tagErotic HorrorAnathema II Pt. 01

Anathema II Pt. 01


As promised, Lindie's story continues. Please enjoy the first installment of the second act.

"So, Randy, how long have you been a werewolf?"

Randy's right eye twitched slightly, but he smiled despite his nervousness. "What makes you think I'm a werewolf?"

Lindie ran her right foot along the length of his thickened cock until finally running her toes through his curly pubic hair. "I don't think. I know." Lindie felt a drop of come on her breast, wiped it with her finger, and put her finger in her mouth. "Mmmmm. That was good, by the way."

"How long have you been a succubus?" Randy asked.

"I'm not a succubus, at least not in the traditional sense. But, I asked you first." Lindie persisted.

"I don't know. Always. Never. I don't know." Randy attempted.

"Were you bitten by another werewolf?" Lindie asked.

"No. It wasn't like that. I think I was just born this way," Randy said.

"A cambion?" Lindie's eyebrows raised. She wasn't sure Randy understood the meaning of the word.

"I don't know," Randy continued. "I don't remember my parents, but I remember my great-great-great grandparents, Gaius and Lilith. I know everything about them as if I just saw them yesterday. I don't know how that's possible. I don't even know how old I am."

Lindie sympathized with Randy, but she was still curious, and subconsciously aroused by the stiffening dick beneath her foot.

"Well, what was it like, the first time? Do you remember that?" Lindie asked.

"It felt like I was dreaming. At first, that's all I thought it was – a dream. I'd wake up exhausted, naked, and groggy, like a bad hangover after a great night out. My head would hurt for days, and my body felt like it had been run over by a horse – I mean a truck.

I don't remember if I read it in a history book, or contemporary chap book, but I thought it might have been a case of repercussion – where I'd fall asleep and my spirit or soul would enter a wild animal – and I'd see everything through it's eyes. One time I dreamt a farmer tending his herd had shot me. I awoke to find healed bullet holes in my thigh. A day later, they were almost completely gone. The scars never disappear completely, though.

I realized I wasn't dreaming when I started waking up 20 or 30 miles from where I fell asleep, sometimes covered in dried blood."

"Human blood?" Lindie asked.

"No. For some reason, I never developed a taste for it." Randy mused.

His southern accent completely gone, he spoke more proper English, as if a European speaking English as a second language. Lindie spoke French thanks to high school, but also understood Latin without ever having studied the language. She was inexplicably sensitive to some of the older languages. If she had to guess, she would say Randy was German.

"Well, what do you have a taste for?" Lindie asked as she rubbed the top of her pussy.

"The usual stuff." Randy answered, back to his southern drawl. "I like regular meat and potatoes. Corn, green beans, and carrots are good. I have a tough time with sweet potatoes, though."

"Allergic?" Lindie asked.

"No, just the opposite. I don't know what it is about them, but just the smell gives me a hard-on. My first traditional 20th century Thanksgiving Dinner that I can remember was pretty embarrassing." Lindie smiled and leaned forward, "Hold that thought."

She held his shaft steady as she worked her lips and tongue around the head of Randy's cock. He had fucked her several times earlier, and came in her mouth for each climax, but she seemed to enjoy blowing him more than having sex. She was talented, and he was not about to complain. He had enough stamina to last ten or fifteen minutes with someone so beautiful, but he understood Lindie wasn't looking to be fucked at the moment. She wanted him to come in her mouth as quickly as possible. As his body tightened, he unloaded his semen down Lindie's throat. She swallowed slowly and deliberately. When she was satiated, she sat up and resumed her previous position opposite Randy.

"You were saying?" Lindie asked, wiping the corners of her mouth for any remaining come.

"I was saying that I eat regular food. I don't think of myself as a monster. Do you?" Randy asked.

"Not in the least." Lindie answered, pushing a finger inside her pussy. "Did your ex-girlfriend know about your alter-ego?"

"Not exactly. That's kinda why we broke up. We dated a long time before we had sex. Well, relatively long. About six years, I guess. When we finally made love, it was beautiful, but sometimes we'd go to sleep and she'd wake up alone. I couldn't tell her where I went. I didn't always know." Randy turned away. "That was a long time ago."

"How long?" Lindie asked.

"Before there were cars." Randy turned back, his right eye twitching slightly.

Lindie could sense his sadness. She could remove and replace short-term memories in most humans, but Randy wasn't most humans. She wasn't sure if her abilities would even work on him, and she was almost afraid to try. While she didn't love him as much as her husband, she did think of Randy as a very close friend with similar benefits.

"What happened to her?" Lindie asked, affording Randy some closure to the topic.

"She married someone else, had children, lived happily ever after – until her husband died in the war." Randy didn't say which war. Lindie didn't ask. "Her sons died in the next war, and she died a few years later."

"Did you ever go back to see her?" Lindie asked.

"Yes, but not like this." Randy pointed to his naked body. "I couldn't. I would have wanted her, even in her old age. But unlike her, only my hair started to turn grey. She wouldn't have been able to comprehend it. Instead, she practically grieved herself to death. If she could have killed herself, she would have."

"So, you helped her." Lindie's teeth cut into her lips.

"I loved her. For a lifetime, I loved her. I was quick, and she didn't suffer." Randy rolled his eyes, holding back the tears.

Blood dripped from Lindie's lips as a blood-stained tear rolled down her cheek. Her teeth slowly returned to normal as her lips healed.

"How about you? Did you ever love anyone?" Randy asked.

"Yes. I married him. He was a good man. He died recently," Lindie wiped her tears.

"Really? I thought you broke up with someone. What happened?" Randy sat up.

"I tore him in half in a fit of rage, and then killed his high school girlfriend with a kiss on the forehead." Lindie said without emotion.

"Were they cheating or something?" Randy asked nervously.

"No, it was actually something I arranged. It just went wrong. Someone intervened." Lindie reached for her clothes. "I don't want to talk about it right now."

"It's okay, Lindie. You got him. You got the bad guy. You saved another girl's life and probably countless others." Randy said, putting his hand on Lindie's ice-cold thigh.

"With your help, Randy. We got him. But why? Why do we exist? Why are we like this?" Lindie asked, throwing her clothes aside as she turned pale. Her teeth pierced her lips and her eyes glowed ice-blue.

"Your brother, David, was not alone, Lindie." Randy said, as he quickly held up a fur-covered forearm in an attempt to deflect one of Lindie's razor-sharp wingtips.

Randy had seen Lindie's transformation before. He had been inside her cell of a ruthless underground pornography group. They had been holding Lindie against her will, drugging her and raping her repeatedly, and she was defenseless against them. Randy had found her and pushed her to find her strength, and was wounded by her in the process. He was fascinated at how quickly she transformed, even though to him, it appeared to occur in slow motion.

Lindie reared back, not intending to hurt Randy, but instinctively aggressive. In the amount of time it would take someone to inhale a deep breath, Randy grew to twice his size. The fur sprouted almost immediately. His face contorted, and he looked down as if concentrating. As his skin darkened, he grew long claws and his lips pealed back to reveal large canine teeth. He looked angry, but remained in control. Lindie was amazed at what she had seen, but was even more impressed at his large dangling cock and testicles. As she inhaled, the stench was enough to make most humans vomit. But they were not most humans.

Lindie inhaled again. His entire history filled Lindie's mind. Randy was a noble creature. There was no doubt about it. He had never slaughtered the innocent, despite his appearance. He had tasted human flesh hundreds of times, but never to eat. And, he was old. He was very, very old.

Lindie's pussy felt warm and moist. She had never before felt horny, or even thought about sex in her otherworldly state. She struggled with the feeling, and was startled when Randy, the tall, muscular beast standing before her, actually spoke.

"Turn around and get on the ground." Randy commanded.

Lindie gasped at the size of his beastly cock. The head was bigger than her fist, and the length was longer than her forearm. He meant to mount her from behind. Doggy-style.


But as soon as she bent down on all fours, he was upon her. Her wings retracted as he dug his claws into her shoulders. He bent down and bit her neck, holding it tightly in his jaws as he entered her pussy. She dared not transform into her human form for fear of being ripped apart.

Lindie cried out in pleasure as Randy pumped furiously into her. Within minutes, she felt an orgasm building. At the moment of climax, she roared so loud; the ground shook beneath them for miles. She tried to free herself from his grip, but he held her tightly. She wanted to taste the come of this beast, but there was nothing to taste. As Randy felt her orgasm subside, he slowed his thrusts until he finally withdrew his rigid member.

He released his grasp on her shoulders, his bite on her neck. He stepped back, stumbled, and fell down. The beast looked as if it had been shot with a tranquilizer. Randy exhaled deeply, and shrunk to his human form within seconds. Lindie, in her statuesque form, stood before him and gazed deeply at him.

"Why didn't you let me consume your come?" Lindie hissed.

"It doesn't work that way. I wasn't fucking you for me. I was fucking you for you." Randy tried to explain. "You needed a good fuck."

"And who are you to decide what I need?" Lindie said, now inches from his face, teeth at full-length cutting through her lips.

"Someone who knows, Lindie. Just someone who knows." Randy said, face lowered and exhausted.


Randy awoke a few hours later, not immediately aware of where he was or how he got there. The bed was soft, and the pillows even softer. As his eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room, he could see he was in an upscale hotel room. He was also alone.

As he reached over to turn on the lamp next to the bed, he found Lindie's note.


I really enjoyed spending time with you over the last few days, especially our little talk yesterday. You were right about what I needed and I hope we can "talk" again, soon. For now, though, I need to see Sarah. I shouldn't be gone more than a few days.

The hotel room is paid for. So is the breakfast, which should be brought up to your room, soon. You have my permission (not that you need it) to enjoy.



The hotel room electronic door lock chimed and the door swung open. Randy tensed, but the smell of bacon, eggs, steak, potatoes, and fresh coffee gave him reason to relax.

"Room service!" a young girl with short red hair announced, pushing the food cart into the room.

"Aren't you supposed to knock, first?" Randy exclaimed, barely having enough time to pull the sheets over his naked body.

"Usually, but your friend made a point of telling me not to. I don't normally come up to this floor, but she tipped well and was pretty persuasive," the girl answered quickly, realizing her error in admitting she'd already been tipped. "This isn't even my shift. I got off over an hour ago. Now, where would you like this?"

"Put it on the bed, please," Randy said as he shifted uncomfortably. The girl quickly realized he was naked under the sheets. "What's your name?"

"Becca," the girl replied softly as she carefully placed the large breakfast tray on the end of the bed. "My name is Becca."

Becca uncovered each of the plates of food, poured the coffee into one of the two coffee mugs on the tray, set the silverware on the linen napkin, and stepped back, waiting.

"Are you just going to stand there? Are you waiting for another tip or something?" Randy asked, hungry and annoyed at the young girl.

"Your friend wanted me to wait for you to finish your breakfast." Becca answered nervously.

"She did, did she?" Randy smiled uncomfortably. "How old are you, Becca?" Randy asked as he leaned forward to pick up the coffee mug.

"Twenty... next month," Becca answered shyly.

"And do you normally hang out in stranger's hotel rooms?" Randy asked as he moved closer to the breakfast tray, accidentally allowing the sheet to fall further away in the process.

"No, sir. I only work at the hotel part-time, usually three nights a week. The rest of the time I have an internship with a pharmaceutical sales company, and I go to school part-time." Becca answered, forcing herself to look at the floor.

"Sounds like a busy lifestyle," Randy smiled. "So, you're not a prostitute, too, are you?"

Becca's face reddened. "No, I'm not a prostitute, although I feel a bit like one right now."

"Relax, Miss Becca." Randy smiled. "I'm just messing with you. Lindie can put folks up to all kinds of stuff. Why don't you sit down? You want some coffee?"

"No, sir." Becca answered, shaken. She could see he had no idea he had allowed the sheets to fall away, exposing himself to her, and she desperately wanted to see his body, but she didn't want to be caught staring.

Randy gave her an innocent smile and proceeded to inhale his breakfast. Becca watched as he cut the steak, the muscles in his shoulders and arms pulsing.

She felt strange being the one watching a man, as usually men where the ones watching her. She regularly jogged every morning before work, and sometimes ran three or four miles a day. Her body was lean, fit, and she didn't mind flaunting it while running.

On some mornings, she'd go so far as to soak her white running top and barely-there running shorts with water from a drinking fountain, just to tease the guys that had been following her for the last two miles of her run. Her almost-34C breasts clearly defined under the wet material, and her Brazilian-waxed pussy perfectly outlined in her wet shorts – the sight was certainly a visual the men wouldn't soon forget. She gave them a memory worthy of masturbation, later.

Becca didn't consider herself a slut. She never slept around, and only slept with her current boyfriend or girlfriend, whomever that was at the time. But, she was a self-admitted exhibitionist.

Lindie must have sensed this in Becca as she left the hotel. Becca noticed something unusual about Lindie as she approached the front desk to pay for the room and order breakfast for her friend. Becca assumed they were the same age, but something about Lindie seemed much older or mature. When Lindie spoke, she immediately put Becca in a trance. Although she couldn't see her do it, Becca could have sworn Lindie had kissed her. She remained in that trance until Randy caught her staring at his large cock.

"Getting an eyeful?" Randy asked.

"That's what I usually say." Becca answered as she began unbuttoning her blouse.

"What are you doing, Miss Becca?" Randy asked foolishly, as it was obvious to him what Becca was doing. Slowly and seductively, Becca undressed before Randy. A sliver of sunlight between the closed drapes highlighted her red hair and lightly-freckled tanned skin.

"Your friend wanted me to stay after you finished your breakfast, just in case you wanted something else to eat." Becca answered as she stepped closer to the bed.

Randy was beside himself. He could smell Becca's wet pussy, and his mouth salivated. Becca leaned forward and placed her relatively small hand on his swelling cock.

Becca's breasts were smaller than Lindie's. Her hips were narrower. Her hair, shorter. Her legs, tighter. But Becca was every bit as beautiful.

She leaned over further and felt Randy's cock swell in her hand as her tongue found his. They kissed for a few seconds and then Becca stood on the bed, straddling Randy's chest. She enjoyed being looked at, and Randy was definitely looking at her. He lay back, sliding downward, as Becca placed a foot outside of each of his shoulders.

"Still hungry?" Becca asked. She didn't wait for an answer as she squatted down, lowering her pussy onto Randy's mouth. She steadied herself by holding onto the headboard as Randy eagerly lapped at her pussy. Randy ran his hands over Becca's ass, legs, and feet. She smelled good, and tasted even better. He felt guilty for a moment, as he thought he had made a connection with Lindie that may have been the start of a relationship. But he remembered her note, and knew this must have been what she meant by enjoying his breakfast. His tongue was strong, and he quickly brought Becca to orgasm.

Becca pulled herself back up, standing over Randy, and then turned to face the end of the bed. Randy slid down further, knocking the breakfast tray onto the floor. Neither paid any attention as Becca again sat on Randy's face. This time she was positioned so she could kiss and stroke his rigid shaft while he explored her pussy with his tongue, and her ass with his fingers. She continued to suck his cock through her second orgasm.

The good girl in Becca thought it best not to fuck Randy, or even let him come in her mouth. He was a complete stranger, after all. She performed the best fellatio she knew how, and allowed Randy to come all over her face. She smiled as she looked over her shoulder at him, confirming his satisfaction. "Can I get you anything else, sir?" Becky said as come dripped from her nose and chin.

"That's all for now, Miss Becca, thanks." Randy smiled and gave her one last kiss on her right ass cheek.

Becca carefully climbed off of Randy, then off of the bed. She cleaned up the plates, mugs, and food that Randy had knocked off the end of the bed – completely naked and with his come still splattered all over her face. "You don't have to do that, Miss Becca." Randy said caringly.

"It's my pleasure, sir." Becca said without looking up.

She knew he was still looking at her lean, fit, runner's body, imagining all the ways he could take her. Her pussy was wet from her renewed excitement and Randy's saliva. Every time she walked or bent over, her clit ached to be rubbed. But this wasn't about her.

Lindie sent her to Randy's room so he could lick her pussy – twice if they both liked it. Nothing more.

Becca quickly dressed, walked into the bathroom, dampened a washcloth, and made a minimal effort to clean her face. She placed the breakfast tray back on the cart, turned and bowed to Randy, and started for the door.

Randy stood up, for the first time allowing Becca to notice his relatively huge body. She froze for a moment. Randy's eye twitched slightly. "Is something wrong?" Randy asked.

"No, I just..." Becca started. "Nothing, sir. Please don't tell anyone about this. I mean, I had fun and I hope you enjoyed it, but I need this job and the other one, and if anyone found out, I could lose both."

"Don't worry, Becca. I won't tell anyone." Randy paused, "But I may come back here for the great breakfasts."

Becca smiled uncomfortably, as this was only supposed to be a one-time deal. Randy opened the door for her, naked, and allowed her to push out the cart. She fought hard to resist the urge to drop to her knees and engulf his manhood. His otherworldly senses allowed him to smell her wet pussy as she brushed past him. He imagined she would hurry home and masturbate using one of her favorite dildos as soon as she walked in the door. And he was right.

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