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I should really take more care in my scheduling sometimes, but when I have men driving 200 miles to see me, I tend to adapt to their schedules. My encounter with Brandon the night before had left me quite sore, and I knew seeing Dennis tonight was going to be hell. He was well aware of my exploits and had promised to show no mercy. I had been wanting to try figging for a while, and so had picked up some ginger, all ready for him to carve.

When he walked in the door, I was lying face down on the couch wearing nothing but stockings, a garter belt and panties. I'd also taken the liberty of stuffing medium sized butt plug inside me. I was kind of trying to hide the black and blue all over my breasts. He wasted no time and took note of the plug, twisting it around a bit. He pushed it in and began spanking me. They were no unbearable hits, but they were not gentle either. I arched my ass up to give him a more surface area to work on, hoping he wouldn't just focus on one area. He decided that him standing up and bending over was not ideal, so he bade me allow him to sit and I assumed my customary position, laid out over his lap.

Then the real spanking began. My poor thin panties did nothing to negate the sting of his blows. They were soon rendered completely useless as he pulled them down, exposing my bruised flesh. He pulled the plug out and plunged it back in. I started moaning as he fucked my ass, but it was not for long. He jammed it in hard and started hitting my ass hard. I was squirming and I ended up pushing the plug out. It was replaced and followed by a volley of particularly painful blows. I was screaming, completely unabashed. I pushed the plug out a second time and he gave up. He found his padded paddle and started bringing it down on my reddening ass. Despite the lack of stinginess, the impact on my battered tissue was still painful. I'm normally pretty good at taking a spanking, but I was being an absolutely wretched sub. I knew he wanted me to cry and I tried to force the tears, but was unable.

My agony aroused him, I could feel his hard cock on my belly. He had me stand up in front of him. Taking note of my fearful face, he told me to straddle him. He sat back as I mounted him, sliding my wet cunt down onto his waiting cock. I sat there for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of a hard cock inside me. He was impatient, he grabbed my tits are and told me to ride him. I gripped the back of the couch as I began grinding my hips. His slaps told me I wasn't going hard enough. "Ride me, bitch!" So I did. I slammed down on him, over and over again, using his cock as a weapon to stab at my insides. His hands were always on me, pinching, pulling slapping. I was moaning and screaming as I found my rhythm. The position was somewhat awkward and I fell off. We switched around so that I was kneeling on the couch, hands on the wall and ass out.

I felt the head of his cock press at my asshole, and I pushed out to receive it. I screamed as his popped in. His cock was covered in enough of my juices to he lubed, but there was no hesitation as he began fucking me. There is nothing more I relish than a cock in my ass, especially if I'm hurting. It just makes everything else become irrelevant. He did not take long to finish. I had cum oozing out of my ass and down my legs before I'd even had an orgasm. He had me turn around just long enough to clean his cock off, then returned me to my original position. Then the real punishment began. I was ordered to push my ass out and so I did. Swat after swat fell upon my already tarnished ass. I was screaming and not holding very well. He grabbed his foam paddle but did not let up in the slightest. All I could do was lean forward and bite the back of the couch to muffle my screams.

The blows kept raining. The padded paddle became the flat wooden one and my screams became blood curdling. I was begging for a cessation of the punishment, but was not being obliged. If anything, my cries only prodded him to hit harder. He got up, and I thought he was finally done, but not even close. He walked over to the collection of toys and selected his sticky things. He placed me on hands and knees and began. At first, the stick was not bad at all, it doesn't have the weight for heavy impact, but it can sting and he was showing no restraint. It cracked across my ass more times than I could count, each time causing me to scream. When he felt that wasn't enough, he took off his belt and doubled it up. The first lash made me collapse and I lay prostrate. I was told to get up and so I did, only to receive another blow. They kept coming, sometimes, he swing the belt up so it caught my pussy lips. I was almost grateful for this as they were relatively untouched. But then it would be back to the inflamed tissue of my cheeks. I succumbed more than once, falling flat. And each time, I was brought back up to receive more punishment. I was really trying to cry, but it just wasn't happening.

I was well past my comfort zone when he finally stopped. I was afraid to move, but I so badly wanted to cover myself, to protect myself from anymore pain. He stood me up gently and hugged me. He was so tender, almost making me forget all the cruel things he had just done to me. He let me into the bathroom and started running the shower. It was a nice shower, we lathered each other up, the suds were enough of a barrier to prevent the hard water from assaulting my raw skin. He made sure I was clean inside and out and I did the same for him. We got out, dried off and went back to the couch.

He went over to my display of toys and selected my massive, bumped, green dildo, which is slightly reminiscent of the hulks cock. I lay back and exposed myself to him. The first bump slid in easily, despite my lack of wetness. The second and third required more force, which was readily given. Soon I was filled and stretched and loving it. I arched my back to present my cunt to him and he took it. The dildo pumped in and out of me mercilessly. The head pummeled my cervix painfully, but the second bump hit my spot just right. I knew my orgasm was going to be immense and very liquid. As I'm wont to do when being fucked hard, I was screaming and begging for harder. His compliance was easily given and soon I felt my release. My orgasm was spectacular, I could have been a Roman fountain in St. Peter's Square. He pulled it out, dripping and laid it aside.

I was given no reprieve as he plunged too fingers in. In light of my recent stretching, I could barely feel them. Three went in, then four. My expanded cunt needed the maximum. I was spread wider than I'd throughly possible and I wanted that hand inside me. I felt his thumb testing the entrance to my hole and it was too much. I thrust my hip forward and screamed as my pussy engulfed his limb. I knew I was sore and I knew I would regret this, but the time for rationality was far past. He twisted his fist inside me, every square inch of my cunt being stimulated. He brought it out and shoved it back in. Soon I became nothing more than a fleshy sheath for which to encase his hand. In and out again, it was like he was practicing for a boxing match as he punched at my insides. I came quickly, adding to the puddles everywhere. He didn't slow down. He seemed determined to drain me of all fluids. Again and again, honestly my memory of this is all a little fuzzy. I was awash in endorphins and just riding out the pleasure. After an eternity, he pulled his hand out and I dutifully cleaned each finger off lovingly.

I've been called insatiable many times and was about to embody that. I reminded Dennis of the ginger that was laying nearby. I had wanted to try figging for months. It had originally been a Victorian disciplinary measure, and my reading on the subject had left me a bit fearful but still eager. I laid and idly played with myself while he carved up the root. He brought it back in, smiling. I could smell how fresh it was an my heart leapt into my throat. What if this was too much for me to handle? I hate looking weak. I got up on hands and knees, presenting my ass to Dennis. He tested my tight hole with a finger, as lube and ginger do not mix. Satisfied, he pushed the naked root in and began fucking my asshole with it. It was not 30 seconds before I was feeling the effects. It was uncomfortable but not unpleasant. It was like being warmed from the inside out, the burn radiating upwards. I quickly realized it would be more potent if left in place rather than trusting so I asked him to do so. He did, but inserted two ginger covered fingers in my pussy and began reading that, mostly ensuring my insides were coated with the heat bearing juices. This was supposed to be a punishment, but I was loving it. I respectfully asked permission to use my wand on my clit and it was granted. Now I had vibrating pleasure, I had radiating warmth, I wanted pain. I saw the belt lying beside the couch and asked him to use it on my ass. The first blow was intense, it jolted me closer to release. Each fall of the strap excited me exponentially, and I knew the most intense orgasm of the night was imminent. I begged for harder and it was granted. I must have made quite a site, a slut on hands and knees, a ginger plug in her ass, gyrating on a machine and being strapped. I was very nearly overstimulated. He could not hit me hard enough as I exploded. The release was short, but the force of it made me fall off the couch. He kept hitting me til I had to beg him to stop. I was hypersensitive and pulled the ginger out and flung it aside. I collapsed as he stroked my hair. It was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait til the next time I require spicy discipline.

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