tagNonHumanAnimal Instincts Ch. 00

Animal Instincts Ch. 00


Author's Note:

Hi everyone, here is the first part of a story I've been working on for a little while. Since I am trying to build this into a decent story, at this stage I will be primarily focusing on introducing the characters and plot creation -- so there won't be anything of a sexual nature for a little while. If that's what you were looking for I humbly apologise.

Please keep in mind that all of the characters, landmarks and businesses used in this story are purely fictional and similarities of appearance, nature and name of said characters to any person, landmarks, or business are coincidental and have no relation whatsoever.

The events portrayed wherein are of a fictional nature and have not been based on real world events. All characters participating in any relationship of sexual nature are to be considered the legal consensual age, if I haven't mentioned their ages prior.


From his place on the edge of the bed, Kenneth Adams carefully observed his fragile daughter as she curled in upon herself even further, if it were even possible, with her right arm tucked up under her neck. Her tear stained cheeks and puffy red eyes broke his heart, he had hoped there would be some way to reduce the collateral damage. He had learnt quickly all the power and connections in the world weren't enough to protect his only daughter. He felt utterly useless for the first time in his life.

The precious book she had been so eager to share with him from the moment of his arrival six weeks ago was now discarded, half buried under a pile of laundry. He leant forward, scooping it up and repositioned her bookmark in one deft movement, before replacing it on her night stand, amongst all the trinkets and knickknacks only a seventeen year old girl would find precious. He half smiled as he glanced at the Winnie the Pooh musical box - he'd sent to her for her tenth birthday -- took pride of place in the centre.

"Honey," he gently prodded, terrified of losing his daughter any further to the darkness which had so recently taken hold "I know you probably don't want to talk much at the moment, so how about you just listen okay?" glancing at the girl, and getting no response he cleared his throat nervously before continuing.

"Skye your mum... Well, honey you know how she liked to have everything planned out, it's who she was. She hoped you would want to continue on with your college plans, and that's something I would like to discuss with you. But more importantly she wanted to make sure you would be looked after." Risking another glance to see if his words had perhaps brought about any reaction, Kenneth swallowed hard when he found himself face-to-face with his daughter's unusually hazel and gold eyes.

"It's okay dad. Mum, she talked to me about all of this before..." she trailed off, fighting to steady her voice and to avoid crying. Skye hadn't been much of a crier as a child, in the last week she had spent more time than she could remember drowning in tears. But that was to be expected, she had lost her best friend -- her mother to a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer.

Watching his brave little girl, Kenneth struggled to keep the tears now welling in his own eyes from spilling over. With a deep breath, he found a stem of courage he felt would evaporate as quickly as he had found it so reached out and pulled the fragile girl into his lap, crushing her to his chest.

"Honey, Meredith and I would like very much if you would come live with us. Now I know you have four more weeks left of the school year. So this is what I would like to propose; I am going to stay here and organise your mother's affairs -- for the life of me I still don't understand why she wanted me to be the executor of her estate. However, in the mean time I would like you to try and concentrate on your exams - I know it's kind of hard with everything that's happened, but these exams are important for your future."

Skye sucked in a deep breath, one which made her entire frame shudder in her father's embrace. Having calmed herself enough to think rationally, she listened as he explained his proposal and necessary plans for the next month. She hadn't been surprised when he had suggested living with himself and his new wife, Meredith. Her mother had proposed the exact same plan to her months earlier. She didn't have any reservations about the idea in general, although these past two months had been the longest time she'd spent with her father in nearly ten years and she have never really met Meredith.

Her mother had told her, when her father remarried she was determined to not become the 'evil ex-wife'. So instead she supported the marriage, and held no resentment. Meredith, she explained was a really nice, caring woman and she loved her father very much. If her mother thought so highly of her then she guessed she couldn't be all that bad.

Skye closed her eyes as she listened to her father discuss her upcoming finals and his plans for her future. She knew her mother had wished more than anything for her to go to university and continue on to make something of her life. Opening her eyes again she realised her father was looking at her with a hopeful look in his eyes. For his sake she would try, she would be strong and not let her mother's dying wishes be in vain. With her head tucked under his chin and her face pressed against the warmth of his chest Kenneth felt her hesitantly nod her acceptance and gently kissed her soft chestnut hair.

"That's my girl."

For the second time in as many weeks Skye felt a quivering feeling deep inside herself. With a soft resigned sigh she let herself drift off to sleep in the warmth of her father's embrace, she desperately wanted to believe his assurances that things would get better, that he would protect her. But there was that strange feeling, almost as if her entire world were shifting and distorting. Nothing was going to be the same as before. Of that she was certain.

The weeks following flew past in a blur, Skye was left reeling when she tried to remember them in detail. She'd had tearful goodbyes with many of her friends at the end of the school year; most of whom she imagined had already forgotten her as they enjoyed their post school celebration week in various hotels and resorts up and down the coast.

She on the other hand was currently standing by herself, watching absently as the airport crews scurried back and forth to load baggage and food trolleys, and refuel the large aircraft waiting on the tarmac just off to the right. Her father had left her by the large glass windows near the check in desk, with the excuse that he'd needed to make a phone call before he'd marched off through the terminal towards the first class lounge. She hadn't even had time to protest before he'd left her.

Picking up her backpack she turned and headed towards one of the uncomfortable looking plastic seats in the waiting area, with a little digging she retrieved her iPod, popped the earphones in and adjusted the volume so she could still hear the announcements from the overhead speakers.

Skye's eyes flew open, with a sharp tap on her shoulder 'oh god I fell asleep, crap!' she thought frantically as she yanked the earphones out of her ears. Twisting in her seat toward whoever had woken her, she blinked in surprise as her best friend toppled into her.

"Nat, what are..." Hugging her friend tightly she caught sight of her father standing slightly off to one side with Heather Cartwright, Natalie's mother, a slight smile dancing around his lips.

"I'm coming with you!" Natalie squealed, her grey-green eyes bright with excitement. "Oh Skye can you believe it? Your dad asked my parents if they would allow me to come with you til you got settled, and even offered a paid internship at his company over the summer so that way I'd have spending money."

Skye was flabbergasted, she'd learnt that her father was generous but this was above and beyond. Only a short while ago she'd felt utterly miserable at the prospect of leaving her home and all her friends, now her best friend was coming with her.

"Really? Is it true?" She watched her father's smile broaden and light up his face, she'd take that as confirmation. For the first time in weeks she felt happy, Skye ran to her father and hugged him tightly "Thank you daddy."

Within the hour the girls and Kenneth were on board and settled in their seats as the plane rolled toward the runway, the girls were giggling and bouncing with excitement, making plans for their summer. Kenneth smiled at his daughter and busied himself with his laptop.

Now that Natalie had joined them, he hoped she would be able to keep Skye so pleasantly distracted that she would soon put the events of the past six months behind her and really start to live her life. Things would be okay.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm currently working on the next few parts and I should have the first chapter up shortly. I would like to apologise if any grammar or spelling errors slipped through -- I'm editing on my own for the time being as I'm not having much luck finding an editor. Thanks again for reading, and don't forget to comment and rate.

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