tagBDSMAna's Little Secret

Ana's Little Secret


It was one of those lovely crisp Fall days when everything seems so much happier..and the air is filled with the excitement of things to come. She smiled as she parked the car at her favourite mall and went inside. It has been awhile since she had ventured out to do some shopping. She just hadn't felt like it since her Master had unexpectedly left her one day. No word and no reason why.

"YOU need to get back out there." Her friends told her over and over again. "One cock is just as good as any other." Yeah right she thought, tell that to my heart. I made the mistake, not him. I cared more than I should of and ruined whatever we had.

She did try. Honestly she truly did. A friend set up a blind date with a cute Doctor she knew and he was cute and funny..but he wasn't Prince Charming. She went out with the girls on a "Let's cheer up Ana" night and she ended up with a bunch of numbers from really nice guys she knew she'd never call. Turns out for her heart , one cock was not as good as any other one. The one she wanted most no longer wanted her.

She was walking to the lingerie store which has just opened in the mall. The reviews were 5 star on price and the quality of the sexiness. She didn't see the man until she bumped right into him.

"I am so sorry..I was not paying attention." she said.

He smiled at her. "No problem. It is good to see you..." he hesitated, "Again"

"MMM, again? " she asked. She looked at him and tried to place him. Was he one of those men from the bars and clubs whose business cards she had stuffed into boxes in her room? His face rang a bell but not a loud one.

He laughed.."The last time we saw each other I was in my work clothes" He watched her face for a reaction. "My uniform."

"Ohhh" she knew now. The Police officer who she had sex with while her Master held her down. She felt the blush on her face. "I am sorry..I.." was all she could get out.

"Hey, it's ok. I heard and I am sorry. " He said, "For him. It is his loss."

She took his hand in hers and held it briefly. "Thank you for your kindness. I need to get going now. Have a good one." with that, she walked away from her partner in the three way.

He watched her walk away and smiled. He watched her ass and remembered how she had sucked him off and how much she enjoyed it. He made a call on his cell phone.."Hey, guess who I just saw? she is going into the Lingerie place..yep, here, the new one in the mall. You can't miss her. She is in a very tight pink dress. No panties if my eyes don't deceive me." He finished the call and put the cell back on his belt. "I hope he doesn't blow it this time." he thought as he walked away.

Her heart was racing as she entered the new Lingerie store. All over were the delicate lacy bras, panties, sheer gowns, etc. The store was busy with shoppers both male and female. She couldn't bear to look at the things she had worn for him so she had chosen to shop today for something new. Something that won't smell of him or the feel of his hands.

"Welcome to our store. May I help you?" the manager asked her. "We have a ton of new items in today."

"Thank you..I am just looking to replace some ..items." she said. She picked up some pastel bra and panty sets.

"Anything you need just ask..and our dressing rooms are right over there. " The manager pointed to the back of the store. "Very spacious." she winked at her and walked back to the register.

She collected more things..anything lacy, sheer and pastel she had them in her hands. Her fingers stroked the softness of the fabric and she closed her eyes in memory for just a moment. A purple sheer camisole/boxer set caught her eye. She picked it up, right size first time and laughed. Than she took her items to the back of the store to one of those spacious changing rooms.

The dressing room was good sized. A large mirror, a soft cushioned bench. Once she shut the door, she seemed to be all alone as the sounds from outside the room vanished. She hung up the bras/panty sets and held the purple set out to look at it before she decided to put it on..She took her dress off and stood there in her high heels, dark pink bra and matching garter belt.

She heard a soft knock on the door. It must be the manager she thought coming to ask her if she needed anything or wanted to see any of the new items.

"Um, Yes?" she asked, her hand on the door. I had to pick a day when the store manager wants to make her quota of sales.

"It's Me." He said.

"I'm dreaming." she thought.."It can't be him." A thought went through her mind of the Police officer she'd just seen. It must be him. Her heart was racing. She took her hand off the doorknob. She wanted to close her eyes and imagine it really was him even though her mind told her It is not him. He left you.

"Please open the door." He spoke so softly.

Her hand reached once more for the door knob, she slowly opened it and kept her body behind the door. She looked up only once at him. It was him. He looked the same as he always did. The same eyes, sadder than normal smile. He slowly pushed his way into the room and pulled the door away from her and closed it.

She stood there, eyes downcast, tears spilling down her cheeks. "Why did I open the door? " she asked herself, "So he can hurt me again?" She knew she was standing there in front of him half clothed but it did not register with her at all.

"I can say I am sorry but I know that isn't good enough." He said. He moved closer to her. She began to back away when he reached for her. "Please..Let me show you how sorry I am." he moved in to kiss her. He could smell her gentle scent and it brought memories flooding into his mind. His heart was racing as he stared at her..His cop pal was right, no panties. He could feel his cock harden at the sight of her. So vulnerable. So His.

"You took my collar off." she whispered. She put her hands on his chest to stop him from getting any closer. "What am I supposed to do with it now?"

"Bring it here so I can control you. You should not be left to your own devices." He said. "I will make you obediant."

"I always was" she said. She looked into his eyes. Everything inside her said to scream NO but she knew she couldn' t refuse him. "I never said No."

"You are still mine." He pulled her into his arms and she did not resist him this time. "I promise from now on, no more disapearing acts." His lips brushed hers and she opened her mouth so his tongue could slide back in. "I will make you so happy."

"I was happy." she said as his hands began to roam all over her body. " I missed you so much."

"It won't happen again." he promised, "Remember my name is Prince Charming after all." He moved her over to the bench. "Now sit and let me worship you."

She sat down slowly and watched as he kneeled before her. He pulled her legs apart and leaned in to kiss her hungrily on the mouth and caress her nipples as they grew against her lacy bra. "MMMMMM." He said, "I am so hungry. I am starving."

He slowly began working on her pussy ..kissing, licking..He enjoyed hearing her moan over and over. He slid his fingers deep inside her and smiled at her gasp..He imagined she had sat and waited for him to come back to her. He was her only Master of this he was sure of.

She kept thinking of how many nights she dreamed of this and longing for his touch. "What if?" she kept hearing at the back of her brain.."What if he walks right out of here and I am all alone again..?"

"Enjoy this. " he said, "It is only the beginning."

She spread her legs wide open and reached to unglasp her bra..she let it slide to the floor. Right now anything could happen but she was determined to enjoy these moments. His hands reached for her breasts as his fingers pinched at her nipples.

"I..I am hungry too.."she whispered. She heard him laugh.

"Not until I am full first." he grinned up at her. She looked over at the mirror at their images reflected back at her. He kept licking at her pussy as her juices flowed so freely. "My God she is so wet." he thought.

"Pleaseeee." she pleaded with him.."I can't stop.."

"Coming? Yeah, I noticed." he said, very satisfied with himself. He rose from between her thighs and unzipped his pants..She began to lower them for him and smiled at the site of his hardened cock. "It missed you too." he whispered.

He glanced at himself in the mirror as he kicked his shoes off. He let her take his pants and underwear and pile them next to her clothing. She sank to her knees and he reached for her chin..

"Suck my balls first." he told her, "Tell me you love them."

She used her hands to caress his balls than her tongue licking and sucking on them. "I loveeee them." she murmured. "I always did."

"More sucking, less talking." he ordered her.

The sight of them naked in the mirror thrilled him. She was taking his cock deep into her mouth the way he always told her to do. "Good, she did not forget." he thought. "Now lay down..and spread your legs nice and wide for me..I want you to reach down and open your pussy for me." he smiled at her, "I want to see it."

She lay back on the floor of the dressing room. "I want you so much."

He lowered himself to the floor and smiled at her.."I know." With that he thrust himself deep inside her. "This is home." he thought. "and I nearly threw it all away."

He pushed himself in deeper and harder and would not stop. The sight of her, the scent of sex in the air..it was driving him to a furious pace. He wanted to do this all night. Let them close the mall and leave them locked in. He would stay locked inside of her thighs. He pulled himself out of her.."Get on your knees"

She knew what was coming and did as she was told. Good little Sub never forgets she thought.

"Ohh you sexy little whore." he said while smacking her on the ass.."So fucking tight.." He pushed himself into her ass and grabbed at her hair.."You sexy ass little bitch..getting me all hard like this". He forced her face down to the carpet and thrust deeper inside her. She moaned in pain and excitement. "You wanted me to fuck you like this." he growled.

"Yessss Master, oh God yes.." she gasped..Her own fingers were busy between her thighs. She felt like a river of wetness would engulf them both any moment. Her pale pink nipples were hard against the carpet . Rubbing back and forth against them until she thought she could not endure another moment.

"Pleaseeeeeeee." she begged.

"I am the fuck of your life and you know it." he said while thrusting deeper. "Say it..Say you love this. Say you love my cock inside of you."

"I loveee it."she gasped out,"I love your cock and balls." She felt him move and knew the moment was near. He could cover her with his cum as she had already cum several times. Everything was soaking wet. She loved it.

"Dammmmmmmm." he said as he pulled himself free of her tight pink pussy,"Yessss". His cum covered them both and dripped onto the carpet.

They both were out of breath. The room smelled of their sex and white hot cum. "I could stay here forever." she thought,"but ..what if???" As if he sensed her worries he reached down to touch her letting his fingers caress her skin.

"This is how it will be from now on." he promised her, "I swear." He got up and helped to clean her as she stood shakily on her feet. Her whole body was throbbing from him and his touch. The only man who could affect her like this was and always will be, him.

They dressed as fast as they could. Cleaning what they could off the carpet while laughing and imagining the next woman walking into their sex room and knowing full well what had just taken place inside of it.

He reached for all the lingerie. "You want all of this?." He watched her nod, "Than It's on me." he said, "It's for me after all." He was already imagining her wearing them for a brief moment before he removed them from her.

"Why yes Master," she blushed as she said it, "It is and always will be."


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