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Angelic Demise



Targets for the attack were strategized. Though the government tried to portray a falsified story, the invasion was bound to happen.

My name is Torin. I am six feet one inches tall. I have long black hair that hangs past my shoulders. I have been referred to many times as a Metro Sexual because of the products I use on my hair and the lotions I use on my skin. I always wanted to smell good for people, and I always had a fear of smelling horrible. I am not extremely strong, but I can hold my own in a fight. I don't work out very much, but the little I do is focused on lean muscles. I never wanted to be bulky. I have had a pretty good life. College didn't treat me well, but I landed on my feet working at a local electronics store. I have been there for about three years, and though I am not rich I am happy. I have a girlfriend named Hailey. She is unique, and has been extremely fun to be with. I wouldn't say she is drop dead gorgeous, but she is exactly what I need. We have been together for two years now. She somehow puts up with all my weird quirks, including my video game addiction or love for anime. She doesn't mind that I am a secret nympho who just wants as much attention as possible. In fact she herself has grown into one herself over the past couple of years. When we first met she was extremely innocent, and didn't want to try anything sexually. She didn't even want to make out when we first got together. I took that as a sign that she wasn't interested in me at all, but eventually she instigated a session that guided us to our life we shared together now.

Hailey, my girlfriend, is five foot two inches tall. She has thick blonde hair that I love to run my fingers through. She decided to pick up my fear of smelling bad, and has picked us up quite a debt in frequenting her favorite fragrance store. Her skin is extremely smooth, and I only assume it's because of the countless hygienic products she uses also. Hailey is twenty four and I am twenty five. Though really this story isn't about how I met this amazing woman and how we grow old together one day. No, this story is about one rather strange event that has changed my life forever.

The year is two thousand thirty four. Life isn't especially fantastic like all the movies predicted. No hover vehicles, or buildings that float above the clouds. No in fact, life was boring. The most fantastic thing that exists is whether I will rent a movie and watch it in my apartment, or whether I will go grocery shopping. Life was boring. Though, as I said earlier, I'm happy despite the fact that I am poor. Hailey hitched her wagon to a horse with no legs. That's a common expression where I am from. It's not a huge city; no in fact our population is around fifty thousand. It has been that way since the nineteen fifties. I doubt anything will ever change out here.

Lately, I said nothing fantastic has come around that was predicted, scientists have been working on an alternate energy source like they always have for the past fifty years. Oddly, they discovered some way to obtain energy from weather balloons or something like that. I don't know too much about the news because I would rather read it online and often get distracted by my social network notifications. It's a sad lifestyle. I wake up; go to work from nine to five. At my job I am on the computer all day talking to people about what one would be best for their daily use. I then get home greet Hailey, make dinner, and often plop myself down on the couch to cuddle with her and watch television reruns on our instant video streaming services. Eventually it gets late enough that we go to bed and engage in our sexual activities that last most often thirty to forty five minutes and shortly after we fall asleep. So in my entire day the only part that is truly worth anything is that brief half an hour of pleasure. Aside from that I have sleep.

Hailey says I am too pessimistic about our situation. I have to laugh to myself though. We are here on this floating ball, with billions of us organisms doing aimless shitty things, only to find ourselves thirty minutes a day that is actually worth anything. Call me a romantic, but I thought there was something more to life than all this. I was in my living room reading up on the local news and about how new developments were about to happen on my tablet. Our city was one of five cities in the United States to be selected for the first ever energy solution. We were considered small enough that if anything wrong were to happen, they could cover it up easily. The only cities that could be made into trial cities were those that would have enough people, with the least amount of collateral damage. Apparently I was minimal damage to the world. Life must be complete shit.

The news announced we would start to see effects from the new source in the next month. I leaned my head back to look at the clouds through the slits that were supposed to work as shades for our living room window. There was no way anything good would happen around here. The only concerns in my life were whether I would die in traffic today, or where was my charger for my cell phone. I went back to browsing the web as Hailey came through the door. She seemed extra chipper today. She worked as a waitress and often times she would come home run down from a long day of work. She bounced over to me and I scooted over to make room for her on the couch.

"I made forty five dollars in tips today!" She said. Over the past couple of months she hadn't made more than five dollars in tips, but bringing home forty five was unheard of. I turned my head and raised my eyebrows as she held the cash in her hand. She pretended to fan herself with it and I let out a laugh.

"Good job, what did you do differently today?" I asked as she began to sort it on the table. She was very meticulous in her ways of managing money. That is probably why I wasn't extremely depressed. Hailey was good with dollars and cents. She knew how to save money here, or how to get better profit there. She was a good girlfriend, and perhaps one day I would make her my wife.

"I sold myself for sex in the bathroom." She said. I nearly choked as I looked at her. The grin she was wearing said otherwise. She was known to be a prankster, but I had to give it to her I probably would have said the same thing in that situation. I gave her a congratulatory hug and kiss and went to the kitchen.

"Do you want to drink some tea?" I asked as I put the kettle on our stove.

"That would be great, only one lump today." She went to the bedroom to change her clothing. We needed to do something different today. I was getting sick of the new releases on our video services, and wanted to watch a classic. You know those old batman movies from the early thousands that millions fell in love with. No one had a copy, accept for this crappy run down video rental store that shouldn't exist but does. They often times carried old movies that only nerds like me would enjoy. This town was so boring.


Signs of changes are all around, but most people will put them off as natural signs of earth's changes. We had planned for this to happen, and it allows us to infiltrate without anyone's knowledge.

After we drank our tea I told Hailey I would be back in a little bit. I told her I was going to run some errands, pay some bills, and pick up a movie that I was jonesing to watch. She gave me a big hug and sat down on the couch. We had a good relationship. I took some extra cash that she gave me to pick her up a celebratory drink for a job well done. I made my way out the door, and decided to walk. I needed to do more than sit in my living room vicariously living my life through a digital screen. Society was so messed up. Here we are controlled by electronic devices, and it disgusted me, but without them I wouldn't have a job or even exist.

As I walked my eyes drifted up to the sky. The clouds looked extra dark today. I assumed it was going to rain and instantly regretted not bringing a raincoat or umbrella with me. You would think that in the far future there would be a better way to stop yourself from getting wet, but alas there wasn't. I realized I had zoned out. I checked my watch and it had nearly been a half an hour since I left the house and I wasn't even three blocks away. I picked up the pace and dropped our rent payment off in a community mailbox. I made my way down familiar streets named after presidents. Each city in the United States has them, and to me they are extremely annoying to use for directions.

The sky rumbled and I looked up. The clouds now shone as though lightning had been suspended in them. Dark blue colors were streaking through the omniscient black. I couldn't help but admire them. Another noise shuddered through the air, and I felt my feet rattle against the concrete. The storm must have been getting closer. I stepped under an awning to watch the clouds and not get rained on. Then I remembered the news article that was saying that the experiment would start soon. What if the side effect of this crazy idea was that it would look like London all the time? Dark and dreary... oh never mind that is how this city looked all the time. I watched for a few more minutes as the colors shifted from cloud to cloud. It was only shades of blues and blacks, but it was beautiful.

I eventually made it to the video store. The familiar tingle of the bell as I stepped through the doorway chimed at my entrance. The clerk looked up at me with a look that said 'I hate my life'. I smiled and nodded my head as I made my way through the stacks. This place was a relic. There hadn't been a physical video rental store since the early thousands, but somehow this dinosaur still thrived. It must have been all the hick farmers who are afraid of change, or refuse to use the internet. I chortled to myself as I walked down another row. The videos had old warped cases that marked their age. It took me forever to even find the director I wanted to watch. Society decided to try and give directors the same treatment as authors for books. Sorting was now done to by Director to make sure if you like one film by them perhaps you might like more. It made sense, but it was ridiculous when dealing with physical movies to find them. If they so desperately wanted to change it, they should make this video rental place like a library instead of a video rental place.

As I grumbled to myself I heard the chime of the door go off as a man walked into the room. He was wearing a thick coat and his eyes looked vague. He pulled his hat down over his eyes and made his way back to the triple x section of the store. I smirked and remembered why this place was open. People like him were keeping it in business. As I said before there are a lot of people who have strange conspiracy theories or something about the internet and would rather go to a rental store and grab a few videos and magazines rather than go online and get that stuff for free. I continued to walk around the section to see if there were other hidden classics. Suddenly I felt a strange warming sensation flow through the room. My mind felt calm and there was a strange draw.

I found myself walking toward the adult section. The man who entered the room had his pants around his ankles and his erect penis in his hand. My mind knew there was something not normal about this, but it was comforting to find him like this. I too dropped my pants around my ankles and began to stroke my cock to erection. After a few seconds the video clerk too came back and began to stroke himself off. The three of us stood in silence and in unison pleasured our bodies in the adult section of the store. I was so happy. There was no other problem in the world. We were doing something completely natural with one another, sharing a moment that would result in a blissful completion.

The instigator of the circle jerk started bucking his hips as he reached closer to his orgasm. The video clerk and I soon realized we would need to pick up the pace to be sure and reach closure together as a group. My hand darted up and down across my fleshy rod and the familiar feeling in my groin began to grow. The hot pleasure of an orgasm grew but was held at bay until the leader completed. I moaned out in desperation. He got us so close and now he was holding back. It was so horrible of him to play cat and mouse like this.

Finally when I was panting out of desperation, the jacketed man blew out his load. It coated part of the video stack. The Store clerk and I came in unison. Our cum collected on the ground. And the warmth from the building soon left. I reached down and collected my pants and returned to the stack where I had been examining videos. I collected the titles I wanted and made my way to the video clerk. I paid for the rental, and left the store. The second I stepped outside I realized what had just happened.

I, along with two other men, masturbated in a public rental store. We were joined together by some unknown force and jerked ourselves to completion. What the hell was wrong with me? I knew that I was sexually active, but this was crazy. There was no way I would be caught dead in public masturbating. First off that is against the law. Second off it was totally disgusting. I mean those two guys saw my cock. I saw their cocks. I am far from gay. I love myself a woman's pussy. Why would I join in a group of guys masturbating over a photo rather than just go home and have sex with Hailey?

I wrapped my arms around my chest and walked briskly home. I didn't want to have to deal with this anymore.


The Laws of Change

Law I -

When any thought of sex comes into a person's mind they willingly and without thought will masturbate, whether it be in public or not. If someone sees them doing this they will be drawn to watch or participate in the masturbation and can often lead to sexual action with the person. They aren't offended by the sudden sexual outburst. You will actually find large groups cumming in a circle creating pools where a fuckable surface will appear (If produced by a male it will resemble a female Vagina. If produced by a Female it will resemble the average male penis. Once orgasm is obtained by the instigator the group will follow suit. They then become fully aware of what they were doing.

There was a picture of a woman with her legs spread on the side of the mailbox. I looked at her each time I had to send mail. The problem with a communal mailbox is that over time kids will eventually vandalize it. Actually that probably went with about ninety percent of everything that was stationary. This picture was probably pulled from one of their magazines and pasted to the side of the box as a dare. She had been there for at least six months, so the edges of the page were frayed and the color was worn out. The woman in the photo looked... depressed.

I traced the edges of her smooth thighs with my fingers and admired the luscious curves that the photographer accentuated in the shot. Having my cock exposed in the air felt... exciting. My left hand continued its work at pulling and tugging on my once flaccid flesh. Masturbation was so good. I felt so at home being able to pull my pants down and tug at my flesh. I hated the feeling of restraining a boner. I hated when my stomach would get that sick feeling as my body pressed it into my balls. This was much better. I felt... liberated.

My mind continued in a haze as I gazed at the fingertips of the woman in the photo spreading her moist pussy apart. The folds were a rich pink color. I assumed that even though the woman didn't want to actually be participating in a photo-shoot like this, she was extremely turned on by doing it. I knew exactly how she felt now. I had been standing in front of the mailbox for... I actually don't know how long. All I know is I caught a glimpse of her breast, and the next thing I knew I was pleasuring myself.

It felt so good. I dropped my right hand down to my ball sack and began to gently tease and tug while my left hand continued its pace on my rod. My cock wasn't anything to brag about, but it sure did bring me immense pleasure. I couldn't complain about my situation. I felt my mind slipping into the throes of orgasm. My left hand tightened around my skin and I felt the precum slipping across the head of my cock. My balls began to shift in my right hand. The familiar building sensation grew in my ass and crotch. I pulled my cock faster and released my load on the side of the mailbox. I continued to pull on my cock until every last drop of cum dripped out of me.

I pulled my pants back up and made my way toward the house again. As I walked it dawned on me once again what I had just done. That would make it twice in the past hour that I masturbated in a public place. The other problem was I wasn't even secretive about it. No Instead I had to drop my pants all the way to the ground and show my exposed flesh to anyone who wanted to see. Luckily no one came up to me while I was in a time of weakness.

Why did I lose control of myself though? There was no way I was this deprived of sexual action. Hailey and I were happy, and I hadn't found the need to masturbate. Why today of all days did I decide that it would be appropriate to strip myself down and yank on my cock until I came? Hailey was going to be upset with me when I got home. It normally only took twenty minutes to get to the store and back. I checked my watch and realized how late it was. I switched my pace from walking to jogging.


Law I - Subsection a

Male Orgasm - when directed at non-human surface he will create a fuckable surface for them to unite with. If the decision of the male is to copulate with the fuckable surface they will become part of the surface and forever lost in his orgasmic trance.

I stepped through the doorway of my apartment to find all the lights out. There were rose petals on the ground. Hailey was extremely cute when she wanted to be. I pictured what scenario she had played out for the bedroom. I dropped the plastic bag that held the videos on the couch and kicked my shoes off. I followed the small candles that lined the hallway to our small bedroom. My apartment was extremely small. It only cost us four hundred dollars a month, but it was cramped when more than two of us were in it at a time.

I smiled as I read a small note she had pinned to the door. It read:


You are amazing, and I know that you are having a hard time

with getting over the fact that we don't have the luxuries

most people have. I am glad to say that we still have each

other. Tonight I promise that miss fellatio will make an

appearance, so long as I can get lucky twice.

Love Hailey

I smiled once again as I read the note a second time. I loved when she would use different positions on me. She was kinky. You would have never guessed, but since our first time having sex she became wild in the bedroom. She would use handcuffs, whips; I especially loved watching her masturbate with a fat dildo. She was perfect.

I pushed the door slowly open to see the light bulbs in the bedroom were changed out for dim red ones. The lighting made the room look like a horror film. As I thought about what was about to transpire I thought about my masturbation not even twenty minutes ago. There was no way I could perform again for my lovely Hailey. I feel as though I had spoiled a good night.

As I stepped through the doorway I felt the familiar small fingers of my girlfriend pulling my shirt up and scratching my back with an audible purring sound. She was adorable. I turned and looked at my assailant. Her hair was wildly tussled on her head. She had thick lipstick on, and the makeup that covered the rest of her face was just shy of whorish. She loved to play dress up. Her outfit was tiny, and made of simple pleather. She wore six inch heels and she puckered her lips at me as she closed the door, leaving us in the dimly red lit room.

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