tagErotic PoetryAnd just like that...

And just like that...


You pick and chose your words very carefully,
and the pregnant pause of your thinking is interrupted by me,
only to ask you if you are almost done
searching for the answer
of whatever you are trying to say.

I only truely interupt you
so that I can get something,
catch something,
something you wouldn't normally put out there for me to hear.

While I wait for your right answer,
I close my eyes and imagine,
your body,
what the muscles under your skin must feel like, and what they would indeed feel like when the pressure from my hands pushing against your chest and rubbing down your abdomen to that spot...
that spot that I want to get to know.

But, I don't even know you,
or what your face looks like,
or the smell of your skin,
or the tightness of you.

I know nothing but your words,
and like nothing before has ever done,
they touch me,
and I close my eyes and feel your words.

Opening my lids to find that you have signed off,
And just like that... you're gone.

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