tagGroup SexAndrew & Candace Ch. 01: Sharing

Andrew & Candace Ch. 01: Sharing


Lying on our big bed I watched my girlfriend's face closely. A few strands of her blonde hair had fallen out of the bunch she was wearing it in and had drifted across her face. Sweat had smudged her mascara slightly and left a sheen on her delicate face. The painted fingernails of her right hand were bunched in the sheet like she was afraid of falling away from the bed.

I moved in closer as she bit her bottom lip and exhaled hard through her nose; her small shoulders and her fine neck were tense. Looking down her back I could follow the gentle curve of her spine and the play of the muscles under her skin. A pillow positioned under her belly lifted her lovely backside up a little. She was a divine sight. Candace glowed with health. When we were out I sometimes caught sight of the jealous looks men and youths sent my way and I enjoyed the knowledge that this lovely creature chose to be with me.

The hand curled in the sheet tightened again and as I looked past the rise of buttocks I could see that Nick had finished burying his cock in her arsehole. Going up onto my elbow I watched as he pulled his shaft slowly out of her; the greedy ring of her hole dragged out of shape as his hard flesh was withdrawn.

Her eyes were fixed on mine. She wasn't going to beg. She'd asked for this. Or more precisely what she'd said was...

"I want another man to fuck me in our bed with you watching." As Saturday morning conversations go it was a bit of an eye-opener. I'd brought her warm croissants and coffee in bed and been rewarded with a tit wank and a blowjob. I'd finished in her mouth not two minutes before. At that point a pet velociraptor would have been fine with me.

My half-hard cock stirred and she gave my balls a gentle squeeze. As deliberate ploys went her timing was impeccable. She started to wank me hard again knowing that this was going to throw my thought process even further off. Biting my left nipple just addled my mind more.

"You want to fuck another bloke in our bed and you want me to watch?" "Mm hmm" came the reply, she didn't bother to break the hold her mouth had on my hardened tit; just hummed her response into me. Her hand, of course, continued to play with my stiffening flesh. Releasing my nipple she wriggled down the bed again, her nails dragged across my stomach.

"Why?" "It's been so long since I had another man and I want you to see me getting fucked." My glans disappeared into her mouth as she went to work on my cock.

"Oh it's so unfair you asking for this now. Why couldn't you have just asked for a necklace or a cat or something?"

She released my cock from her mouth and finished rolling my balls around with her left hand.

"Would you have agreed to buy me a cat?" She almost purred the question out as she sat down on my fresh erection. She was hot and wet inside and I slid into perfection. She watched my eyes flicker across her superb body and began to play with her nipples, she knew how much I liked it when she did that.

"Oh christ, yes." I said and she squeezed me with her cunt and lent in to kiss me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I grew harder as she rubbed her clit against my pubic bone and rolled her hips around.

In this position I knew she wanted a long slow ride and since she'd already sucked a load out of me that was exactly what she would get. The light through the thin curtains dappled her shoulders and as she sat up again, breaking the french kiss, that muted sunshine played across the fading suntan she wore across her whole body. Not a tanline anywhere. Candace sat down hard on my cock and ground it into her.

"So, that's a yes then?" How could I refuse? But as this perfect creature humped her way to her first orgasm I had an idea, an idea that made my cock swell a little more and made her smile of victory a little wider.

She was going to get another cock. Thing was; she hadn't specified where.

...I caught Nick's eye, he had been staring at the point where his cock was merged into her flesh, and he smiled at me before switching his attention back to Candace's lovely backside.

He'd had to concentrate quite hard on getting his well-sized dick into her; Candace was no anal virgin, that would have been going too far and if she hadn't had a man there before we'd met it was a job I would have wanted for myself, if I'm honest. With a snap he flipped the top off the lube and applied another blob of gel. Candace hissed very quietly.

"Still cold?" I asked her. The hiss lengthened into a sibilant "yesss" and she closed her eyes again and concentrated. I could see Nick was getting his cock into her a bit quicker now, he'd needed the extra lube to ease his action.

"You can never have enough, can you mate?" I said, and he grinned again. Like me he was an occasional gym rat and a squash player. He had been the boyfriend of a pal of hers. That's probably why she said...

"Nick Green. I want Nick Green's cock." She was sitting on me in that kind of reverse cowgirl thing where you're leaning against the wall and she's folded in tight in front of you. Her warm, slightly sweaty body was pressed into mine and she was rubbing her hand over her vulva (I like that word but she's not too keen) and the bit of my cock that wasn't jammed up into her. I was watching her in the mirror as she did that and we were chatting about her proposal. My hands roamed over the body I'd come to know so well in the last three years and occasionally I'd flex my cock inside her which always made her jump.

"Didn't he go out with..." "With Nicky? Yeah he did." That name thing had always confused me. "She'd wanted more commitment and, well you know."

I slid down the bed a bit and opened up the position for her and she started to slide up and down my cock again. I can be properly idle when I want to be and since she was trying to sell me on this mad scheme I reckoned she could do the work. The whole thing had her almost panting with excitement; she'd already cum twice.

She stopped and wriggled round to face me without lifting off my erection so she could look me in the face, smiled and said "I'm going to tell you a secret, okay?"

I nodded, her squirming around was delicious. "Nicky showed me a picture of his cock on her phone when we were out last week." She looked apprehensively at me but kept up the slow wriggle.

"And that's when you decided you wanted to see it in the flesh, you dirty girl." I grinned at her. That Nicky was a naughty little thing. Before Candace and I were an item I'd tried, and failed, to get her into bed on several occasions.

She nodded and looked relieved. "What did you show her in return, Candace?" I put a hard note in my voice and swung my legs around to the edge of the bed. Better leverage that way.

She looked shyly away, quite what she had to be coy about at that moment I couldn't say, I had my feet on the floor and she'd wrapped her legs around my waist.

"She was complaining about not having a boyfriend at the minute and said she was thinking about inviting Nick over. They've done it a couple of times. He's her..."

"Fuck buddy" I said, lifting her off the bed, turning around and depositing her on the mattress. She released my waist and I put her legs up to my right shoulder and leaned in.

Her answering yes was squeezed out of her as I started to move inside her. Candace had her eyes closed and she was savouring the feeling of being filled up.

"After two more glasses of wine I asked her, 'Why him?'" She giggled and went on, "She whipped out her phone and showed me why. She took the picture during a blowjob. His cock's all lovely and shiny and hard. I made her describe it to me and had a proper look at her hand so I could get an idea of how big he is."

I let go of her legs and she spread herself wide. The impacts of my groin and hers made a thudding noise. You could hear my balls squishing against her arse. She was very wet.

"Did you show her me after that?" She could see the whole thing had me massively turned on and smiled widely, her eyes alight. I slowed down. I wanted answers before I came. I wanted to picture pretty little Nicky looking at my cock and being told about what she'd missed out on.

"I did." "And?" "I told her how thick, ung, you were and how big your helmet gets, ung, when you come." Her sentence was broken by me thumping my pole into her. Despite having already cum that morning in that beautiful face in that lovely room that now stank of fucking and croissants and coffee I knew this load was going to be explosive.

"And?" She was watching my face very closely and chose her words with care. "She got very, flustered. She texted Nick from the table. Oh fuck." I kept thrusting through her orgasm, my balls getting even wetter with her cum.

Her eyes fluttered open. "I watched what she sent to him. She's a very expressive girl when she wants something." This time I groaned and she ran her hand over my stomach muscles and grabbed the root of my cock. "He came to the restaurant to pick us up and drive her home to his. She had her hand on his thigh the whole way. By the time they dropped me here she had her hand in his pants."

Her fingers were like a cockring. The pressure in my dick was immense.

"On my face." I pulled out and she leant on her side on a pillow. A step to the left and she was eye to eye with my cock. She pulled me in with a hand on my thigh and opened her mouth. My hand was a blur. I groaned again.

"I think she sucked him off in the car after I got out." My spunk went everywhere. The first spurt struck her with an audible slap. The second went over her cheek. Then her mouth clamped on me and sucked the rest out. She wiped the worst off her face with a flick of her hand and quickly stood up into me. I was shuddering with the force of the orgasm I'd just had.

My seed smelt astringent on her skin as she buried her cum-covered tongue in my mouth, marking me with our mixed smells.

"You'll have to ask him," she said as she broke the kiss, "Okay?"


..."Candy, be a sweetheart and roll over would you?" I think Nick was being polite because I was there. Candace (she hated being called 'Candy'; "I'm not a flaming porn star" she'd hiss) made a moue of distaste at his use of the reviled name but complied after narrowing her eyes at me.

Nick groaned as he pulled his cock out of her. He rearranged things so he could penetrate her as he stood at the end of the bed. The pillow went under the small of her back to help lift her arsehole into a better position. Ever the gent he rubbed more of the lube into her and she hissed again at the cold gel that he was anointing her with.

I took a swallow of wine and looked on. It was a thoroughly enjoyable set of sights and sounds. The squish of her hole being violated, the way her breath sometimes caught in her throat, the small noises Nick made as he stopped himself from plunging his dick into my girlfriend with wild abandon. Her slender, tanned legs hooked around him just above the waist. I'll be honest; he looked fine as he fucked her and was doing a sterling job.

Time to up the tempo, I thought. Reaching into a bedside drawer I found the vibrator that'd been stashed there.

"Candy?" Her gaze flicked away from Nick getting his straining cock back inside her and she saw the toy in my hand, "I want to hear you cumming. Get yourself off for me, sweetheart."

I kept my tone casual, knowing she'd hate me for this. She gave the base of the neon coloured vibe a twist and started to manoeuvre it into her vagina. She must have been very wet. It slipped into her as easy as anything.

With one hand she twisted and waggled it around inside her. I wasn't sure which way up she had it. If she had the nose pointing down it was because she wanted to get Nick off that bit quicker. If it was pointed up it indicated she wanted to get herself off first. Problem was, there was no real way to tell.

As she slid the toy in it must have made everything just a bit tighter. "Oh!" was all we got from Nick for a few moments; he could obviously feel the fine German action of the thing. Her favoured setting alternated fast buzzes with slower pulses. I wondered which it was.

I moved round to kneel just to her left. Her tits were squashed together, the nipples poking through the narrow vee her arms made as she used both hands to play with herself. The position she was in meant it was complicated down there. She was having to concentrate very hard on getting the job done but you could see the effort was paying off; she was crimson with the heat of what she was doing to herself. She's a very sexual woman.

..."She's a very sexual woman, I suppose." Was how I answered Nick's first question. The real answer; 'Nicky shows her girlfriends pictures of your cock at the drop of a hat' could have buggered their relationship or swollen his head even further. He got a version of the truth. A version I'd decided to shape.

Catching up with Nick hadn't been that difficult. He wasn't on any of the ladders at the squash club so I started in at the gym again and a few days later there he was, large as life, doing circuits. I say large as life, by now Candace had wheedled a copy of the infamous BJ photo from Nicky to show me. Know the enemy I suppose.

He and I were roughly the same size and, at 28, the same age. His dick was a little longer than mine (if Candace was any judge) but mine was thicker so it evened out. She'd chosen well. He was good company unless he was tying impress a girl when he could be a bit of a tit. Some guys never grow out of that.

Cornering him and suggesting a coffee had been easy enough so there we sat across two Americanos with me saying "I've got something weird to ask you."

"Go for it." He said, I shot a look around the cafe to check there were no greedy ears to drink in what I had to say.

"Candace has asked me to ask you for a rather unusual...favour." His eyebrows crunched together and then lifted but he said nothing and I went on, "She's decided she'd like," I took a sip of coffee and so did he, "to have sex with you." He almost snorted the stuff out of his nose at that.

Nick coughed again. He looked rather startled. "Well, that's a first."

"Yeah, it surprised me. She'd just finished sucking me off when she asked for it. Candace can be very tactical like that." There was no point being coy; I had, after all, just asked him to fuck my girlfriend, "She wants me to watch while you screw her."

"She just wants you to watch?" He put a stress on the 'watch' in the sentence, "It's not a threesome?"

"I don't think so, why? Would you prefer a threesome?" I'd deliberately asked him after the gym, not made an arrangement to go down the pub. I wanted him to know this was serious and sober. The fact that he was flushed with testosterone and caffeine from the coffee and exercise made the whole thing that bit easier.

That gave him pause; "I mucked about with two girls in the same bed once. It was on holiday in Greece a couple of years ago. Don't get me wrong it was fun, they were very hot, but it wasn't quite a threesome. It was like they wanted to watch each other get fucked. At one point they held hands while I nailed one of them but that was it."

"Germans?" He coughed a laugh into his cup, "Nearly. Danes."

"Lucky boy." I said and smiled. He grinned back. Like I said earlier, when he wasn't trying to impress he could be good company. "You're up for it then?"

"Oh yeah. If you don't mind. Definitely. Candace is a stunner." He wasn't wrong, she was.

"There's just one thing. You'll be doing her," I looked around again and moved in closer to the table so I could drop my voice. "Up the arse. Her choice you see."

His eyebrows leapt about and he looked alternately shocked and delighted. He slipped his hand into the pocket of his jeans and was craftily re-arranging himself.

"You alright there? Shall I give you a moment?" The thought had staggered him a bit and it looked like the trouser snake Candace had been lusting over was taking a good deal of management. "Shall I get you a glass of water? We could throw it into your lap just in case."

"In case what?" He asked, looking straight at me. I replied, "Your balls catch fire of course." We both laughed.

"She wants me...up the shitter?" He was incredulous.

"It's not the easy pink for you, Mr Wells, it's the difficult brown."

He stuck his hand out across the table, thankfully it wasn't the one he'd been wrangling his dick with, "I'm your man, Mr Michaels. Now when do you..."

..."It's very hard. I can feel every bump of his cock as it goes in and comes out." I had my ear almost pressed to Candace's mouth and she was describing what was happening to her to me.

"Tell me what he's doing to you. Whisper it." I told her as I'd gone back up the bed. It'd been exciting, watching Nick work his cock in and out of her and watching Candace give herself the second orgasm of the night. Her first had come courtesy of me earlier. But having him there, so close I could feel the radiated warmth coming off his skin, was weird. I could smell his sweat over a hint of cologne.

Candace had moaned out her second cumming and the vibrator had just been allowed to slip from her. Nick grabbed it and chucked it back to me to deal with. It stank of her sex. I switched it off and dropped it on the pillow for later. There was definitely going to be a later. Nick put the soles of Candace's feet on his chest and, bending her knees, had pulled her up and into him. I guessed her orgasm had added a lot more wetness into the mix and she'd probably relaxed quite a lot. He was taking advantage of that and was thrusting his way to his own condom-clad orgasm.

"Oh god, it's so quick now. All there is is cock in me." She was rambling a bit as she lolled there. I gave a nipple a hard squeeze and her eyes snapped open.

"Get him off. Now. You've got until I count to twenty. Work that arse-hole on him. Squeeze the spunk out of him you dirty, dirty girl."

She licked her full, flushed lips, "Or what?" There was still a challenge in her eyes. I grabbed her left hand and put into my shorts, they were all that I was wearing, so she could feel my turgid cock. I pushed her hand lower 'til the tips of her fingers found the thick gel of the Oxballs Screwball cockring I had on.

"Or the next thing up inside you will be this. And you know how thick it gets with that around it." The grippy, rubbery stuff the ring was made out of looped around the base of my cock and behind my balls. It pushed the whole lot up and out a bit but the real trick was the way it trapped the blood in my erection making a thick dick even thicker. If she hadn't sucked me off before Nick had arrived I would've already have a raging hard-on. As it was I was just about staying in control.

"One, two..." As my count started Nick groaned. Candace worked the hot mouth of her anus on him. I could imagine the way she was squeezing his dick with her arse; trying to pull the spunk out of him. By the time I got to ten I knew he wasn't far off. Candace had her eyes squeezed tight shut and I could see by the way her body was tensing that she really was working that arsehole hard.

..."So he said yes. When do you want him over. To, to," "Fuck me?" There was a hard, bright, excited light in Candace's eyes and I could tell that she wasn't going to be dissuaded from this. Better to roll with the punches.

"Yes, to fuck you." I met her gaze full on. We'd just finished dinner and it'd only been a handful of hours since I'd had the conversation with Nick.

"Well, not a school night. We'll need to have an afternoon and an evening to ourselves; do something nice beforehand." She slipped out of her chair and fetched her diary out of her bag. "What about Saturday after next?"

Perfect, I thought. Plenty of time for me to get in a few surprises for her. Do a bit of preparatory work.

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