Angel Ch. 05


Chapter 5: A T-girl's Sex Life

On Monday morning, Angel Jones woke up smiling and with a feeling of well-being. She was still feeling the effects of the great sex that she enjoyed Friday night and Saturday morning, and the plaudits of the people at the Friday dance at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Association. She was also enthusiastic about her job, and wanted to do as good a job as she could at the bank. When she arrived there, a few minutes earlier than usual, the guard recognized her and let her in.

"Good morning, Miss. Jones," he greeted her, his right hand touching his forehead in salute.

"Good morning, Constable McGowan."

The guard was a former police constable, who had retired after 25 years of public service. He was about 50 years old, big and solidly built, and his presence in the bank gave Angel a strong feeling of security. She also liked the man personally, and she knew he was quite attracted to her. He had never said or done anything the least bit flirtatious, but she was aware of the many admiring looks he had sent her way. If it weren't for the fact that he was a coworker, she would have even been sexually attracted to him, because he was exactly the type of man she favored.

That day was quite routine, as were the next three days. Her evenings through Wednesday, were also spent in much the usual way, at the GLBTA, but Lizzie drove her straight home from the meetings each evening. On Thursday night, when Angel disembarked from the bus and walked to the door of her building, the wonderful sexual experiences on the preceding Friday night and Saturday morning had faded to an extremely pleasant memory. There had been nothing since then, and she was starting to become quite horny. Lionel was in the lobby, and Angel wondered whether or not he would want to join her in her flat to alleviate that condition. She approached him with a smile on her face, and he smiled back at her.

"Hello, Angel. I've got some news for you," he greeted his beautiful friend.

"Hello, Lionel. I'd love to hear it, but I don't have time to listen right now. Why don't you come up to my flat and tell me about it? I have something in the bedroom that wants your attention anyhow."

From the way she was smiling and from her choice of words, Lionel knew what she meant. "Let me just sign out here, Angel, and I will ride up on the lift with you. I will be more than happy to take care of what is needed in your bedroom."

Knowing about the video cassette recorders, they stood on opposite sides of the lift cab during the ride up to Angel's floor, and were equally circumspect while walking down the hallway to her flat. Once inside with the door locked, however, they started doing what they had gone there for, beginning with a warm embrace and long kiss. When they broke it off, Lionel sat down to untie his shoes and removed them and his socks, while Angel hung up her coat and kicked off her pumps. They resumed hugging, with their tongues caressing each other, while they sidled into Angel's bed-sitting room. The embrace ended only when they were standing next to her bed, and she was unbuttoning Lionel's shirt.

While Angel's fingers were busy, his were also, with the buttons on her blazer and, when those were loosened, with the ones on her blouse. She finished first, and Lionel turned around so his shirt could be removed and tossed onto the bed. He removed her jacket and hung it over a chair that sat across from the bed, and finished what he had started doing with her blouse. When she turned around to let him remove it and hang it over the same chair, he unhooked Angel's bra. Sometimes she teases a bit, and makes men wait to see her breasts, and nobody has complained, because they are well worth the few second's wait, but that was not one of those times. After draping the bra on top of her other clothing, Angel turned around, thrusting out her succulent breasts, making them fully available to pleasure Lionel's eyes, hands and mouth.

They were truly a delight to all three, and he cupped them in either hand, and started licking one of Angel's nipples, noting how it quickly became erect under his ministrations. There was most definitely something in her bedroom that wanted his attention, and he provided it diligently. While he held her luscious breasts and switched his tongue back and forth, both nipples became fully rigid. Angel stopped him from going any further until they both got more comfortable.

"I love what you're doing, Lionel, but let me lie down so you can do it even better." Before lying down, Angel unbuttoned, unzipped and stepped out of her skirt, hanging it on the chair with her other clothing.

Wearing only her knickers and stockings, she lay on her back on the bed. Lionel immediately joined her, and bent over to resume worshipping her luscious breasts. Once again, he held one of the beautiful twins in either of his hands and licked their nipples, alternating between the erect, pink nubbins. Pleasure gushed forth from her nipples to flow through Angel's body. It became even better when Lionel drew one of the delectable globes into his mouth and started sucking on it, while his tongue continued to caress the hard nipple and the surrounding areola. Once again, he switched his attentions between the succulent orbs while Angel's upper body writhed on the bed. As much fun as he was having, and as he knew she was having, Lionel knew from the way her clit was stretching her knickers that it was time to move on to even more delightful activities.

After he had pulled that garment down and off, leaving Angel clad in only her stockings, she grinned at him lasciviously. "You know where the condoms and the Aqualube are, don't you," she asked him.

He nodded his head and, while he was retrieving them from the top drawer of the chest in the corner, Angel piled up both pillows. She got to her hands and knees, with the small pile under her waist, and reached back to spread her ass cheeks. While she waited for him, Lionel removed his pants and Y-fronts and rolled a condom onto his erect cock. With that part of his preparations complete, he removed the cap from the plastic bottle and placed the neck against her adorable pink pussy. After twisting it back and forth, making a slight penetration, he squeezed in a big glob of the lubricant.

Angel murmured happily when she felt its coolness gushing into her pussy, and even more happily as Lionel's finger entered her and spread it evenly all around the inside. When he was through preparing her pussy, Angel got onto her back, her legs spread wide apart and her hips resting on the pillows. She watched Lionel as he coated his cock with the Aqualube and wiped the excess from his hands and fingers. He was kneeling, and he moved forward on his knees, his cock aimed at the hole he had just lubricated.

Reaching her arms under her body, Angel spread her cheeks again, and shivered with delight when she felt the blunt tip of Lionel's cock pressing against her. He moved it up and down, and she moved her finger tips closer together to create a larger hole for him. He gave a firm push, and the head of his cock wedged its way into the place where he and Angel wanted it. She moaned blissfully at the burst of pleasure that radiated out from where she was being forced open, and Lionel sighed happily when he felt her ring of muscle squeezing the head of his cock. They stayed that way for a few seconds, letting the intense pleasure wash over both their bodies, before he thrust forward again, driving in almost an inch of his hard shaft.

That was what Angel wanted, except she wanted more, every inch of Lionel's cock that he had to give her. She smiled encouragement at him, and continued holding herself open, while her body squirmed on the bed in front of him. "Oh, God, that's good," she murmured.

Lionel responded by driving in more of his hard shaft. Angel's pussy was tight enough and he had penetrated her deeply enough that he no longer needed to guide his cock, so he reached under her legs to raise them. When Angel's ankles rested against his shoulders, he noted that she had not removed her stockings, and he enjoyed the added sensation of the fabric against his skin. The palms of his hands were placed, naturally, on her thighs, for leverage and to enjoy her supple skin and firm flesh. Pressing there, and thrusting forward again, he drove almost two more inches of his shaft into Angel's pussy. Her tightness, and the way her whole body was writhing under him added to the thrills of pleasure that rippled through him from his cock as she massaged it with her movements.

The lovely T-girl was feeling multiple thrills of her own. She enjoyed the fabric of her sheer, silky stockings as it rubbed against the soft skin of her thighs. Much more than that, she loved the way Lionel's thick shaft stretched the opening to her pussy with every stroke, sending pleasure rocketing through her body. As it plunged in more deeply, it expanded her channel, and another kind of delight radiated out from its presence. The best part was when the head of Lionel's cock massaged her rear clit as he drove it into her and again when he drew back. Bliss throbbed through her whole body from all three places as well as from the skin of her thighs. Her clit was fully erect and, when she wanted him to, Lionel would stroke her there until they both climaxed.

But they were both having so much fun, they hoped that wouldn't happen for a long time. The next time Angel felt Lionel's cock surging into her pussy, she fucked back to meet it, multiplying the pleasure for both of them. His shaft was almost all the way inside her, and every thrust drove it even deeper, sending waves of intense pleasure crashing through her body.

"Oh, I love that, Lionel," she murmured. "It gets better and better every time."

He smiled down at the beautiful T-girl. "I'm glad, because it gets better for me too."

It continued better for both of them. Neither was in any hurry, and they both wanted to enjoy their fucking as much as they could and for as long a time as they could. Lionel drove his cock in and out of his sexy partner's pussy, and she matched his slow pace. As Angel looked up at his happy, smiling face, she drew pleasure from that too, glad that she could give her friend so much joy while receiving so much from him. She smiled at him and tilted her head back against the mattress.

For a long time, they fucked like that, with both of them feeling their pleasure mounting toward ecstasy. Finally, Angel felt her clit throbbing, and knew she was almost ready to climax. "I'm almost ready to cum. Can you play with my clit?" she asked, not expecting a refusal.

She didn't get one. "I'm almost ready too, Angel." Lionel reached out his right hand and started gently stroking her clit. When he began, his cock and his hand moved at the same, slow pace, and he gradually increased them both.

"Ah!" Ah!" Angel murmured. "Oh, yes! Oh, my God, that feels good."

It felt more than good; it felt wonderful. Lionel's cock, every time it surged into her pussy, stretched the opening, sending out swirls of bliss. It delightfully expanded the attached channel, and more waves flooded her body from its presence deep inside her. However, the best thing his cock was doing was massaging Angel's rear clit with every stroke, as it plunged into her pussy and again as he drew it back out. Even more indescribable pleasure reverberated throughout her body from his soft hand gently but rapidly stroking her clit. Angel babbled and moaned as she thrashed back and forth on the bed, ramming her pussy against Lionel as she fucked back to meet his strokes. She could feel her climax welling up, seeming to arise from her entire body, even her toes and fingers, to concentrate in her groin.

Lionel knew his friend was on the verge of cumming, and that he would climax at the same time. Faster and faster, he thrust his cock in and out of Angel's pussy, and stroked her clit, while his pleasure built up as a volcano about to erupt. He could feel it with every nerve in his body, but he wanted Angel to scum first.

He got his wish. "Ahhh!" she cried ecstatically, as her back arched and she climaxed. Semen spurted from her clit to cover Lionel's hand, which continued pumping her, inducing three more strong ejaculations.

His climax was less dramatic. "Oooooo," he moaned as he started to cum, spurting semen into his condom. His hand and his cock continued pleasuring Angel, as she and he ejaculated again and again, until they were through.

Knowing he would need to lie down, Lionel slowly collapsed onto the side of the bed nearest the wall. Angel took the pillows from under her hips and slid over to give him room, still keeping his cock buried in her pussy. She slipped one pillow under his head and one under her own. They lay side by side for a few minutes, smiling at each other and enjoying the glow of their great mutual and simultaneous orgasms. His cock softened and slipped out of her, releasing a gush of the liquefied Aqualube from her pussy.

Angel remembered something then. "You said you had some news for me. Good news, I hope."

"Well, yes and no. The good news is that I am being promoted to head the maintenance department in a bigger block of flats. The bad news, the really bad news, is that it'll be on the south side of town, and we won't see each other much, if at all."

"Oh, Lionel! I'll really miss you, but congratulations."

Angel was completely sincere. She would miss her friend, and considered herself to still owe him a great deal. When she had most needed it, he had restored her confidence in herself as a person and as a woman, and she would always be grateful for that. She was well aware the fucking they had done, which had proven her desirability, was a highly enjoyable experience for him also, but that didn't dilute her gratitude. Although she would miss the great sex they had been sharing, including that evening, she really was happy for his promotion, and wanted him to know it.

"How soon will you be leaving?

"That's the bad part. They want me to go there tomorrow. I wish it wasn't such short notice, but there's not much I can do about it."

Without being told, Angel realized that day would probably be their last sexual meeting. It had already been great, but she wanted to do something for him to make it even better, and she knew exactly how to do that.

"Well, since this might very well be our last time together, I want to make it special for you. And for me too. Roll onto your back."

When Lionel did as she asked, Angel sat up and got to her knees beside him. His cock had almost completely softened, and she carefully pulled his condom off and set it on a corner of the bed as far away from them as she could reach. With that out of the way, her mouth went to Lionel's cock, and using only her tongue, she pulled it into her mouth. It was flaccid enough that she was able to get the entire length inside, and she enjoyed the way his pubic hair tickled her lips and nose. Even more, she enjoyed the taste of his cum that covered the outside and was still oozing out through the slit in the end.

After several minutes of swirling the limp morsel around in her mouth, and sucking all the semen off the surface, Angel was gratified when she felt it starting to stiffen. She glanced sideways at Lionel, and it made her heart feel good to see the smile on his face, and how he had his eyes closed as his head luxuriated in the pillow. Angel continued her efforts, reveling in the way his cock straightened out and became longer and harder in her mouth. She felt especially elated at the way the head, even after it had become almost hard, pressed against the back of her mouth without even coming close to triggering her gag reflex.

Although not fully erect, it was stiff enough to start stroking with her mouth, and Angel shifted her body to help her take it in as far as she could. On the previous Saturday, Kenny had told her how much he loved watching her suck his cock, so she swept her hair out of the way to give Lionel the same view. Her position would also give her friend a chance to reach out and fondle her hips and pussy and maybe even play with her clit, once it was hard enough. She hoped he would, but her main concern was giving him the most fun she could, as sort of a going-away gift. With that in mind, Angel slowly moved her head up and down, caressing his shaft between her lips and laving his cock with her tongue. Feeling his cock going in and out of her mouth was fun, but feeling it getting harder as she sucked on it made everything so much better.

Everything that Angel was doing was great for Lionel too. At his age, he was surprised that his cock would get that hard so soon after cumming. He attributed it, correctly, to the lovely T-girl who was sucking on it so well and so enthusiastically. Angel knelt on the bed beside him, and he noticed she had considerately brushed her long, blonde hair out of the way, so he could watch her bobbing her head and taking his cock in and out of her pretty mouth. Her breasts were also swaying gently as she moved, truly a treat to his eyes. Angel's long, shapely leg was near him, and he reached up and began stroking her thigh, and letting his hand wander up to her succulent ass cheek. She still wore her stocking, but the sensation of that texture added to his pleasure. The firm, but totally female flesh under the silky fabric was one of the best things his hand had ever felt. Of course, what Angel was doing to his cock was the best of all. The blow job she was giving him was already the best he had ever been given, except maybe for the first time with her, and he wasn't even close to cumming yet. He nestled his head into his pillow and settled in to enjoy every aspect.

By that time, his cock was almost as hard as it had been the first time Angel sucked him off. It felt good in her mouth, maybe even better than it had done that time. Knowing it would very likely be the last time they would have sex together, she sucked on it slowly, wanting to make it last a long time.

She succeeded for almost half an hour and, by that time, her clit was as hard as the cock that was going in and out of her mouth. Although his whole body was squirming on the bed as he approached ecstasy, Lionel noticed its stiffness. Wanting to reciprocate, he started stroking her clit in the same tempo as Angel was using to envelop his cock in her mouth. For a few more minutes they continued, until Lionel felt his climax welling up inside him, like a fountain.

"I'm going to cum, Angel."

She sucked harder and faster, taking his cock deep within her mouth, until she felt it starting to throb. Angel tightened her lips and positioned her tongue to catch Lionel's semen when he began ejaculating. Seconds later, he started, gushing his cum into her mouth, where she caught it where she wanted, and relished the flavor. She rubbed her tongue against the inside of her mouth to scrape it off, but didn't swallow, and continued sucking. A few seconds later, Angel was rewarded by the second glob of the viscous fluid, which was as delicious as the first had been, and removed it from her tongue the same way. The third spurt was the smallest, and she left that one where it had landed.

When Angel was sure no more would be forthcoming, she took Lionel's cock out of her mouth and swirled his semen around, relishing the taste and texture, before swallowing it. There was another drop oozing out of the slit on the end, and she licked that off too, wanting to get it all, before squeezing his entire shaft and catching everything on her tongue. After enjoying that residue to the maximum, Angel swallowed it and licked all over Lionel's softening cock.

While he was cumming, Lionel had stopped stroking Angel's clit, but while she was licking him off, he started again. After another minute, he felt it throbbing in his hand, and pumped faster, until a stream of her cum shot out the end. He kept stroking, until Angel had ejaculated twice more, and he was sure she was done. The T-girl was also certain she was through cumming, and lay back down on the bed, where the two good friends cuddled together for a few more minutes, before Lionel had to get up and go back to work. Their final sexual encounter had been great, and they both knew they would miss each other.

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