Angels Ch. 1


Ch. 1: Cameron Diaz

Note-If anyone should have a problem with sex than go somewhere else.

"YEEESSS, FUUCCCKK ME! I'MM CUMMMING!" Cameron's orgasm flooded my cock just as mine shot down her tunnel. I looked at my watch and noticed she and I had been going at it for 10 minutes, "Shit, you better get dressed for rehearsal, hun."

DAMN! 4 days ago I was sitting in my apartment watching endless TV. Today, I'm fucking Cameron Diaz. How on earth did I get here?

It all started with a friend getting sick. He received a pass to the new "Charlie's Angel's" film. How he got them, I don't care, and didn't ask. To me the important thing was I was going to be rubbing elbows with 3 HOT stars: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu. The fact that I was going to be doing more than rubbing elbows was unbelievable. My ENORMOUS excitement was almost to much to hold me in the limo I was currently riding.

"Yes, Mom. YES Mom. I know." The convenience of portable phones. They're available for such a situation as when your over-protective Mom wants to chitchat about if I'm alright. To hell with the person who gave her the number. Since I was going to be away on Mother's Day, all I wanted was to say "Happy Mother's Day" early. Just as I hung up, the limo came to a halt.

Figuring I was here, I waited for my driver to open the door.

"Your here, sir."

Damn, I hated being called "sir." I know that people used that as respect, but I ALWAYS felt old when called that. Here it was: A HUGE closed set that had the beauties somewhere inside. I walked down the stone driveway to the doorway. As I got their, I was HUGELY surprised when someone opened it for me. It was Cameron Diaz herself. She looked stunning in a satin red dress.

"Come in. I've been expecting you."

"T-thanks," I stuttered.

Without saying another word, Cameron pulled me inside and shut the door. Once shut, she pushed me against the wall and furiously kissed me.

Where on earth did this come from? OH WELL, whatever was happening, I wished it wouldn't end. I would later learn that the trio of beauties drank a serum that made them REALLY horny. That still didn't explain how she knew I was coming. Again, don't care. Cameron Diaz is kissing me, that's all I care about. She put her fingers on my chest as her soft, moist tongue popped in my mouth. Finally, after she unzipped my fly, our kiss broke.

"What's going on here?" I pleaded.

"Shut up," she hissed and kissed me with even more passion this time. My hands found their way to the actresses chest. Her boobs were tiny, but there's no turning back now. Besides, one flaw isn't THAT bad. CERTAINLY not bad enough to force me to stop fondling the bombshell. As Keanu said in "Speed, "Crazy, not stupid." I was unzipping her tank top with enormous strength. They did say when you or under extreme situations you have the strength of many men. Well, this is an extreme situation.

In turn, Cameron was pulling down my pants. When to my knees, I kicked them off with all my might I could muster. "GOD, I WANT YOU!!!"

Cameron loosened my grip from her, and bend down on her knees. Off went my silk boxers. My raging cock was standing straight at the lovely face of Cameron. Grabbing my member, the young babe pumped my shaft.


She poked her tongue out of her mouth and licked the precum. Then, without interruption, the beauty sucked the entire length of my erection.

I grabbed her and violently shoved her face on my cock. "SUCK ME!! LICK MY DICK!!! Yeah, nasty whore.

Cameron made eye contact with me, and from her seductive expression, I could tell she was as turned on by my mouth as I was. With every stroke she made a louder slurping sound. With nothing for her hands to play with, the blonde grabbed my ass to steady herself. With each hard thrust, the stunning actress sucked me harder. Whack! WHACK! WHACK! My balls were thumping madly at Cameron's chin. Man, her uvula felp GREAT against his cock.

"UH, YEEAAH, I'M CUMMINGGG! SUCK ME!" As i gave Cameron one last thrust, my orgasm washed down her throat. As the last drip was cleansing her inside, I popped out of her mouth.

GULP! Lick my pussy." Cameron laid down on the flat set and waited for my tongue.

I positioned myself flat on the floor and stuck my tongue out. Licking her once, I was anticipating finally fucking her cunt with my cock.

The beautiful blonde grabbed my head and shoved me in her shaved wet opening. "SUUCKK MEEE!" Her hands furiously stabbed my tongue in and out of her pussy.

"LIICCCKKK MEEE! SHOOVVEE YOUR TONGUE IN MEEE!" Her head was shaking so furiously she was banging against the floor.

I was shocked her head didn't snap. She gonna have a nasty headache tomorrow.

"YES! EAAT MEE! SUCCKK MY PUSSSYY!" Her hips were humping my face. "YEAH, I'MM CUMMINGGG!" Her massive orgasm watered my dry mouth. "Now, what you've waited for, my pussy."

I kissed Cameron with my sticky cum-filled mouth. "UM, You taste good," I hissed. Positioning my rock at her wet lips, I easily guided the head in. Then, in one swift move, my whole erection entered the actress.

"YES! FUCK MY PUSSY!" She put her fingers on my as and meet my hard thrusts. FUUCCKKK MY CUNT!"

I LOVED the feel of her pussy around my cock. She was so tight. YES. Dirty fucking whore. You like my cock inside your slutty pussy?'

"YEAH! FUCK ME LICK A WHORE! HARDERRR! YEEESSS, FUUCCCKK ME! I'MM CUMMING!" Cameron's orgasm flooded my cock as mine shot down her tunnel. I looked at my watched and noticed that she and I had been going at it for 10 minutes. "Shit, you better get dressed, hun."

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

The next installment is with Drew Barrymore, so if you want to read that, e-mail me. I hope this gets better recognition then my earlier work. I just noticed that I only have one more story with Oral sex. Perhaps I should try and remember to fit that in EVERY story. I hope you enjoyed the "Pulp Fiction" style of the story. I did.

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