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Anal Sex Review


Are you a fan of anal sex? Do you love to watch women who love taking thick cocks up the ass? Or are you a woman who loves to imagine herself in the situation of receiving hard cocks in your ass? Then this video might be something you would like to check out.

#20 Butt Bandits is 2 hours “all about babes being boned up the butt.” This video is produced by Vidco Home Video and was made in 1997. Playing time is 2 hours. It consists of a series of 9 vignettes of various situations, all involving anal sex. If a viewer likes more story driven porn movies, you might wish to pass on this one; however, if you like short, brief introductions to a basic story, and plenty of fucking involving pussy, mouth, and ass, you might enjoy this one.

The vignettes cover a variety of different situations, and though a couple suffer from bad editing or what is regarded as “cheesy” storylines, there are more than a couple that provide titillation and enough fodder to provide for masturbatory fun. This is also a good video to watch with a significant other or spouse who might be interested in exploring the special fun that can be had enjoying anal sex.

Of the 9 vignettes on the tape, I personally find 5 that are highly erotic and I enjoy watching over and over. The first of the 5 begins the tape. It involves a threesome of a woman with 2 men. I liked the camera angles used and they way the clip is edited. It also appears that all the parties involved are enjoying themselves, something that is important to me. I also liked the seeming realism that is portrayed. All too often, in anal sex videos, there is no indication that lubrication is used. Lubing up a woman to enable her to receive a thick, hard cock in her ass can, in itself, be very arousing. This first clip shows one of the men lubing the woman’s asshole, in preparation of receiving his cock. I also found her reactions enjoyable. It left me wanting and wishing to be part of this scene!

The second clip that I enjoyed was the third one on the video. It seemingly begins with just a man and a woman, but the viewer quickly finds out that there is a group of men looking on. The comments and actions from the group looking on is not entirely believable, but there is a certain naughtiness in imagining one being exposed and used in front of people who are commenting or giving directions. In this regard, I found this to be highly erotic and a big turn on. I also enjoyed the fact that the woman used for this clip did not have the typical porn star body. She has some curves to her, and her average sized breasts were truly beautiful as they moved naturally while she was being fucked. My personal choice is always for natural breasts because of the way they move, and this woman had them.

The third clip I found intriguing was one that supposedly involved two strangers. What was so arousing to me for this clip was that the female stayed dressed in her lingerie, which consisted of bra, garter belt, stockings, thong, and heels. Very sexy. The concept of “stranger sex” – sex between 2 people who do not know each other – is always a turn on. Perhaps because it is a taste of the unknown or the forbidden. The one thing that I felt detracted from this particular scene was the female’s constant use of the words “yes” and “yeah”. It seemed to be something she simply said because she was prompted to. But then, if you are prone to turn the sound down while watching porn, this is probably not an issue for you.

The fourth clip I liked was one that involved a simple one on one encounter. There really was no story involved to speak of. However, the clip begins with the man eating out the woman’s pussy, and in one of the few videos I’ve watched, she really seems to be enjoying it. I mean, she is really enjoying what he is doing to her sweet pussy! As a female, just watching that part, listening to her moans and cries of pleasure is enough to send me over the top. This particular actress has the most amazing nipples, and the camera focuses in on them several times. Also, the actress squirms and wiggles and moves exactly as a woman would who is in the throes of passion. This part was a pleasure to watch for me!

The last clip that appealed to me was also the last vignette on the tape. It has more of an artistic look to it. It appears more sensual, more erotic. It involves a woman using a telescope to watch a man with several women, while she is being fondled and caressed by another man. Now, what she views through the telescope is, in my opinion, not all that well done. Granted, there is one man and several women, but the women are simply standing around watching the man fuck or get a blow job from one of the women there. The true eroticism in this clip comes from the man who is with the woman watching through the telescope. While she watches and becomes more aroused at what she sees, the man who is with her caresses her body, paying special attention to her sweet, fine ass. The caressing and fondling that is played out comes achingly to a tease, before she finally abandons the telescope and allows the man who has been fondling her to finally stuff his cock into her ass. The feel of this vignette is soft, and I would think most women would enjoy the beauty of a man tenderly caressing this woman before seeking his own pleasure.

The other clips might appeal to some, especially a clip of a couple being outdoors and another involving an interracial couple. I liked the fact that there is quite a bit of variety within the video. The main focus is, as the name implies, anal sex and on that the video does deliver. The close up shots of cocks stuffing a woman’s ass is great. I also enjoyed the variety of positions used, and have made notes of several I look forward to trying! If you are looking for a video to possibly introduce a girlfriend or wife to anal sex, this is probably not the one you should choose. However, if your lover is already an avid fan of anal sex, and you wish to have something to begin the evening, I would suggest possibly sharing this video together. As there are so many vignettes, it is easy to move around the tape until you find one that suits your taste and style.

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