Anal Invasion Ch. 03


"I know right?" Torrie laughed, "Trish was made for anal sex. It's clearly the only thing she's good for."

"Damn right it's the only thing she's good for." Stacy agreed, "These WWF sluts need to learn that their only purpose is to bend over when ever we fucking want. Mmmmmm, especially Trish. Ohhhhh yeahhhh, especially Trish and her big round bubble butt. MMMMMMMM, look at these big fucking cheeks. They feel so good jiggling like jelly as I smack toin them with every thrust. And this little ass hole of hers is sooooooooooo fucking tight. Mmmmmmmm, I love fucking it sooooooooooo much. Mmmmmmm I love fucking Trish's tight little ass hole. Fuck, you're sooooooooooo lucky Torrie."

"Thanks Stace, but feel free to fuck Trish's big fat ass whenever you want. After all, Trish and Lita are our bitches now and it's up to us to make sure that their dumb asses don't forget it." Torrie said.

"Fuck yeahhhhhhhh, you're soooooooooo fucking right Torrie. And, mmmmmmmmmm, speaking of which, why don't you have a go with Trish's slutty fat ass?" Stacy offered, suddenly pulling her strap on out of Trish's ass hole and stepping back, "As you can see I've got this bitch's butt hole nice and stretched out for you so you can give it a nice hard pounding."

"Are you sure Stace? You haven't even cum yet?" Torrie pointed out.

"That's ok, I'll just slam her shitter when you're done. Or maybe I'll just fuck her throat. It doesn't matter, I just really want to see you pounding this bitch's ass, because you're so sexy when you pound bitch ass baby." Stacy said with a grin.

"Awww, you're really sexy when you pound bitch ass too." Torrie said, kissing Stacy gently before brutally slamming her strap on into Trish's ass.

Trish cried out, mostly in surprise although there was a bit of pain, as Torrie forced every inch of the dildo strapped around her waist deep into Trish's bowels. Then Trish cried out, this time more in pain than surprise, as she received another series of brutal spanks to her already well beaten backside.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!" Torrie screamed angrily, only stopping the brutal beating she was giving to Trish's butt so she could grab hold of the other blonde's hair and shove her bitch's face in the direction of Stacy's waiting strap on, "Shut up and suck it bitch! Put that whore mouth of yours to some good use. The only thing it's good for. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh bitch, suck that cock like you've sucked on all the cocks of every guy in the WWF!"

"From the wrestlers to the ring crew!" Stacy chimed in, the WCW girls laughing as Trish went to work on Stacy's fake cock.

Torrie's bitch was one eager little cock sucker, Stacy thought to herself with a smile. That cock was covered in her own butt juices but still Trish was sucking obediently, taking inch after inch into her mouth and down her throat.

Of course Trish probably deep throated every guy in the WWF after she had let them unload their sticky cum deep into her big fat bubble butt, the greedy WWF whore probably not only fine with the taste of her own ass but proud that she could probably still make a guy cum in her mouth right after he shot his load up her fat ass. She probably swallowed too. What a total whore.

Stacy had no problems with treating Trish like the whore she was, the leggy WCW girl beginning to roughly fuck Trish's pretty face. Like the whore Trish was the blonde Canadian not only took every inch of Stacy's strap on down her gullet but seemed to take an increasingly brutal throat fucking easily. No matter how hard Stacy bashed her hips against Trish's face the best she could get was gurgling and choking sounds coming from deep within the submissive slut's throat, and even then Trish didn't dare try and complain about the rough face fucking she was receiving.

Not that Stacy's fucking of Trish's throat could compare with the brutality that Torrie was now using to fuck Trish's ass with. In fact Stacy wouldn't be surprised if most of the gurgling noises coming from Trish were because of the brutal butt fucking she was taking, those noises of course barely audible over the sounds of Torrie's hips smacking off Trish's big round meaty cheeks.

Overwhelmed by how proud she felt Stacy started to chant, "Go Torrie, go Torrie, go Torrie, go Torrie, go Torrie."

Torrie grinned wickedly as her girlfriend cheered her on, but as much as she loved it soon she found herself drowning it out as she became completely lost in ass fucking Trish. Instead of her girlfriend Torrie concentrated on the sound and the feel of her hips smashing into Trish's bubble butt, the pressure on her clit as the stimulant inside the harness bashed against it, and especially the tightness of Trish's ass hole.

At times like this Torrie would briefly wish she could feel just how tight Trish's ass hole was in the same way a guy could, but that wish remained brief. Torrie could still tell how tight it was given how much effort she was having to use to sodomise the other woman, and if Torrie had been a guy she wouldn't have got this wonderful sense of being the dominant female in this scenario.

It wasn't quite as powerful as when she butt fucked the mighty women's wrestler Lita but Torrie was still getting to ass fuck a WWF diva who was supposedly so much better than her. Well right now she was showing Trish who's better, showing the stuck up WWF diva who the dominant female wrestlers were. That was the whole point of this invasion thing, and right now Torrie and Stacy were ahead by a mile.

Allowing the dominant feeling to overwhelm her Torrie felt herself cum but she kept pushing on until she heard Stacy laugh, "Fuck, she's cumming. Look Torrie, you've got Trish cumming like a bitch for you!"

Torrie grinned as she took a good look at Trish's trembling body and heard the extra loud screams of pleasure.

"Dur, of course she's fucking cumming. She's a nasty little anal slut. That's what happens when someone fucks her up the ass." Torrie laughed, suddenly pulling out of Trish's now gaping butt hole and slapping the other blonde's abuse backside, "But the important thing is I've cum now, so it's your turn to use this bitch's ass for your pleasure."

"Thanks Tor." Stacy said, pulling her strap on out of Trish's mouth and quickly kissing her girlfriend before sliding her big dildo into Trish's butt like a knife through butter.

Trish let out a croaky groan as her back passage was once again filled up with a long, thick dildo. The difference was now her anal walls were extremely stretched out and loose, which meant rather than being a blessing the fact that Stacy slowly pushed every inch of her strap on into Trish's butt was actually the reason that the blonde WWF diva sounded upset.

Trish wanted Stacy to slam her shitter hard.

It wasn't long before Trish got what she wanted, Stacy gripping tightly to Trish's hips as the sodomy return to a brutally hard pace.

That brutally hard pace had Trish briefly moaning in pleasure, then Torrie shoved her strap on into Trish's mouth and yelled, "Suck it you little ATM bitch! Clean up your nasty ass juice off my toy!"

Trish whimpered around the huge shaft at the latest humiliating words but did as she was told. Her mouth, throat and especially her ass was sore and aching from the brutal spit roasting she had been forced to take but if Trish hadn't lost to Torrie, or at least hadn't made that stupid bet with the WCW girl, then she wouldn't be in this position so she blamed herself. She was the reason she was now being so brutally dominated, and why her girlfriend Lita was moments away from suffering the same fate.

However Trish was far beyond the point of feeling sorry for herself or her girlfriend. In fact she welcomed the verbal and physical abuse, the pain and humiliation only making her cum harder and faster.

After the powerful butt fucking Torrie had given her Trish's back passage was so sensitive that the moment Stacy shoved her strap on deep inside Trish's shit pipe the blonde Canadian thought it would only take a few hard thrusts to make her cum. It wasn't quite that quick, but at the same time it wasn't long before Trish's ass was clamping hard down on the fake dick and the Canadian was cumming oh so wonderfully hard.

Stacy was a big part of that, the leggy blonde brutally hammering Trish's ass hole as if she was literally trying to ruin the other female wrestler's rectum. And even though the savage throat fucking Torrie gave her should have in no way helped Trish cum it did, the abused blonde screaming around the dildo slamming in and out of her mouth during the height of her powerful orgasm.

That orgasm was far from the last, Stacy pounding Trish's ass through half a dozen climaxes before pulling out and shoving her ass flavoured strap on into Trish's mouth while Torrie took over slamming Trish's shitter. Another rough butt fucking, another series of orgasms and then the WCW girls switched over again.

The process was repeated over and over, the WCW girls laughing, high-fiving and talking trash as they brutally fucked their 'competition' from both ends. But as fun as it was there was another butt hole which needed brutally destroying.

With that in mind when she pulled out of Trish's ass hole for what felt like the millionth time Torrie said, "Don't you think it's about time we gave Lita's skanky ass that double fucking we promised her?"

"Probably..." Stacy said, biting her lip, "But I really want just one more piece of Trish's fat whore ass."

"Well why don't you have another go and make extra sure that she won't be sitting or shiting right for a week, then come join me in stretching out Lita's slutty ass?" Torrie offered.

"Oh baby, that sounds great." Stacy said, giving Torrie a long, intense kiss before adding, "And I promise babe, Trish won't be sitting or shiting right for a very, very long time when I'm done with her big fat ass."

"Go get her Stace." Torrie laughed, giving Stacy a gentle swat on the ass moments before the leggy blonde roughly filled Trish's ass with strap on cock.

"You just concentrate on making sure Lita's whore ass is nice and loose for us." Stacy said through gritted teeth as she yet again began brutally pounding Trish's pooper.

Torrie barely heard her girlfriend as she already had her sights set on Lita, who had made the mistake of moving so she was standing a few feet away instead of remaining in her place like a good little bitch, or at least running like a smart little bitch. Then as Torrie approached her the redhead made another mistake as she had the audacity to look Torrie in the eye instead of averting her gaze downwards. It was all the excuse Torrie needed to use every ounce of her strength to bitch slap the former women's champion.

Torrie slapped Lita so hard that the force of the blow turned Lita's face off to the side, and the smacking sound of Torrie's hand connecting with Lita's face was so loud it actually made Stacy and Trish turned to look at them, both half expecting Lita to hit back.

Having no doubt that she wasn't in any danger Torrie yelled, "Get on your knees bitch!"

There was a brief pause as Lita looked at Torrie, her face still stinging from the blow. Then the former WWF women's champion fell to her knees in front of the WCW girl.

Chuckling softly in triumph Torrie grabbed hold of Lita's hair and roughly pull the other woman's face into her crotch, lining it up perfectly so she made the redhead's lips practically slam against the head of her cock.

"Suck my cock you stupid little dyke slut!" Torrie ordered, loving the fact that Lita immediately saw the head of her strap on, "Ohhhhh fuck yeah you worthless lezzie whore, suck that fucking cock! Taste your girlfriend's ass on my dick. You like how that tastes bitch? Of course you do. You're an anal whore, just like your girlfriend. Both you WWF girls are just glorified anal whores who are good for nothing but giving up your slutty asses. And you do don't you? You give up your ass to anyone who asks. You fucking bend over and take it in the ass for everyone in the WWF. Guy or girl. You just take all of them up your slutty little ass. And then you suck their dicks clean afterwards. Doesn't matter if it's a real dick or a dildo, you'll fucking clean every drop of your nasty anal juice because you're almost as addicted to the flavour of your own shit pipe as you are to taking a huge cock into the hole you shit from! Isn't that right you fucking anal whore? You and your girlfriend love the taste of your own and each other's asses because you're both nothing but anal whores!"

Lita tried to block out Torrie's words, where the dildo had just been, and the whole situation in general. However as much as she still hated to admit it submitting to the WCW girls was an incredible turn on for Lita. Worse still Lita didn't find the taste of Trish's ass nearly as unpleasant as she should have. In fact the more Lita bobbed her head on the strap on dick the more she grew to not mind it, even to the point where she kind of liked it. But as was the case with most of this ordeal with the WCW blondes as humiliating as it was to enjoy the physical abuse, this time being Lita having to suck an ass flavoured dildo, it was somehow made ten times worse by the fact Lita was also getting off on the verbal abuse.

Of course Trish and Lita hadn't let anyone in the WWF butt fuck them before. Until this whole perverted thing with Torrie and Stacy both WWF divas had been anal virgins, but given their behaviour when they were robbed of their anal cherries and pretty much the whole time following that could Lita really claim she and Trish won't anal whores? Because they had certainly been acting like anal whores. Or perhaps more accurately anal sluts. Lesbian anal sluts.

Sure, they might have started off hesitant but during every encounter so far Torrie and Stacy had not only broken Trish and Lita with these but had made them act like shameless lesbian anal sluts. Even now as she took Torrie's strap on down her throat Lita knew she was going to happily take her latest ass fucking, not just because she had lost their little bet but because she wanted to get fucked in the ass. She wanted these surprisingly dominant women to humiliate and degrade her. She wanted them to fuck her up the ass. She even wanted them to stick both their strap on cocks in her slutty butt and double fuck her ass until her usually tight back door was left a ruined, gaping mess.

To help get what she wanted Lita sucked Torrie's strap on with increasing enthusiasm. Even as her lips reached the base announcing that she had every inch of the dildo either in her mouth or down her throat Lita continued sucking the fake dick as hard as she could, cleaning every little bit of Trish's anal juices from the dildo and then just continuing the long drawn out blow job because it was what Torrie wanted.

Lita's hard work did not go unnoticed by Torrie, "Oh fuck yeah, now you're really getting into it. Yeah, you're sucking that cock like it belongs to a WWF superstar. And we both know you're very familiar with sucking the cocks of each and every guy in the WWF, and the strap ons of all the women too. Oh yeah you are, you and your little girlfriend Trish are the biggest fucking cock suckers in professional wrestling. I've heard that from everyone, I can tell it's true just by the way you suck that cock!"

Torrie continued to gleefully yell abuse at Lita as the redhead bobbed her head up and down on the first few inches of the ass flavoured cock, the WCW girl more focused on the blow job she was receiving than the words coming out of her mouth.

Torrie knew they were insulting, which was the main thing, even if they became increasingly unimaginative like, "Suck that fucking cock you fucking cock sucker! Suck that cock with your cock sucking little mouth you fucking whore!"

Not that Torrie really cared what was coming out of her mouth. She cared a lot more about what was going into Lita's mouth, Torrie watching gleefully as inch after inch of her cock disappeared past the former WWF women's champion's lips, the big head of the dildo obviously disappearing further down Lita's throat.

To help the stronger woman out with the last few inches Torrie grabbed a handful of red hair and pulled violently forwards, forcing the last few inches of strap on cock into Lita's mouth and down her throat. The redhead slightly choked and gagged but she took it. The same thing happened when Torrie tightened her grip on Lita's hair and began fucking the other woman's throat, the piece of eye candy mercilessly turning the accomplice female wrestler into a face pussy.

"That's it! Take that fucking cock!" Torrie growled as she fucked Lita's face, "Take every inch down your throat! Clean every little bit of your girlfriend's skanky little shit hole off my fucking cock you fucking ass to mouth slut! Fucking clean it! I know you love tasting the deepest part of your girlfriend's rectum in your fucking throat so take this fucking cock bitch! Take this cock and suck on it like the slut you are! Maybe there are still some of your girlfriend's shit chute juices left on it somewhere! You better fucking check by sucking every inch of this fucking cock as I jam it down your fucking throat!"

With that Torrie buried the entire length into Lita's mouth and held the redhead firmly in place, the former women's champion desperately trying to breathe through her nose which was pressed against Torrie's pubic bone. What seemed like minutes ticked by, Lita making a few light struggles to get away but Torrie could tell the redhead wasn't using her full strength. If Lita wanted to get away, she could have got away, but apparently the redhead believed there was a limit to how far Torrie would go.

She was right, but even if she wasn't it didn't really matter because Torrie owned her.

The high and mighty Lita and Trish Stratus with the bitches of Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler.

As such Torrie would use Lita however the fuck she wanted, and if that included stuffing Lita's throat with dildo which had recently been up Trish's ass until the redhead almost passed out then Lita was just going to have to fucking take it.

So Torrie waited until pretty much the moment before Lita was about to pass out before she pulled her dildo from the other woman's throat, leaving the former women's champ to cough, gasp and even throw up a little before she pulled the WWF diva up by her hair again. Although Torrie was nice enough to continue giving Lita a little bit of a rest by slapping her in the face with the dildo a few times, then rubbing the fake cock all over her cover model face, making sure that the former WWF women's champion's face was covered in her own saliva, and a little remnants of Trish's butt. Then when Torrie had her fun doing that she stuffed the dildo back into Lita's mouth and repeated the process.

Torrie thoroughly enjoyed using and humiliating Lita in this way for quite a while, her focus shifting from the redhead she was face fucking to her beautiful girlfriend Stacy fucking the shit out of that slut Trish's skanky shitter, both of the other blondes in the room becoming lost in the brutal sodomy.

In a way Torrie felt she should warn Stacy that if she kept that up she would have no energy left to help her destroy Lita's slutty shit hole, but Stacy was clearly having a lot of fun sodomising Trish and Torrie didn't want to interrupt her girlfriend's fun. Especially not when Stacy looked so happy pounding Trish's slutty little pooper. Besides, it wasn't like Torrie wasn't perfectly capable of turning Lita's tight puckered hole into a gaping crater all by herself.

Of course just because she could do it all by herself didn't mean that Torrie didn't want to include her girlfriend and that other WWF slut somehow.

So after thinking about it for a few minutes Torrie pulled out of Lita's mouth and gave her a few final slaps to the face with the dildo before ordering her, "Go bend over so you're facing your whore of a girlfriend! NOW!"

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