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Anatomy Lesson


I paced myself up the interminable flights of stairs leading to dorm room 233. I looked down at my small appointment book- Sam Tomkin. So this was the dimwit I'd be tutoring tonight. It's not easy to put yourself through college; I was a babysitter, a tutor, a waitress, and have held just about any job imaginable.

Finally I reached my destination. After knocking, I heard a voice from inside,"It's open!" I tried the knob. It wasn't.

"It's locked." I called back, perhaps a bit louder than I should have. Oh well- if the people next door complain, the dimwit will get the blame.

After a bit of shuffling, the door swung wide open, exposing a tornado site of dirty clothes, paper plates, and textbooks strewn across the stained carpet. Ah the majesty of a typical dorm room.

"Before finals week, please." He said. For the first time I looked at my pupil, and compared to the floor he was a god.

Deep brown eyes matched the short hair around his angled face. Perfect lips exposed glistening teeth...maybe this dimwit wouldn't be so bad.

He led me into the room and I sat down on his bed and gathered some textbooks. "I'm Sara by the way. What subject did you want to do?"

"Sam. I was thinking Microbiology."

"Alright, let's get started"

We sat like that for half an hour. I got through about six chapters before he finally took a break. He grabbed two beers from the small fridge in the corner. "Just ten minutes. Promise." He said, and flipped on the box television. A blurred, tiny version of Billy Madison, just at the part where Veronica is tutoring Billy. With each correct answer Billy gave, she unbuttoned one button of her blouse. Sam glanced over and gave a non-discreet wink. I was wearing a button-down blouse. Awkward.

Maybe it was the beer, or his looks, or just that I was needing a better method to teach him, but I leaned near him and whispered in my best attempt at "sexy teacher voice" "Wanna try it?" He nodded and scooted closer across the twin bed and lounged next to me. He reached for my sloppy ponytail and let my hair fall in a blonde curtain across my back. "Mmh, much better." he commented, nodding at his work.

I cleared my throat. "What are three causes of neonatal meningitis?"

He said he didn't know.

"Adult meningitis?"


"Most common STDs?"

Just as I expected, that one he knew right away. His hands were unbuttoning as the words "Chlamydia and Gonorrhea" left those perfect lips. We continued like this until I was left shirtless. As his eyes took in my bare skin, his hand reached to my cheek and he pulled me into a kiss. Soon he grew more passionate, burrowing his hand into my tangled hair and assertively biting my lower lip and letting his tongue dance across my lips.

Soon his hands were making their way to my back to unhook my bra. I grabbed his hands and whispered "Reiter's Syndrome?" He mumbled a reply. I don't know if he was right- I was too busy gasping as he groped my now-bare breasts. I felt his sweet, slick tongue teasing my nipple and I bit my lip to quench the moan growing deep in my throat. Suddenly, he looked up at me. Those deep brown eyes penetrated deep into me.

"What do I get for the next question?"

I didn't have to think for a second to know what he wanted. Deciding to play up my sexy angle, I replied mysteriously, "Extra credit" and then slid my hands down from his shoulders, across his abs (which I now learned to be very defined-extra credit indeed) and finally resting them on the hem of his jeans.

He released the breath he'd been holding captive and made his best attempt to give me an answer to the genetic disorder caused by an extra 21st chromosome. How different are down's syndrome and tay sach's disease really?

After letting my fingers trace his thick erection though his jeans, I began to slowly unbutton them, exposing a long, veined cock. I let my hand grab and massage it while I kissed him deeply. Soon I would be kissing something else.

I was on my knees, roughly sucking him while my tongue swirled his head. Sam shivered and tangled his hand in my knotted hair and forced his thick cock down my gagging throat. Before I knew it, he was throbbing and soon my mouth was filled with his juice. He moaned and fell back onto the bed, while I wiped my lips on his discarded pants on the ground.

After a few seconds of resting, Sam stood up and placed his hands on my shoulders while kissing and biting my neck, leaving a row of hickeys. I turned around and we began to make out again, subconsciously walking back to the bed and touching each others naked bodies. He laid down and I maneuvered myself on top of him, letting my breasts brush his chest as I kissed him. He reached for the nightstand and pulled out a condom. I rolled it onto his re-erected member and mounted him. As I felt him penetrate me, I let out a small moan. He was much thicker and longer than anyone I've taken before.

I was riding him, letting my hips twist around his, contorting my body so I could feel him from every angle. Breathing heavily, he grabbed me and rolled us over so that he was now on top. He thrusted into me hard, driving his entire length into me. I began to moan his name and felt the climax building up. Sam began to slow his pace, taking deep, deliberate thrusts to keep the end at bay. But no matter how we tried to delay it, we both came. Grunting, moaning, we collapsed on the small bed, letting our jagged breath fill the silence that now surrounded us. He reached his hand to my cheek and stroked my face. "Smart and sexy. I like it."

"Would you like another tutoring session, Mr. Tomkin?" I asked, nonchalantly.

"I supposed. Today was more of an anatomy lesson than microbiology anyways."

I then left his dorm, ignoring the whoops and catcalls that were tossed out of the neighboring rooms where others heard our ruckus. I had a new appointment in my book for next week.

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