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Angelic Cure


"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck Meeeeee!" she screamed!

Under me and connected at the hip was Rebecca the 18 year old captain of the cheerleading squad. And then there was me Beth the girl who was grinding my pussy against hers and bringing us both to blissful orgasm. Both of us ground against each other harder and faster and I threw back my head and moaned as my orgasm came crashing down on her and shortly afterwards me too.

Collapsing on top of each other we lay there and I sucked on her large soft breasts idly while waiting for us both to recover.

"That was... intense," She breathed and I could tell it had taken a lot out of her.

"Told you girls were better than the boys" I snickered slowly got up and started to get dressed. I had satisfied my urges for the day and this was nothing more than that. After watching her jump up and down all day with her tits flying around I had felt that familiar fire stirring up inside of me getting hotter than hot and I knew I had to fuck her brains out. So I did but now I had a sleep over at my best friends I had to go to.

"Catch you later tiger" I winked at her and closed the door to the sports shed before making my way to the school gate leaving the poor girl behind naked and contemplating her new sexuality.

I was a lesbian, more than a lesbian I was a total nymphomaniac that had to fuck what ever turned me on. I had accepted that about myself when at one time I hadn't and was at the lowest of the low. Drug addictions being the worst of it all but the friend I was going to meet now had saved me. Shed stayed by my bedside every day as the drug burned out of my system and the withdrawal had started to kick in.

She knew of my extra circular habits and didn't mind them at all, she knew I had a fire inside me that ha to be put out and was willing to let it slide, believing when I met the right girl it would subside. I had often laughed at that prospect; I knew there could be no love for a lesbian whore like myself.

"Beth over here!" Cassandra called to me with a wave jumping up and down slightly, her long black hair blowing over the place. Cassandra had always been beautiful that much Beth believed, the boys for what boys were had always drooled over her and been turned down in the dozens, some of them repetitively.

"Oomph!" I gasped as she ran over and tackle hugged me, she had always been the cuddly type and whenever I slept over I often found myself wrapped in her arms. It was the safest spot in the world for me I believed she had on multiple occasions hugged me and taken the heat away, stopping me before I went to far.

"Hey Cass looking forward to tonight?" I giggled and stroked her long hair; it was softer than silk Id always believed.

"You know it!" She laughed like silver bells and then stopped sniffing and looked up at my slyly "Who was it this time?" She giggled and poked my chest.

I blushed hard and mumbled "Rebecca"

"The cheer leader captain?" Cassandra gasped "But she's one of the most hardcore anti gays in the school."

I smiled "Not anymore she's not"

We both tried to hold it in but laughed long and hard and even when we got back to her place we were still giggling as I filled her in on the details. Cassandra had always wanted to know about whom I did what with and how it went; I don't think it was out of a similar interest but her natural curiosity, which had taken us on some wild adventures around town.

It was strange however that Cass despite being the girl I spent the most time with I had never felt the urge to screw her and that's why her friendship was so precious to me.

We had the house to ourselves until late tonight so we both lounged around and shuffled from playing Pool to watching movies and then the Wii her parents had bought her. When we got to that I worked up quite a sweat and my breasts were heaving up and down. I was quite proud of them both C cups and quite firm with tiny nipples that were over sensitive so even having hem rub against my shirt hot them hard.

"High score! Beat that Cass!" I yelled and turned to look at her, I caught her staring at my nipples poking through the shirt and giggled.

"Ooooh Cass is staring at my tits, want a taste?" I purred jokingly and pushed them together and laughed. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Cass would actually ever do that but when I saw the look on her face I wasn't so sure. Her cheeks were flushed her legs were shaking and her mouth was actually open all tell tale signs she wanted it.

I flustered a bit unsure of what to do and together we stood there awkwardly, I knew this would be a turning point for good or worse so I made a decision. Taking a breath I stepped towards her and kissed her softly. So different than my usual aggressive kissing this was soft and slow, our lips barley moving and my hand ever so gently holding her cheek.

Cassandra kissed me back just as slowly and licked my lips softly before looking into my eyes pleadingly.

"Beth... " She whimpered softly and suddenly hugged my tightly taking the breathe out of my lungs.

"C-Cass?" I gasped, worried.

"I'm so sorry Beth I know this is hard for you I know this isn't what you wanted..." She sobbed into my shoulder and I rubbed her back soothingly cooing at her.

"Cass I can't breathe" I whispered

"Oh sorry!" She let go of me and I took a deep breath. Looking at her I saw her shoulders shaking as she hid behind her hair and I took her in my arms. So many times this frail girl had comforted me and now our positions were reversed.

"Shhhhh its ok sweetie, its okay come on lets go lie down" I gently led her to her room and we lied down on the sheets together cuddling, her head in my chest as I stroked her hair. We stayed silent for a long time and finally I had to break the silence.

"Its okay Cass I promise... really." I whispered

"Really?" She looked up at me her eyes large and my heart thumped heavily. I had never experienced this before and was caught unawares; the only ting I knew to do was kiss her. So I did.

Our lips met again and we kissed gently, I stroked her cheek and smiled gently exploring her face with my fingertips as we made out. Brushing my fingers over her eyebrows, tracing my finger along her jaw and running my fingers through her hair.

We stopped and looked at each other and she blushed smiling at me shyly, I smiled back and whispered softly in her ear.

"I didn't know you wanted to try this sort of thing," I giggled and kissed her nose, I owed her this much considering everything she had done for me.

"It's not like that..." She mumbled and looked right into my eyes "Beth... I love you"

Needless to say I was shocked at her confession, I felt my mouth open and close a few times without any words coming out but I wasn't really aware of it. My best friend had fallen in love with me a gay nymphomaniac who screwed anything with two legs and a pussy between them. I was reeling at her words and trying to grasp something to hold onto, I had never once in my life believed I would love or be worthy of another's love.

Cass seeing the shock on my face pulled me close and held me tightly as my mind tried to settle down. I felt her small breasts press against my face and I could feel her tighten her grip on me pressing them harder against me. While my mind was turned off my body simply reacted to the situation and took her breast in my mouth and sucked on it shirt included.

Her soft moans teased my ears and she cooed me gently, stroking my hair and telling me to keep going. My tongue flicked over her hard nipples and she shuddered in delight, I could tell she was really sensitive there and I nibbled them gently. The reaction was that she rolled on top of me and tried to smother me with her breasts and fit all of them into my mouth as she purred in pleasure.

I started to chew on her breasts as they were stuffed into my mouth and she purred louder. I spun her around and this time I was on top, at this point my head was sitting back on my shoulders more or less and I looked down to appreciate the goddess between my legs. She looked up at me her face glazed over with lust and I understood her sudden aggressive rush. Leaning down I kissed her, passionately this time letting our tongues meet in the middle.

My heart was thumping from what she had told me and while I loved how aggressive this was I just wanted to take this a bit slower. I didn't know what I was feeling but I knew I wanted more than to satisfy my heat between my legs, I wanted the tightness in my chest to relax as well.

"Cass..." I whispered to her softly, "I'm doing to taste you now" I smiled and kissed her again. She looked up at me and I could see her shiver in lust and blushing at the same time. She had gotten her head back on too I saw and she mumbled to me quietly

"I want to taste you too..." Her voice was soft and my heart tightened again in my chest and I groaned at how adorable she was being.

Smiling I nodded to her "But first we will have to strip down" I winked and slowly did a strip tease for her, taking my shirt of slowly to reveal my lacey black bra that I unclipped form the middle and it fell away as my breasts bounced out. Her eyes got wide as she saw them.

"I knew they were big but..." She licked her lips looking at them and then bites them sexily. It was al lover her face how she wanted to have a mouthful of them but I turned around to tease her and slowly unzipped my jeans before shaking my ass from side to side and sliding it down my hips until it fell down around thighs and I pulled it to my ankles and kicked it off.

Standing there with my ass to her in just panties I shivered as I felt her lips on my exposed left cheek. I cooed as she kissed along my ass to my hip and I felt her pull down my panties softly. I had no idea she knew to do that but I loved it all the same. Id never been stripped down before and It felt warm to have someone appreciate my body so much.

As I kicked off the panties I turned around to face her and she looked up at me flushed cheeks and smiling slyly as she kissed between my legs. I groaned and held her head in my hands and pulled her face against me enough so that she could slide her tongue over me.

"How do you know to do this?" I moaned softly and she pushed her head away from my heat.

"I read a lot of stories and I've been thinking about doing this for a long time" She mumbled shyly and I purred loudly as I pushed her head back down on me.

Feeling her tongue slide over me I let out soft moans and cooing sounds of satisfaction. She was inexperienced but it felt so good I was almost melting around her. I had to have her in me and I pulled her off and up onto her feet and then pushed her down on her back. Walking over her I squatted and sat myself down on her face. It was blissful the feeling of riding another persons face and I leaned down now so that I could return the favor.

I poke my tongue out and lick up and down slowly, making sure she is plenty wet and teasing her softly while finding her clit at the same time. Feeling the bud with my tongue I move over to it and give it a soft kiss before swirling my tongue around it in circles. I feel Cass moan between my thighs and she slides her tongue inside of me. Arching my back I groan in pure bliss and suck her clit into my mouth to rasp my tongue over it.

We lie there for ages eating each other out at the same time and our orgasms build inside of us both. Cass is the first to cum however my experience winning out over her and she thrashes underneath me. Just in time too as my own cum shirts to pour into me and I shudder in delight as the warm feeling sweeps through my body and I grind myself over her face as I ride the waves of pleasure until they slowly subside minutes later.

Lying there on top of her still I can see her cum leaking out of her and down her thigh and I move to lick it up and then suck on her eagerly. Driving my tongue deep into her and drinking everything she has. Cass stirs under me as I do and I feel her start to lap at my sensitive pussy lips again. She starts to nibble on my clit however and I arch my back and scream in a strange mix of pleasure and pain. If Cas was worried I didn't know about it because I slammed my hips back down on her face and grinded against her mouth growling in lust.

We ate each other out for who knows how long and we lost track of how many orgasms we shared. I think I came maybe six times and she must have cum about twelve. She was getting really good towards the end but we had to stop and lay next to each other exhausted. I reached out for her and we spooned together under the sheets of her bed and I kissed her shoulder softly.

"Cass?" I ask quietly.

"Yes Beth?" I hear her breath softly, sighing happily and pulling my arms tighter around her.

"I love you too..." I mumble and feel her shake in my arms.

She turns to look at me and I see a tear on her cheek as she smiles brightly and kisses me hard. I kiss her back and smile, tears starting to form in my own eyes and I pull her closer falling into blissful sleep together.

Tomorrow we both leave together for school and I feel her walking besides me her cheeks still pink slightly. I bump my shoulder against hers and take her hand in mine. She looks up at me a little shocked but then smiles and leans up to kiss my cheek. Blushing madly I look down for a moment before raising my head to show the huge smile on my face.

We pass by Rebecca that morning and I stop suddenly afraid of the uncontrollable heat building up inside me again. The cheerleader looks up and sees me staring at her and her face gets flushed and she turns and walks away. Her breasts bouncing heavily and her ass jiggling and I wait for the inevitable lust.

Nothing... I don't feel anything at all and I turn to look at Cass and smile widely. Tackling her with a hug I hold onto the girl who cured me, the girl I have fallen in love with. My own private angel.

Warning: all characters in this story are above 18

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