tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAngela's Punishment

Angela's Punishment


Angela was the type of girl you loved to hate. Tall, athletic, beautiful, popular, virgin... The kind of girl that made guys like me so horny they felt like they could explode. She was 5'9, 145 soaking wet, long curly black hair, big brown eyes, perfect 34D tits, permanently tanned skin, an ass to kill for, and freshly eighteen and legal. She'd prance around in her tiny shorts and tank tops, showing more skin than a swim-suit catalog. She'd rub up against you in the hallway just to laugh as you tried to hide your boner from your friends. Angela was the girl that would grind your dick with her foot in lab, then simply walk away if you so much as looked like you wanted to say something.

All the girls hated her, all the guys wanted her, and I wanted her to pay for what she did. Senior year and I was new to the school, and fresh back from a weekend I'd spent with what I hoped was my new girlfriend, Lauren. At lunch one day, I was sitting next to her, talking, flirting, eating, when Angela walks up, grabs my face, and starts kissing me. Shoving her tongue down my throat is more like it. Then she grabbed my dick to make sure it was hard, winked at Lauren, and ran away.

Lauren got pissed at me. I think more cause my dick got hard, and I was still smiling after watching Angela's ass leave. She dumped me, and proceeded to tell all her friends that I had a tiny dick and couldn't eat pussy to save my life. Both are a lie.

Angela needed to be punished.

I planned it for a few weeks, what I was going to do to her. I paid off one of her so-called friends on the volleyball team to tell her that the coach wanted to talk to her in the boys' locker room/showers. Then I took the coach and knocked her out with some chloroform and laid her in the drivers seat of her own car when the last quarter was nearly over. Now my first plan was to knock Angela out the same way, and violate her body however I wanted. But who wants an unresponsive fuck-toy? As I watched the volleyball game come to an end, I fingered the survival knife I bought at the hunting shop the day before. It was nearly 7inches long, carbon coated steel, with a serrated edge on one side, and a straight-edged blade sharp enough to split hairs on the other. I hoped seeing it in my hands was enough to make Angela do what I wanted, but a few nicks on that perfect body of hers wasn't out of the question if it meant her getting what she deserved.

I quickly made my way to the boy's lockers and disrobed. I took the knife and the shoulder strap it came with and put it on. I stood there waiting on Angela to come down the stairs to me. She bounced down the concrete stairs in her tight little uniform and wrinkled her nose at the smell of urine and sweat. "Ms. Givens?" She asked the empty room. She turned away from me and I walked up behind her and grabbed her arm. With a quick jerk I nearly threw her to a bench. She screamed when she saw me standing there, naked except for the strap my knife was sheathed in.

I slapped her, just hard enough to shut her up. "Quiet, or you'll get hurt a lot worse than that." I said and took another step towards her. I stood between her legs to keep from getting kicked and reached down to grab her by her sweat drenched hair. I pushed my cock, already hard and bobbing in the air, towards her mouth. Angela twisted away. so I took the knife out and slapped her with the flat side of the blade, then laid the serrated edge on her shoulder, pressed against her neck. "Suck me." I ordered. She rubbed her cheek and glared up at me with fear and rage. "Bite me and I'll slit your throat and fuck the wound." To make sure she understood I made a tiny prick on the tender skin next to her collarbone.

She took the base of my cock in her hand, and guided the head between her lips. Angela bobbed her head on my dick, going lower each time until I was hitting the back of her throat. She may have been a virgin, but she sucked cock like a pro. I nearly dropped my knife when she swallowed the head of my cock, then moved her hand and pushed more of me into her mouth until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Angela took my cock out of her throat, and pushed me back in over and over. Before long I was holding the back of her head and fucking her mouth. I was amazed that she wasn't even gagging.

She moaned around my cock and I looked down into her eyes staring back up at me. I came down her throat, she didn't have a choice in the matter if wanted to swallow. "You're a good little cock sucker." I laughed as I pulled my slimy shaft from her mouth.

Angela's lips slurped loudly on the head as she released it. "Thank you" she mumbled. I thought I saw a grin as she said it, but she stifled it quickly. I pushed her back onto the bench, her legs splayed open, feet on the floor on either side of the metal bench. Her hands first hung limp, then suddenly shot to cover the crotch of her tight red volleyball shorts. I laughed and slapped them away, then, took my knife and made a slit from where her ass met the bench up to the waistband in front of her shorts. "Wh-wha-What are you doing?" she gasped.

"Relax, I'm not gonna cut that pretty pussy." I assured her. I sat down in a similar fashion directly in front of Angela, and pulled the slit in the nylon shorts open, to reveal that she didn't wear any panties when she played. Her cunt hadn't been shaven, ever, obviously just trimmed enough to work two fingers up her cunt whenever she got frustrated. I could smell her sweat, but more than that, I could smell and see the juice that dripped from her lips and matted the black hairs around her hole. "I'm a virgin, please, don't." she started to beg. "I'm a virgin," She repeated, then added "I could get pregnant."

I sheathed my knife, and pushed her laying down on the bench. I inched up between her legs, straddling the bench, and pulled her thighs over my lap. I rubbed my dick along her soaking slit until I felt it was wet enough to penetrate. I pulled her closer and pushed the head of my dick into her hairy pit, making us both gasp and maybe her start to cry. Not very far into her I felt the flimsy barrier of her hymen and laughed. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "I never woulda believed it!" I said, leaving my dick in her for a few more moments. As I pulled out and away I added "You fucking teasing cunt, you really are a damn virgin."

I rolled her off the bench, and she tried to get away. I caught her by the ankle and jerked back, making her fall and bruise her arm. I got between her legs again and forced her to keep still as I pressed my cock against that wet beaver. "Please don't" she whimpered again. "I've never even seen a cock that big, and I know it'll rip me up inside if you try to fuck me, please don't. I don't wanna have a baby."

I laughed a little, and pushed the head of my cock between her fuzzy lips, much to her lament. I had to pump in and out twice to even get deep enough to feel her hymen again. "Goddamn girl, you're tighter than a fucking pair of vice grips." I grunted. "I doubt a kid could fit out of your slit."

Angela was still whimpering. "Please don't, please don't, please don't." but she added. "I can barely use two fingers when I masturbate, please don't go any deeper." I kissed her cheek, and broke her hymen in one movement. She screamed then, so loud that I though I was caught, but nobody came to her rescue. I looked down and saw the blood on my cock. I kept squeezing into her, little my by little, each time getting deeper. Each time I looked at my exit of her, I saw the fleck of red among the glaze of cunt water. Once I was inside of her as far as I could go, I noticed that my cock wasn't fully covered, but my head was against her cervix.

"You're a tiny bitch, aren't you?" I joked, and gently twisted my hips at her.

She groaned, somewhere between pain and pleasure. Her whimpering had stopped, and she now clung to the very hands that held her down. "Please don't stop." she said, a faraway look in her eyes. "Please, do it, I havta know." she gasped.

Well, how could I refuse? I started shafting her, quite roughly, banging her against the unforgiving concrete floor of the locker room as I stuffed my cock into her no-longer-virgin cunt. She was screaming again, this time in ecstasy as my dick invaded her. She orgasmed, shaking and crying beneath me as I fucked her relentlessly. Shortly after her first, she came again, and the even tighter squeezing of her vagina set me off. I dumped a load of baby batter in that fuzzy pussy that I swear made my balls invert into my body.

I rolled off her then, and I wondered shortly. Wasn't I supposed to be punishing her? "Hey, Whore." I said. Angela answered me by looking up from the floor. "Make my dick hard, you got another hole to plug." Her eyes got wider than ever when she figured out I was talking about her ass, and I thought she was going to try and escape. I grabbed the knife and pointed it at the small valley between her large tits. "Now, cock sucker." I ordered, then slashed open the shirt and sports bra she was wearing.

I groped at her newly revealed flesh. Tweaking her tiny brown nipples until they stood on end. She groaned and pushed her chest at me, urging me to continue my assault on her nubbins. I pulled her closer by one distended nipple, and pushed her head down to my cock. Angela looked up at me, and I thought for a second I saw another smile. Thoughts were interrupted as she sucked my half-flaccid cock into her mouth. Her hand was massaging my balls, rolling them around her fingers as her tongue was rolling the head of my cock in her mouth. She may have been a virgin before me, but she defiantly knew how to suck a cock.

As I got hard again, she started sucking harder, swallowing my dick, and squeezing my nuts. I knew she was trying to make me cum her mouth, to save her ass. I grabbed a handful of hair, and yanked her face from my crotch. She gave a yelp and started to beg me to not to analy fuck her. "I'll do anything else, just not that, please. Fuck my pussy again, let me suck you off, anything but my asshole." Angela pleaded even I pushed her over the metal bench in the center of the locker room. Her begging stopped when she realized that nothing would keep me from fully violating her body. I ran two fingers along her cum-soaked pussy to get them wet, then spread her perfectly round ass cheeks.

Angela groaned between clenched teeth as I pushed my fingers inside her. "It would hurt less," I said as I shoved my fingers deeper. "if you loosened up, and let me have my way." I twisted my fingers as I pulled them out. I kept the same range of motion up until I felt she was properly spread, lubed, and loosened for my cock. I got on my knees behind her, and pulled her by her hips back to my cock. I could barely hear her moan, and I guessed that she was biting her lip as I pushed the head of my cock into her virgin ass.

She almost squeezed her anus closed before I got more than an inch inside. "Angela, loosen up, or this is really going to hurt." I said, pushing into her a little.

she squealed in reply, "It already hurts!" I ran my hands down her back, then up to her shoulders. "You liked it in your cunt, didn't you? And it hurt a lot when I first started fucking you there, didn't it?" She started to loosen her ass back up after that short bit of logic, and I pushed the rest of the way into her. She screamed again, louder than before, but the building was already empty by the time my balls were getting tickled by her bush.

After about two minutes of shafting her poop-chute, Angela started to moan. No longer in pain though, she was enjoying my cock up her ass as much as I was. I felt something nudging my balls, and looked down to see Angela had started fingering her pussy in time with my cock going in and out of her. Again the thought of "Wait, I'm supposed to be punishing this bitch." flashed in my mind, but I dismissed it as Angela had her third orgasm that night. Her ass clenched tight around me, and the heat inside her body seemed to just suck the cum straight out of me and into her bowels. She screamed again, from yet another orgasm, and I could see tears making the cement floor wet over her shoulder.

I popped my dick from her ass and stood up, pulling her with me. She whimpered and stared to fall down. I caught her and drug her to the showers. I dropped her on the damp tiled floor and twisted the knobs on the wall until steaming hot water shot out of every spigot. She spit and sputtered for a second before looking up at me. "What now?" she asked.

I smiled. "Wash the cum from your ass and your cunt." I told her and tossed a bar of soap down to her. "Miss any, and I'll havta relieve myself with your butt again." I walked to the door of the showers and watched her with more than a little humor as she attempted to get the water to flow up inside her to clean herself out. Watching her gorgeous body twist and bend in the steam, water and soap suds was enough to make my dick hard again as well. I pissed in one corner to give her some extra time to recuperate from loosing both forms of her virginity in less than an hour, then walked up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders.

"I- I- I- I think I got it all." she stammered, and tried to step away from me. I griped her shoulders tighter and bent her over, then pushed her to her knees, where I got down behind her. "Oh please, don't put it back up my ass, I won't be able to walk if you do." she begged me. Hell I liked it when she begged, so I decided to tease her for a change and run my cock against her asshole. "God please no, please no, please God no." she started whimpering and trying to twist away from me. In her struggle though, she lined up perfect for me to ram my dick back inside her obviously sopping wet, fuzz covered, tighter than hell pussy.

She gave a short yelp, and stopped twisting in my grip when the head of my cock hit her cervix again. "Happy now?" I joked and started fucking her like a dog. I wrapped a hand into her hair and pulled her head back as I pounded her tiny cunt. She moaned, screamed, cried, groaned, yelped and whimpered the entire time my dick was inside her. I came in a short burst, my balls ached from how much I had already dumped inside her. However, I still shot a load into her hungry pussy, just as she reached her climax once more.

I pulled out from her, but before I could stand up, Angela had whirled around and had my juice covered cock in her mouth, working that oral magic with her tongue and throat. Within a minute, she had sucked another blast of sperm down her throat. I pushed her off me and left her laying on the floor. I dressed myself and saw Angela standing naked and dripping wet at the foot of the stairs. I kissed her hard, shoving my tongue between her lips and wrestling with her own. She didn't object, in fact she pulled me closer and sucked my tongue almost as hard as she had sucked my cock earlier. "Thanks babe, I'll see ya around." I told her when we separated.

The next day, the cops came to my house. I was arrested for assault and battery on Ms. Givens, the old dyke that I chloroformed and left in her car. Nobody mentioned rape charges. I plead guilty in court, saying that I took all the money and prescription drugs and money from the coach's purse, and I was told in four years I would be free. One and half years later, I was released on parole for good behavior and some other bullshit I said that sounded nice to a parole board. Angela picked me up from the prison lot, and we talked about wedding plans with our son sleeping in the back seat on the way to her apartment.

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