tagLoving WivesAngel Learns My Secret Ch. 02

Angel Learns My Secret Ch. 02


I couldn't believe my ears. After telling me she would not cuckold me, my lovely wife was dressed to kill and about to go out on a date. "But you said you would not fuck other men, it was just a fantasy!" I exclaimed.

I said I would not fuck other men, nothing was said about dating them. Dan is an old friend of mine. He loves opera and is taking me to see to see one of my favorites. Besides, you don't like opera. You should be happy that I have someone to accompany me."

"What about your, don't wait up, remark?" I inquired.

"Just mind fucking you again darling," she replied. I know how to push your buttons. I'm trying to make this fun for both of us."

There was a knock at the door.

"That's Dan now," my wife stated, "Be a dear and answer it for me and be nice, offer him a drink. I'll be down in a minute."

So with ambivalent feelings, I resentfully went downstairs to greet Angel's date.

I opened the door and standing in front of me was a handsome, middle aged, black man. He was about 6'2", and weighed about 250 lbs. He could have passed for a professional athlete, but had an executive air about him.

"Hi, you must be Angel's husband, I'm Dan." He said with a broad grin, offering me his hand.

I took his hand and shook it. I could feel my own hand being crushed in his strong grip and quickly pulled away. "Hi, ah yes, I'm her husband Kelly, won't you come in, Angel will be down in a minute, can I offer you a drink?" I asked politely trying to control my anger.

"No thanks, say, it's awful nice of you to share your wife with me. Most men are too possessive and insecure to allow their wives to go out with another man." He remarked. "Especially an ex-boyfriend

Ex-boy friend, she forgot to mention that! "Well, that's quite alright," I lied, "I trust Angel, just don't keep her out too late."

"Oh, didn't she tell you?" he asked, "We are taking my company jet to San Francisco to see AIDA by Giuseppe Verdi, I have box seats. It's a tale of a bitter love triangle, conflicting loyalties and forbidden passion. We will be staying the night with some friends and flying back tomorrow."

This was getting weirder and weirder. My wife was flying off to another city, with an ex-boyfriend and staying the night! I excused myself quickly by saying, "I'll go see what's keeping Angel."

I quickly ran up the stairs to confront my wife. "What the hell is going on, you didn't say you were going off with an ex-boyfriend to spend the night in San Francisco!" I said, trying to keep from yelling.

"Oh calm down," she countered. "Who I see, how much time we spend together and where we choose to go, aren't important. Either you trust me, or you don't. Would you deny me the chance of flying in a private jet to any exciting city, to see a once in a lifetime event, just because you think I might fuck him? You should be ashamed of yourself. You know how I am always taking care of you and seeing to your needs. Allow me a little fun for a change and quite acting like a selfish child."

I had to admit she was right. She was continually doing things for me and rarely if ever went out and had fun on her own. "I'm sorry honey, your right." I said, "Enjoy yourself. It's just that he's so handsome and big. I guess I let the green monster get the best of me."

"Yes, he is handsome, and big, very big," My wife replied teasingly. "It won't be easy but I will try to be a good girl."

There was a mocking tone in her voice. She is mind-fucking me again. I won't let her get to me. I thought to myself. However, it was too late. She had gotten to me and I was filled with doubt and suspicion. Damn her!

"Oh, by the way," she continued. I have a little present for you; it's in the top, right dresser drawer.

I rushed over and opened the drawer. There was a little brown bag. I opened it up. A cock cage! She surely didn't expect me to wear this?

"Put it on, now cucky. I don't want you jerking off while I'm gone, thinking of what Dan and I might be doing. Hurry now, he's waiting." Angel commanded.

I felt totally humiliated. It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out, but soon I was locking the cockcage in place around my small cock.

"I'll take that key," my wife said, holding out her hand. "A little celibacy will do you good. Help you keep your mind on your cleaning duties while I'm gone. She then gave me a little peck on the cheek, squeezed my balls, put the key in her purse laughing as she rushed out of the room as not to keep her ex-boyfriend waiting.

Feeling totally abandoned, I peeked out the door and watched my wife transverse the stairs and run to the arms of her date. Their kiss was just long enough to make me feel real uncomfortable. Then they were out the door, into his Limo and were gone.

I tried to keep my mind on housework but dirty pictures kept entering my mind of Angel and Dan fucking and sucking. Her words, "He's big, very big," and "It won't be easy but I will try to be a good girl." kept ringing in my ears. I could feel my cock twitch inside the cockcage, trying to become erect but to no avail.

After cleaning the entire house in her used panties, I finally doze off around midnight, and then the phone ran. It was Angel. She sounded a little drunk. This worried me because booze tends to make her more uninhibited.

"Hello cucky!" She slurred. "Having fun? Well, I'm having a ball. The opera was divine! Then we had a late dinner at this romantic, French restaurant. We are at his friend's penthouse now. His name is Bill and his wife's name is Sadie. They are swingers and apparently we arrived just in time for a very raunchy party. How naughty of Dan not to warn me. Oh well, Que Sera. Goodnight sissy, sweet dreams."

I could hear a Dan's laughter as she hung up the phone. "Sweet dreams" indeed. As if I could sleep after that call. All I could see was my sweet Angel surrounded by naked men and women, engaged in a wild orgy. I went to the medicine cabinet and took two sleeping pills and washed them down with two shots of Scotch.

I woke up about noon, hung-over. I could hear the sound of Dan and Angel downstairs.

"Oh thank you darling. It was lovely. I will remember last night always!" It was Angel's voice.

Then I heard Dan's voice in reply, "My pleasure baby, and if you ever need a change of scenery or to get away from tiny dick, give me a call, you have my number."

Then a long silence. Were they were kissing? Then the sound of the front door opening and closing. Tiny dick? I felt totally degraded.

Angel entered the bedroom. She was a mess. Her makeup was smeared, her hair disarranged. Her dress rumpled and her hose had rips and runs. She truly looked freshly fucked. My heart sank. I wanted to cry. "Have fun?" I asked.

"Fun doesn't begin to describe it." Angel replied. "It was the evening of a lifetime. I was whisked away in a limo by a handsome, exciting man, transported in a private jet to another city, taken to a wonderful opera, wined and dined. We then went dancing; did I tell you Dan was a wonderful dancer? Anyway then we went to a wild party at his friend's penthouse overlooking the lights of San Francisco. What more could a girl ask for. Thank you cucky, thanks for trusting me. I love you so much!"

"Great." I replied sarcastically, "Did you, did he, you know, do it?"

Angel just smiled a wicked smile and replied, "I'm tired now and need some sleep. We can talk about it later, or if you want, taste me while I sleep. Maybe that will answer your question."

I couldn't wait. While she slept, I climbed under the covers and crawled between her legs. The smell of her sex was strong. I lightly licked her pussy. Was that the taste of cum, slightly salty, hard to say. Her lips and cunt did look red and swollen, but I couldn't be sure. I would just have to wait until she woke up to confront her.

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