tagBDSMThe Truest Revenge Ch. 01

The Truest Revenge Ch. 01


The Truest Revenge

"Eric. I need to have a word with you," said my boss with a firm look on his face. "Have a seat." The frown which he normally wore was widened today. "There seems to be a problem."

"What sort of problem?"


I stared at him with shock, I was a perfect employee. "Me?" I asked in horror.

"Don't give me that bullshit, Eric. This is the tenth sexual harassment complaint I've received against you."

"Tenth? What are you talking about. I've never had any complaints against me." I responded while choking on the last few words.

"Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot. I know what you did, hiding these complaints in your desk drawer. You think you can fool me? YOU THINK I'M AN IDIOT?" His voice scream out with rage. "These have their official dates stamped on them! You're such an idiot. You should've just thrown them all out. But now," He waved a bundle of papers at me, "You're fucked. F-U-C-K-E-D." He spelled it out for me.

"What are you talking about?" I was one of the nicest guys here at the office. "I have not even the slightest clue of what you're talking about."

"Mr. Leszer! Enough of your bullshit!" His bald head turned red. "You can't walk around fondling any woman that catches your eye!"



I remained silent as I stared at my fuming boss in shock.

He rubbed some gel into his hands and smoothed it over his bald head. This helped him deal with his anger management: the gel lowered the temperature of his skin. "Mr. Leszer," He took a deep breath to calm himself further. "Your employment has been terminated." A policeman appeared at the entrance to his office. "Now, if you'd exit promptly without fuss you could probably save yourself some more embarrassment."

I stared at him with astonishment as I took in the blow I had just received. I walked out his office full of fury and dismay. I had done nothing wrong.

My coworkers just stared at me while shaking their heads as I passed them. I was utterly ashamed. Every one of them thought I was a creepy pervert: someone to be avoided. I was out the door of the office's downtown building when I heard loud footsteps run up behind me.

"Wait up!"

I whirled around. It was Dave. He worked at the office too.

I remained silent while staring at my shoes in shame as he caught his breath.

"Eric, I have something important to tell you," he was still panting from his run. "I just overheard Susan and Emily talking. They're the ones who fucked you over! They filed the complaints to get their offices next to each other!"

"WHAT THE HELL!" I yelled out in fury. People turned to stare at me, but I couldn't give a shit. "WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST ASK ME TO SWITCH DAMN OFFICES WITH THEM!?"

"Yeah! I know!" He wiped the perspiration from his forehead. "Those two are nasty fucking bitches. They don't care about anyone man. Emily's boyfriend, Nethaniel, works in Complaints. She had him stamp false dates on them!"

I was too furious to respond. Why did they have to make me lose my job? Why didn't they just ask me to switch stupid offices...?

"So here comes the other part of why I came running after you. to tell you. Susan is going over to a sex parlor, or at least that's what they think it is, to celebrate. This way we get them to sign a whole bunch of legal shit before you step in there and do your shit. They're probably going there because they don't want any of their boyfriends to know anything."

Those two girls had men lining up to fuck with them. I never understood how though. Yeah, they were alright looking but they were such nasty people.

"Uch." I responded, "Those two are disgusting. They make me retch."

He chuckled nervously. "Go over there tonight! I have already paid the gigolo off to slip on GHB into their drinks. Then we ship them off to a private location." He paused to slap me on the back, "all we need is for you to step in there and take care of business. "

"Dave, this is a fuckin' awesome idea. But I can't. There's too much at stake here. I'll get a huge police report filed against me. I'll get myself in deeper trouble than I am now."

"Eric. You just lost your job. What can happen already-the plan is foolproof." He pulled out a yellow sticky note from his back pocket and handed me the paper, "they'll be at this address."

"Holy shit Dave! Why are you even doing this?"

"Eric, you don't realize how nasty Susan and Emily are. You're always nice to everyone so you don't notice how sneaky, knifing and powerful the two of them have become. It's as if anytime they don't like someone they just fire em'. This isn't just my idea. A lot of us at the office are sick of those two bitches. Something like this expensive. We've all chipped in for it." He wiped his forehead again. "I can't stand those two. I wish I could be the one doing this, but you know my wife, Jolie. She said there's no way she'd let me do it." He chuckled, "Yea. I asked her. But you? You're single and angry." He paused, "Remember Justin from Communications?"

"Oh yeah, he was the Canadian guy."

"Yeah. They had him fired for sexual harassment. He told Emily her dress was nice."


"Eric, do this for us. Put a mask on or some shit. Show up to the location. Give those two self-absorbed bitches the hell they deserve." He looked nervously at his watch. "I have to go."

He turned back and headed into the office's building.

"Fuck em' up good! Ya hear?" He called out before he disappeared.

My walk home was filled with anger and disgust. I would go to the address, I decided. Those two evil women won't step on me, hell no. I would show them.

Later that evening I changed into a black t-shirt and black jeans. I would throw these out after tonight, I decided that I didn't need to have anything traceable in my possession. I grabbed my old work boots and threw them onto my feet. I looked at the crumpled sticky note in my hand. These two witches would see the dark side of Eric. Tonight, all of their pride and snootiness will be reduced to subordination and desperation. "Emily and Susan," I said aloud, "tonight is the night you pay for what you've done."

I climbed into my Honda Civic and drove off to the location. I made a quick detour to Bob's Bagels and bought myself a medium sized iced-caramel-coffee along with a few beers. The extra caffeine gave me a rush. The beer would help me to lose my inhibition enough to punish those two. At last, I arrived. I made sure to park a few blocks away from the address. I would walk the rest. I sat there in my car guzzling away at my beverages: allowing myself to slip into a rage filled drunken state.

After a half hour, I mustered up the courage to climb out of my car and take the biggest piss. I felt like a racehorse. Once finished, I zipped up and headed to the address written on the sticky note.

The buildings I was walking beside were warehouses. I normally would've questioned if I was being hoaxed. But I was too drunk to think twice about the rusting metal doors that read the address which I came for.

"1371" read the grimy numbers atop the door. I tried to open it. It was locked. "Knock Loudly" read a note taped onto the door's window. I rapped the door harshly with my knuckles. A large man answered the door. He towered above me at with, what seemed like, at least 250 pounds of muscle. "Can I help you?" His voice was deep and commanding.

I handed him my paper tensely.

He studied it. "You Eric?"

"Yes sir," I slurred.

His huge arm extended towards mine. "Welcome." His voice was as loud as a jet engine.







He gestured at me to follow him.

He led me down a narrow flight of creaking stairs. There was a long twisting hallway at the bottom of the stairs. He walked quickly for someone his size. There were steel doors all along the hallway. I thought I heard harrowing screams coming from one of the rooms. I wasn't too sure though. I followed him until we reached another flight of stairs taking us even deeper into this strange building. We climbed down the stairs finally reaching a steel door exactly like the others. He took out a key and handed it to me.



He said in his deep voice.





He pointed to the far side of the room.

"Directions to Supplies.


He gave me a terrifying wink. I think he meant to lighten things up.




He finished his speech and then disappeared down the endless hallway.

I placed the rubber mask I had been carrying with me over my face. It covered my face down till my cheekbones. It closely resembled the masks 'The Incredibles' wore. I turned the key and stepped inside.

The room was dark and very plain. It was a small, perfectly square room with a ceiling as high as fourteen feet. The walls were brick and showed no windows. In the center of the room were two naked bodies.

It was Emily and Susan! I felt a rush as I studied their composure. They were bound into the most vulnerable position. Their arms were chained together above onto what looked like a rail. This would make it possible to drag them throughout the room. Their armpits were lined with neatly toned muscles which made me hate them even more.

Their feet were chained open forcing their legs into a vulnerable and twisted position. They stood with their feet about two feet apart with a metal bar keeping the open pose rigid. This showed their firm muscles in their groin area. Their vaginas were neatly shaved and looked sparkling clean. One of them had a tattoo just above her labia. It was a heart with the word "nature" inside. Nature? What an idiot. I wasn't sure whether it was Susan or Emily because of the blindfolds that covered their faces.

I heard them struggle at the ropes that held them once I took a step towards them. Most likely they could only sense someone was approaching them because each had earplugs in their ears, blindfolds over their eyes, gags in their mouths and clothespins over their noses. All of their senses were plugged which gave me complete control over every part of them. It was time for some fucking fun.

I unplugged their earplugs.

They trembled with fright.

I unclipped the clothespins from their noses.

They snurpled their numb noses.

I ungagged their gags.

They spat out wads of saliva.

Suddenly one of them immediately started shrieking "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? LEAVE US ALONE!"

I refrained from beating her. "Listen to me you fucking cunts," I began in a deadly calm voice.

Their struggling ceased.

"From now on, there is only one thing you will care about." I paused. "And that is doing what I say. If you don't do what I say," I raised my voice, "you will be harshly penalized. You two already signed the papers that gives your full consent to almost anything we do in this room so it would be best," I paused sinisterly, "if you do as I command."

I walked to the closet and withdrew a riding crop. "You two are in my full possession until tomorrow four am. I can do whatever I want to- so long as I don't inflict any mortifying wounds." I started laughing drunkenly. "YOU TWO ARE SOOO FUCKED!"

They spat out wads of saliva as I relieved their mouths from their bondage. I still couldn't identify which was which, but that's because I never really paid them much attention. Plus, I wouldn't have recognized them naked anyways.

"Thank you." Nature spoke up. She was trying to get on my good side. Unfortunately she didn't realize that such a task was impossible. I gave her a giant hit on her flat stomach.

"You spoke." I said in a gravely stern voice. "NEVER SPEAK!" Another hit, this time on the back of her thighs. "UNLESS SPOKEN TO!" She nodded vigorously. The two hits welted up and formed harsh red marks. It was aggravating me that I couldn't identify which one was which. I dislike Emily more than Susan.

I took off their blindfolds.

It was Emily who had the nature tattoo. I walked over to the closet and withdrew a marker. I tuck the riding crop into my jeans as I drew them thick and ugly unibrows. "You two are fucking disgusting. Look at your ugly faces." I held them by their jaws and forced them to take a look at each other. Susan whimpered.

"Oh it's not enough for you Susan?" I menaced as I grinded my teeth angrily. "Hey, Emily. Watch what happens when someone is left unsatisfied with a job I do."

She watched what I was about to do to her lover with fearful eyes. I stalked to the closet and withdrew a tube of glue. It was water soluble, in case of an emergency. But, for me, this safety measure meant more chances to re-glue those bitches. "Susan, see what I have in my hand?" I asked ominously. She looked at me with pitiful eyes and nodded timidly. "What is this, Susan?"

"G-g-glue." She squeaked out.

"Very good. What does glue do?"

"H-h-holds th-things together."

"Fantastic." I spread a drop of glue on the outside of her soft lips. I curled them outwards and pressed firmly. "You love talking don't you?" I said with a intimidating sneer. The alcohol was doing its job well. "So we're going to glue your mouth open. You love to talk don't you? I'm just trying to make it easier for you."

I released my hand from her face and watched as her lips stayed stuck. This forced her mouth open showing all her teeth. Spittle began forming around her lips as she struggled to close them. "Silly girl. Your mouth is glued open. IT'S FUCKING GLUED OPEN, YOU WHORE!"

Both Emily and Susan became very quiet. Their struggling stopped, I had done a good job at scaring the living shit out of them. After looking though the closet I took two pills from the bottle on the shelf. "Drool Tool" I read aloud.

The two bound women stared at me with blank eyes. I pulled out my riding crop and stepped behind them. I struck each of them harshly on their asses. "Why won't you ask what it does?" They remained silent. I reached my hand around Susan and clamped her breast harshly. "You like to talk," I said in a dangerously low tone, "Ask what it does."

"-ut do-ethh et di-oo" She managed to garble. A small trickle of saliva dribbled down her chin. I released her breast only to bring the crop down with all my might onto her hip. I took a step back. There were several red marks on both their asses. Each mark appeared to be of its own degree of redness. I slithered the crop onto Emily's shoulder. She shuddered as I made my way with it to her ear. "Emily, dear, won't you help your friend out?"

"Yes sir. What does it do?" I tapped her lightly with the crop.

"Good girl. Now, both of you say it together."

I listened to mixture of garbling and iteration while making my way in front of the ladies. "Great question! Let's find out!"

I placed one in Susan's open mouth and pushed it all the way to back of her throat. She gagged as my finger made its way to back parts of her mouth. I withdrew my fingers wiping them off on the side of her face. "Good Suzzy. Aren't you a good whore?"

She nodded, her face was one of pure fear.

I reached over for Emily who was half-a-step away. She immediately closed her lips tightly in attempt to fight off the mysterious pill I was forcing her to consume. "Bad Emily! BAD!" I covered her mouth aggressively with my hand and pinched her nose closed. After a few moments her eyes showed signs of desperation as she struggled for air. "Bad Emily," I cooed .

Only once her face was completely red and the blood vessels in her neck were bulging did I unclamp my hand from her mouth. Just before she was able to take in a breath of air I snuck the pill into her mouth. Once I felt her desperately swallow it, I fully released her from my grip. Her legs crumpled. She was left hanging by her wrists, gasping for breath. Her body heaved as she struggled to breathe in badly needed oxygen.

"Bad Emily, will you be bad anymore?"

"No sir." She managed to expulse between gasps.

"Very good, Emily. Now, the pill won't start working for another five minutes. Let's have some fun until then."

When Emily had gotten back up to her feet I had an idea. I stalked to the entrance of the room and pushed on an electronic switch that controlled my captive's chains. By now I regained all the focus I might have lost to the alcohol. I was feeling a supernatural buzz. Loud clanging was heard as the chain which they were bound to lifted their arms. I took away any slack that they might have had. Only once they were dangling an inch off the ground did I release the switch.

The only sound in the room was the quiet clanking of their chained bare feet trying to reach for the surface of the cold floor. The chains which held their arms were the only things that they hung by.

I walked to the closet and withdrew two stiff black leather collars. They had chain leashes attached to them. I also withdrew two anal plugs. Each had a key ring at one end. This would make an excellent attachment for the chain.

"Since you two belong to me," I began, "I think it's best we mark that ownership with these collars."

Although their elevation gave their height a boost, I was still taller than them by a few inches. It was interesting seeing them this at this level. The additional height made me feel like they had some additional strength I had to beat. I would do exactly that.

I first clamped on the collar onto Emily. "You look like such a good slave with that collar, don't you?"

"Yes, sir."

Next was Susan. "And you also look like a perfectly obedient slave with that collar and that gaping fuckhole of a mouth, don't you?"

"Ye-ech sch-rrr," came a murky reply.

I laughed. "You sound like such an idiot!" I whacked her with the riding crop. "AN IDIOT!"

If Emily thought that she was being spared . She was dead wrong.

I stuffed the first anal plug into Susan's gaping mouth. She gagged on the silicone as I forced it into the back of her throat. Once it was fully lubricated with her saliva and phlegm, I removed the butt plug and begin wriggling it into her butt. It went right in. "Nice and smooth, you whore. Your ass is so fucking loose!"

Next came Emily's anal plug. I plunged it into Susan's wide open mouth again. Slobbers of saliva poured out of her gagging mouth. I let her choke on the anal plug for a few moments. Her suffering caused my penis to swell, tightening my jeans. I removed it from her mouth and stepped behind Emily. I slid the plug neatly along her butt-crack until I reached her tight asshole. I inserted the plug with force as I used my other hand to spread apart her ass cheeks. "You like being a dirty slut. Don't you?" I heard Emily whimper as the length of the anal plug slid deeply up her asshole. I gave the plug a giant thrust.

"EEEE-eee!" screeched Emily.

I slapped her cunt with my open palm, the anal plug slipped urther into its place. "You dirty fucking whore! You actually like this!" I remarked as I felt her pussy juices on my hand. "And this is before the pill's effects have started," I said with a sneer.

I let my hand wander between her legs and felt her warm sticky juices on the insides of her upper thighs. "Tell me how much you want to be treated like a slave."

Her voice rose in pitch "Sir, I want to be treated like a slave." There were tears brimming from her eyes. The humiliation I was inflicting onto her was too much for this proud woman.

"Say it again!" My crop let out a giant thwack as it hit her bare ass. "Like you mean it!"


"Of course you do." I chastised as I made my way to the switch by the door. I let her down a few feet until there was enough slack on the chain for her to be seated on her knees.

"Beg me to whip your ass."

"Sir," she whimpered, "please can you whip my ass."

"Can I what?" I demanded as I gave her a giant spank. A pink welt appeared on her ass.

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