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Andrea Street


Bob Casey is an expert skier. He wished that he had the talent to make the United States Olympic ski team. He was in awe of the skiers that did, both men and women. Three winters ago, he was at the bottom of the nine turns that start the "Nose Dive" at Stowe, Vermont, with Billy Woods. Billy hollered to him above the shrieking of the wind, "There she is, whoa!" A woman in full tuck, clad in the red, white, and blue of the American ski team flashed by, down the fifty-eight percent grade, at a speed well over sixty.

There was no doubt as to who she is. Everyone on the mountain knew who she is. There is only one. That's right. There is only one Andrea Street. Bob listened to the whoosh, the slap of her skies, as the figure disappeared in a plum of snow as she slashed into the last turn before the straightaway fall of the mountain.

Bob just stood shaking as he said, "She always ripping and rocking like that?"

"Man, she isn't even wide open. Want to see a bullet? Watch her run the "National." It is a mile. When she turns it on, she is by the finish in less then a minute. I figure she is near eighty when she passes under the lift line."

"Know her at all?"

"Sure, we speak. I can introduce you. Don't be getting any ideas. You won't get into her pants. When she is training, she eats, sleeps, thinks, and lives speed, Man."

"Is she as good looking as she appears in her pictures?"

"Better. Quick as a snake. Great sense of humor. I saw her at the "Rusty Nail" swimming pool. She is built for comfort."

"Every woman can be made."

Woods just threw back his head and laughed. Then the two good friends jumped forward to swish down the mountain that they loved.

That night, bellied up to the bar at the "Rusty Nail," Billy elbowed Bob. He then took him by the arm as he whispered, "Your on, Asshole."

Ahead, chatting with two girls was none other then Andrea Street. Andrea gave Billy a warm smile as she greeted him, "Oh, Billy, I have changed to a wax made in Austria by the Beljenny company. At twenty-eight degrees, the yellow is perfect. At below eighteen, the blue is unbeatable." Bob was introduced. Andrea surprised him by asking him several questions about where he was from, what he did, and whom he worked for.

After they parted, Billy stepped back, giving Bob the once over, as he said, "She was interested in you Buddy. Her mind is like a bear trap, not a mousetrap. When it snaps on something, it is no game."

"What to hell do you mean by that?"

"Well, shit, she changed the subject to you, instead of speed. During training?"

Bob took a job in Burlington, to be near the mountains and Lake Champlain. April skiing is seldom good, but it is nice to be on the mountain. Andrea joined Bob on the "National" trail. One thing led to another. She agreed to go to Burlington with him for dinner and a movie. Billy had mentioned that Andrea never drank during training. Training was over, so she ordered a "Long Island Ice Tea."

After her second drink, Bob noticed that Andrea seemed to be a different person. She leaned towards him. Her eyes never left his. She reached across the table to rest her hand on his. She asked if he was going with anyone. Bob's antenna was working overtime. When they danced, she pressed her body to his while pressing her breasts to his chest.

Bob's brain was screaming inside his skull, you could fuck Andrea Street! By her fourth drink, she was hanging all over him. He took her to his apartment. He walked her into his bedroom. He could see her face clearly in the light cast from the hallway light. Andrea had a lustful smile. There was no pretence. There was no, I'm a good girl who does not do this on a first date games. She was intense, panting, excited. She was Andrea Street.

Bob undress her, and then took off his clothes. Andrea went to her knees. With one swift motion, she took half of his cock in her mouth. As her head went to and from his body, she twisted her head in a circle so that his cock was yanked and twisted. He stopped her. He had to enjoy her pussy.

As she settled on her back, his mouth found the thick mat of her cunt hair, totally untrimmed. He had forgotten just how much of a woman her cunt hair covers. Andrea let out a soothing sigh as his fingers split her lips. She knew that his tongue would give her the pleasure that only a tongue can. She undulated her ass as she gripped the back of his head to so that his tongue would run the entire length of her slit.

It dawned on Bob that she knew exactly what she was doing. He was contemplating how many other men had been between her legs, when her beautiful, very strong legs scissor gripped his head. Her ass jerked spasmodically, as a long sigh announced her first orgasm.

What Bob did next we can debate as to if he was a good or bad boy, but he did it, none the less. As she lie there, he reasoned that she probably did not take birth control pills during training, which was one explanation for her not being available for dates in mid-winter. Next, he was sure that the drinks had unleashed a part of Andrea that she normally suppressed. Lastly, her other men probably slipped on a condom when they entered her. He would not. She was too drunk to notice.

She did not. His cock eased half way into her pussy with the first push. She was tight from lack of recent fucking. His next push got some more of his cock into her. She grimaced; as she opened her legs while lifting her ass to let him comfortably bury his thick shaft in her womb. His ass shot forward. Bob Casey's cock was now deeply buried in Andrea's baby making vagina. Bob's intent was to make this woman his.

With a slow rocking motion, he ran his cock in and out of her. Her scent was so erotic. This was the moment of a lifetime. The velvet walls of her pussy spasmodically gripped his cock providing him with sensations unlike he had experienced before. With perfect coordination, she was rocking with him. She was not just a good fuck. She was a great fuck.

His balls began to tighten. His cock hardened. His breath became ragged. She knew it. He knew it. He was about to cum. Andrea buried her heels in the bed so that she could thrust her ass up at his descending cock. Once, twice, three times, her cunt pounded his cock and balls. He stiffened. His toes extended, as shot after shot of his sperm shot directly onto the mouth of her uterus. There was no need for additional fucking. Andrea would become pregnant from that first shot. But Bob did not know that. She was in his bed. He would keep her there all night, putting her and the bed to good use. After the fifth prolonged fuck, she fell asleep. He sat there with a limp dick, wondering what fate had in store for them.

They dated and fucked several times in the next six weeks. His phone rang at work. It was Andrea. She never called him at work. "Bob," she softly intoned, "Could you meet me at noon for lunch? I have a problem."

After the waiter had departed with their order, Andrea whispered, "I am pregnant!" She carefully studied his reaction. Had he said the wrong thing, she would have been out of there, so this was not a time for joking, or a dumb question like, gee, who do you think is the father.

As his hand found hers, Bob proposed, "Will you marry me?"

She sat back, looking at him intently. Then she leaned forward to whisper to him, "I can be a first class pain-in-the-ass. I am a very forceful, aggressive person that will move heaven and earth to get something that I want. I won a gold medal in the last Olympics. Only my death will prevent me from defending my title. During the year before the 2002 games, I will eat, sleep, talk, and live, skiing. After that, and only after that, will you have a full time wife. I do not believe in divorce, or abortion. And one other thing, when I drink, I will let men fuck me, if you get my drift."

"Men, not man?"


Bob's mind was racing. One only lives once. The world is full of dizzy women. There is only one Andrea Street. He could live with whatever she was, is, or will be.

"Andrea, I want to marry you. I agree to support whatever you do to the best of my ability. I have only one condition. No secrets. I ask again, Will you marry me?"

Bob knew that she was his when she said, "I'll have to teach you how to ski faster, so that you can keep up to me."

Bob smiled ruefully. It dawned on him that he might not catch up to Andrea Street in a lot of ways, ever.

She kicked him under the table. "That is for getting me pregnant."

They both laughed. She added, "You were the first guy that I have dated that brought the word marriage to my mind. Even before I knew that I was… Did you do that on? Don't answer that."

She doesn't miss a trick, Bob thought. I must remember that I can't bullshit her.

They were married on August twenty-ninth. Andrea kept her maiden name. Andrea took some getting used to. By seven AM she had done more then most people do all day. She ran five miles up steep mountains every day. She did two hundred sit-ups, lifted weights, and did wind sprints. All this was before seven.

She was employed by "All Greats" sports wear as a sales agent. She cut back her schedule as the birth of Bob Jr. drew near. Once he was born, she was a wild woman molding her body back into the condition that she knew she must obtain to compete on the world stage.

"All Greats" held a sales convention in Las Vegas for its major customers. Of course, Andrea was to attend. Bob met her at the airport, when she returned. She appeared to be very tired. Her eyes were bloodshot. She said nothing during the drive home. He did not push the matter. She went right to bed. Two days later, Bob came up behind her. He felt her ass. Then, he put both hands around her to feel her tits, as he kissed her on the back of the neck. She turned, reached up to hold his head, as she kissed him. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"Not asking about Vegas. I'm sure you suspect what happened to me there."

"Let's go fuck while you tell me about it."

She was on her back. Bob was on his side, sidesaddle, with his cock in her. Andrea put her hands under her head. Bob thought, she is so beautiful, as she started to speak in a monotone, like she was talking about someone else.

"The first day, I worked a booth giving autographs, having my picture taken with people. That evening, my boss, Mr. Johnson, asked me to join him and the people from the Australian gaming board alliance for dinner. They control all the purchasing by the sports teams. Mr. Johnson told me that if we got their account that we would pick up most of the sports wear sales in their country, and New Zealand. He said that he would make it worth my while if I went out of my way to entertain them.

We met them at a lounge, off the strip. There were eight of them. I recognized two of them immediately as being members of their last Olympic team. Well, they all were Olympians. As soon as we got there, I was given a drink. A very strong drink. Another followed that. While dancing with a guy they referred to as Red, he whispered in my ear that a friend of his knew me from my undergraduate years."

"Oh, who was that?"

"Ernest Williamson."

"I stepped back to look at him. He was leering at me, undressing me with his eyes. My knees went weak. When I was a sophomore in college, I had visited a girl friend at Wellesley College in Boston. We had gone to a frat party. My friend left with a guy. I drank too much. More then I had ever had before. This Williamson guy took me into his room. Until then, I had only had sex with my boy friend. One guy. I thought that sex was like the books and movies say it is. One has a lot of kissing, hugging, progressing until finally the man gently enters a woman. He is there, but there is no feeling of being expanded. It is the friction of his body on your clit that finally brings on an orgasm. Right? Wrong.

Williamson was one of those damn freaks with an eight-inch cock, which is as thick as a soda can. He was not a big guy. Average height, maybe one hundred and sixty pounds, but he was strong. He got on me. He put his hands under my armpits so that he could hold my shoulders as he rammed that cock of his into me. I let out a scream. All that did was draw more fuckers. He cum in me. I was so happy that he was out of me that I relaxed and just stayed on my back with my legs open.

The next four guys are a blur. They felt good, but did not come close to bringing me to orgasm. The next guy, I will remember all my life. He was a big guy with a thick cock. He got on his knees, while holding my legs in the air. Like the Asian men do, his ass became a pile driver to hammer that cock of his into me with thrusts that were so fast that I could not react to them. My breasts were flying every which way. When I went into orgasm, I screamed over and over again. The boys cheered.

After ten or more of them had been on me, they propped my up so that I could have a drink. It was punch. It must have been mostly vodka, because right after that things got very fuzzy. Cocks were in my mouth. Cum was all over me. It was daylight when they finished with me. Williamson drove me to my friends place to pick up my stuff, and then to the airport for the flight home.

This Red guy had to know about me. I looked around the room. The other seven guys were staring at me. Only Mr. Johnson was looking the other way. "Do they all know?"

"Oh, yes, my love. All except your Mr. Johnson."

I was getting very wet. But I was working too. Thinking fast, before things got out of hand, I said, "I will stay and reminisce about old times with you and your friends only if you sign a contract with "All Greats" for them to be the sole supplier for your alliance, with the understanding that our prices will remain competitive with the competition."

Countering me, Red said, "Conditions. You stay in our suite, naked for the next two days, to be used, as we desire. You will be available each year at the convention. And, if we have a dear friend visit the US, you will escort him."

"Anytime that I do anything for you, or at your request, it is to be at your expense."


"What is your name?"

"Bernard Crocket"

Bob's cock got rock hard. His breath hissed from his lips. His ass shot forward so hard that it hurt his balls from the contact with her.

Andrea continued. "Come with me," I told Bernard.

"Mr. Johnson, please come over to the table. We need a contract."

"He was dumbfounded. Yet he recovered. In twenty minutes the whole deal was signed. From time to time, Mr. Johnson would cast a glance my way with a look on his face that indicated that he thought that I was some kind of super woman. When it was all wrapped up, I told him, "Look, why don't you go on. I have offered to Bernard and his friends to show them the wonders of Vegas. (Little joke here. The wonders that they were going to see were between my legs.) With the eight of them and me, there will be nine of us, which is all we can get into a ten-passenger taxi. Old man Johnson rushed out of there. I am sure that he could not wait to show the other managers the great contract he held in his hot hands."

Bob was trembling. "You want me to stop?" Andrea inquired.

"No way."

"We drove to their suite. I took off my clothes, which I folded neatly and placed on a chair. Strangely, when I turned around, I found that none of the men had removed any article of clothing. They all were sitting in the plush easy chairs, or on the sofa.

Bernard spoke. "Andrea, walk over here. Run in place for us so that we can watch you." I started to run in place. They took out their cocks. Each guy slowly ran his hand up and down his shaft.

A guy called Harry said to Bernard, "Worked just like you planned."

Bob thought that his cock would explode. True to his word, he said nothing. In his mind, he pictured the eight lean world-class athletics that were sitting gazing at his wife like bulls about to service a heifer.

"What were you thinking right then?" Bob asked.

"You really want to know?"


"I was so horny and hot that I was beet red, my breasts were jutting out, wetness was running down my leg. I could not stop myself from fingering my pussy, which brought on an instant orgasm. As it took me, I clamped my legs together while thrusting my ass toward my finger.

A voice said, "I believe she is ready."

They placed me belly down on a low table. I was still reacting to the cold of the table when a cock was run into my cunt. Another cock was thrust into my mouth. These boys knew what they were doing. The head fucking was slow and steady until the man was ready to cum. Then, they would tell me to take a deep breath. When I did, their cock was shoved into my mouth until my chin was against balls, and my nose was in a stomach. I was drunk enough so that I did not feel any pain from the cock being in my throat, but I would gag from the cum. The only relief was to swallow it as quickly as possible.

One guy was huge, with more cock then I have pussy. When his turn came, he picked me up with my arms draped around his neck. He held my ass with his hands, while lowering my onto that thing of his. He backed me against the wall with just the edge of bookshelf under the back of my ass. There was pure breeding lust in his eyes as he slammed that cock into me. "I - have - always - wanted - to - fuck - you, " he said in time with each thrust. I cannot explain it, but it hurt, and really turned me on at the same time. Bob, I confess that if I were not on the pill, I would have wanted that man to fuck me without a condom.

"Give you a baby?"

Andrea raised her head to look at Bob. "I love you Bob. Only you. But yes, I would have let that man breed me."

The last evening they took me to the "Red Rooster" swingers club. They told me to take off all my clothes. I was to stay on the dance floor and dance with any man that asked me. I was to let everyone feel me up, which, as you might image, made me a hit of sorts. Then, they got on the microphone that the band used to announce that there would be a "Big Cock" contest. The biggest five cocks would be allowed to fuck me on a mattress placed on the dance floor so that everyone could watch. Bob, there was over three hundred people at the "Rooster" that night. The five men they chose were well hung. I was a very busy girl for the next hour."

"I'll bet you were."

"Bob, It would be quiet until I would moan as I had an orgasm. Then, the crowd would stomp their feet, while they clapped and cheered us on."

Without moving, Bob cum in Andrea.

"When we were walking out, Bernard stopped me. He introduced me to two men. One was a Wellford Munson, and the other was Thomas Oats. "They could well be of interest to you."

"Oh, how so?" I asked. With a truly friendly grin, Bernard replied, "They are of the British Athletic Federation. Mr. Munson is in charge of purchasing."

I knew that I would soon be fucking them. But, this had gotten way out of hand. I had an idea. Gentlemen, lets go sit in a car. When settled, I said, "Okay. As far as you are concerned, Bernard, I will continue doing this if you agree to contract with a new company that my husband and I set up. As for you two, I will agree to fuck you all night, if when my company is set up, you agree to place all your business with me. I saw them hesitate, so I added, and Gentlemen, you can have the same deal as our Australian friends. I fuck you any time you are in the US, as well as your friends when they are here, if you pick up the tab for me to get where they are.

"Deal" "Deal."

"Lets go, Gentlemen."

"Bobbie, Honey, I have been in contact with a Taiwan clothing manufacturer, who is willing to manufacture clothes to my specifications. We, you and I, will, in less then a week, be the sole owners of a company that I will set up. I like the name, "Wildflower Garments."

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