tagBDSMAnal Punishment Ch. 01

Anal Punishment Ch. 01


It is early on a Saturday morning, and I'm already showered and dressed for the day. My husband is still asleep, curled on his side. After all this time together the sight of him still makes my heart beat a little bit faster. I want to lean over and kiss his forehead. Instead I steel myself for the ordeal ahead of both of us.

"GET UP!" I scream as I tear the covers away from his body. He's naked, as usual. Nakedness is the default in this house, since we can barely keep our hands off each other at any given time. Jase's blue eyes are confused for a moment, but then I see remembrance on his face. He remembers the deal he made to save our marriage, so he stumbles to his feet. I shove him and he loses his balance, causing him to crash against the closet door.


"Don't speak. Get in the bathroom, do what you need to, and get in the shower." He goes off without a word, but with a new look on his face. Oh, he agreed to the terms I insisted on, but I gave him no specifics on what this day would bring. I think he thought my love for him would make me soft. Instead, its made me resolute.

He will learn a lesson he will never forget. I prepare a few things and then barge into the bathroom a moment later and throw back the shower curtain. "You have sixty seconds to finish this shower and go into the bedroom."

I let him go into the bedroom first. My hunch pays off. Since Jase saw I was dressed, he assumes we are going out and is wearing boxers when I walk into the room.

"Did I tell you to get dressed?" I ask coldly. "Lay face down on the bed." My wood-backed hair brush is on the bedside table. I admire the sight of my husband for a moment, take a deep breath, and bring the brush down on his left cheek. Jase makes a strangled sound. I bring the brush down again and again. Red splotches appear all over my husband's backside and his grunting grows more intense. He's fighting to stay in control. I kneel by the bed and gently touch his face. His eyes are bright, but I can tell he still thinks this is a joke.

I ignore that for a moment. "You did well," I tell him. "Just like in prison when you behave your time passes easier. When you misbehave there are consequences." I let myself give him the kiss I wanted earlier. "Remember why we are doing this?"

Jase sighs. "Yes. I'm sorry, Mags."

I don't respond. Instead, I dip my fingers into the Vaseline jar next to me, and move so I'm sitting next to Jase's legs. "I want you to spread your ass cheeks," I say with as much authority as I can muster. I can't let him see my heart is breaking for him.

"Mags," he says, panic obvious in his voice. I pick up the brush with my non-Vaselined hand and deliver another smack.

"NOW," I say in response. I notice his hands are shaking, but he spreads his ass. My index finger presses against his tight anus as Jase clenches every muscle in his body.

"This is going to happen whether you fight me or not. It will hurt less if you relax," I say as I shove the tip of my finger into his asshole to make my point. I rub his lower back with my other hand. Jase looks back at me with the expression of a trapped animal, but finally nods and I can feel his body relax slightly. I use the opportunity to insert the tip of a second finger. Jase makes a slight groaning noise.

"Very good. Now I want you to raise up on your knees so your ass is in the air." Jase follows the direction. "Okay, now I want you to lean your ass all the way back." He turns and looks at me, realization of my plan on his face. He knows I am asking him to impale his ass on my fingers. "Do it now," I say levelly.

Jase looks away from me, takes a few deep breaths, and with one motion pushes back until both of my fingers are completely embedded in his ass. His body is trembling and his face is buried in this pillow, but as I wiggle my fingers around in his tight ass I notice an erection springing up. I have to admit, I am also incredibly aroused. I can feel juices dripping from my pussy. I reach behind me for a small butt plug already well lubricated with Vaseline. Quickly I pull my fingers out and just as quickly have the tip of the butt plug pushed into his ass. Jase groans, and I concentrate on working the plug in and out until I'm certain it is securely in place.

"We are going out," I inform him as I throw a pair of sweatpants, a t shirt, and flip flops onto the bed. "Get dressed."

"I can't go out with this!" Jase cries out. I simply look back blank faced. He hangs his head and starts to get dressed. I admire the way the little red plug looks sticking out of his ass.

Jase starts to get in my car, but I shake my head and direct him our old pickup truck. I have two reasons for taking the truck this morning, and the first becomes quickly apparent to Jase. The truck has a very hard bench seat that I'm sure presses in a most uncomfortable way against the butt plug.

Unbeknownst to Jase I did the majority of the shopping for our day earlier in the week. I don't want him to know just what the day holds for him, but I want enough clues to keep him worried. We stop by the pharmacy where Jase goes into buy more Vaseline, Vicks rub, and Epsom salts. A very worried looking man comes back to the truck. Our next stop is at a local sex shop. For that stop, we go in together.

"Hi," I say to the heavily-pierced girl behind the counter. "We need a butt plug for my husband. It's for punishment. I'd also like some help with finding a ball gag for him."

Jase's face flames almost as red as the butt plug currently residing in his ass. I reach my hand and give the plug a little twist through his sweatpants. He jumps a little, and the girl laughs as she sets down a truly evil looking assortment of butt plugs. Jase's face goes from red to white. I toy with some of the larger ones, but finally pick a medium-large black plug. Jase is led to a wooden chair while Lexi shows me exactly how to use a ball gag on my husband. We also pick up a set of handcuffs, some restraints, and a leather blindfold.

It is a very quiet man who gets back into the truck. I think the full weight of the punishment he has agreed to has set in. It's not merely that he got fingered, was forced to wear a small plug, and endured some humiliation. I think he's starting to realize my plan is to break him utterly, to make him realize the enormity of what he did. "Take out the plug and coat it with the Vaseline," I say crisply. He looks at me pleadingly for a moment, and then prepares the next instrument of his torture. "Now, put a tiny amount of Vicks right on the tip." Jase looks at the Vicks with resigned horror, but does it.

"Very good. Now, take the blanket off the back of the seat, pull your pants off, and cover up with the blanket."

"Maggie!" Jase cries in anguish.

"You just made it worse." He does what he was asked. "Okay, lay on your side but keep your legs on your side of the truck, so your ass is right next to me."

When I fold the blanket back I'm greeted by the sight of a very pink ass with a very red plug sticking out of it. My groin clenches and I have to catch my breath in the face of overwhelming sexual desire. This is an unexpected side effect of my day. I wasn't expecting to find torturing my husband to be such a turn on. I grasp the red plug in my right hand. "Push like you are having a bowel movement." He does, and soon the plug is in my hand. Now I can easily insert two fingers, and with a little bit of work can get a third finger in. Jase is breathing heavy, but it's better for him if I keep the fingers in. I get the black butt plug, pull my fingers out, and push it against his entrance.

"Breathe in deeply," I instruct. He does, and I can push the plug in slightly. "Now clench your ass," I say and continue pushing the plug.

"It's too much, I can't, please, Mags, please..." I turn my face so Jase won't see the tears in my eyes.

"You should have thought of that before. CLENCH!" I say and dig my nails into his inner thigh to make my point. Even with his cooperation it takes awhile for his ass to fully accept the plug. When we have it in I look down at my husband, and see tears streaming silently down his face. I am making him live a nightmare.

Jase and I met at a birthday party of a friend of a friend. He had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. By the end of the night I was a smitten kitten. We started dating a week later and have barely been apart since.

It was on our third date we first went to bed together. I hadn't meant to-I wasn't even wearing sexy underwear! We had met for coffee and Jase walked me to my car. He leaned down to kiss me goodnight. My next coherent thought took place as we stumbled into my apartment, pulling each other's clothes off. Never have I experienced such perfect sexual compatibility.

After round two or three we lay entangled in my bed. I was cataloging all the things I liked about his body. The broad shoulders, the slim waist, the slender yet strong build. His ass was so perfectly grabbable, perfectly formed. An ass he kept trying to keep me from touching. And his dick...Damn. And he was letting me touch that as much as I wanted.

"There's something I should tell you," Jase said in a gravely voice. "When I was nineteen I got arrested. I had cocaine with me at the time. I was lucky," he smiled grimly as he said the last bit. "I pled down to a misdeameaner, but I still had to serve six months in prison," his voice broke.

My heart flipped in my chest. I looked at my beautiful bed mate through the eyes of the social worker I am. Beautiful, young boys imprisoned for nonviolent crimes get raped in prison. Jase broke down as he told the story, and my heart broke as I thought of the torture the man I loved had been through.

It wasn't until a few days later that we addressed the fact he had been arrested for drugs. Maybe I'm a little square, but I don't plan to spend my life battling someone else's drug problem. Jase swore he had kicked the habit long ago, and promised me he would never give me reason to worry on that score.

And so we moved on with our lives. We had lots of amazing sex, got married, and moved to a new city so Jase could start a new job and I could go back to school.

That's when the problems started. Jase made a friend, Ethan, I thought seemed a little shady, and soon learned was a well known drug dealer. That's when the fighting started. Jase finally promised me he would never hang out with him again.

Three days later two things happened. I found out I was pregnant, and I got a phone call from Jase. Who was in jail. He'd been with Ethan when they were pulled over. Ethan had drugs. Lots of drugs.

Jase was charged with a felony. I saw the life we had planned falling to pieces, and had nightmares about Jase in prison. Jase, oddly, treated the whole thing as a joke. Thanks to an excellent lawyer we hired with the money we'd set aside for a down payment on a house the charges against Jase were dropped.

"I told you it was not big deal," Jase said. I said nothing.

Two days later I came home and found him hanging out with Ethan. I admit. I lost it. No big deal. I'd spent a month picturing the horrors Jase would endure in jail while I struggled to raise our baby alone, but it was no big deal. After two days of fighting Jase agreed he needed some form of punishment to make the reality of the situation sink in. It took me longer to realize that Jase needed to lose himself a little bit. My plan was to make him go a day with absolutely no control over anything to make him remember the horror of prison. I knew what I was risking, that my husband would hate me, that I would literally make him relive the worst moments of his life, but I could feel him spiraling out of control and had to stop it.

I rubbed my husband's hip as I cranked the car and exited the parking lot of the sex shop. "I know this hard, but it has to be, Jase. Remember why we are doing this. Remember that I love you." I was tempted to let him stay in the position he was in, but weakening wouldn't help us in the end. "It's time to sit up," I said gently.

Jase sits up without comment, but his face strains as the seat and the plug make contact. We are silent the rest of the way home. When we arrive home I send him to the bathroom with the order to keep the door open, strip, do what he needs, and stand silently until I come for him. I go to prepare for the next stage.

When I walk into the bathroom my first action is to lock Jase's hands in the handcuffs in front of his body. "I am going to blindfold you, put in the gag, and put my noise canceling earphones on you. You won't be able to hear or see what is happening to you. I'm going to move you around the house, so you'll have to trust me or you'll fall. You won't know where you are or what's going to happen to you. Do you understand?"

Jase nods in agreement and soon my blindfolded, gagged husband is listening to static on my head phones as I arrange him on top of the washing machine. Soft restraints are attached to the back of a wooden chair, and I attach those to his legs. He can't move off the machine. I turn it on. It's set to heavy-duty wash with two spin cycles. I hate to leave him with the gag in his mouth, but I have to prepare for the next step. I run back and forth to check on him. When the spin cycle starts Jase sags, pain obvious in the way he holds his body.

Finally the washing machine stops. I leave Jase there for a few extra moments, and then walk over and gently massage his face. He's doing well. I unbind his legs and help him down from the machine. Taking his arm I lead him to the stairs. He stumbles a bit, but makes it up the stairs where I lead him to the far corner of our second bedroom. I push him down to his knees and his shoulders down to the floor so that his ass is in the air. He's learned. He doesn't move. I pat his ass approvingly and leave to grab some equipment.

Jase still has the earphones and blindfold on, so he has no idea what I'm up to behind him. I pull on the plug and quickly gets the idea and starts trying to expel it. His asshole is a gaping hole when it finally comes out. I keep rubbing his back to give his anus sometime to tighten back up slightly. I don't want it to fully close, but it is to large for my next purpose. Finally it tightens and I rub Vaseline on the apparatus and slowly insert it in Jase's rectum.

I open the valve and Jase's body jerks with panic as he feels the warm, soapy water start to fill his colon.

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