tagInterracial LoveAn Uppity Black Sorority 'Sista'

An Uppity Black Sorority 'Sista'


When I was a 19-yr. old student in a southern college I was having a tough times making ends meet and was literally a 'starving student'. My luck changed when I became a Pizza delivery boy for a fraternity buddy's dad who was told how much I was hurting financially and gave me a job with some under the table money that save my ass and turned my suffering into one of being able to remain in school and on the team. He was a great guy who not that many years earlier had been a track star and a member of the same fraternity. His taking me on as a sponsor was a favor I will never forgot after I graduated and became a successful attorney who now sponsors 3 athletes in the same situation as I had once experienced.

Jada was 5'-7" with black hair, long legs, and dark chocolate skin and an attitude toward white guys that was so frosty it shocked me when I delivered a pizza to her black sorority and she gave me a cold stare as she took the pizza and told a 'sista' to "pay the white boy but no tip cuz he was late with the pizza and didn't even have the courtesy to smile at me. Guess he don't like darkies and thinks he's too good for us!"

A she turned an sauntered away I was further attracted by the backless white dress that showed off her shiny black skin, narrow waist, wide flaring hips, and an ass that begged to be fucked. Man, her butt cheeks were the kind that screamed to be fondled and squeezed and I fell in immediate 'lust' to want to take her in my arms and fell her black body against my white skin. Yet her haughty and insulting attitude really pissed me off. Up to now I never thought of dating a black chick but the ying and yang between the lust I felt and her bitchy attitude toward this struggling white boy of a student; all worked together somehow triggered something deep in my male ego that demanded I get her respect and maybe a piece of her dark ass to teach her a lesson about how racist remarks is a two-edged sword that can cruelly cut both ways.

I did a bit of research and found out Jada's sorority indeed harbored a racist attitude toward dating white guys. Her chapter had a hidden agenda wrapped around their declaration of "Scholarly excellence, maintain minority unity, and promote cultural and political awareness" that was really bullshit that became a hostile declaration for a hate toward white men and any of their members who dated a white guy would be shunned by the sisterhood.

That night I made Jada the desire of my heart and a quest to conquer her sweet, racist ass and teach her a lesson. Lying in bed I slowly stroked my throbbing cock to the vision of her loveliness and envisioned putting her on her knees with her black ass high in the air begging for my cock. I not only came then but later in my dreams it was even more real as I kissed her thick black lips, fondled her breasts and plunged my white cock deep into her black pussy lips and gave her the love-hate fucking she so deserved. Within the next two weeks my dream became a reality.

I deliberately set her up with Jeremy, a close friend who was also not my competition as a high jumper, but who owed me a favor after I had hooked him up the prior semester with Ginger Worthington; one of the hottest white chicks on campus he was now boning on a constant basis. Here's how I got into Jada's panties!

With Jeremy following close behind, I deliberately crashed into Jada in the hallway outside of her biology class all but knocking her down and causing her books to drop on the floor. I had earlier rehearsed on how exactly how to grab her with the pretense of keeping her from falling while at the same time placing one hand on her tits and another on her ass getting a good feel of her fine bod. The plan was to do it in such a way it would surly piss her off and yet seem harmless to those who may witness my staged accident. Jeremy was to act as a kind of referee to come to my defense in case Jada made some nasty remark to me. He was prepared with a few nice things to say to Jada after I left the scene of the crime that would let her know I was a good guy who actually had a crush on her and was too shy to approach her; which was probably the reason I stumbled into her due to my fixation on her attractiveness.

It worked to perfection...WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MAM! Jada's books went flying all over the place and I had waaay to long of my fumbling fingers feeling up her big black titties and firm black ass to the point she got totally pissed and started shouting at me.

"Take you white-cracker-ass hands off me you clumsy shit!"

Wow what great tits she had and what firm butt cheeks I had just groped! Man, I was even more in lust than before after fumbling all over with the sweet black Jada of my dreams. I made a quick apology for bumping into her and scurried away down the hall making in a hasty retreat.

True to the plan Jeremy struck with his prepared speech as he helped pick up her books. "Hey, baby, come off that racist attitude of yours. You know that guy who bumped into you is my buddy and a track star who just so happens to have a king-sized crush on your black ass." As her eyes reflected the shock of his words, he continued... "Brad told me how he fell in love with you the moment he laid eyes on you last Saturday when he delivered a pizza to your sorority and you dumped all over him and put my buddy down in front of the sistas with a racist remark that crushed his heart. All he's done since is cry on my shoulder about how meeting the first black woman...and the girl of his dreams...and how he really wanted to get to know you. And here you did it again... you just had to call him a racist name...you really are something baby...I'm ashamed of you as a black student and also for his sake that he should fall so hard for such a cold and uncaring racist bitch as you. I know all about your sorority and how you all think you're too good to date whites. It doesn't say much for your sorority at a time in which most of us are trying to develop harmony and love between races. You ought to be ashamed of yourself!"

He then turned his back in pretended disgust and left her standing alone as he walked away with a hand gesture as if to rid himself of such a terrible person.

Another fraternity buddy also part of the scene was there to get another take on the plan's effectiveness. Later at the frat house, he told Jeremy and me over a couple of beers how shocked Jada appeared over Jeremy's dressing her down in a loud voice and in front of other students. He said she appeared quite ashamed at her yelling at me and thought our act was very successful. A couple of hours later we all knew how well it worked when I was summoned to the frat phone and heard Jada's contrite and apologetic voice on the phone.

"Is this Brad?"

"Yeah...who's this?"

"Well...I...I'm the girl you ran into earlier and...well...I just wanted to say how sorry I was for what I said. ..I'm...I, I just...well I just called to apologize."

I remained silent to the point of her asking if I was still on the phone to which I replied, "Yeah the 'white-cracker-ass' who bumped into you is still listening."

"God I'm so sorry. I realized today that I've developed an attitude this last year that isn't anything like the way I was brought up. When your friend told me how nice you were and how this was the second time we met...well, I just feel so badly I just had to call and tell you how sorry I am and ask for your forgiveness."

"Really...you are asking me for your forgiveness. I thought you were the kind of girl who was too good for us white guy."

"Yeah...I know...and I also heard how I treated you badly when you came to our sorority door with a pizza."

Again I paused a long time and her voice now was almost a whisper when she said, "I can't really talk now...some friends came in and..."

Acting quickly I said, "If you mean what you say...meet me in the student union at 4 and let me get to know the real you ...that is if you're not ashamed to be seen with a cracker."

Click...the phone went dead and I had no idea whether she would show up or not. But two hours later there she was and man, was she hot, and was she ever apologetic. We talked for a few minutes and I invited her to Starbucks for a coffee and within the hour we were sipping an laughing together over the whole thing and I asked her exactly what Jeremy had said to her to change her mind to the point of calling me up at the frat house.

"Well he really let me have it and he called me a 'racist bitch'...guess I was but I had no idea that you...ah...a...kinda liked me. Is it true, were you attracted to me when you brought the pizza?"

With that she put her hand on my knee in a very tender way and in a manner that let me know she was open to something more. I knew then I had her!

"Liked you isn't exactly how I would put it Jada."

"How would you put it?"

"Well (with a pretense of being shy yet ready to come out of the shy shell and be forceful I continued)...if it wouldn't shock you...I thought you were the most beautiful woman I ever met and I wanted...I...God...I have to say it like it is...I wanted to take you in my arms right then and there. But you broke my heart when you..."

"I'm so sorry. How can I make it up to you?"

"Well there's a great flick at the Sundowner. Would you go with me tonight?"

Now the Sundowner is the local drive-in where black and white college kids could date in a kind of Mason-Dixon neutral territory. It had the reputation of where different races could date in the dark of the theater and do everything from making-out, to parking in the last darkest row of the drive-in which was known as 'fuck-alley' and where no one would bother students involved in interracial sex.

"Well it's kinda short notice and...well, my parents might not think going to a drive-in would...well..."

"You mean your sorority sisters would freak-out and put you down for being with a white guy at a drive in...right?"

"Yeah. I would really put me in a bind if anyone found out."

"I can appreciate that honey (and as I said that she really melted and squeezed my knee in a way that caused an immediate boner)...but why don't we play it cool and go straight from here. After all...its getting dark already. And by the time we get to the drive-in it'll be dark and no one will be the wiser then instead of watching the movie you and I can be on a first date that's not a date and in a place where we can talk and get to know one another better."

She got real quiet and started thinking. BAD SIGN...thinking that is. So I took her hand, stood up and put my arm around her and said..."let's go baby. Its our special time and moment to stop talking and for you to put your mouth where your heart is and tell me you'll take a chance and go out with me tonight."

She let me pull her close as I put my arm around her slender waist and just a bit lower on her wide hip and let me lead her to my car and drive her to the movie.

On the way she sat close to the window on her side of the car so I said, "Jada...I need your sweet sexy body a bit closer."

It was the perfect ice-breaker and she gave a throaty laugh and said, "I thought you'd never ask"...as she slide close where upon I put my arm around her shoulder and felt her warm body against mine. She lifted her right hand to take mine on her bare shoulder and I noticed her palm was sweaty as she pressed it to mine and gave it a squeeze as we rode in silence to the drive-in and enjoyed the moment we were getting first physically close. It was going well as she began snuggling with her head on my shoulder and my white hand on her black skin...just an amazing and so sexy feeling.

I paid the fee, killed my headlights and drove around the lane to find a parking place in the jam packed drive-in. I drove all the way back to 'fuck-alley' and began to back into an open space in a far darkened corner."

Jada stiffened, dropped my hand and shifted back at the passenger window saying, "Brad...this is not a good idea. Whatever are you thinking parking here?"

"Jesus baby...you think I don't know what some people call this area? But its not why I'm parking here. I just wanted to protect you, keep things safe for you and yet be in a place where we can talk and get to know each other ok?"

She didn't say a word as I nested my car into the dark and I tuned the radio to the movie broadcast but turned it down to a low whisper. It was then I noticed a smile on her face as she said, "I appreciate your concern for me. I just hope no one will see us here and get the wrong idea, after all...we've only known each other for a little over an hour and here I am in...in...well you know what they call this place, with the first white guy I've ever gone out with."

"You mean 'screw-alley'...and we both broke out in laughter when she buried her face in her hands and said, "you mean fuck-alley."

"Yeah baby...you and dis white-cracker is done parked in dis here dark corner of 'fuck-alley' so's I can try an get my little ol' big white hand into yo' panties and pry 'em off dat beautiful black ass of yours."

What a beautiful laugh she had at those words. Then she got real quiet and said, "you really think I have a beautiful ass?"

"From the moment I first saw your sexy butt, I wanted to feel it in my hands. I only wish you had some attraction to me as much as I have to you."

"Oh my, Brad. Guess you didn't notice how I've been staring at your...well the way...shit Brad I've had a hard time keeping from staring at your package that's poking out in your pants ever since we've been together."

"Well come over here baby so we can each taste a sample of the eye-candy we've been admiring from a distance."

Jada slide over and melted into my arms and placed her big black lips on mine with the best kiss I ever experienced. As she sucked on my mouth and slipped her tongue into mine I slid my hand down her back and down upon her booty and began massaging those fantastic big ass cheeks of hers.

Within no time at all, her hand was in my pants fishing out my hard cock and I had her blouse pulled up and was sucking one her pouty nipples. The windows were soon fogged up and her big lips were sucking my cock better than any white girl while my fingers were busy squishing deep inside her sopping wet pussy.

"Baby I'm ready to cum but I just gotta get inside you before that happens and make love to the woman of my dreams."

Quick as a wink and without a word Jada quickly slipped off her panties, lifted her skirt for what was sure to cum and I saw her pink slit framed by two puffy black pussy lips highlighted in the glow of the radio. I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to the floor. Then in a perfect blending of bodies...I slid over to the passenger side as she lifted her leg and saddled her pussy over my fat cock in preparation to our first fuck.

She placed the opening of her pussy right at the crown of my cock to where I could feel the warm moist nest of her sex ready to engulf me. Pausing she whispered, "Honey your my first...I...I'm a virgin. This may get a bit messy if you go through with taking my cherry. Do you want...really want to take me? I mean I might get some...you know...blood on you."

Her lips were now pressed to my ear and she began nibbling and licking my ear. I fucking almost came and it was a miracle that I was able to hold off from busting a nut right then and there as her cunt began a hovering and searching for a means to take my fat cock in her tight virgin pussy.

"Yeah baby...I want your love...I want to take that cherry of yours and make it all mine tonight."

"Take me slow and easy baby...I've waited a long time for this moment...now take me and make me a woman."

With those words she slowly began sliding her eager warm pussy down my cock just a little bit at a time. Slow...deliberate...and in a way that was driving me crazy. It wasn't easy penetrating her hymen because not only was she excruciatingly tight, but my cock head has a huge mushroom crown that once inside a woman is somewhat like the flanges of a spear which penetrates and buries itself deep and wide. A girl used to sex enjoys what I have each time I force my way in. But I only fucked on other virgin before and she was a small slender girl with a tiny tight pussy that caused her to screamed in pain as I forced her wide-open for the first time.

As I felt my cock at the gate of Jada's hymen my hope was that since she was a tall, wide-hipped woman, penetration would be less painful for her...but no such luck. She struggled to get me inside and began moaning. Baby...Jesus...oh Brad...your too big. Oh you're hurting me...unnnh naw...it hurts...I don't think this is going to work."

Fuck that shit, I thought. Here I was at the gates of her delicious pussy with the sexiest black woman I ever laid eyes on. After all the work and luck to have her pussy part way down my cock and she's maybe going to pull back off and end the passion. Fuck that!

I grabbed her by the hips and in one cruel (but very necessary moment) drove her down and forced one big thrust up and through the tightest passage I had ever taken. It split her wide open!

She let out a scream that I just knew would get us in trouble (thank God it didn't happen but it sure as shit could have). After she screamed I realized I had bottomed out deep inside her cunt.

Hugging me tightly she began sobbing. Again I thought I might be in for some trouble due to the possibility of a kind of guiltiness on her part that could result in a bad ending to what I wanted to be a great experience for the two of us. However within a minute or two of her pussy resting all the way down to my balls...I could feel the walls of her pussy responding by beginning a squeezing motion on my cock and the ozzing of something warm (which I suspected was blood from her freshly spit hymen, and I was right).

She began deep breathing through her sobs and tears. Soon she was moaning again in my ear as she said, "Oh baby your what I've been dreaming for, except your white...that one day a wonderful man would take me and make me his woman. I think I'm ok now and the pain is almost gone. Please be gentle and...would you...I mean...oh baby...fuck me please...please fuck me and teach your black bitch how to please you!

God, was she ever all woman and totally amazing as we first began fucking slow and then...WOW! She began posting that tight pussy up and down my cock like a jockey on a thoroughbred horse driving toward the finish line. Soon we were fucking so hard my balls were slapping the cheeks of her firm black ass so loud, had the windows been down on my car you could have heard the noise all the way to the snack bar.

She was such a smooth and tight ride! Moaning my name...thanking me for making love to her one moment then begging me to fuck her deeper and harder. For sure this black bitch was using me as much as I was using her and a few moments later I felt the familiar surge of a huge load of sperm ready to paint the walls of her pussy with my white seed. Knowing we were bareback fucking and the repercussions should she get pregnant, I started to try and pull out before bursting a load in her pussy but Jada would have none of that.

"Oh honey...no, no, no...baby your my first and in my dreams I get to feel you spurt inside and fill my pussy with your man seed. Give it to me baby...oh God...YES...YESSSS...FUCKING YESS GIVE ME YOUR CUM!"

Again she screamed but this time in ecstasy as we both came together. I was buried so deep I could feel her vulva pressing on my cockhead as I unleashed a blast so hard and fast the pressure became painful due to being all the way up inside and tight against the walls of her slender, and newly penetrated cunny. It took a week of fucking away every night for Jada to really adjust to my fat cock where her pussy was molded to the constant pounding and training of her body to fit like a silk glove. During those sessions I positioned the rear view mirror so I could see her wonderful black ass work up and down my cock. The final challenge of our college love making was teaching her tight anal ring to learn how to relax and open up to allow my fat cock to slip all the way up her big black ass, which by then became both our favorite way to end a fuck session. She loved anal with her white cracker boyfriend and didn't care who knew we were lovers. Any one giving her shit about being with me would suffer the fire of her eyes and some sharp words that let them know I was her guy and she my big black bitch (her words to describe how she loved being a slave to her guys big white cock). At first it emarrassed me but she was so natural in her compliments and adoration of me I soon came to relish it when she made such declarations of being my woman.

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