.

They passed several benches seemingly strategically placed as to be obscured from one another. Caroline had taken his hand and was leading him. She arrived at a bench that seemed acceptable to her and sat. He sat alongside her not knowing quite what to expect. She was no longer coy. She kissed him. It was a deep kiss that reminded him of their courting days. She brushed her lips on his neck, blew her soft, warm breath in his ear.

She ran her fingers under his shirt and used her nails to heighten his excitement. "Prince, I'm wearing a garment that is too tight. Would you please take it off," she whispered.

During their courting days, he could easily unfasten her bra and slide it off without her having to take off her blouse. He made to do that now. She pushed back against the bench thwarting him. "My blouse needs to come off first," she said in a pouting voice.

Taking a deep breath he unbuttoned the blouse. She stood and took it off draping it on the bench. When she didn't sit again, he stood and pushed the bra off her breasts caressing them lightly before turning her and releasing her bra. The bra joined the blouse on the back of the bench. "That's better," she sighed, but something seems to be binding me from under this skirt." She reached up under her skirt and removed her panties. They joined the clothing on the bench.

She kissed him again, pulled his shirt off, kissed his chest, sucked his nipples. When he opened his eyes, her skirt lay on the leaves at his feet. She was naked save her shoes. She bent over the back of the bench and spread her legs widely. Without a word he unzipped his khakis and pushed himself deep inside her. Slow seemed called for as he began. "Yes," she breathed pushing back against him. As he began to reach his edge, she moved away. "Stop. We'll finish at home." She bent and kissed his disappointed cock. Picking up her clothes she led the way back to the car, still naked.

They moved quickly to get back to the car. Once inside she said, "Hurry."

The short drive seemed too long. He was still hard when they rushed through the garage door into the house and down the hallway to the bedroom. He stripped off his pants and shoes as she kicked off her sandals. But before he could bring her to the bed she held him at the its edge . "Can you come twice tonight," she asked breathlessly. She knew the answer, but wanted him to know this night would be memorable. He nodded completely confused by the evening. "Lie down on your back." He did.

She sat with him on the bed. She slowed down what he had expected to be a quick fuck. She played with the hair on his chest. She moved down until she was twisting the curls at the base of his cock. She kissed it's tip licking it clean. Then she took his hand and placed it between his legs. "I want to watch you pleasure yourself."

Surprised he said, "What?"

"I want to watch you make yourself cum," she punctuated the declaration by sucking and licking his cock for a brief second. She took his hand and curled his fingers around his cock and began a stroking motion with it. She took his other hand and placed it between her own legs. She rocked back on her legs and watched him do something no one, least of all her, had ever seen him do.

It excited her to watch him stoke his cock, to be able to look at its majesty. This was the thing he put inside her that filled her, exciting the length of her pussy as it moved in and out. It was this wonderful organ that sent what felt like torrents of cum into her body. She couldn't take her eyes off what was happening. His finger and thumb excited her while at the same time as he stroked himself.

She was almost ready to come herself when jets of cum shot upward. Henry's abdomen tightened, his head came up and he jerked while he stroked faster. Her climax followed. It was over too quickly for both of them. She straddled him and lay on his chest both savoring the moment.

She couldn't restrain herself and murmured, "My prince has cum." He groaned.

"What'd you think," he asked after they had lay in each others' arms for a few minutes.

"I loved it," she replied, "and I loved that you made me cum, too. Would you mind doing that again sometime?"

"For you princess, anything," he said.

"You said you could cum twice," she reminded him. "You still up to it?" She was sitting on the side of the bed wiping both of them with a warm cloth. She had stroked him until he was once again hard.

He reached for her breast. He held a nipple lightly. "I could fuck this lady all night."

"I've never given you a blow job. Would you like that?"

"My, god, I'd love it!" He couldn't believe his ears. He moved toward the center of the bed to give her more room.

"Do you want to cum in my mouth," she wasn't sure if she wanted him to, but she'd read on the Internet that that's what men liked.

"Maybe sometime, but tonight I want to cum in your pussy," he said lying back eagerly awaiting her mouth on his cock. She knelt on the bed gently taking hold of his hard cock. She was concerned that she do it right.

"Tell me it if doesn't feel right," she said nervously and bowed her head over his cock taking it into her mouth. It felt funny. Hard as it was, she knew it was sensitive. She tried to avoid having her teeth touch him, but it so filled her mouth that it seemed that there was no way to avoid scraping him. She pulled back until only the very head was still in her mouth. She licked the head imagining him inside her pussy. He responded with a groan. She let go his cock. "Am I hurting you?"

"No," he said. "Please don't stop." He rocked his hips forward forcing himself deeper into her mouth. She began to stroke his cock with her hand while licking the head and its tip. It was exciting to feel his passion as she experimented with her hands, her tongue, and her lips. She sucked and licked and stroked. She used her nails on his balls. He was fucking her mouth with an excitement she had never seen or felt before.

"Stop! I'm going to cum," he sounded desperate.

She didn't stop. Suddenly she wanted to feel him cum in her mouth. She wanted to feel the cum shoot against her tongue as he came. She sped up her efforts and suddenly felt the warm cum shoot into her mouth. Still she didn't stop. She swallowed some, some dripped out of her mouth. She was in ecstasy knowing she was giving him such pleasure.

He was groaning, thrashing, moaning. He slowed, then stopped. She kept licking and stroking until he put his hand on her to stop.

"My god," he said. "That was fantastic!"

She wiped her mouth on the bed sheet. "I loved it. I had no idea I'd like it, let alone love it!" She was in a state of unbelief. She'd really given a man a blow job! She lay down on top of him again.

He turned her over sliding still hard cock inside her as he did. "You were incredible!" His eyes were bright as he looked into hers. He was moving inside her as he asked, "Dare I ask where you learned to do that?"

She smiled. "I was that good? I actually just read about what to do on the web. There are lots of blogs about how to give blow jobs," she said, adding with a coy smile "and . . . other things, too."

"Are there things I need to learn about what to do for you," he asked. He was moving faster inside her now.

"Yes," she said. "For tonight, just keep doing what you're doing. It really feels good! Tomorrow we can talk about those 'other things'." She closed her eyes and let him fuck her. Tonight he was going to cum three times.

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