tagLoving WivesAn Untypcial Thursday Night

An Untypcial Thursday Night


It was a typical Thursday night, poker night with the guys. We were all still in college, and tried to get together every Thursday to play no limit hold'em. We all lived together, four of us in all, so it was pretty easy to schedule. This time my girlfriend, Megan, was up, she had come up from her college since it was a long weekend due to a holiday.

We had been together for a few years, so we still were in love but things had cooled down and so when we saw each other it was not like we had to spend every minute together. And so we decided to still do poker night even though she would be up. The guys, Jake, Mark and Josh, were not overly excited that Megan was going to be crashing the poker party. We were all good friends, but something about a girl at a poker game just makes it less manly, I convinced them she could play hostess and waitress.

Jake was a tall guy, kind of shy, and was decent with the ladies, Mark was a bit better than Jake, but not by much. We was average height and build. Josh was much more of a ladies man than the other two and a bit shorter than the other guys. All of them had their strong suits. Megan was average height for a girl, had mid-sized Bs for tits and a good sized ass. Not too big, but definitely something worth grabbing and has a shake to it when she walks.

She got there on Thursday mid-day and grabbed a shower to wash off the long ride, usually I am all over her and can manage to get a quick one in as soon as she arrives, but not this time, I was finishing up classes and then had to hit the store to get a few things for the night. We started drinking a few beers as soon as getting home from the store, while Megan got ready. I told her she was not welcomed to the poker party, but I convinced the guys to let her hang around. Time had gotten away and it was about poker time. Megan came down in a nice haltar top, no bra, and a stretchy cotton skirt that hugged her ass, and from the looks of it she had no panties on. I saw all three of the other guys stare at her ass as she walked across the room to the kitchen. She asked what kind of drinks and snacks we wanted to start.

We all said just some beers as we started to get the poker chips ready. She said 'hell no' a party is not just beers and chips. She opened the fridge and bent down to grab four beers, that is when I saw she did indeed have panties on, a white thong, and I caught Mark and Jake noticing the same thing. She gave us some beers and said start with this. We usually just had a few beers with the poker game since we all usually had class the next day, but not this time. She grabbed a bottle of Tequila and poured four shots, took a big drink from the bottle and brought over the shots to us. She then went to making some dip and appetizers, the whole time taking drinks straight from the liquor bottle, and each time letting her skirt ride a little higher up her thighs. After about our second shot, a couple beers, and a couple mixed drinks, Megan's skirt was now resting just above the bottom of her ass cheeks, constantly showing the crease of where her cheeks met her thighs.

I was the lowest on chips at this point, Megan had been feeding me a good amount of drinks and each time I got a kiss, and a couple sexy lap dances each time I won a hand. She would sit on my lap and my hands would wonder along her thighs, and along stomach and breasts, where I verified she had no bra on. Each time I saw one or all of the guys watching my hands. It was really hot with all them watching me rub along my girlfriends body and watching them admire her ass and sexy white thong each time she bent over at the fridge. I was really horny and hard at this point. Megan knew it too, as she would be sure to rub along my cock each time she came by, or move her sexy ass against my erection when she sat on my lab.

I was losing pretty badly at poker by this stage, I think the sexy moves by my girlfriend had distracted me more than the other guys. I was also not too concerned with losing out first, as I was dying to be inside Megan. About that time she jumped up and put on some music, and started dancing around super sexy, rubbing on her breasts and shaking her sexy fat ass to the point that her skirt was about half way up her cheeks, showing her thong. She did not seem to notice, or care, and I could tell she had had way too much to drink. I had never seen her so reckless or sexy. She was definitely getting turned on by the attention. The guys were encouraging her to no end. Jake bet her half his chips, which would go to me if he lost, that she could not make her ass clap. She wasn't sure what that was, but that didn't stop her, she tried and tried, shaking her suple ass to the point that her skirt was all the way up on her hips and her ass was in full view. However, she could not do and finally stopped when I convinced her we needed more drinks, she took that to mean she needed more drinks too.

She made the drinks, drinking as much as she poured us, then making us take it as shots. We all tried chugging the triple shot drinks she poured us, struggling to chug almost straight liquor in a high ball glass, however she started encouraging all the guys with cheerleading that involved her putting her hands on the floor and trying to booty shake as we drank. We all kind of slowed up as she was fully bent over with her skirt lifted and a full view of her thong covered pussy. She then jumped up, a bit quick and fell over Mark, who spilled his drink across her top as she fell to the floor. Without thinking she grabbed her top and pulled it down to get the cold wet shirt off her breasts. All the guys about lost their wits, and I yelled, and she realized what she had done and rolled over and crawled to the kitch, again with a great view of her ass as her skirt was lifted. All the guys quickly adjusted themselves. I went to the kitchen, and grabbed a few towels to clean her up. The kitchen was visible from the dining room, I knew this, and I figured it couldn't hurt to tease the guys a bit more, as I was feeling the alcohol by now. I patted her chest and then grabbed her haltar top and pulled it down and begin toweling off her tits. I rubbed them with the towel and eventually lost the towel and beging caressing them with my hands, all the guys were watching and then Megan being to kiss me, we started making out and my hands were now all over her ass. Then Jake yelled to see if I was coming back. I gave her ass a quick smack and headed back to the table. We were all still in the game at this point, even if all of us were a bit out of it mentally with all the alcohol.

Megan came back with drinks, straight liquor, but more importantly was what she had on. She stumbled to the table in nothing but a t-shirt and her thong. The t-shirt covered almost half her ass and it was clear she did not have a bra on. I asked what she had on and she said her clothes were wet and cold so she got a shirt out of the laundry room, it was not mine, Jake's it was. The guys were fine with this, and gladly took their drinks as they admired her ass. Jake recognized the shirt and played with her a bit, asking where she got the shirt, she made some shit up, then he asked her where she got the thong, she lifted the shirt to give a full view of the front of her thong and said this old thing, she said I've had this thing forever, it's my favorite and so comfortable. I pleaded with her to put the shirt down, but then Mark jumped in and asked what made it so comfortable, she then said well it's so soft against my pussy and it fits in my ass, in between my cheeks so nice, she then turned around and spread her fat ass cheeks to show how great the string of the thong fit in between her ass cheeks. I said what the hell Megan and she said we all just needed another drink, the guys said they would drink to that I said maybe I had had enough, she grabbed my drink and chugged it. I couldn't stop her, so I suggested she get us some food, she could tell I was annoyed, she then straddled me and lifted her shirt and said rub my tits you will feel better, I'm not sure if she realized it but Mark and Jake who where to either side could see, but I got lost in the moment and rubbed her tits and then begin licking her nipples, she begin to moan and rub her pussy against my cock.

I finally caught myself and told her to get some food and drinks. She barely made it to the kitchen without falling down. I could tell it was only a matter of time before she passed out. We made small talk until she made it back and fed us all another shot. The game had been going for a while now, with all of us folding or checking without taking any real bets, I think all of us were not ready for the game to end anytime soon. Megan was missing the attention as well, and so we decided to up the game with not only chip bets but random bets, of which Megan decided to interject herself. I could tell if we didn't involve her she would likely pass out soon, so I agreed.

She wanted to be in charge of the bets. So the next hand ended up being Jake and Mark going head to head, in addition to the chips she said the loser had to sniff her ass. I gave her a strange glance, I wasn't sure what she was talking about, but I was almost as drunk as her. Of course I think they were both hoping to lose to see what was in store. Mark lost. She said ok big boy and she went over and said lower your head and close your eyes, he did. She turned around and spread her cheeks and shoved her ass in his face and said enjoy. She wiggled her ass in his face, and I saw his hands come up to her ass cheeks and grab them, spreading her fat ass cheeks and pushing his face into her ass, then he stuck his tongue out and licked her ass over her thong. I finally had to break it up. I was rock hard by now. Megan was drunk off her ass. I was still confused by the whole deal. The next bet came down to Jake and I, and the bet was that the winner could get a flash from Megan, I contested but she tripped and fell, drunk as hell in reply, so I figured what the hell. Jake won. She went over and lifted her shirt, but everyone could see her tits, Jake said but everyone gets to see, so Megan said well you can feel, so before I could protest he grabbed both her tits and being go caressed, she moaned and closed her eyes. I ended it shortly after that.

I was dumbfounded by the whole situation, but strangely horny as hell. Megan came over and sat on my lap, I could feel her pussy juices, she was so wet. She passed out on my lap, I had to shake her to get her awake so we could play the next round. She jumped up and said it's game over time. I thought, well I guess that means bedtime, but then she said winner takes all bet, and the winner gets a blow job. I said no way. She said it was okay because she knew I would win since I did not want her to have to blow another guy. I could tell she was getting off on this. But the heads up game was going to be about purely chance. I figured I would agree and if I lost I would just say hell no.

She said okay boys I need to see what I am working with first. She said everyone take your pants off, everyone kind of looked at each other. We all kind of protested and then she said how about this and pulled off the t-shirt showing her tight firm little tits. And without a hitch all the guys said to hell with it and pulled our pants off. Jake was the biggest, with everyone else kind being about average. She said yummy in a joking voice and jumped up and down letting her tits bounce, until she stumbled into the end table, I wasn't sure if this was the best idea, she was drunk off her ass.

We played the heads up round, of course of all the luck I lost and Mark won. Even before the hand was over she was standing next to Mark and as soon as the last card flopped over in stride she turned his chair and hit her knees, and before I could protest or even say a word, the most wonderful and confusing site occurred, she took his entire cock in her mouth. Each and every one of us were rock hard. I said Megan what are you doing, she said a bet is a bet, and I bet Mark would give the winnings to you, she looked up at Mark with the tip of his cock on her lips to sort of say well...

He quickly said hell yeah man it's all yours, it was $100 total and he pushed the chips to me, it did help the situation since I knew she might not remember and I wasn't sure I would even remember the night. She took his cock deep in her mouth and into her throat, she was bent over with her beautiful ass arched in the air. I was still trying to get my wits, as was Mark and the other guys. Mark moved his hand to her head and begin pushing her deeper, I saw her gag a little, I was worried she was going to puke on his cock. She took a break and looked around at us staring, all with rock hard cocks. She said you boys look so sad, why don't you all jack each other off. We all knew that wasn't happening but without thinking we all beging to rub our own cocks. I was so turned on for some reason. And then without thinking Megan reached over and grabbed Josh's cock and beging jerking him off. With Mark's cock still halfway in her mouth Megan managed to say that she was so horny and her pussy was so wet, which it visibly was.

She was doing a sloppy job of sucking Mark and jacking off Josh, she was drunk as hell. Jake disappeared for a few minutes and I thought he had went to finish in peace. But being the crazy one he was he returned with a box of condoms, and half joking threw them at me and said if Megan is horny we must fix this for her, she has done so much for us. I threw them on the table and sort of laughed. Megan then said everyone put on a condom, I am not cleaning cum off the floor tomorrow. Everyone except for Mark who was balls deep in my girlfriend's throat automatically reached for a condom without thinking.

Masturbating with a condom on was not fun, and both Jake and Josh felt the same displeasure. They were both beside me at this point watching from behind my girlfriend as she blew Mark. She worked her ass as she took Mark deeper and deeper. He rubbed her scalp and reached underneath her to feel her tits. It was like I was in a dream. Finally, Josh spoke up and said that he would never be able to cum by jacking off in a condom, and Jake agreed. Megan with a mouth full of cock said, well get a feel. I was puzzled, but they both seemed to know perfectly, they both hit their knees on the floor and each grabbed one of Megan's ass cheeks caressing, squeezing and slapping her ass as they jerked themselves. Jake was the first to get a little courageous, caressing and rubbing closer to her asshole. He would rub along her thong over her asshole and along her pussy. I watched, getting hornier and hornier. I'm not sure she knew who it was or even cared. She wiggled her ass in delight. Then Josh took that as a signal and licked is finger and moved her thong to the side and rubbed her tight little asshole, then as the thong moved Jake rubbed along her shaved pussy lips. I couldn't speak or move, just touch my cock.

Megan then claimed how horny and wet she was, how unfair it was for us, how bad she wanted cock. Again, I am not sure she knew who was who, but the most amazing thing happened. She sloppily sucking Mark's cock, rubbing his balls, and inadvertently letting her teeth catch the tip of Mark's cock from her drunkenness, which has only helped him from not cumming yet, but she then proclaimed, you put him inside me. Again, I was confused, but as if this were an everyday thing, Josh reached for Jakes cock, slid Megan's thong to the side and glided his cock along her pussy. I was so shocked, turned on and excited when Jake thrust his cock into my girlfriend's wet pussy, she moaned and bit Mark's cock a little when Jake thrusted his large cock in her, stretching her out a little. The other thing that turned me on was that Josh's hand was still near Jake's cock, rubbing my girlfriend's asshole and holding her thong to the side as Jake's went balls deep in my girlfriend. The whole time I'm slowly touching my cock. I'm not sure if everyone is too drunk to know what's going on or if they care. Just when I think things could not get any more crazy or erotic.

My girlfriend Megan is really into it now, sucking Mark's cock and pushing her delicious ass against Jake's cock as he sinks his cock into my girlfriend doggy style. He's into it now, with both hands all over my girlfriend's ass, squeezing her fat ass checks and thrusting himself deeper. Megan now senses the third person, Josh, and grab's his cock, still with the condom on, and begins jerking him. Josh is now still close to Jake's cock, with one hand fondling Megan's asshole, while also getting close to Jake's cock and rubbing it cock as it enters my girlfriend. Jake begins to moan. Megan then calls my name. She wants me to come to her. I muster the energy, still confused as ever. I walk over to her where she still has Mark in her mouth with one hand now at the base of his cock, massaging his balls and caressing the base of his cock. I go over and she asks me if I'm going to cum, I sort of stare at her. Unsure of what to say. So I say no I don't think so. She says she wants me to cum so bad, that it would make her the happiest girl in the world, but only if everyone else cums first. She says she wants all the other guys to come and to save the best for last. At this point I'm not sure what she wants or even what to do.

I was definitely rock hard, but wasn't sure if that was what I was suppose to be feeling. She asked if I wanted to cum, I said yes, she said then let's do this. She took my hand and put it on Mark's cock as she sucked him. I begin rubbing the base of his cock and moved my hand up and down with her mouth. She used her hand to jack off Josh as he assisted Jake's cock enter and exit from my girlfriend's pussy. Her fat ass bouncing with each thrust. Mark leaned over as Megan took him deeper and I continued rubbing his cock, he grabbed both of my girlfriend's tight little tittes and massaged them. He begin to moan and I could tell he was getting close. Meanwhile Jake pumped deep in Megan and forced her to take Mark's cock deeper in her throat. Then Josh had had enough, he took Jake's cock and pulled it from Megan's pussy and jerked it a bit to keep Jake occupied, meanwhile he lined up and without warning thrust it deep into Megan, she made a yelp and Josh pulled his cock all but out of Megan's swollen lips and forced it back it hard as hell, sending waves down Megan's body, from her fat ass, down her large thighs, up her ample hips, along her mid-section, and along her firm tits up to her mouth where she begin to choke on Mark's cock. Mark got into it and bucked his hips back up against Megan's mouth. I moved her hair to the side and ran my hand along her face cheeks to to take a full grip on Mark's cock and work his shaft as Megan focused on his head. Megan begged Josh to go deeper, his cock wasn't quite long enough. Josh ran his hands up along my girlfriend's ass and settled on her busty hips, he took a good grip as I could tell he wanted to blow his load. He slid his cock out of Megan and lined up with his hands on her hips, Jake slipped a finger into Megan as Josh got lined back up he then used his other hand to grip Josh's balls, he told Josh to tell him when he was going to blow. Then, as if things couldn't get any better, Josh slammed into Megan with is hands gripping her hips so tightly and Jake having a finger in her pussy gliding along with Josh's cock and the other hand on Josh's balls. After a couple thrusts Mark was blowing his load into my girlfriend's mouth as I milked his cock, rubbing his cock along her lips to clean off all the cum. Then Josh let out a moan.

Jake took that as the clue and pushed him out of Megan's pussy and took of the condom and beging jacking off Josh's cock with one hand and caressing his balls with the other, aiming it right at Megan's beautiful ass. Before long Josh was cumming all over my girlfriend's ass. Cum ran down her ass crack along her asshole and down her pussy lips. I was so turned on by now. Megan was ecstatic with pleasure. She rolled off my condom and took me into her mouth. It felt so good. She made me promise not to cum yet. Meanwhile Jake had rubbed Josh's cum all over my girlfriend's ass. He was now rubbing the cum along her pussy lips and along the condom he still had on, lubing it up. He entered her with ease. She was soaked.

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