Angela's Way Ch. 01

byLustin Kink©

"Oh, Angela." Jason sighed when he felt the warmth of Angela's mouth on his dick. She took her mouth from his throbbing member, stroked his rod and looked up at him.

"No, Jason, I'm Mrs. Roy."

"Yes, Ma'am." Jason replied wanting to feel the humid heat of her mouth on his prick again.

Angela obliged and took his entire cock in her mouth. Jason watched as her lips slid up and down on him. He couldn't believe this was happening. The beautiful wife of a very influential member of the Pines was squatted in front of him sucking on his cock. The camera didn't miss the smile that crossed his face. His hands went to Angela's head and he pulled them away again. He didn't want her to know how badly he wanted to hold her head there and jam his dick into her throat.

"Do you want to fuck my mouth, Jason?" asked Angela, briefly taking her attention away from his rod. The ecstasy of her mouth on him had caused his prick to turn a light shade of purple.

"Yes, Mrs. Roy. I do want to fuck your mouth."

"Then do it. Go ahead and fuck my mouth."

Instantly Jason did as he was told. He grabbed two handfuls of her hair and pushed his cock in until the tip of her nose was tickled his pelvis. The microphones around the room heard the slurping sounds from Angela's mouth as Jason fucked it long and hard. Saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Her hand slipped inside her panties and massaged her clit. At first she wasn't sure if it would, but the feeling of Jason controlling her like that excited her. Now she wanted this boy to eat her.

When Jason felt Angela's hands push on his belly, he released her hair and pulled his cock from her mouth. She stood and kissed him deeply. The head of his stiff rod pushed on her clit as she pulled him close. While kissing him she carefully turned him so his back was to the mirror behind Patrick's desk. She dragged her fingernails down his back and wrapped her hands around his buttocks. His cock nested itself between her legs and applied the slightest pressure on her swelling lips and labia. She held him tight and rested her chin on his shoulder.

"Now, Jason," she said like a mother making a request to a small child, "I would like you kneel down and eat my pussy. I want to know how good your tongue is."

"Yes, Mrs. Roy." said Jason, obediently dropping to his knees.

After Jason pulled her panties off of her, Angela spread her feet slightly apart and drew her pussy lips open with the tips of her fingers to expose the pink flesh of her clit and labia. She watched Jason as his mouth covered her twat. Her thighs shuddered when Jason's tongue pressed her juicy nub. She held her pussy open while Jason licked her clit, slipped his tongue into her and pulled at her labia with his lips. He repeated these motions over and over again. As the camera witnessed Angela standing in the middle of the room with Jason keeling before her like a disciple praying to a goddess, she stared straight into the mirror at the image that would be caught on tape. Looking dead at where the camera lens would be, Angela smiled from the pleasure of Jason's mouth feasting on her flowing twat. She slowly rolled her head from side to side never losing her smile. She released her lips and put her fingers, now slick with her own fluid, to her nipples. Still staring into the camera, she pulled and pinched them. Jason slipped two fingers into her creamy hole. His fingers hooked and found her g-spot.

"Oh, yes. That's the spot, Jason. That's the spot. Oh, please, keep doing that." said Angela between her gasps.

Each time the tips of Jason's fingers grazed her hot spot, her torso involuntarily jerked forward. His tongue worked furiously on her clit. His fingers were swimming in the elixir that flowed from her throbbing twat. Jason took Angela's clit between his lips and sucked hard. He pressed her g-spot with Herculean force and the orgasm slammed through her like a runaway train. Her legs started to shudder and she grabbed his head, pushing him into her steamy crotch.

"Eat me, Baby. Yes, eat me!" Angela screamed while the waves of orgasm washed over her. "Mmmmmmm, Mmmmm, Aaaaaaah! Oh, yes Baby! Eat me!"

Jason's fingers clenched onto Angela's ass while she writhed her hips and held his face buried in her snatch. Her flavor filled his mouth and her body went rigid from the climax and then relaxed once it had subsided. She released his head and plunked herself down on the floor. Jason crawled up to her and kissed her again. His lips tasted of her pussy and, damn, she tasted good. Once the last few spasms in her groin and legs passed, she took Jason's hand and led him to one of the leather armchairs.

Angela pulled the chair away from the front of the desk and towards the center of the room. She sat Jason in the chair and his cock stood at attention. After giving the camera a sneaky smile, she got to her knees in front of Jason took his balls in her mouth. Jason watched her as she juggled his balls with her tongue and he started stroking his raging hard on. He was amazed that this beautiful older woman wanted him this way.

"Please Mrs. Roy, suck me. I want your mouth again. Please, suck on my cock." Jason begged.

After giving him a sweet smile, Angela slowly took the head into her mouth. Once her lips passed the ridge of his head she caressed the tip of it with her tongue. Jason moaned and let his head loll backward. Angela could feel the throbbing of his rod as she stroked his shaft and slid her lips up and down on the head of his prick. Her hand fell from his shank and she slowly slid her mouth all the way down to the base of his prick.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhh, yes Mrs. Roy. You are so good. You are the best!" Jason proclaimed. She stopped briefly to look up at him and smile again then she went back to it.

The camera watched the back of Angela's head slowly bobbing up and down on the young man's cock. A smile crept across Jason's face and without even realizing, he stared right into the camera. Jason caressed Angela's hair as she worked him. Her tongue pressed the underside of his dick with every stroke. Once she could taste his precum she moved a little faster. The feeling of taking his whole cock in her mouth was extraordinary for Angela. Patrick is longer and she could never do it with him. Her hand went to her damp clit and started rubbing. Her pace on his prick was faster yet and she moaned from the pleasure on her pussy.

With one last long slow draw on Jason's rod, Angela took her mouth from his cock, looked up and asked, "Do you have a condom?"

"Yes, Ma'am. In my wallet."

"Get it, I want you inside me."

Jason smiled and practically leaped from the chair. Angela stood and stepped to the front of Patrick's desk. She crossed her legs and ran her hands over her belly and breasts. Not taking his eyes from Angela's body, Jason fumbled with the packet and managed to tear it open. When the condom was in place, Angela turned around and bent over Patrick's desk. "Now fuck me, Jason. Fuck me." she ordered while looking straight up at the mirror and into the camera behind it.

Jason put his hands on her waist and slowly slid his cock into her welcoming pussy. Her lips were slick with her lube and his dick slid into her smoothly and easily. The wide girth of his cock was very apparent in the smallest amount of discomfort Angela felt until she became accustomed to his size. She watched his face in the mirror and his expressions of ecstasy aroused Angela more than she already was. Jason continued to slip his prick in and out of her keeping a moderate tempo, but she wanted more.

"I said fuck me, Jason. Now fuck me hard!"

The effect Angela's statement had was akin to the effect a starter's pistol has the one hundred meter dash. Jason sunk his fingernails into Angela's waist and hammered his cock into her slippery snatch. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the edge of Patrick's desk while Jason mauled her pussy. "That's what I want!" she screamed, "Fuck me hard!"

Jason grabbed one of Angela's shoulders for leverage to jam his pole into her. "Is this hard enough, Mrs. Roy?! Am I fucking you hard enough?!?!?!" Jason screamed, again staring right into the mirror and totally unaware of what was watching from behind.

"Harder, you little shit, fuck me harder!"

Jason pile drove his cock into her swollen and throbbing cunt as hard as he could. He looked down to see his prick pistoning in and out of Angela's glistening pink twat. Each time he slammed his cock home her ass jiggled. Looking in the mirror he could see her tits bouncing and swinging with every pump of his rail into her soggy cooze. He also saw, between her facial contortions caused by the drilling she was getting, that she was staring into the mirror smiling. He also noticing she wasn't smiling at him.

"Oh, Jesus! Mrs. Roy, I'm going to cum!" Jason bellowed and instantly Angela has an idea for the perfect finish to her show.

"Do you want to cum on my tits, Jason? Hmmmm? Do you want to shoot your sticky load all over my tits?" she asked him while looking at him in the mirror and wearing a sinister smile.

He didn't answer. He just drew his cock from her throbbing cunt and yanked the condom from his prick. Angela quickly squatted down in front of him and started jerking on his dick. "C'mon, Jason, c'mon. Give Mrs. Roy your cum. Give it to me!" she uttered through clenched teeth.

Jason threw his head back and moaned loud and long. The first shot of his jism hit Angela square on the lips. She recoiled from the surprise of it but quickly licked it away. It tasted delightful. Jason hurled four more spurts of his steamy load onto Angela's chest. Her tits were covered in droplets of his sweet cum. His whole body shuddered when she licked up a drop of cum that was clinging to the head of his cock. Jason fell back into the armchair. His head hung back. He was totally spent. Angela stood in front of the mirror (and camera) and looked at the cum that coated her tits. She methodically wiped cum from her chest with her fingers and licked them clean. She did this until there was none left. Then she nonchalantly put her robe back on, sat at Patrick's desk and reached underneath it to shut off the camera. It was absolutely perfect. It couldn't have gone better if she had written a script. She reached into one of Patrick's desk drawers, Pulled out a checkbook and wrote a check to Jason for $150.00. In the memo she wrote "servicing".

"Here you go Jason." she said while holding the check out to him.

"What?" he replied, picking his up head from hanging over the back of the chair.

"Here you go. It's your check."

"But, you don't want me to stay Mrs. Roy?"

"No, Jason, I don't." she responded and Jason looked hurt by the answer. He took the check and got dressed.

Angela sighed. "Look, Jason, I don't love you. I just wanted to fuck you. You're a nice kid but I'm a married woman and I love my husband."

"If you love your husband, Mrs. Roy, then what was this all about? Shouldn't it have been him here?"

"You're right Jason. It should have been him. I'm working on that." Angela answered Jason's questions with a tone of exasperation in her voice which made Jason understand that she had a void which needed filling and he was the one to fill it. "Have a good afternoon Mrs. Roy. I had an absolutely wonderful time."

"So did I Jason, so did I." replied Angela. Now she was smiling again. "Oh, and Jason?" she called after him as is walked through the study doors and into the hall.

"Yes, Ma'am?" he responded while poking his head back into the room.

"If you breathe a word of this to anybody, and I mean anybody, I will find out about it and you will never, ever have me again. Am I clear?"

"Clear as crystal Ma'am." was his reply with a grin from ear to ear. Angela believed she heard a faint "Woo-Hoo" from outside before the engine of Jason's van started up. She smiled and shook her head. The sound of Jason's van faded as he drove away from the house. Angela's day wasn't over. She had an errand to run. She went up to the master bath to shower again. She could still smell Jason's scent on her and now that the deed was done, having another man's smell on her made her uncomfortable. She was glad she had the sense to make him wear a condom. She didn't think she would have enjoyed having his cum in her, although it probably wouldn't have worked out that way anyway. "Better to be safe.........." she muttered to herself. The sex with Jason was definitely exciting and fun but she wasn't satisfied the way she used to be when her and Patrick enjoyed a bout of wild lustful sex. Jason is just some guy. Patrick is her husband, lover and friend.

When Angela was through showering she wiped the fog from the mirror and inspected her body again. The marks from Jason's fingernails still dimpled her waist. Once again she concurred with herself, she is a very sexy woman. Still, she couldn't understand why Patrick would go to someone else for sex. There sex life was fine up until eight months ago and it just petered out. She'd find out soon enough.

She dressed into her favorite blue denim shorts, a crisp white Nautica t-shirt with a ball cap to match, ankle socks and her white Keds. She went to the closet where the camera was hidden and popped the tape from it's cradle in the camera. Back in Patrick's study she opened the entertainment center, put the tape in the VCR, rewound it and pressed play.

"How much do I owe you?" she heard herself say. It was strange watching from another angle the scene she was just part of. She listened to the rest of their conversation and when she saw Jason grab her and her hand go to his crotch, she stopped the tape and rewound it again. "Let's face it, Angela. You feel you should." Angela loved her husband so much. It killed her to see him fucking that girl. She had a plan though and she had to stick to it. It was time to execute it. She pulled the tape from the VCR and walked across the hall to her little office. It was more of a spare room with a desk, computer and a small filing cabinet where she took care of the bills and surfed the net. Pictures of her family hung on the walls. Once her computer booted up she checked the printer to make sure it had paper and clicked on the Microsoft Word icon. She typed a letter that read:

Dear Mr. Roy,

In light of recent events I feel that it is my duty to inform you that there are some people who are not pleased with your current practices. The feeling of all concerned is that you should cease these practices to curtail the possibility of legal proceedings. If you have questions about what kind of impact your practices are having on those concerned please view the enclosed VHS video. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best Regards,

Angela didn't sign a name to it. She left it as is. After reading it twice she was satisfied that this letter, coupled with the video tape, would get his attention. She printed the letter, folded it and attached it to the tape with a rubber band. When her computer shut down, she went into the kitchen to grab her purse and headed out the door.

Driving into town the question burned in her mind whether she was doing the right thing. The reasonable side of her argued that she should stop this foolishness right now but the emotional side of her argued that this was due and he had no right to screw around on her. The emotional side won out in the end just as Angela pulled up to the front of Mailboxes & Stuff, their local delivery store.

"May I help you?" said a voice from the back of the store after Angela stepped through the door, ringing the brass bell that hung overhead.

"Um, yes," replied Angela seeing an elderly gentleman standing at counter in the rear of the store, "I have a video tape that I need packaged and sent for next day delivery."

"I can take care of that for you young lady." said the man with a friendly and courteous tone.

"Oh my, he just called me 'young lady'. Little does he know." thought Angela, blushing from the compliment.

The man, Angela learned his name was Fred, packaged up the tape and letter and wrote the delivery address on the front as Angela dictated it. Angela gave him a phony return address.

"That'll be $13.17." stated Fred. "Cash or charge?"

"Oh, um, cash. Thank you." said Angela fishing her wallet from her purse and pulling out exact change. Fred bid her a good day. She returned his salutation and left the store. "....and that's that," she said as she let her Jag peel it's way out of the parking lot and into the street looking for the way home.

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