tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAngel at a Christmas Party

Angel at a Christmas Party


Angel stumbles along to the upstairs guest bathroom of her friend Helen's house. The downstairs one is full at the moment and she needs to pee really badly. She is also horny as hell after watching one of the guys that is friends with Helen's husband dance and flirt with a bunch of girls that Angel doesn't know. Helen is like Angel, pretty and blonde, well hung, horny all the time and a dedicated top. Angel introduced her to Jim and the two of them hit it off from the very start. Jim is a rather unique guy in that he is an accomplished carpenter, reasonably good mechanic, excellent cook, and all around nice guy. He will clean the house, go to the grocery, or do laundry and to top it all off he is six feet 1 tall and a damn good looking guy. He is too good to be true, at least to any girl but one like Helen or Angel. You see Jim was born with a penis that when fully erect can't quite reach three inches, something that distressed all the regular women he'd dated to no end, but works quite well for Helen who is in her own words, 'somewhere around 8 inches'. Helen and Jim had been married for two years now with no sign that the honeymoon is over. In Helen's words "We're just a regular couple with a little bit of a twist. I'm the one who's hung and he isn't. Our friends don't know so they don't care and we have a great sex life. In fact we just can't get enough of each other! He makes the coolest little sandwiches for me when I'm watching the football game. He does all the girl stuff around the house like cooking, cleaning, and sewing, that I won't do as well as all the other stuff I just can't do. What I do around the house is fuck him. A lot. I'm like always horny so if I'm hard you can bet I'm in him, and he loves every minute it! When I'm not hard he is always messing with me to get me hard and it usually works!" Truly a match made in heaven.

Angel is a bit perturbed at herself. She never seems to have any problems getting a guy's attention, but this guy isn't even looking at her! She has on a very sexy, very short and very red dress for this Christmas party and still nothing. Her legs look great in her black thigh high stockings and her boobs are stunning in their push up bra. While it's true he came in with a girlfriend they don't seem to be hanging out together so she thinks that's not the problem. Angel wanted to ask Helen about the guy earlier in the evening but hadn't gotten the opportunity yet and the party is pretty much winding down. Angel hikes her dress up and frees her partially hard prick. Standing on legs unsteady from a bit too much wine she proceeds to pee into the toilet. About the time she is slowing to a dribble the door bursts open and the object of her desire, wrenching at his zipper, stumbles in. He hauls out his own penis and without really looking at Angel mumbles,

"I hope you don't mind sharing." Without waiting for a response he proceeds to emit a torrent of pee into the toilet while standing beside Angel. She can't believe her good luck and steals a look down at the penis he is holding in his hand. 'Not bad.' She thinks. 'Not as big as mine...' which of course not too many men are considering her slightly greater than 8 inch length and generous girth, but he is sporting what she thinks could be a respectable 7 incher. Angel says,

"Not at all." as she steps back out of the way and around behind him to the door. Pushing the door closed with a click she then engages the lock so that they won't be interrupted. Angel turns back to the guy who is also a little unsteady on his feet. "I've been watching you dancing and flirting with all those young girls tonight. Doesn't your girlfriend mind?"

"Julie? Naw, she says that since she's got me under such good control and the fact that I like girls that are dominating like her I prolly can't get it up for any other girl." Angel can't believe her ears. This guy is a submissive! As he dribbles to a stop he shakes his prick a couple of times and drunkenly attempts to tuck it back into his pants as he turns to get a good look at Angel.

There she stands looking every inch the Goddess that she is with her red dress pulled up, her panties off to one side and all eight of her inches gloriously throbbing straight out in front of her. Her heart is pounding in her chest with the excitement of what is about to happen. She is going to take some girls man and fuck him for her own pleasure. And he is going to love it. Angel reaches down and strokes her rock hard cock as she calmly replies,

"Honey, I don't need you to be hard for me to have you the way I want you." She takes two long steps right up to him. Her breasts heaving with excitement as she says,

"Touch it."

"I don't do cocks." He states with a slight slur, but his eyes speak volumes to the contrary. He might not do guy cocks, but he's not so sure about a girl's cock. Angel steps closer, in her pumps she is slightly above eye to eye with him, and says again.

"Touch it."

"Told you...I don't do cocks."

"I know you like dominant women. With this between my legs I'm as dominant as a woman gets. Now touch it!" He jumps just a bit then tentatively reaches out his hand. He brushes his finger tips along it and he can feel her heart pounding with the excitement she is feeling. His heart is pounding right along with hers.

"Put your fingers around it and grip me. Feel how hard I am, how badly I want to be inside of you." Angel knows the right buttons to push. Telling him that she wants him and that her hard cock is proof positive of that fact makes his insides get all cold and mushy. He slips a shaking hand around her and squeezes her slightly. Angel's knees go weak as desire surges through her tingling balls. She frantically begins working at the button of his dress pants and as soon as it's undone she lets them drop to the floor. He had pulled his sweater up to pee and it is still up around his middle making it easy for Angel to see that he is wearing a pair of Victoria's Secret's cotton panties in bright pink. Angel's hand caresses his firm cotton covered butt as she asks,

"Your girlfriends?" He nods. "Well, we're leaving those on so that you can think about her while I'm fucking the hell out of your tight little ass." Angel knows her way around that bathroom having spent the night there occasionally. She reaches into a drawer and easily finds the jar of Vaseline that is always there and handing it to him she says,

"We don't have a lot of time, lube me up real good and let's get this party started."

His trembling hand slowly slides along the length of her slightly arching womanhood. In just above a whisper he says,


Angel hears the word he says, but more importantly she hears the meaning behind the word. He said 'No' and his hand is indeed trembling, but not from fright. He is trembling with barely contained sexual excitement. He wants Angel to take him. He wants her to be aggressive and bold. He wants her grip him, move him and push him into a submissive position and then he wants her to seal the deal with the ultimate domination a man can receive. He wants her to force her lusty cock into his unwilling ass and fuck him urgently and uncontrollably. And she knows that is what he wants. Angel leans in close to his ear and with a big smile he can't see she says,

"Have it your way then, I'm just going to have to take you against your will, because I am going to have you." His hand trembles even harder and he grips her just a little tighter. His whole body is shivering with anticipation. The signals he is sending are unmistakable. Angel wants him primed to the max for her eminent entry of his virgin sphincter so she continues, "I'm far more dangerous than your little cunt of a girlfriend. When I dominate you there will be no doubt that you belong to me. She dominates you with words and shoves her little pussy in your face to get you hard so she can fuck you. And in your heart of hearts you know that you can overpower her if you need to and get away from her. I don't care if you get hard at all. I'm already big and hard, and I can fuck you against your will." As she is talking to him she is spreading the slippery Vaseline upon her shaft, working it around his hand and letting him help spread it along the length of her. "You know that a woman can't truly dominate a man unless she has a big hard cock like mine to shove deeply into his masculine ass."

He is about to swoon from the feel of her in his hand and the intoxicating things she is saying to him. He has been watching her all night as well. He just did a brilliant job of being sly about it. When he saw her head up the stairs he waited for a few moments then bounded up after her. Now he is standing here before her with her swollen member hot and throbbing in his hands. He knew about Helen and Jim, having accidently walked in on them at one of his girlfriend's parties, but they didn't know that they'd been seen. He had been scheming on a way to temp Helen, but when he saw this gorgeous woman with Helen he knew she had to be packing too. He is so excited that he is afraid he is going to come too soon if she keeps talking to him.

Almost as if she is reading his mind Angel takes his shoulders in her hands and begins to turn him around so she can bend him over the vanity sink. He resists. She pushes harder. He has no true resolve to resist, but he is still resisting in an effort to encourage her to be even more insistent. Angel knows he wants her to be rough, so she suddenly throws all her strength into it and thumps him hard on the sink. She rides her cock along the crack of his ass outside of the panties as she leans up over his back to whisper,

"I told you I am going to have you and there's not a damn thing you're going to do about it."

He is panting and in his mind he is screaming for her to plow her way into him. Angel stands up and shucks his girlfriend's panties down out of her way with one hand. He tries to stand up, but with her other hand in the middle of his back she pushes him back down with a thump. She lines up her swollen, slippery womanhood with his quivering hole and deftly pushes the head inside him. A moan of ecstasy escapes him, though she mistakenly believes it to be pain.

"I'm just getting started baby, there is much more to come. Try to relax so that I can slip into you easier. After all, I'm not stopping until every...hard...throbbing...inch of me is buried deep inside you."

She pushes forward and relishes in the sight of his asshole working to swallow the first couple of inches of her bulging member. He takes a quick intake of breath as he realizes that she is much larger than his girlfriend's vibrator. A smile of satisfaction breaks across Angel's face when she looks in the mirror over the sink. There she sees the beautiful sight of her shapely woman's body bending this good looking man over the sink in front of her as she begins to fill him with her lust. Angel tells him,

"I love the feel of your virgin sphincter struggling to accommodate the girth of my little guy tamer. Other than an orgasm, the feeling of stretching a guy open for the first time is one of my most favorite things in the world! It establishes my dominance over you and forever puts you in their place. It also just plain feels good! You only have to accommodate another six inches and then I will have total control over you and you will be full up with my power to make you submit to me."

Angel starts to push again. She watches as her thick girl cock steadily disappears into his body. She feels him involuntarily clamp down on her as his body tries in vain to prevent her further penetration. She revels in the feel of that feeble attempt as it only serves to make him even tighter around her.

He is panting and sweat is forming on is brow. Now there is some fear in his heart. She feels even bigger in his ass than she did in his hand! A low groan escapes from him and he can feel his insides desperately attempting to adjust to her invasion of his body. At the groan from him she purrs,

"It is big isn't it? And I'm stretching you so much that you will never forget how it is feeling right now to have me working my fat girl cock deeper into you, I just hope I don't tear you." There is more resistance to her entering him now, but with six inches already in him she has no plans of stopping. She pushes harder as she grips his hips with her hands. Another inch ever so slowly disappears. She can feel that his insides are pretty much full and she is just about to stop pushing so she doesn't hurt him when suddenly he lets out a rather loud "Ugh!" and her pelvic bone strikes his tail bone. She distinctly feels his sphincter quivering around the very base of her throbbing, swollen, engorged woman prick. It feels luscious. She hadn't been sure she was going to completely fit inside him, some guys couldn't take all of her, but now that she is fully within him she concentrates for a few seconds on how good it feels to be surrounded by his flesh.

Angel looks in the mirror again and revels in the view. Even from her angle she can see her bright red dress encased body pressing tightly against his butt. Her dress is in a bunch up around her waist and she pulls it back tighter against her so she can watch his rectum quiver around the base of her womanly prick. This is a view she truly enjoys and wiggles her hips some to make his sphincter move with her. Angel lays along his back and softly says into his ear,

"I've fantasized about doing this to you all night. It only took about five minutes of watching you dance and I knew that I wanted to bury my cock inside of this ass that you move so well. I'm so glad you decided to pop into this bathroom with me." She nips his ear with her shiny white teeth causing him to let out a brief yelp of surprise then from outside the door Angel faintly hears a female voice ask,

"Where's Mark? Has anyone seen him?" The voice sounds like it's coming from downstairs.

"Uh Oh, is that you're girlfriend missing you?" He nods yes. "Well then Mark, I guess I better get on with it."

Angel pulls back a couple of inches and pushes back into him as she lies along his back. Now that she has him stretched out a bit those last two inches work in and out of him much easier. She is rocking her hips to move her about inside of him as she licks his ear. In her breathing he hears the excitement of their clandestine interlude and he can feel her heart pounding against his back through her ribcage. His own heart pounds back at hers. His head is spinning and he almost passes out from the shear intensity of this ultimate act of domination from her and submission by him. She pushes up off of his back and lengthens her stroke, now using every inch of her conquering member to its fullest.

They can both faintly hear the beginnings of a search for him drifting up to them from downstairs.

Angel increases her tempo, pounding him hard enough to cause the counter to painfully bite into the front of his thighs while the items on the top of it to dance to the music they are making. It is a veritable smash palace symphony of lust. He is swept up by Angel and each pounding brings with it a wave of pleasure spiced heavily with pain. She is taking him, making him her own, using him for her pleasure and he is euphoric in the depths of his submission to her.

The search down stairs goes quiet as they all go outside to look for the missing man, but the quietness is brief.

Angel is getting close to an orgasm. The pressure of the search and the race to see if she can finish before they are found greatly heightens her pleasure. She pulls him up and presses him against her chest. One hand snakes around to grip his chin and pull his mouth to hers. He gives token resistance, but she knows he wants it. She pulls harder. Bending his head around at a painful angle she presses her mouth over his and shoves her tongue into his mouth. She fucks his mouth with her tongue as she fucks his ass with her cock. This final act is more than either one can bear. Holding him against her with one arm as she keeps his mouth against hers with the other, she buries her cock in him and explodes. He knows her domination of him is complete and that his girlfriend will never be able to compare to her.

No more does the last squirt of come leave the tip of her penis and someone knocks on the door.

"Mark? Are you in there?" It's Helen's voice. Angel breathes a sigh of relief as she pulls her still swollen member from the barely conscious man. She turns him around and drops him onto the toilet as gently as possible. Angel sings out,

"Just a moment!"

Angel pulls her dress down, but the outline of her hard cock is easily visible in the front of her dress. Looking around she grabs a bath towel and holds it in front of her as she opens the door. It's a good thing she picked up the towel, because Mark's girlfriend is standing in the hallway with Helen.

"Mark!" She exclaims and pushes past Angel to her drunken boyfriend. She drops to her knees in front of Mark with a deep look of concern on her face. "What did you do to him?!" She almost shouts.

"Hey, calm down, he barged in on me too drunk to stand and proceeded to puke in the toilet. I was just taking care of him." Angel replied in an icy voice.

Marks girlfriend turns back to him and says, "Oh my poor baby!" and pulls him into an embrace. Mark miraculously comes around enough to wink at Angel over his girlfriends shoulder. Angel smiles and winks back at him before she turns to leave the bathroom. Outside in the hallway the exchange didn't go unnoticed by Helen who says quietly to Angel,

"You didn't." Angel flashes one of her radiant million watt smiles at her and says,

"Oh yes I did." And she hands the towel to Helen before she floats down the stairs to leave.

Merry Christmas all you tight butts out there!


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