tagAnalAnal Sex with a British Couple

Anal Sex with a British Couple


My name is Akrivi and I am a 25 year old woman from Greece. I had my first relationship when I was studying at Athens university. My partner was a medical student older than me who turned out to be a very toxic person. I believe that he was psychologically sick,and he used the fact that I weighed a little more than average to hurt my self esteem and manipulate me. He prevented me from making new friends apart from his own, and even tried to separate me from my family. It took me a year before I figured out what he was doing, but as soon as I did I left him without a second thought.

Something that remained from that relationship was the experience of anal sex. With my ex it was never fun, but when I broke up with him I had a great anal experience and decided to keep it and oral as possibilities. I discovered how much it changed the interest of people when they learned that I took it from behind, and that is something that I enjoy even more.

The first summer after my separation I met a British couple named Harry and Megan on a public beach in Varkiza, near Athens. They approached me with the excuse that they had questions about the beach and the bus routes, but I knew that they were hitting on me. They could ask the same questions at the canteen and not to the only young girl sunbathing topless. I let them get on with it and we got to the point of the conversation. They told me that they were looking for a threesome and although it was a lot to hear in such a short amount of time, I was impressed by how smooth and relaxed they were about it. Earlier that year I already had a good experience with another couple and I wanted to try it again. When I told them that I take it in the ass they were delighted. I think Harry asked me if I was a prostitute because he hadn't come across of another girl that did anal who was my age. That seemed a little strange because I was already 20.

We played with each other discreetly at the beach but left for fear of becoming a spectacle. We got on the bus to Vouliagmeni where they were renting an apartment. On the way to the bus stop we couldn't stop touching each other, and as we passed beside a closed amusement park we jumped in for a little foreplay. There, we went to the center of the empty park where they pulled my pants down and with their fingers played with my small pink asshole. I felt their fingers massaging my asshole after spitting on it and tried to open it as much as they could, ignoring my pussy which was already soaking wet.

Riding the bus to the apartment, having their full attention made me feel very sexy and relaxed. When we got there, Megan passed beers all around and we chatted. Quickly enough they lost their clothes and Harry suggested we go to the bathroom. In the small bathtub Megan and I soaped each other up and together washed Harry. His dick stood firm, and Megan sucked him so well that he closed his eyes and murmured in pleasure. Megan stood up and hugged me, and Harry started pounding her pussy from behind. I could see his dick disappearing inside her and felt every blow when his body met hers.

I was used to being the center of attention, but as I found the whole thing so arousing I did not mind that I had not received even one kiss. I wanted for Harry to fuck my pussy too, so I got a bit upset when I was told that they wanted my ass right away. I got on all fours in the bathtub anyway and waited for Megan to put a good amount of lube in my tight asshole, and put some more on Harry's condom. As we waited for Megan to bring the lubricant Harry was repeatedly telling me how beautiful my ass was.

All of his attention and compliments had made forget any initial distress. It also turned out that Harry was born to fuck assholes. His medium-sized prick pushed inside me excruciatingly slow and then stopped. He didn't forced me and gave me time to get used to the feeling of a hard penis in my ass.

The moans of enjoyment from Harry mingled with groans of sweet agony from me. While fucking me he had a monologue with his wife, who stood beside us, telling her that this was the best ass fuck of his life. Megan that was leaning against the radiator told to him, "Why Harry, when was there a time that you fucked ass before?". They both laughed out loud. I didn't got the joke immediately but I later learned that this was Harry's first attempt at anal sex. Megan sensed the awkwardness of me being left out of their fun earlier and approached me. She knelt beside us outside the tub. She brought her hands all over my body. One hand patted my tits and the other caressed my ass. It was one of the few times I let another woman touch me like that.

While they exchanged hot kisses, Harry was still fucking me, his dick in my ass, and Megan had brought her hand down between my legs and slipped a finger in my pussy. Her finger entering me was enough to make me cum, an incredibly powerful orgasm. The loud moan from my orgasm caught them by surprise. Harry pulled out of me and took the condom off, throwing it away as he turned to his wife, letting her suck his cock skillfully until he exploded in her mouth. She sucked until he was robbed of every drop of white cream.

I was lying at the bottom of the tub, looking at them. They smiled at me as they watched me fondle my aching asshole. After that, they both jumped inside the tub and hugged me until we became a tangle of bodies, laughing as though we had been friends for years. I left my panties in their laundry basket and slept naked with them in their bed. Back in Athens no one expected me for 10 days and I could not think of a better place to be than with them.

PS. My editor was gildedbutterflies and he was amazing!

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