tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAndrea's Night of Ecstacy

Andrea's Night of Ecstacy


Andrea left the house that Tuesday morning as if it were like any other.

She is slim attractive, brunette, in her early thirties and has a good job in marketing. I gave her a kiss while she was still in her underwear.

I remember thinking how horny she looked, as we left for work, where we expected our days to be routine and dull as usual.

At lunchtime she was meeting a friend, as usual, in a pub not far away. Andrea ordered their meals at the bar. As she turned around she bumped into a man of about 40 standing behind her.

"Sorry," she said. He exchanged the same apologies and Andrea returned to her friend. She noticed that he was with two smartly dressed men of about the same age.

As the two women sat talking Andrea's friend noticed the men were looking over at them. The girls were flattered at the attention.

"You could be in there," her friend said. "He's not really my type," she laughingly replied. The two friends then finished their lunch and went to move towards the door, and as they did the table of men got up and left at the same time, but again the woman took little or no notice.

The woman got into Andrea's car and she noticed that the men got into an Audi. As she indicated to turn into the trading estate her friend said, "That Audi has just driven past."

"Take no notice, loads of people work around here. You're becoming paranoid." Andrea laughed.

Andrea left work at 5 o'clock and began her journey home. After 6 miles she had to turn off the main road and drive down a badly lit country lane. This was a route that she had driven a thousand times or more, so she was quite relaxed, and possibly listening a bit too intently to a CD. It was already becoming dark by the time she was on the lane and she was following a white transit van, which was driving very slowly. She noticed a car gaining on her quickly and before long it was right behind her.

The car followed her for about two miles.

Andrea kept looking in her mirror, and realised that it was the Audi from lunchtime.

Suddenly the white van braked.

She braked but it was too late.

CRUNCH! She collided with the back.

"SHIT!" she thought. As she got out to check her car; the van driver was already out. A man, in his early thirties, about 6 feet tall, slightly built with a shaven head.

"I'm so sorry." she told him.

"Don't worry. Your insurance will pay for it." he replied." As long as the back doors open so I can use it for work there shouldn't be a problem."

With Andrea standing next to him, he twisted the handle of the back doors and opened them.

Andrea was going to say, "Oh, that's good," but she was suddenly grabbed by two men from behind and pushed into the back of the empty van. The doors were slammed closed and locked.

Shocked and stunned, Andrea banged on the doors to let her out, but the driver was already on his way. The passenger from the Audi got into Andrea's car and followed the other two vehicles.

It was completely black in the back of the van and Andrea was thrown around as it sped along the country roads. After what seemed a lifetime, the van slowed down and eased along a very uneven and bumpy track.

Andrea was now sobbing with fear and pain.

When it finally stopped the van was parked with its' back doors facing the front of a house. As the doors were slowly opened she rubbed her tearstained eyes and scanned the area in front of her. She was on a gravel drive, leading to a large Mansion house with a wood to one side and fields to the other. It was completely black and not a sound could be heard.

The Audi was parked next to the van and Andrea's car was parked a further 50 yards away.

The two car drivers got out of their vehicles to be met by several others, who appeared from the house.

The men all gathered around the back of the van, as my wife cowered in a corner.

"Right. Is that camera working?" the tall man from lunchtime asked a fat man. "Yes we're all ready here." He replied, checking his professional video camera one last time.

Grinning, the man leant into the van, "We are all ready for you now miss. Feel free to join us." He held out a hand, for her. Andrea emerged from the back of the van squinting as the light from the TV camera was shone in her face.

Her office attire of black jacket and skirt with a white silk blouse, were now dusty and slightly torn from her journey in the van.

She stepped out and stared at the group of men who were all looking at her with lustful, perverted eyes. The men stepped forward.

A huge, black man grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms to her sides.

"What's your name?" the tall one politely asked her.

"Andrea." she nervously replied, blinking into the camera's bright light.

"Well….. Andrea, as you may have guessed you are in a lot of trouble." He continued. "Do you know what you have been bought here for?"

"No. No, I don't." she whispered.

"Well…..Andrea. If you haven't already guessed, we are all members of a special group. You can think of us as… group of sportsmen……well…. Sexual sportsmen! Everyone here has paid me a sum of money to fuck your cunt, arse, mouth and anywhere else they can think of."

Shivering with fear and dread her mouth went dry and she was feeling uneasy on her legs. She heard two men laugh. The man turned and scowled at his accomplices.

He continued, "However, as gentlemen, we would like to give you a sporting chance, to get away." He continued in a matter of fact tone. "We will give you a 30 seconds head start to get to your car, which is parked 50 yards away. Your car keys are in the ignition and if you can get to it and drive away; you can go free. You won't know where you are. But for you, anywhere will be preferential to here! Does that sound fair?" the man asked her.

Terrified, Andrea nodded agreement. He nodded to the black man, who walked her to the Mansion steps, and released his grip.

"After 30 seconds we will chase you… like a pack of hungry wolves. RUN!"

Andrea turned and ran, as fast her stiletto heels would allow her, towards the car, along the gravel. Her heart and lungs bursting, as she made it to the car, seconds ahead of the panting men. As the man had said the keys were still in the ignition.

Frantically she turned the key and depressed the accelerator. 'Whirr, whirr', the car turned over but wouldn't start.

"Shit!" she thought, "I've flooded the engine!" But she kept turning the key. She looked up and to her horror the men were already surrounding the car. She prayed for it to start, but it didn't and as she looked up a man was opening her driver's door.

The one with the TV camera was on her bonnet filming her through the windscreen. The back door opened and another man got in. Then as she went towards the passenger door, that was opened and the tall man she had bumped into earlier in the day got in next to her.

"I bet you didn't think you would see me soon.," he said, smirking.

Andrea said nothing. The man produced the car's high-tension lead, which stops it from firing, and waved them in front of her ashen face.

" I lied! Do you really think we would go to all this trouble to get you here and then let you escape? You really are a silly fucking bitch! " He barked.

Andrea just stared blankly at him.

The driver's door opened sharply. Several pairs of hands grabbed Andrea's arms and clothing. Her head was pushed down towards her lap, as she was dragged screaming from the car.

She struggled with the men as she landed roughly on the stones, making her squeal with pain. The man in the passenger seat now stood over her, and produced a pair of shiny silver industrial scissors. She was held face down as he slowly cut the material at the back of her jacket. As it was being pulled from her, she regained her breath and struggled and swore but the jacket was soon in two halves, which were pulled from her arms and tossed to the stony floor.

Her white silk blouse was then grabbed, at the front, by a strong pair of hands and ripped open, exposing her pretty white bra. The scissors cut the rest of her blouse until it was just rags and it was pulled off her and again unceremoniously thrown to the ground.

The man, who was in the front shouted, "Grab her fucking arms and keep her still, I'm going to cut her skirt off." As he repeatedly tried to cut her skirt she kicked and wriggled.

"Will someone hold this fucking bitch's legs still so I can cut her skirt?" he yelled.

At that, two strong hands grabbed her knees firmly so the scissors could do their work again. Holding the hem of her black skirt, the man cut up the front of the material. Higher and higher he cut until there was only an inch of material left and at that point he ripped it wide open and pulled the material violently from under her.

"Fucking Hell! We've hit the jackpot here. Come and look at this fucking slag!" he shouted.

The rest of the men gathered around and looked at her. Andrea was now only in her underwear: frilly white bra, matching white suspender belt, natural lacy topped stockings with an almost sheer silk thong. They could see her wispy pubic hair through the thin material. This seemed to really turn the men on. Her bra was next to go. Two quick snips from the scissors and her bra was quickly yanked off. Her small firm, luscious tits and large nipples were exposed to the cool night air. Numb with terror, Andrea lay frozen on the gravel, as their hands grabbed at her tits. Groping and fondling them harshly even, pinching at her nipples.

"That's enough!" The tall man shouted.

The scissors coldly moved down to her thong. He was just about to cut it when Andrea shouted, "Wait! Let me take them off! I don't want to risk getting cut with that thing," as she gestured towards the scissors.

He nodded to the men that were restraining her. They immediately let her go.

She stumbled as she tried to stand. A young man offered a hand, helping her to her feet.

Dressed in only her stockings, suspenders, shoes and the small thong she suddenly felt very cold. Whether by the spring temperature or the fear she was feeling being watched and leered over by so many men; she didn't know.

The men moved back into a semi-circle, as she took hold of her thong as if to pull them down.

In a split second she turned and ran across the wet grass towards the woods. As a schoolgirl she had been a champion runner, but being half naked and only wearing stiletto shoes was making her getaway difficult.

Her tits and arse wiggled and wobbled as she ran.

The men laughed as the fat man followed filming her feeble escape. After about 10 seconds two men followed them. Andrea could feel them getting closer and closer as her stiletto heels slipped on the soft grass. She could now hear their heavy breathing and she was still a long way from the woods.

The next thing she knew she tripped and fell face forward, almost naked, into the cold, wet muddy field. Her two pursuers picked her up and marched her back to where the rest of the men were waiting.

Andrea was stood in front of the gang with soft, wet mud over her face, tits, stockings and thong.

"That was very naughty, Andrea. If you had got away, you would have spoiled our fun." the tall man laughed.

Then went on, "but I know what is going to happen to you. I don't blame you for trying, but, GET YOUR FUCKING KNICKERS OFF" he shouted at her.

Another man butted in, "What the fuck are we waiting for. Let's rip her fucking knickers off."

Three men grabbed her. Andrea's knickers were soon ripped off her body exposing her sexual parts to the gang. Her muddy tits were being groped, as she was being forcibly kissed. Her legs were forced apart and her pussy pruned by fingers. A Black Hand pulled her bum cheeks apart and roughly inserted a long finger into her dry arse hole making her scream. It hurt, but struggle as she might, she wasn't able to do anything about it. Her situation was hopeless. The man fingering her arse suddenly shouted. "Get her on all fours. I'm going to fuck her out here."

Amidst much laughter, she was thrown onto the lawn, and manhandled onto all fours as the black man dropped his trousers and pants. His cock was hard and a nasty looking as it sprang up in front of him.

Kneeling behind her, on the grass, he wet his finger and shoved it up her arse again, making her scream. "Ha, ha, ha" he laughed, as he twisted his finger. "That's nothing sweetheart! When I'm finished with you, you'll be screaming for more!" She screamed again as he pulled his finger back out. Seconds later she felt the large blunt end of his cock press against her pussy opening. He pushed his cock into her love canal and thrust forward.

"No, no, no, please…. For God's sake no," Andrea pleaded, her body racked with fear, as he pushed his cock further into her cunt. The tears were rolling down her face, as his cock showed no mercy as he pushed in as far as it would go.

"Fuck me! She is tight, I'll be bolting my load soon," he shouted, as he banged her, faster and faster. Andrea complained that her knees were hurting from the hard ground, but he took no notice and continued fucking her. After a couple of minutes he grabbed her hips and thrust deeper into her. She let out a yelp as his hot spunk filled the depths of her womb. Panting heavily he took his cock out and rubbed its spunky bell end along her stocking top. "OK lads get her up and take her inside. It's getting cold out here." Her arse and pussy was red and sore as she was lifted up to her feet. Two large men held her arms as another poured cold water over her, making her grimace, as they attempted to wash the mud and dirt off. When the tall man was satisfied that she was clean enough, a smaller bottle was produced, which he forced into her mouth. Her head was tugged back, so she could swallow the clear liquid (water?).

The men, then, frog-marched her into the house. The rest of her clothes lay in tatters strewn around the garden. The men took her to a bedroom where her hands were handcuffed above her head to a brass headboard, as she wriggled for comfort, still only wearing her shoes, stockings and suspender belt.

The men then circled the bed. She looked at them for mercy; they looked back menacingly. She knew she was in big, big trouble, as no one in the world could help her now. The men drew lots to see who would fuck her first. A stocky man with dark brown hair cheered as he drew the short straw. He pulled his trousers and pants off and knelt on the bed in front of her, his cock was thick and long with a long 'wire like' vein running down its length.

Andrea struggled in vain, desperately trying to keep her legs pressed together. "Somebody grab her legs and hold them apart," he croaked. Her legs were forcibly grabbed and prized wide open. "Get a close up of her fanny, and we'll compare it to later," the man told the fat cameraman.

Andrea closed her eyes again, as the camera filmed every inch of her vulnerable, naked, body; lingering on her neatly trimmed pussy. A second black man leaned over her and pulled her spunk stained pussy lips apart for the camera. "He, he, he." The man hissed, "Jesus H Christ! Have you seen how fucking wet she is? I think she might be enjoying this as much as us!"

Andrea pulled her knee back at great speed, crashing into his jaw, making him recoil. As the others laughed, he made to punch her, but the tall man grabbed his wrist and firmly shook his head.

The dark haired man pushed his cock into her now gaping, neatly trimmed fanny. With no finesse he pushed deeper and deeper inside her, making her squirm as it went in deeper still, "Fuck me she's tight," the man told no one in particular. "You should get your husband to fuck you a bit more love, there's no point having a tight cunt at your age." The others chuckled as her small tits shook with the ferocity of his fucking. His hips started to thrust as his cock filled her belly. Andrea shut her eyes with the pain, the camera catching every bit of action. Suddenly he let out a shout as his hips thrust forward and his spunk emptied deep inside her cunt.

As the man got off her it quickly became a free for all. A tall fat man was now on top of her fucking her with her legs on his shoulders, making her groan and gasp. A younger, red headed man pushed his skinny cock between her lips. Horrified, Andrea turned her head away. The man grabbed her hair and jaw. As she opened her mouth to scream, he forced his cock past her lips. "That's better," he told her, "Now suck it and you'd better enjoy it!" With a hand full of hair he lent across her face and began fucking her mouth, as his friend pounded her pussy.

Naked men were now jostling the cameraman. All of them were eager to fuck my pretty wife. The ginger one groaned, and withdrew his cock. Seconds later, as Andrea was gasping for air, he sprayed her face with his cum. Andrea tried to spit it out of her mouth, but the man fucking her was reaching his own climax and was knocking the air out of her. As one man filled her cunt with his cream, the other made her swallow his. The fat man withdrew his limp dick and squeezed the last few drops of spunk onto her belly.

He was suddenly pushed away by a tall muscular man who lifted her hips into the air and slid his thick cock into her spunk filled cunt. This carried on for twenty minutes. One after another, men fucking my wife with cocks of all shapes and sizes as others made her suck them dry.

Andrea was no longer screaming for them to stop, as she resigned herself to whatever fate had in store. She even began moaning and groaning, as the bigger cocks filled her up, and at one point she actually grabbed a tattooed mans long cock and fed it back into her mouth when he tried to take it away.

As she gagged on another throat full of cum, the black man that she had kneed in the face, pushed his friend off the bed. "It's my turn now, pretty one," he told her, as two men groped her tits. He knelt beside her head and slapped her face with the biggest cock of the night. Andrea's eyes twinkled as he prodded her face with the vicious looking knob. She hungrily opened her mouth, expecting to suck her first black cock. "Ha, ha, ha," he laughed, "You like that do you?" Embarrassed she shook her head, as she sucked his fat purple knob, but her nipples were now beginning to visibly stiffen in front of their eyes. "Turn her over," he bellowed, "I'm going to teach her a lesson that she'll never fucking forget."

As two men twisted her onto her stomach, the black giant knelt behind my tethered wife.

"Get on your knees," he told her, and she obliged, "Get your fucking legs apart!" he continued, as he rubbed his ebony pole. Andrea pressed her face into a pillow and spread her legs as far as they would go, making spunk drip from her well-fucked cunt.

The black man prodded her soaking pussy with his knob, then suddenly rammed all 8 or 9 inches into her! "Aaaaaggghhh!" she screamed, as he began fucking her with venom, "Uh, uh, oh!" she grunted as he slammed deep inside her.

"If she was tight when we started, she won't be when I'm finished!" he laughed.

With his hands gripping her hips he hammered at her like a dog to a bitch, making Andrea throw her head back, as she moaned and groaned.

A man with long hair was now sitting astride her face feeding his cock into her mouth. She eagerly began sucking and licking the tip. "She's into it now!" He told the black man.

Grinning, the black man pulled his glistening cock out of her hole. Shocked, Andrea stopped sucking the Ginger man's cock, and turned to face her tormentor, "No, no, no! Don't stop!" she cried out.

The men all cackled with laughter, as the black man lined his monster cock up against her virgin anus, "Don't worry baby, I'm not finished with you yet!" he told her as he edged the first inch or two into her tight brown hole.

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