Angelina and I


Author's Note: Enjoy this short fantasy of one of Hollywood's sexiest ladies. If I did a woman . . . she'd be the one. ~ Red


If I did a Woman that was the assignment my boyfriend had given me. I was supposed to write a paper for extra credit. Since I was fucking him and he was my English professor, I pretty much had to do what he said or take an 'F'. I stopped at the store on the way back to our apartment and purchased a Playboy, Hustler, and a TV Guide. I knew I wasn't going to pick some chic from any of my classes. He'd be screwing her like there was no tomorrow the way my luck with men went.

I got home, loaded a porn tape in the DVD player, popped some popcorn, and went to work checking out all the flesh between the pages of my "naughty" publications. I tossed the TV Guide, with that Tomb Raider chic's picture on it, toward the sofa, and focused my attention on the two lesbians fucking on the screen. The sounds of the two actresses moaning, gasping, and working themselves up into a frenzy was one I wasn't able to resist. As my eyes devoured those precious cunts and rosy nipples, my fingers worked their way over my tits and down my stomach. Soon I too was thrashing and fucking, though I was alone.

The pages of Playboy screamed at me and I pictured Miss January's head between my legs. I closed my eyes and saw her red, lipstick-coated mouth, pucker up and take in my sweet nectar. I opened one eye open and flipped a page with my spare hand. "Oh fuck," I hissed when Miss February showed up in a barely-there nighty. Her nipples were erect and proudly displayed for my viewing pleasure. "Oh baby . . . ," I whimpered. My fingers went deeper and I fucked myself faster and harder. My hips lifted off the sofa and I knew if I didn't slow down I wouldn't know which one of these women I'd "do" and my report wouldn't get started let alone finished.

Taking my slippery hand away from my pussy I ran my tongue over it, cleaning the juices so I could thumb through more pages. Maybe my body was sedated, maybe not, either way no more women from the glossy piece of art beckoned me on. I gave up and grabbed my TV Guide and headed to the bathtub for a nice long soak.

While basking in the heat of the steamy water I managed to do almost the entire crossword puzzle, memorize my horoscope, and find out they were canceling my favorite TV drama because the lead actress had a kid. "Figures." I tossed the magazine to the linoleum floor and dipped my whole body under water. I thought of my Hustler publication, got up, and walked to the living room, dripping wet from my bath.

"Hey," I greeted my boyfriend and jerked my Playboy from his hands. "Research . . . hands off," I told him. He laughed and swatted my ass when I grabbed the other magazine and went back to the tub. Emptying the porcelain pool and then plugging it again, I refilled it with another dose of hot water. Steam rolled over me as I dipped myself back into the heated abyss.

Thumbing through the pages I thought to myself, "Shit . . . now why couldn't he assign . . . 'If you could fuck any male actor who would it be?' The choices would have been easier to choose from." I closed my eyes and soon my hands were making love to my body to the tune of Harrison Ford, a younger version of Sam Elliot, more masculine and older version of pretty boy Tom Cruise, and the rock hard body of The Rock.

My screams of "Oh fuck baby . . . oh fuck" were drowned out by my boyfriend's persistent knocking on the bathroom door and the pending climax disappeared. "Damn," I muttered. I got out of the tub, grabbed my tools of desire, and waltzed right past him.

"Not a word," I told him. I walked through the house, dripping water, and air drying in the afternoon sunlight. The windows were open, the air was blowing in, and before long my nipples were hard and I was shivering as my long, red hair hung in heavy, wet curls down my back. I grabbed my TV Guide from the couch and my three magazines found a home on my dresser. I laid down on the bed to relax and think about the women I'd seen in both the higher priced distributions.

Pretty soon my eyes grew heavy and I was lost to the world in the arms of my dream lover. Her lips were the fullest ones I'd ever seen. Her hair was brown and long, tied in a braid. Man, did she look hot. Her eyes were blue; when she tossed her hair back, my pulse raced. There she was, mine for the taking. She reached up and released that thick brown hair from its braid and shook it free. I groaned and muttered, "Fuck."

My legs were spread wide as she crawled onto the bed. All 5 foot 8 inches of this raging beauty was heading toward my pussy and I was feeling it throb with desire. "Come 'er," I told her. She winked.

"In time," she answered.

"Ohhh shit," I groaned. Her tongue came out and moistened her lips. There was a moment where neither one of us breathed and then she did it. She lowered those full puffy lips to my cunt and kissed my tender folds. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my fingers grabbed her hair. "Eat me, Angie," I hissed burying her face into my slick flesh.

Angelina Jolin ran her tongue up and down my slit. Her teeth reached for my clit and she rewarded herself with teasing pulls and tugs. The sandpaper texture of her tongue heightened the pleasure I received as she lapped over my bald pussy. My hips rose and fell against her face, coating her with my juice and her saliva. "Don't stop Angie. Don't stop!" I screamed over and over.

"I won't baby. I want to eat you up," she answered me. I looked down on that beautiful face devouring my sex and I almost came all over it. She knew it too. She had to have known. She immediately left my pussy and rammed two of her long fingers inside my slick, dark hole. My muscles clamped around her and I shuddered.

Her nails scrapped up and down my fleshy walls. I could feel her pulling juice from me and forcing it out. As she finger fucked me, my hand flew to my nipples and I started teasing and pulling the erect pearls.

"Baby . . . baby?" Angelina's voice called to me.

"Huh?" I whimpered.

"I need it to baby . . . I need you to eat me," she said.

That was it. I came. I came all over that sexy face. I gushed and gushed. She grinned wide, showing all those beautiful white teeth, and lowered herself back to my pussy where she belonged! Her head moved up and down, back and forth. She buried her tongue deep, sucked hard, and even bit my tender sex before slurping up as much juice as she could. "Give me some," I told her.

She smiled at me, her blue eyes sparkling. The seductress, of most every man's fantasy and several women's, crawled her way up my 5-foot 5-inch body. She placed both her hands on the each side of my head and lowered her mouth to mine. I died. I know I did. I died and went to Heaven. Angelina's lips were covered in my come and she was sharing it with me. "Mmm . . . ," I moaned.

I drank my nectar, swallowed, and then went to work enjoying her tongue in my mouth. We stroked each other while our tongues made friends. My hands moved down her soft skin. I felt the muscles of her back ripple as she lifted her torso in the air, and wedged one hand between us. "Ohh . . .," I said when her hand cupped my left breast. She kneaded the soft globe, pushed it back into my chest, rubbed it, and squeezed it. I felt the nipple on my right breast pucker and I looked up at her face.

"Suck it," I told her. She grinned and lowered those precious lips to my tit. My fingers dug into her ass as she drew the pink pearl into her mouth. Her tongue stroked it back and forth, circled the edge, and then she opened wide and devoured my breast. My back arched and I bucked our hips together. Our pussies collided and she rubbed her juice all over mine. "Shit . . . oh fuck," I cried out.

Angelina's hair cascaded over me and my fingers moved from her tight ass to her brown locks. I pulled them and yanked her head from my tit. "My turn."

That smile was there again. You know the one. The big, sexy, come and get me grin that she plasters on her leading men . . . just before she shoots them or kicks their ass. Well . . . she gave me that grin. I rolled her to her back, turned my body around, and climbed on top of her. My mouth went to her sex and hers went to mine.

I was just about to stroke those swollen lips when I stopped. "Fuck," I thought to myself. "This was Angelina Jolin's cunt. I have to study it. I mean how often would I dream about Angelina Jolin's pussy in my face? Not very often!"

Her cunt was as hot as she is. It looked like the most perfect jewel I'd ever held in my hands. I ran my fingers over the slick lips, barely grazing the skin. I didn't want to bruise that flesh. She'd trimmed her pussy for me. There was a small thin strip of hair. That strip beckoned me, tempted me to run my tongue from the tip to the bottom and back again. I did. My tongue snaked out and I slid it slowly from the top of her trim pussy hairs to the bottom, where they stopped right on the curve of her moistened clit. She bucked up. Her juices slipped over my nose and I breathed in her scent. Again . . . beautiful, simply that, just beautiful. Her cunt smelled like the sweetest perfume on the planet and it was all mine.

As I admired the tender morsel of womanhood, Angelina was taking her time on my pussy as well. I felt her fingers reach out and play with my cunt lips. She teased the hot flesh, squeezed me between her fingers, one hot, slippery lip between the digits of each hand. I moaned against her cunt as she flicked my clit with her long fingernails. "Oh fuck, Angie," I muttered. My tongue slipped between her lips and I gathered her juice up, swallowed, and dove in for more.

Angelina began to thrust her tongue into my hole too. She pushed it deep. When she started moving out of my cunt she used the tip of her tongue to slide over the front edge. I pushed my face into her and started drinking while I dropped my sex deeper against her face. We ate each other out. I coaxed her honey out with my fingers. She coaxed mine with her tongue and teeth. "Oh . . . Ohhh fuck . . . ," I shouted. "I'm coming!" I screamed then lapped up her honey.

I covered her face again in my syrup and it wasn't long before she was showering me with hers. "Yes," I growled and rubbed my face in her pussy. Back and forth I rode her with my sex. My tongue lapped at her juices, her mouth sucked my honey, and we both came again. The climaxes were intense. We went to town on each other. Tongue fucking, finger fucking, we didn't care, we just needed to feed off each other.

Rolling off her I collapsed on the bed. "Angelina Jolin in my bed! Who'd had thought that." Angelina moved over me and her tits rubbed against mine. Her pussy felt wonderful pressed against me. She bent her head to kiss me again and I heard her say, "Hey, got that report done yet."

I made a funny face. "Report? How the fuck did you know about that?" I asked her.

She was gone though. My eyes opened and a pair of blue eyes were looking back at me. Blue eyes, a brown haired, 5-foot 8-inch piece of masculinity hovered over my sweat soaked, come covered body.

"I assigned it," he chuckled. "Been thinking of me haven't you? Dreaming of your blue-eyed lover?" He pushed his cock into my slick hole.

"Yep . . . my blue-eyed lover," I answered back. His cock slid deeper; my eyes closed and there was Angelina wearing a nine-inch strap on. "Fuck me baby!"

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